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Brian Christensen Sat Dec 30 2000 9:15 pm
I have been researching my French Canadian ancestors of Grant Co. in hopes of located their Canadian origin. Isaac Wilmott was a lead miner and arrived in Potosi in 1833. His brother John Wilmot arrived in 1859. Isaac Wilmot married Mary Ann Auberle, widow of Francois Nicholas. The Auberles and Nicholas families settled in Lord Selkirk's Colonly in the Red River Valley of Manitoba - near Winnipeg. The Red River Valley experienced terrible floods in 1824-1825 and many of the Frech-Swiss immigrants moved to northern Illinois and southwest Wisconsin. I am wondering if my Wilmot ancestors were part of this group. Judge Edward Wilmott wrote a series a articles for the Potosi newspaper in the 1920s. He mentioned several of the old French settlers of Grant Co., some of which were part of the original Selkirk Colony (Polander, Chetlain, Rindesbacher, and Auberle). Other French Canadian families included Jefferso! n ! Touloose, Francis Bellan, Guion Gautier, Cornique Dapprone, Rubideaux, Pascal Mallette, Louis Mallette, Alexander du Charme, Moses Frescette, Martin Parenteau, Joseph Polander, Francis Mordeaux, Louis Gokey, Moses La Counte, Nicholas Francois, Martial de Tantabartz. These men were living in Potosi, WI in the 1830s to 1860s. I suspect that some of these men were were related, or traveled together from Canada. Please let me know if you have information on the Canadian origin of these men.
Brian Christensen
4023 Tanglewood Drive
Floyds Knobs, IN 47119

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Gordon Bonham Fri Dec 29 2000 3:04 am
Hello! Presently researching my BONHAM heritage most of which is found in Iowa but came through Wisconsin first. Trying to find info on a MARTIN C BONHAM born in 1806 (TN) and was married to a Massey (Mossey) Sanford. I am told a Martin Bonham shows up on an 1842 census, Wisconsin, Grant County, Eastern Div . Can you confirm if a spouse is listed too! Also researching a BENJAMIN B. BONHAM who is their son. I have 2 possible birth dates; either Mar 31, 1842 or Apr 13, 1843. They were in Iowa by 1850. Any birth, census or marriage info would be greatly appreciated.
Gordon Bonham
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

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Kathie Harrison Mon Dec 25 2000 3:17 pm
Hi Robin, I would like to have these surnames posted to your surname section on the Grant Co.,WI pages: CONNELL, LORD, LYONS, PITZER, PECK, HARRISON, OSBORN, POHLE, SCHREINER, GREENING, BLAKE, BLUNT. My GGG-aunt Sarah Harrison was wife of Page BLAKE who Blake's Prairie was named for. Matilda C Harrison, her sister was married first to Christopher Pitzer and then after his death married Christopher Peck. Many of the surnames I am interested in were descendants of my GGGG-grandparents Richard E Lyons and Elizabeth Hooey and James Harrison & Mary Brice (Mary is buried in Union Lumpkin Cemetery), so I am hoping that by posting all these surnames I might hear from others researching these lines. Thanks for your time!

Have a great day ~ Kathie Harrison

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Doug Holaday Tue Dec 19 2000 6:35 pm
Anna C. Millhouse was born in Hazel Green, Grant Cty, on 1/29/1861. Her parents were Jacob Millhouse and Elizabeth. Does anyone know anything about this Jacob or Elizabeth (her last name, where they came from or were married, etc.)? Thanks!


Dick Atkinson Mon Dec 18 2000 4:18 pm
I am searching for the ancestors of my grandfather William Edward Atkinson born Sept 24, 1877 in Cassville, Grant Co., Wi. I believe his father was John Atkinson, but can't prove this. John married Emma Sandamen May 20, 1872 in Wingville, Wi. John married a second time to Nancy Ramey,April 2, 1884 in Cassville, Grant Co., Wi. John's father was William Atkinson married to Mary ?. ( Could be Mary Ann Graham) I will be indebted to anyone who can help.
Dick Atkinson
Harrisville, NY..

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Peter Wilson Wed Dec 13 2000 1:40 pm
Hi, I've visited Mackenrode, Eichsfeld, to see the church where Nicholas Gabel was baptized, and Steinbach, where Margaret Hagedorn was baptized, but I don's know much about his life in Grant Co. WI.

