1905 Twn of Fountain Census

1905 Census - 1905 in the town of Fountain, Juneau Co., State of Wisconsin

(this is only a partial list)                                                                       

Name of person relationship
to head of
Place of
Place of
occup. own
free or
2 Northcott James husband 53 m Wis Eng farmer o f f
Minerva M wife 50 m Ill Wis-Ill domestic
Robert son 24 s Wis Wis-Ill farmer
Edward E son 19 s Wis Wis-Ill
Glenn M son 13 s Wis Wis-Ill
Jessie M daughter 21 s Wis Wis-Ill teacher
Minnie F daughter 11 s Wis Wis-Ill
Rachel C daughter 7 s Wis Wis-Ill
3 Rosland Arne S son 45 s Wis Nor farmer o m f
Andrew father 80 m Nor Nor farmer
Hans brother 40 s Wis Nor farmer
Anna sister 28 s Wis Nor domestic
Jessie niece 10 s Wis Nor domestic
4 Haschke Stevan husband 39 m Aust Aust farmer o f f
Mathelda M wife 29 m Ger Ger domestic
Anna M daughter 4 s Wis Ger
Hanartte E daughter 2 s Wis Ger
Edward H son 1 s Wis Ger
5 Martin Emil W husband 42 m Ger Ger farmer o m f
Ernistine W wife 45 m Ger Ger domestic
Hugo E son 20 s Ger Ger farmer
William L son 16 s Ger Ger farmer
Herman A son 13 s Wis Ger
Bertha E daughter 11 s Wis Ger domestic
Emma A daughter 9 s Wis Ger domestic
Martha L daughter 7 s Wis Ger domestic
Albertine W daughter 5 s Wis Ger domestic
6 Grimson Knute husband 77 m Nor Nor farmer o f f
Meta wife 76 m Nor Nor domestic
7 Grimson August H husband 38 m Wis Nor farmer o m
Belle N wife 34 m Wis Ohio domestic
Beaulah F daughter 8 s Wis Ohio
Nina M daughter 5 s Wis Ohio
Arne son 12 s Wis Ohio
Ericson Carl son 12 s Wis Ohio
13 Gardner Edward husband 58


