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Church Valley


May 12, 1915

Mrs. Ingeborg Tempte will entertain the Ladies aid next Tuesday.

Mr. Torjus Thompson is sich with pneumonia.

Mesdames Knute Johnson, Martin Lee and Martin Wood, are visiting in Kilbourn.

Miss Amelia Gullickson is staying at the home of Martin Wood at present.

Miss Hannah LaQua is staying at the home of Martin Lee at present.

Mrs. Halland granddaughter Myrtle Benson are at the La Crosse Hospital, both to undergo operations.

Miss Jesse Rossland and Arthur Schier were united in marriage the 15th of April at Madison.  The bride is a former resident of Church Valley.

Rev. Hjermstad will hold services next Sunday in Camp Douglas.

June 15, 1916

Mrs. Halvor Temte spent Friday and Saturday at the home of her sister, Mrs. Wm. Hanson at New Lisbon.

Miss Lena Gunderson is visiting friends and relatives at New Lisbon this week.

Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Severson are rejoicing over the birth of a six pound boy.

Mr. and Mrs. L. Ormson and Mr. and Mrs. O. Ormson and families of Kendalls attended the family reunion at Ole Lee's June 4th.

We are glad to hear that Mrs. C. Jahnholt (Johnholtz) is recovering from her recent illness.

Miss Esther Laqua, teacher in district No. 8, left Monday to spend her vacation at Madison.

Duet Braund and Leonard Lee attended the ball game Sunday.

Lawrence Larsen has had a new coat of paint put on his house and farm buildings which improves the view from the road very much.

Mr. and Mrs. N. Nelson's baby boy was christened "Norman Edward" Sunday at East Lemonweir church.

Mrs. S. Solberg of Eau Claire is visiting her daughter Mrs. S. Lee this week.

Mrs. Thomas Gulickson is entertaining her sisters, Mrs. Jahnholt of Chippewa Falls and Mrs. Margaret Fobes of Hustler at her home near Elroy.

Melvin Germanson is very busy shearing sheep at Suldal and South Valley these warm days.

July 6, 1916

Mrs. L. Larson and Mrs. O. Ormson and son spent Saturday afternoon at Mauston.

Mrs. Ole Gunderson visited at the home of Ole Lee Monday.

Lillian Larson, Wm. Severson and Otto Lee attended the U. W. graduating exercises at Madison.

The young folks of Church Valley had a farewell party on Mr. and Mrs. S. Lee Friday evening.  Refreshments were served and a good
time was reported by all.  They have gone to live at Ingram, Wis.

Miss Hannah LaQue is visiting her parents at New Lisbon.  They moved there recently from Wausau.

Francis Lee is attending summer school at Madison.

Gilbert Gullickson and a number of friends were at Camp Douglas one day last week.

Mrs. T. Lee and Mrs. John Holt visited friends and relatives at Elroy recently.

Mrs. O. Ormson gave a reception in honor of her sister Lena at her home in Spring Dale.

Nels Nelson and son Otis spent the weekend at La Crosse.

Mrs. J. Lawrence was at Elroy Tuesday.

Mr. and Mrs. T. Severson, Miss Myrtle Benson and Leo Bohlman were Camp Douglas visitors Sunday.

Martin Lee and Halver Temte were to Greenwood Sunday where they are to build a barn for John Johnson.

Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Severson's baby boy was christened "Francis"Sunday at East Lemonweir church.

Halvor Olson is hauling lumber for his new house which is being built by Nels Wetly.

Sep. 14, 1916

This Burg is rejoicing over the fine showers we are having now days and we are in hopes of a fair potato crop after all.

Torge Lee went to Elroy Monday.

Miss Olive Wetley returned from Madison last week and will spend several weeks visiting at her home.

Mrs. J. Hyland of Stanley was a Church Valley visitor one day last week.

Mr. and Mrs. John Holts will depart for their new home at Chippewa Falls this week.  They will be missed by their many friends in this vicinity.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Luther Braund a ten pound boy, and Luther's always pleasant smile, is pleasanter than ever.

West Cure and company are filling silo for M. Wood this week.  He reports a bumper corn crop for this season.

Jas. Newlin and family have moved into the house formerly owned by John Jennings.

Mrs. Clara Hymers of Minneapolis has been a visitor at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Knute Olson for several days.

The Elroy fair will be well represented from here this week.

Miss Ida Lee of Cameron is visiting her sister Mrs. L. Temte.

Mrs. Eva Northcott is visiting at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Haron Braund.

We hope it isn't any of our young folks that stay up town so late of evenings and sing such rowdy songs while
homeward bound, disturbing decent people from their slumbers.

Miss Hannah LaQue is entertaining her mother Mrs. P. M. LaQue of New Lisbon and sister Mrs. M. L. Olson of Elroy.

Martin Lee is building a cistern for Wm. Severson.

Oct. 10, 1918

Mrs. C. Germanson and Martin Wood and P. Larsen of Hustler visited at Jos. Johnson's Sunday.

Mrs. Johanna Lawrence received the sad news that her son Avery who was with the colors, died Oct. 6th, 1918.
His body will be brought here for burial.

Mrs. Andrew Lawrence has been very ill for some time.  Her mother Mrs. Sigre Larsen has also been ill.
Hazel Olson is staying there at present assisting in caring for them.

Liberty Day was duly observed in Dist. 8.  Nearly all of them were willing to do their share for our boys.
The subscriptions were very near the three thousand allotted.

Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Temte, Mrs. Ingeborg Temte and her sister Mrs. Johanna Lawrence visited
relatives at bangor and La Crosse this week.

Esther La Que, student nurse at Rockford, Ill., is recovering from an attack of Spanish influenza.

Braund school Dist. 8, opened Monday Oct. 7th with Miss Elizabeth Potter as teacher.

Ole Knutson went to Necedah with a load of apples Monday.

Oscar Ormson and Lawrence Larsen visited J. Scott last Sunday.

William Severson took a number of Church Valley ladies over to the auction at the Smart farm near New Lisbon.

source: Juneau Co. Times-Argus newspapers

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