My 35-year-old notes show PERHAPS 10 children of Nick and Margaret:

1. Christian Gabel (20 Dec. 1822 - 26 Jan. 1899)
...m. Elizabeth Gentz (1 Apr. 1830 - 2 Sep. 1908)

2? George Gabel b.1832 in Hesse-Kassel, adjacent to Eichsfeld?
...m2? Elizabeth Weirus b.1848?

3? Charles Gabel?

4? Clara Gabel?

5. Catherina, my ancestor, (29 Jun. 1834 - 9 Mar. 1902)
...m. Henry HARTLIEB/HARTLIP B (Jun. 1824 -24 Sep. 1901)

6. Sophia Gabel, the mother of Mildred.

7. Henry Gabel (3 oct. 1838 - 11 Oct. 1914)
...m. Victoria Sigafus/Ziegenfuss (1844 - 13 Cec. 1903)

8? Louis Gabel (1845 - 20 Nov. 1918) --was he a son of Bart?
...m. Martha Wiegel (1850 - 19xx)

9? Bartholomew Gabel (1816? - 1889)
...m. Catherine ...

10. Margaret Gabel
...m. Edward parker

Elk Grove, Cuba City and Hazel Green are among the villages where my Hartlip and Gabel relatives lived, and spouses of the next generation include: Bertram, Conway, de Rosia, Heinz or Hynes, Huggins, Jewell, Kisting, Kruse, Monohan, Moore, Morgan (2), Pearl (?), Rasque (2), Staber, Thiel, Townsend, Wedig, Wagner, Williams.

I would welcome additions, corrections and comments. Can you set me streight on any of these folks?

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Leonard Mason Richards Tue Dec 12 2000 2:16 pm
DAVIS W. TAFT SENT ME A CENSUS 1850,1860,1870 .
Edward Rodda 38 Miner Eng 1850 Census
Phillippa 35 Eng
Elizabeth A. 16 Eng
Edward 12 Eng
John 9 Eng
Jane 7 Wi
Phillippa 5 Wi
Thomas 4 Wi
Mary A. 1 Wi
Mathew Richards 26 Miner Eng
1860 Census shows Phillippa head of household #178Hazel Green, Grant, Wi Pg 241-2 . with Mathew Richards 42 and Elizabeth 22 and family
Elizabeth 8 Wi
Jane 4 Wi
John 1 Wi.
In 1870 Census Household #173 it gives Matthew 47 and Elizabeth 46.?? her age does'nt coinside with 1860 Census??
children; Elizabeth 18, Edward 16, Jane 14, John 14 ??, Mary H.??, Ellen 7, Edith 4, and Sarah A 10 or 12. Sarah was on Phillippa Rodda 's 1860 Census age 8, I'm wondering if the ages were wrong and Sarah Rodda lived with Matthews family??
I have a copy of an obituary from Schuyler, Neb of Edward Richards that gives his birth place at Hazel Green, Grant county, Wi. Oct 14, 1854 - 5-19-40 I sure would like to confirm some of this information. I was really pleased Mr. Taft took the time to get all this information for me.

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Sherry Sanders Kimbrough Sat Dec 2 2000 7:35 pm
Researching parents of Alphonso (A.D.L.) COLLINS, born in NY who is reported to live in Grant County, WI prior to 1890. His wife in 1894 is Lucy (BROOKS). He was a farmer and had no fewer than 3 children. Any collateral information is appreciated.
Sherry Sanders Kimbrough
[email protected]
Researching Collins, Brooks, Munshausen, Telquist, Golofon

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Cassandra Clarke Thu Nov 30 2000 1:10 am
My great grandparents, Ernest and Margaret Schlump Theide lived in Muscoda until 1883. My grandmother, Katherine, was born there. Ernest served in the Wisconsin Volunteers during the Civil War. He enlisted from Highland and was 18. He had been in the US 10 years. What was he doing in 1862, did he have siblings? Andreas Thiede bought land in 1858 in Iowa County. Anyone know of this family?

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Garry Lucas Sun Nov 26 2000 4:48 pm
I am looking for information on any of the following: William Henry Warne/Esther Ann Wood(s)/James WARNE/ Ellenora WARNE

William Henry WARNE [b 8/21/1841 Cobourg, Ont. Canada or St. Issy, Cornwall, England] and Esther Ann WOOD(S) [b 4/9/1845 Boscobel, WI] were married in Mifflin, WI, on 11/23/1862. The wedding was witnessed by James and Ellenora WARNE who then resided in Clifton, WI.

William Henry and Esther Ann allegedly moved shortly thereafter to Mitchell, S.D., accompanied by other WARNE family members.

