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WIGenWeb Project ~ Iowa County - Surnames






Town/Other Specifics


Addison Diane Greene 1850 Arena
  Allen Carol . .
  Allison Robin Espensen   Dodgeville
  Anding Karen 1850-present .
  Ashel Ann Onstad 1850 Otter Creek


Bach [email protected] 1860 Highland
  Baldwin Greg Baldwin 1870-1880 Dodgeville
  Bennett Bette Bellefeuille . Highland, Avoca, Pulaski
  Bennetts Julia Hanneman-Schoenbach . Mineral Point
  Berry Julia Hanneman-Schoenbach . Mineral Point
  Bigelow Carol . .
  Blote Beth Blote 1860 Dodgeville
  Boylan Karen 1850-present .
  Breece Diana . .
  Brennen The Richards 1860 Dodgeville
  Brennen Melissa Smith . .
  Brewer Julia Hanneman-Schoenbach . Mineral Point
  Brown Julia Hanneman-Schoenbach . Mineral Point
  Bruce Carol . .
  Buckett Carol Weymouth . Linden
  Burns T. Howell ca. 1850 .
  Burns Bernice Borgia 1870 Arena
  Burris Carol . .
  Burriss T. Howell ca. 1850 .


Cagle Mike Washburn 1836-1850 .
  Calvert Susan Calvert Cosgrove 1839 Linden
  Carlin Lisa Schlueter . Iowa/Grant
  Cherry Suzan Cook 1860 Mifflin Twp
  Christopher Christopher Smith 1850's-present Dodgeville, Highland
  Cherry Ann Cherry 1840-present Miffin
  Clayton Gail Clayton 1850-present Mineral Point, Linden, and Mifflin
  Collins Joan Perry 1854 Clyde
  Connery Daneen Connery Swanke 1830-1868 .
  Courtise Julia Hanneman-Schoenbach . Mineral Point
  Coyier Don Hopke . .
  Crook Karen 1850-present .


Dale Glen Wolenec 1920's Linden


Dunstan Diane Greene 1860 Dodgeville
  Dunstan Robin Espensen   Dodgeville
  Edwards David Evans 1840 - present Arena, Ridgeway
  Elder R. Bangsund 1848-1858 Mineral Point
  Engels [email protected] 1847 to Present Mineral Point
  Enger Ann Onstad 1850 Otter Creek
  Evans Karen 1840-present .
  Evans David Evans 1840 - present Arena, Ridgeway


Foster Jane Ingram . .
  Fox Carol Weymouth . Linden
  Fritsch Frances Rusch 1850 Cobb
  Frieden David McDonald 1860-1970 Mineral Point


Gard Carol Weymouth . Linden
  Garvey Roger Scanland 1850's-present Mifflin, Pulaski, Rewey
  Gibbon Michael Jones 1843 Rewey
  Gilmann Julia Hanneman-Schoenbach . Mineral Point
  Glanville Mary Ann pre 1850 Dodgeville
  Golliner Gail Clayton 1880 - 1930 Mineral Point
  Gray Julia Hanneman-Schoenbach . Mineral Point


The Richards 1840 Eden, Dodgeville


Hankins Julia Hanneman-Schoenbach . Mineral Point
  Hansen Ann Onstad 1850 Otter Creek
  Harris Julia Hanneman-Schoenbach . Mineral Point
  Higgins Melissa Smith . .
  Hind Nancy Delphenich mid 1800's .
  Hird Ann Cherry 1840-present Mifflin
  Hoare Julia Hanneman-Schoenbach . Mineral Point
  Holzmiller Julia Hanneman-Schoenbach 1878-1969 Linden, Mineral Point




Jacka Julia Hanneman-Schoenbach 1878 Mineral Point
  James Mary Ann pre 1853 Dodgeville, Linden
  Jones Michael Jones 1843 Rewey
  Jorgenson Pat 1868-present Wyoming Valley
  Jose Dee Yeager 1870-1880 Mineral Point
 K Kieffer Georgianna Kuebler 1798-present Mineral Point
  Kinsman Gail Clayton 1840's - present Mineral Point, Linden
  Kinzie Patti Silvis 1820-1900 Avoca, Clyde, and Otter Creek
  Kislingbury Nancy Custer 1834 Mineral Point
  Komperud Ann Onstad 1850 Otter Creek


