The Killed, Wounded and Missing in Capt. Train's Company

The Killed, Wounded and Missing in Capt. Train's Company

The Milwaukee Wisconsin has a list of the killed, wounded and missing in the Wisconsin Regiments at the battle of Pittsburg Landing. The following is the list in Co. F. 16th, from this County:

COMPANY F - Killed - H. E. Cary (should be Carey), John McNown, Franklin Prevey, Anthony Morse.

Wounded - Capt. Train, in the face, not serious; Sergeant E. W. Piersens, in thigh, seriously; Corp. E. A. Dean, do, do; Corp. Joseph McMurts, in shoulder, badly; Corp. Geo. Speed, face slightly; Private J. F. Bennet, in leg, badly; Wm. O. Bassett, flesh wound in arm; Ebenezer Bonelsu, in shoulder; F. E. Brink, hip, badly; Geo. Birdsall, leg; John Duckworth, hip; J. S. Claflin, face, slightly; Hiram Higgins, elbow; Archibald McCall, shoulder; John McIntyre, face; Sam Monroe, arm; Charles Moore; leg; Ole Nelson, leg; Sam'l Pulman, head; Edward Trumble, thigh, severly; Charles Ellsworth, arm, slightly; Jonathan Ellsworth, wounded and missing; Corp. Steven Baily, in thigh badly.

Missing - Freeman Peacol and John Ferguson.

Killed 4, Wounded 24, missing 2. Total 30.

Juneau County Argus (New Lisbon) 23 Apr 1862

Contributed by Jackie Hufschmid

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