William Henry and Esther Ann had the following children:
Irena Warne b 7/20/1863
Minerva Warne b 12/25/1864
John Henry Warne b 12/6/1866 in Dubuque, IA
Clara Warne b 12/5/1868
George Wesley Warne b 3/8/1870
Thomas Warne b 3/30/1872
Avery Warne b 3/12/1876 in Boscobel, WI
William T. Warne b 1/9/1878
Minnie Lenora Warne b 12/25/1878
Charles Edward Warne b 9/3/1881 in Dubuque, IA
Esther Ann Warne b 10/15/1883
Frank Willis Warne b 4/27/1886

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Debbe Hagner Sat Nov 25 2000 5:52 pm
I am seeking information on William Frederich FUNTE who was born in Boscobel. Grant, WI

Debbe Hagner


Hal Hileman Sat Nov 25 2000 5:50 pm
Researching any ROBBINS family connected to Hanmer ROBBINS of Platteville, Grant Co., WI c1860. Names that I have are:
Hanmer ROBBINS b. December 11, 1815
Frank, b. c1849
Dedrick, b. c1850
Fanny M., b. c1851
Thomas A., b. c1853
Anette W., b. c1856
Mary W., b. c1858
Roderick M., b. c1861
Son: Frank Hanmer Robbins, b. March 30, 1885
Dau: Mary Annetta Robbins, b. August 27, 1887. m. Hurus Bevan
Children: Dale Bevan, Betty Jane Bevan, Maxine Mae Bevan, Donald Bevan, Jack Robbins Bevan, George, b. c1863

Thank you!
Hal Hileman
[email protected]

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David McCann Fri Nov 17 2000 12:50 pm
Mary Taylor, dau of Delilah McCan and Fountain Taylor, was born about 1845 in Grant Co, Wisc. She married Josiah Peck. They had five children: John N, George, Harry, Ethel and Melvin. I would like to contact descendants of the above for genealogical information. You can reach me at [email protected]

David McCann

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Kathleen Shelton Trh Nov 16 2000 11:43 pm
Looking for information on John Ellis, who lived in Hazel Green, Grant County, Wisconsin. He and his wife Elizabeth Fiddick Ellis immigrated from Cornwall, England in 1855. Their daughter was Caroline Ellis, born in Cornwall in 1845. John's father was Richard Ellis. John later married a "Jenny" (maiden name unknown). Elizabeth was living in 1860 and John was living in 1870, but I have no other information. Thank you....Kathy Shelton

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Doris Russell Wed Nov 15 2000 12:51 am
I have been doing BUSHNELL genealogy. My great-grandfather, CHESTER BUSHNELL, was born in Platteville (Grant) WI, 17 October 1860. He married EVA JANE MEDLEY 6 January 1886. Someone recently sent me an obit of Eva's mother who died in Platteville - there is no date on it - and no given name - it list her as Mrs. Robert Medley and states she was buried in UNION aside her husband. It does list children: Wilber, who she lived with on Henry Street; Bert; Clarence; (all of Platteville) and girls, Carrie of Pine City, MN; Della of Freeport; Mable of Minneapolis. It states that her daughters, Mrs. Clara Bushnell of Platteville and Mrs. Chester Bushnell of Oklahoma, had died several years ago. I know Mrs. Chester Bushnell (Eva Jane) died in 1908. Any help with the Medley's? If so email me at [email protected]
Doris Russell, Raymore, MO

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Dale Niesen Sat Nov 11 2000 10:17 am
I recently purchased an image of a Civil War soldier I believe may be Larhdus D. HIRST of Lima, Grant County, Wisconsin. Here's what I know, the image was taken in Milwaukee, Wis. and has the name Vilantha HIRST written on the back of the image. The soldier has a "C" on his hat indicating he was a member of Company C of his regiment. My research indicates that there was only one Hirst in a Wisconsin Regiment who was also in Company C. That soldier is Larhdus HIRST (HURST in one index), Larhdus was in Co. C, 7th Wisconsin Infantry of the famous "Iron Brigade", Private Hirst was killed in action on 5/12/1864 at Laurel Hill, VA. If someone can help with any information on either of the above mentioned persons I would be grateful. You can E-mail me at: [email protected]

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Linda Patterson Sat Nov 11 2000 8:13 am
Seeking information relating to the family of Elizabeth Hooey (Howey) married to Richard Lyons, 1811, migrated to Grant County, Wisconsin about 1857. Also seeking information about Priscilla Haning/Haney, married 1st. to Nimrod Harrison 1834, 2nd. to Zachariah Lyons, 1838, migrated from Ohio/Indiana to Wisconsin about 1833.

