Bayview Cemetery, Juneau Co., WI

Bayview Cemetery, Necedah

Cemetery Entrance Photo
Designated as a Historical Place - Sign  
Contributed by Dorie Quist & Lorraine Duckworth

Porter, Frank W.
Porter, George R.
Porter, Isabelle Shields
Reisenauer, Albert H.
Reisenauer, Albert & Irma
Saunders, Eliza
Saunders, Mary
Shorey, Nathaniel & Hector
Sorensen, Andrew W.
Sorensen, Andrew & Josephine

Sorensen, Josephine C.  
Street, Alice
Street, Charles

Street, Christian
Street, Mary A.
Street, Rose H.
Street, Samuel
Taft, George & Ellen
Taft, Johnny
Taft, Robert & John
Taft, William & Clara

This is only a partial list.

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