St. Andrew's Catholic Cemetery, Grant County, Wisconsin

Grant County Cemeteries Title

St. Andrew's Catholic

Location: Potosi Township

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Name1 Death Name2 Death Name3 Death Submitter
Bradley, Julius W. 13 Feb 1919 Bradley, Mary A. 12 Apr 1921     View photo Deb Peterson
Droessler, Joseph C. 1995 Droessler, Henrietta 1979     View photo Deb Peterson
Droessler, William L. 1974 Droessler, Angela J. 197?     View photo Deb Peterson
McBride, Lawrence 1952 McBride, Emma 1966     View photo Deb Peterson
Udelhoven, Jacob 10 Aug 1914 Udelhoven, Eva Barbara 2 Jan 1927     View photo Deb Peterson

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