Linda Patterson
[email protected]

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Carla Porath Fri Nov 10 2000 10:27 pm
I am attempting to obtain additional information on Adam Henry NIEMANN and Clara Irene PROBST families. They were married in Liberty, Grant, WI. on 16 Sep 1871.

I have Clara shown on the Grant county census in 1870 with her mother Mary Probst and brother Daniel. Her father, Gerhard Henry Probst was evidently deceased by that time I found him listed in the 1850, 1855, and 1860 census. He also owned land. I have the land record on 80 acres.

I am interested to know if he died there and when. Also any info is appreciated.

Carla Porath, Emmett, ID


David McCann Thu Nov 09 2000 4:23 pm
Lymon Henry Cook and Ira E Cook, sons of Mailda McCan and William Cook, were born in Grant Co, Wisc. Lymon married Olive Chandler 4 Jul 1871 in Grant Co. They had 3 children: Lovina, Charles and Freddy. Ira married Mary J ? in Grant Co. They had six children: Lyon B, Agnes M, Jesse M, A.E., Laura N and Walter E. Would like to contact descendants of the above for genealogical information. You can reach me at [email protected].

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Sarah Ann Dobson Sun Nov 05 2000 6:30 pm
I am looking for anything on Francis Clark, married Purl W. Dobson, early 1900's. They had one child. Margaret (she died about 1956) she married a Kearns and they had 5 children am looking for information on this family. I know about the Dobson family am looking for Francis Clark and when and where they were married and why they divorced, and birth date of Margaret. Please let me know if you can help. Thank you in advance. Sarah Dobson [email protected]

Looking for Francis Clark, married Purl W. Dobson about 1929 possibly in Grant County. They had one child, Margaret, she married a Kearns, she died in 1956. Don't know any more about Margaret or Francis. May have been married in Jefferson County. If you have any information on them will you please e mail me. Thank you. Sarah Dobson [email protected]

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Wayne Johnston Sat Nov 04 2000 11:05 pm
Looking for descendants of Antoine DUNSTON 1845-1913 and Ella HEBERLING 1865-1913. Married in Boscobel in 1897.
Children were Golda, Mable, Sylvia, Rose, and Frank, born 1884 through 1896. In Richland Center in 1900 census. Divorced in 1902.
Ella remarried to John C. Johnson and then A. T. Keith and died in SD. Golda and Mable were living in Appleton at one point. Sylvia indentured to Geo. Madden and was later known as Sylvia Dunston Oakey in Madison. Rose adopted by Andrew Wessel then married Theodore Holum in Barnesville, MN. Frank is my grandfather.
-- Wayne Johnston

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L. Nelsons Thu Nov 02 2000 8:30 pm
HAUGER, Henry b. 1831 in Germany married Katherine Wachendorf in about 1856 near Castle Rock and moved near Cassvile, Grant County, Wisconsin in about 1859 where they lived until about 1880.
They had the following children:
Odilia Hauger
Anton Hauger
William Hauger
Katherine Hauger
Henry H. Hauger
Joseph Hauger
Elizabeth Hauger
John Hauger
Would like any census info someone would share. Marriage record of Henry Hauger and Katherine Wachendorf? Any information on this family would be sincerely appreciated. [email protected]


Carl Adcock Sun Oct 29 2000 4:57 pm
I am seeking info regarding the ADCOCK and GORE families of Grant County. The surname BASS may tie with these families. Thanks.
Carl Adcock

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Dawn Heinrichs Kalina Fri Oct 27 2000 10:07 am
I was looking to see if my father's name appeared in the SS Death Index as he died in July and I noticed another Walter Heinrichs listed in Grant County. I have had little luck researching the Heinrichs family and was hoping someone would know something to help as I have looked up things for people here in Texas. My great grandfather was Charles Heinrichs who was married to Catherine Browder. They divorced and I'm not sure if he remarried. My Grandfather was Walter Otto Henrichs, and he had several older brothers and a sister or two all born before 1900 which throws a monkey wrench into the works since none of their births are recorded in your state that I can locate. My grandfather was born in Merrill, WI., so I hope someone there remembers some of this. If you have any info. or suggestions where I could look next, I would greatly appreciate the help. Sincerely, Dawn Heinrichs Kalina Email: [email protected]