Ill NY farmer o f
Janette wife 58 m NY NY domestic
Archie L son 22 s Wis Ill farmer
14 Scott, Jay husband 29 m Den Den farmer o f h
Mammie E wife 25 m Wis NY domestic
15 Zindorf Criftopher husband 51 m Ger Ger farmer o f h
Mary A wife 52 m Ire Ire domestic
Michael P son 19 s Wis Ger-Ire farmer
16 Mead Cephas husband 72 m Pa Ny-Pa farmer o f h
Mary A wife 62 m Ill Eng domestic
Joseph M son 29 s Wis Pa-Ill farmer
Lucy A daughter 21 s Wis Pa-Ill domestic
Ruth V. daughter 18 s Wis Pa-Ill domestic
17 Northcott John father 71 wd Eng Eng farmer
Iva L daughter 26 s Wis Eng-? dressmaker
18 Northcott John husband 32 m Wis Eng-? famer o m h
Lou M wife 32 m Wis Pa-Wis domestic
Marguerite C daughter 1 s Wis Wis
19 Gunderson Lewis husband 59 m Nor Nor farmer o f h
Mary wife 42 m Nor Nor domestic
Annie G daughter 24 s Wis Nor domestic
Engelena daughter 22 s Wis Nor domestic
Lizzie O daughter 19 s Wis Nor domestic
Gilbert son 16 s Wis Nor farmer
Gabriel  M son 13 s Wis Nor farmer
Marein L. son 10 s Wis Nor
20 Lee Ole husband 55 m Nor Nor farmer o f h
Sophia wife 45 m Wis Nor domestic
Torga son 29 s Wis Nor buttermaker
Otto son 21 s Wis Nor farmer
Francis son 16 s Wis Nor farmer
Joseph son 14 s Wis Nor farmer
Sophia daughter 19 s Wis Nor domestic
Mathild daughter 12 s Wis Nor domestic
Larson Lilian gdaughter 5 s Wis Nor domestic
21 Ormson Gabril husband 56 m Nor farmer o m h
Luesi? wife 42 m Wis domestic
Lars son 22 s Wis farmer
Osker son 18 s Wis farmer
Gilbert son 15 s farmer
Conard son 9 s
Sam L son 7 s
Annie M daughter 11 s
Mabel E.L. daughter 1 s
Swanson Margret g.mother 82 wd Nor Nor
22 Temte Isbill  H widow 50 m Nor Nor domestic o f h
Halver son ?? m Wis Nor farmer
Lewis son ?? s Wis Nor farmer
Anton son 20 s Wis Nor farmer
Ida H. daughter 15 s Wis Nor domestic
33 Peterson Chris husband 63 m Nor Nor farmer o m f
Soneva wife 49 m Nor Nor domestic
Matilda S daughter 17 s Wis Nor domestic
Clara S daughter 12 s Wis Nor
John A son 14 s Wis Nor farm lbr
Quamme Bertie mother 90 wd Nor Nor
34 Oleson Helga B head 42 s Nor Nor farmer o m f
Twiton John servant 12 s Nor Nor farmer
35 Kilmer Chas. H. husband 43 m Nor NY-Geo farmer o m f
Ella N wife 38 m Nor Eng domestic
Mabel M daughter 15 s Nor Wis domestic
Blanch V daughter 8 s Nor Wis domestic
36 Nelson Life husband 45 m Nor Nor farmer o m f
Carrie wife 43 m Wis Nor domestic
Osker son 23 s Wis Nor-Wis farmer
Edwin son 21 s Wis Nor-Wis farmer
Benny son 18 s Wis Nor-Wis farmer
Tilldor son 8 s Wis Nor-Wis
Olga L. daughter 5 s Wis Nor-Wis
37 Nelson Ole B husband 43 m Wis Nor laborer r f
Bertha B wife 36 m Wis Nor domestic
Osker son 11 s Wis Nor D. lbr
Mable C daughter 12 s Wis Nor
Otis B son 8 s Wis Nor
Bert son 3 s Wis Nor
Janet son 1 s Wis Nor
38 Arhus Lars Q husband 5? m Nor Nor farmer o m f
Anna wife 4? m Nor Nor domestic
Lavine B ? son ? s Nor Nor
Hildah daughter 7 s Nor Nor
Bertha mother 72 m Nor Nor domestic
Alexan Bertha mother 82 m Nor Nor domestic
39 Olson John H husband 30 m Nor Nor farmer r f
Lucie wife 27 m Nor Nor domestic
Mable C daughter 7 s Nor Nor
Lewis son 3 s Nor Nor
Knutson Sam living /them 9 s Nor Wis
KnutsonOle servant 33 s Nor Nor f. lbr.
40 Vanhoosen Edward B husband 65 m NY NY farmer o f f
Nora wife 50 m Enf Eng domestic
George W son 40 s Wis NY-Eng farmer
Mary M daughter 20 s Wis NY-Eng domestic
Risto Lewis hired man 19 s Wis Ger farm lbr
41 Johnson Ole J husband 58 m Nor Nor farmer o m f
Bertha wife 59 m Nor Nor domestic
Martha daughter 30 s Nor Nor domestic
Laura daughter 21 s Wis Nor schoolteacher
Alice daughter 19 s Wis Nor schoolteacher
Christine daughter 17 s Wis Nor schoolteacher
Olga daughter 15 s Wis Nor schoolteacher
Olaf son 27 s Nor Nor farmer
Mark son 25 s Nor Nor farmer
42 Kvenmen John husband 39 m Nor Nor farmer o f f
Mary wife 39 m Nor Nor domestic
Bernie daughter 2 s Minn Nor
43 Halverson Thorne husband 33 m Nor Nor farmer o f f
Hellen wife 35 m Wis Nor domestic
Hella daughter 12 s Wis Nor
Hilda daughter 7 s Wis Nor
Eva daughter 3 s Wis Nor
Knute son 9 s Wis Nor
Osker son 1 s Wis Nor
44 Balgard Ole husband 67 m Nor Nor watchman o f f
Littie wife 47 m Wis Nor domestic
Christianson Agnes L niece 20 s Wis Nor-Wis domestic
Burgin Wm boarder 55 s NY Ver watchman
Beall George boarder 24 s Ind Ind telegrapher
45 Pfaff Albert C husband 35 m Ger Ger farmer o m f
Grace J wife 28 m Wis NY-Vt domestic
