Grant County, Wisconsin Settlements, Towns and Post Offices

Grant County Settlements,
Towns and Post Offices

Taken from WI Post Offices 1821-1917, WI Ghost Towns,
Old Lead Region Map, & Old Plat Books. (Twp-Township; P.O.-Post Office)

AndersonWoodman Twp
AnnatonP.O. 1861-1900; Clifton Twp
BadlandsLima Twp
BanfillP.O. 1857-59; Wyalusing Twp; across WI River from Bridgeport, Crawford Co
Bischoff IslandGhost Town, North of Sinipee, Jamestown Twp
Blakes PrairieBloomington Twp
Blue RiverWatterstown Twp
Boatyard HollowGhost Town, Jamestown Twp
BoysvilleP.O., became Boyces Prairie 1880, Potosi Twp
BrodtvilleP.O. 1864-1902, Wyalusing Twp
British HollowPotosi Twp
Buckwheat RidgeEllenboro Twp
Buena VistaPostosi Twp, North of British Hollow
Bunker HillP.O. 1852-1873, Bloomington Twp
BurtonP.O. 1857-1902, Waterloo Twp
Castle RockP.O. 1857-1905, Castle Rock Twp
Center ParkJames Twp, 1918 map, South of Sinipee & North of White City
CentrevilleWingville Twp, North of Montfort
CharlotteP.O. 1852-1865, Glen Haven Twp
Chimney Rockbecame Werley, Mt. Ida Twp
CorneliaP.O. 1894-1902, Harrison Twp
Diamond GroveBeetown Twp, on Muscalunge Road West of Beetown
Dutch Hollowbecame Tennyson, Potosi Twp
EbenzerWingville Twp
EdwardsvilleP.O. 1844-47, became Beetown, Beetown Twp
ElmdaleP.O. 1881-1887, Waterloo Twp
ElmoP.O. 1875-1907, Smelser Twp
English PrairieP.O. 1838-1842, became Muscoda, Muscoda Twp
Fair PlayP.O. 1841-1895, Fairplay 1895-1907, Jamestown Twp
FairviewP.O. 1861-1881, 1868 map in Hazel Green Twp
Flora FountainP.O. 1891-1901, also know as Slabtown, Beetown Twp
GilbraltarP.O. in 1838, South of Paris, Northwest of Dickeyville, Paris Twp
GilmoreHazel Green Twp, near Sinsinawa Mound
GrantvillePotosi Twp, where Grant River flows into Mississippi, probably where LaFayette was later
Green Cloud HillGhost Town, named after Indian Chief, where Wyalusing State Park is now
HackettBeetown Twp
Happy CornersSmelser Twp
Hard Townbecame Fairplay, Jamestown Twp
Hardy's Scrapbecame Hard Scrabble which became Hazel Green
HazeltonWyalusing Twp
Hermitagebecame Mt Hope, Mt Hope Twp
HomerP.O. 1857-1901, Hickory Grove Twp
Hurricane Grovebecame Hurricane 1883, South Lancaster Twp
JamestownP.O. 1837-1903, North of Louisburg, Jamestown Twp
Jeffersonbecame Lewisburg, North of Hazel Green, Hazel Green Twp
Jimtownalso known as Louisburg, Jamestown Twp
Kaysvillebecame Big Patch, Smelser Twp
King's Fordby Platte River, Ellenboro Twp
KlondykeNorth of Lancaster
LaFayettePotosi Twp, by Grant River, Canal cut through to Mississippi River on 1868, 1877 & 1895 maps
Liberty RidgeP.O. 1869-1903, Liberty Twp
Little GrantP.O. 1852-1887, Little Grant Twp
Loafer's RetreatWyalusing Twp
Louisburghnamed changed to Louisburg, Jamestown Twp
MartinvilleP.O. 1859-1886, bu Rock Cem West of Livingston, Clifton Twp
McCartney StationP.O. in 1896, Waterloo Twp
MenomoneeP.O. 1838, became Kieler, Jamestown Twp
MillvilleP.O. in 1852, Millville Twp
MuscalungeBeetown Twp, West of Beetown
New CaliforniaP.O. 1850-1875, Clifton Twp
Nip & TuckChurch & Cem in Lima Twp, South of Arthur, also called Lida
Oliver's MillP.O. 1858-1864, became North Andover, Glen Haven Twp
Ora OakP.O. 1856-1875, became Hazeltown, Wyalusing Twp
OsceolaPotosi Twp
Paper CityGhost Town, Wyalusing Twp
ParisParis Twp, two miles Northwest of Dickeyville along Little Platte River
PidgeonSouth Lancaster Twp
Powder MillsPlatteville Twp, West of Platteville along Little Platte River
Prestonon township line of Fennimore & Wingville Twp
Puckervillebecame Louisburg, Jamestown Twp
RockvillePotosi Twp
RosendaleWoodman Twp
Saint RoseSmelser Twp, North of Cuba City
SinipeeP.O. 1838-1841, James Twp, along Mississippi River
Sinsinawa MoundP.O. started 1839, became Sinsinawa 1883, Hazel Green Twp
Smeltzer's Grovebecame Georgetown 1870, Smelser Twp
Snake Hollowbecame Potosi, Potosi Twp
Stumptownalso Ray's Landing, became Glen Haven, Glen Haven Twp
Taftonbecame Bloomington 1867, Bloomington Twp
ToadvillePlatteville Twp
UnionLima Twp
Ursinebecame Patch Grove 1852, Patch Grove Twp
Van BurenPotosi Twp, part of Potosi now
WashburneP.O. 1855-1883, became Arthur, Lima Twp
Waterloobecame Burton, Waterloo Twp
White CityJamestown Twp, by Mississippi River just South of old bridge, 1918 map
WingvilleP.O. 1836-1845, Wingville Twp

Copied from Grant County Heritage, May 1994. Posted here by permission of Grant County Genealogical Society.

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