Helen Wilson Thu Oct 26 2000 5:10 pm
Looking for information on B. F. WELDY who married WILSON C. CRANDALL on July 30, 1871 in Grant Co., Wilsons parents were John and Rhoda Crandell. Don't know anything about WELDY. Any info will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Helen Wilson

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Jessica L. Daily-Geary Wed Oct 25 2000 11:54 pm
I am seeking info on the family of Charles R. RICHARDS, b. 1863 in Grant Co. Hazel Green Twp. His Mother was Wilmat METCALF RICHARDS, born in England in 1827. By 1880 I found them still in Hazel Green but she was widowed. Charles somehow made his way to Oregon and married my g-grandma, Sarah Rachel CREECY, in 1897, near Portland, Oregon. I need to know about Charles' Dad. and what happened to the rest of his family. They stayed behind because I cannot find them anywhere in Oregon. He had at least one brother, Edwin RICHARDS, b. 1861,WI. and 3 sisters, Elizabeth, b. 1856 Wilmat,b. 1868. Caroline, b. 1870. All of these siblings were born in Grant County. If anyone has info, please respond. Thanks, Jessica L. Daily-Geary [email protected]

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Jackie Perry Sat Oct 21 2000 11:01 am
Looking for information on my gr great grandmother and gr great grandfather William Henry and Lovina WOMACK. I would like to know where they are buried and the date also what lovina maiden name was. my e-mail is [email protected]. Thank You, Jackie

I am looking for any information on my gr gr grandmother..Lovina WOMACK she married William Henry WOMACK, he was from VA.. They married abt 1839 in Sagamon Co,. IL. I believe she was a Native American. They both lived and died in Grant Co,.Cannot find any death record of her or what cemetery......Help.... Thank You, Jackie Perry

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Kathleen Gloyne Wed Oct 18 2000 6:23 pm
I am looking for a family that moved up to Grant County WI very early from southern IL. The name is, CAMPBELL, William and wife Martha "Patsy" RUSSELL CAMPBELL They were born in VA about 1790s. Any information would be welcomed.Martha was found on the 1842 census-taxlist in Eastern Division.

Kathleen GLOYNE
[email protected]


Andrea Healy Wed Oct 18 2000 12:37 pm
Looking for Harlen(Harlan,Harlin,Harlend) VAN ETTEN. He had land in 1884 in Augusta, Eau Claire, WI. His name is on the Vets schedule for 1890, Smelser, Grant Co.,WI He may have been living with his father Simon VAN ETTEN and/or his brother Simon Peter VAN ETTEN. This branch of VAN ETTENs are a mystery and any help would be very much appreciated.
Thank you so much.
Andrea Healy
[email protected]


Arlene L. Husich Wed Oct 18 2000 8:35 am
I am interested in the above names and any information that you may have.
You can E-Mail me at: [email protected]

Arlene L. Husich
262 Pleasant Drive
Chicago Heights, Illinois 60411

Thanks in advance for your help in this matter.

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Winthrop ROBINSON born 3 Nov 1827 in IL married 9 Jun 1851 in Benton, Lafayette County, WI to Mary Ann OLMSTEAD. He remarried after Mary Ann's death. This second marriage ended in divorce after 10 years. (Married 3 Apr 1873 to Mary NICKLES BEYER. Divorced 18 Sep 1883 Grant County, WI). Last known address for Winthrop was 29 Mar 1888 when he signed a land record at Dubuque, Dubuque County, IA. Would like to find out where he moved to and when he died? His children:
1. Sarah Ann (Sadie) ROBINSON (1853-1940) married Samuel John ARTHUR. Lived at Belmont, Lafayette County, WI and Platteville, Grant County, WI.
2. Winthrop Asbury (Bud) ROBINSON (1855-1934) married Caroline Mary FULLBRIGHT and 2nd Adelaide C. WOODS. Lived at McCarthy, Grant County, WI and Clayton, Clayton County, IA.
3. William Henry Harrison ROBINSON (1857-?) married Melissa FULLBRIGHT. Lived at McCarthy, Grant County, WI. He left her after catching her with another man. Lived with a brother in Alton, Madison County, IL for a time and took his houseboat and disappeared. Where abouts unknown.
4. John Franklin ROBINSON (1859-??) Last listed in 1860 census for Grant County, WI. What happened to him?
5. Abraham Lincoln ROBINSON (1861-??) Last listed in 1860 census for Grant County, WI. Have a picture ca 1880 at St. Cloud MN. What happened to him?
6. Aliginion Sidney ROBINSON (1862-1948) married Ida May ASHBY and 2nd Lucy LEONARD. Lived at Alton, Madison County, IL.
7. Mary Ann ROBINSON (1868-ca 1930) married Charles TRIBBY and 2nd Mr. HART. Lived Illinois. After 1920 whereabouts unknown.