Kopps Kay O'Dea 1896-1900's Dodgeville, Highland, and Pine Nob
 L Lewis Paul Carter 1850 Ridgeway
  Linden Georgianna Kuebler 1841-present Mineral Point


Marr Duane Marr 1844-1882 Dodgeville
  May Gail Clayton 1850 - 1880 Mineral Point
  McCarthy Roberta Miller 1880's - Present Highland
  McCord Don Hopke . .
  Meyer Karen 1850-present .
  Milledge Bette Bellefeuille . Highland, Avoca, Pulaski
  Mitchell Julia Hanneman-Schoenbach . Mineral Point
  Mix Joan Perry 1854 Clyde
  Morcom Denys Thomas 1853 .
  Moyle Sylvia Meeker 1860's Cobb
  Moyle Barbara Selzer 1845 Linden


Nanstad Ann Onstad 1850 Otter Creek
  Nicholas Nola Deffenbaugh 1840's to 1870's Mineral Point
  Nolan Roberta Miller 1870's Highland
  Nolen Don Hopke . .


O'Dowd James J. Lewis 1846 to 1900 Mineral Point
  Owens W. Muhl 1850 to present Dodgeville, Mineral Point, and Ridgeway


Paynter Julia Hanneman-Schoenbach . Mineral Point
  Penberthy Karen 1840-present .
  Penhallegon Julia Hanneman-Schoenbach . Mineral Point
  Pierick Roberta Miller 1868 - Present Highland
  Polkinghorne Don Hopke . .
  Pollard The Richards 1850 Linden
  Pollard Pat Bjerning 1850-Present Clyde
  Polmear Doni Wright . .
  Potter Roberta Miller 1855 Highland
  Powers Jane Ingram . .
  Prideaux Robin Espensen   Dodgeville




Ralph Gail Gordon 1860's-? Mineral Point
  Rapson Sylvia Meeker 1860's Cobb
  Richards Julia Hanneman-Schoenbach by 1850 Mineral Point
  Rickey Gail 1850's Moscow
  Riggs T. Howell ca. 1850 .


Robbers Judy Wittke 1850-1870 Mineral Point
  Roberts Doni Wright 1860 Dodgeville
  Roberts Judy . .
  Rowe Gail 1850's Waldwick
  Rowland David McDonald 1830-1870 Mineral Point
  Rule Pat Bjerning 1850-present Linden
  Ruppert Karen 1850-present .
  Ruppert Georgianna Kuebler 1858-present .


Salzmann Karen 1850-present .
  Schlueter Lisa Schlueter . Avoca
  Sittig Karen 1850-present .
  Sleep Richard Sleep 1845 Mineral Point
  Smith Ann Cherry 1840-present Mifflin
  Smothers Bette Bellefeuille . Avoca, Pulaski
  Snyder Lisa Schlueter . Avoca
  Spencer Diana . .
  Spicer Judy Shaw late 1800's Highland
  Stegge Everett Locke 1870's Highland
  Suhr [email protected] 1863 Barneveld
  Sullivan Ken Sullivan 1880 Highland
  Swarts Doug Swarts 1846-1863 .


Teague Duane Marr 1848-1860 Dodgeville
  Theobold Gail 1850's Mineral Point
  Thomas Dianne Richards 1853-Present Barneveld and Dodgeville
  Toay Julia Hanneman-Schoenbach 1854-present Mineral Point
  Tucking Everett Locke 1870's Highland
  Turner Diana . .
  Tyrer Karen 1840-present .




VanMatre Don Hopke . .
  VanNorman Gail 1860's Hollandale
  Vivian Don Hopke . .
  Vivian Duane Marr 1845 - 1855 Near Dodgeville


Ward Diane Greene 1850 Dodgeville/Arena


Weidenfeller Frances Rusch 1850 - 1940 Mineral Point


Weier Kay O'Dea 1828-present Dodgeville and Mineral Point
  Whitford Nancy Custer 1834 Mineral Point


Williams Ann Cherry 1840-present Miffin


Yapp Karen 1840-present .




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