Carl J son 6 s Wis Wis
Irma A daugher 3 s Wis Wis
Genevieve J daugher 2 s Wis Wis
Miller Jason J wife brother 18 s Wis Wis f. lbr
46 Jennings Michael bachelor 56 s Can Ire farmer o f f
47 Schlicht John widower 36 wd Wis Ger farmer o m f
Carl H son 5 s Wis Wis
Walter J son 2 s Wis Wis
Rusland Ragna hired girl 36 s Nor Nor servant
48 Maynel John C single 38 s Wis Eng-Nor farmer o m f
Thora H. mother 67 wd Nor Eng-Nor domestic
Rosland Annie hired girl 40 s Wis Nor domestic
53 August H. Ristow husband 35 m Germany Ger farmer o f f
Mathilda C. wife 32 f Denmark Den domestic
Gertie M. daughter 8 s US
Lillian M. daughter 4 s US
54 Jacobson, Peter husband 60 wd Den Den farmer o m f
Sylvia daughter 22 s US Den domestic
Melvina A. daughter 20 s US Den
Fred A. son 19 s US Den farm labr
Frida M. daughter 17 s US Den
Edna daughter 16 s US Den
Victor son 15 s US Den farm labr.
Frank son 13 s US Den
Hilda daughter 12 s US Den
Alec son 10 s US Den
Kendall son 8 s US Den
66 Cure Adelbert R. husband 28 m Wis NY farmer o m f
Emma wife 24 m Wis NY domestic
Herman May niece 7 s Wis Ger
67 Kewin Chas. husband 54 m Wis Eng-Can farmer o m f
Mary wife 51 m Wis Ire domestic
James E. son 18 s US US F. lbr
Wm. E. son 14 s US US F. lbr
Hugh L. son 12 s US US
Mary D. daugher 9 s US US
Edwin A. son 7 s US US
Lynch Mary A niece 21 s US US dressmaker
Kewin Arch son s US US d. lbr
68 Peterson Andrew husband 64 m Swe Nor farmer o m f
Louise wife 65 m Nor Nor domestic
John L daughter 26 s US Swe-Nor farmer
Anna daughter 24 s US Swe-Nor domestic
69 Wilson James I. husband 63 m US US farmer o f f
Harriet L. wife 57 m US Eng-Can domestic
Rule Effie I. daughter 28 m US US domestic o f f
Geo. R. son-in-law 33 m US US farmer o m f
70 Albertson, Marta wife 52 w Nor Nor
Sam Q. son 24 s US Nor F. lbr
Albert son 19 s US Nor F. lbr
Otto son 17 s US Nor F. lbr
Andrew son 8 s US Nor F. lbr
Anna M. daughter 22 s US Nor domestic
Ruch E. daughter 12 s US Nor
Knuteson Nelse nephew 4 s US US
71 Hoff  Peter husband 45 m Nor Nor farmer o f f
Rachel wife 51 m Nor Nor fomestic
Lewis son 12 s US Nor
John H. nephew 3 s Nor Nor
Oleson Oscar servant 22 s US Nor-US F. lbr
72 Benson Barney husband 37 m US Nor farmer o m f
Lizzie wife 30 m US Nor domestic
Henry B. son 10 s US US
Lena daughter 8 s US US
Bernice daughter 7 s US US
Carl E. son 5 s US US
Clara L. daughter 1 s US US
?? Johnson Knute husband 35 m Wis Nor farmer o m f
Sarah wife 30 m Wis Nor dom.
Elmer G. son 8 s Wis Wis
Enoch son 4 s Wis Wis
Lenord H. son 2 s Wis Wis
Huldah R. daughter 6 s Wis Wis
Jane mother 75 s Nor Nor
?? Jennings, Peter husband 68 m Ire Ire farmer o f f
Cathrine wife 61 m Ver Ire dom.
Agnes K. daughter 26 s Wis Ire-Ver teacher
Lizzie A. daughter 24 s Wis Ire-Ver teacher
Jenney B. daughter 23 s Wis Ire-Ver dom.
Margret T. daughter 21 s Wis Ire-Ver dom.
Rose. S. daughter 18 s Wis Ire-Ver dom.
Peter J. son 22 s Wis Ire-Ver farmer
Patrick son 23 s Wis Ire-Ver farmer
?? Robinson, Henry husband 52 m Ohio Ire farmer o m f
Brigt E. wife 50 m Can. Ire dom.
Mary N. daugher 16 s Wis Ire dom.
Annie daughter 13 s Wis Ire dom.
Cornelous son 15 s Wis Ire farmer
?? Rulisted, Elies husband 48 m Nor Nor farmer r m f
Cecil wife 48 m Nor Nor dom.
Gertrude daughter 16 s Nor Nor dom.
Winnie E. daughter 9 s Wis Nor
Inga Q. daughter 8 s Wis Nor
Herman O. son 6 s Wis Nor
?1 Callahan, Margeret widow 56 wd Ire Ire farmer o f f
Cathrine E. daughter 30 s Wis Ire Dom.
Winnie A. daughter 18 s Wis Ire Dom.
Irene C. daughter 16 s Wis Ire Dom.
Michael son 21 s Wis Ire farmer
Cholirne, Samuel servant 55 s Wis Fran-OH farmer
?2 Schlicht, William husband 32 m Wis Ger farmer o m f
Mary A. wife 25 m Wis Ire Dom.
Scribbins, John A husband 39 m Wis Eng-NY farmer r
Gertie A. wife 38 m Wis NY Dom.
Avis M. daughter 14 s Wis NY Dom.
?3 Danielson Nicholas husband 45 m Wis Nor farmer o m f
Irene daughter 11 s S.D. Ill
Irl L. son 10 s S.D. Ill
Ingemun g. father 79 m Nor Nor Dom.
Dora S. g. mother 77 m Nor Nor Dom.
Schlicht, Henry H single man 30 s Wis Ger farmer
Fred H. single man 26 s Wis Ger farmer
?4 Northcott William husband 54 m Eng Eng farmer o f f
Avaline wife 45 m Wis Wis Dom.
Leonard W. son 20 s Wis Eng-Wis farmer
Charles H. son 15 s Wis Eng-Wis farmer
Bert R. son 16 s Wis Eng-Wis

contributed by Jackie Hufschmid and Clay Jacobson

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