Any clues would be appreciated.

Karen Reese

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Arlene L. Husich Sun Oct 18 2000 8:35 am


Ed Hall Sat Oct 14 2000 12:33 am
Looking for parents of CARRIE GILBERSEN b 1869 d. Whalan Filmore Co MN 1946. She married OLE H SLINDE of Westport Twp. Windsor, Dane Co WI at Boscobel, Grant Co WI about 1891. Husband and wife moved to MN shortly after marriage. Also need more info about date and place of birth of Carrie.


Ray Anderson Wed Oct 4 2000 11:09 pm
Looking for CROW and LANE relatives in Grant County. The following was obtained from the Olmsted MN County History of 1883. Nelson V.A.CROW, deceased, was one of the first white settlers in this portion of Minnesota. He was born October 8, 1822, the son of Benjamin and Eliza (Millis) Crow, both of whom were natives of North Carolina, the home of the family for many years. Nelson V. A. first came to Winona county in April, I854, and pre-empted government land in Elba township, which he grubbed, cleared and resided on until 1863, when he disposed of it and moved to Dover township, Olmsted county. He was at one time the heaviest landowner of the county, being possessed of 1,900 acres, part in Minnesota and part in Wisconsin. He was one of the most prominent and progressive men of the community, and when death halted his career on June 2, 1905, his loss was mourned generally through the county. He was laid at rest in the cemetery at St.Charles. In 1849, when the gold excitement in California caused thousands to flock to that state in search of wealth, Mr. Crow joined a wagon train and spent six months on the journey to Sacramento. This wagon train consisted of some sixty wagons, drawn by oxen and cows, and was accompanied by I70 or 180 armed men banded together for protection from the ravages and raids of Indians. Until 1853 Mr. Crow cast his lot with the army of Gold seekers and then came home by way of the Isthmus of Panama. He was an active member of the Masonic fraternity and was identified with that organization at St. Charles. He was twice married, first to Nancy Lane, and next to Amanda Lane, a sister of his first wife. To his first marriage four children were born, named Sylvester T., generally known as Jim; George Hiram, John Wesley, and Nelson Manley. To his second marriage there were also four children born, as follows: Millis Walter, Albert Garrison, Sophia and Edward, the first named being the only one now living. The children of the first marriage are all living. George H. Crow, the son of Nelson V. A. Crow, was born in Boscobel, Grant county, Wisconsin, May 10, 1846, and came with his parents to Olmsted county, finishing his education in the district schools. When the memorable struggle between the North and South broke out, he ran away from home and enlisted with the "Boys in Blue" for the preservation of the Union, in Company K, Ninth Minnesota Volunteer Infantry. His father, however, obtained his discharge, but on October 12, 1863, he again enlisted, joining Company I, Second Minnesota Cavalry, and served with that command until honorably discharged on November 20, 1865. After leaving the army, Mr. Crow traveled extensively, visiting nearly every state in the Union, including the Southern ones. He then went to Kansas and preempted land, but subsequently disposed of this and came to Olmsted County to take charge of a fine 320-acre farm owned by his father. Here he remained until 1886, when he rented and moved onto a 240-acre farm in Dover Township, which he now owns and superintends. He also owns forty acres adjoining the city of St. Charles. He is a member of Custer Post, Grand Army of the Republic, and has attended many of the state and national encampments of that organization. He is a Republican in politics, but has always refused to hold office, preferring to confine his attentions to private interests. On July 4, 1885, he was united in marriage with Miss Sophia Feigert, who was born in Winona county, Minnesota, the daughter of Jacob and Sophia (Miller) Feigert, natives of Ohio. The Feigert family came originally from Hamburg, Germany. To them one daughter, Hester A., was born on May 6, I894. She is now in attendance at the Rochester High School.

Thanks, Ray Anderson, Bethalto, IL

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John Dvorak Tue Oct 3 2000 6:53 pm
I'm searching for the above names. My father's Uncle Joseph DVORAK married Josephine LINSCHEID. Her parents were Jacob LINSCHEID and Katherine HYING. Joseph and Josephine were both born in 1888. This is all I know. I hope someone out there can help me. Joseph was born in Bohemia/Austria as were his parents and 2 brother out of 3. My grandfather, William Joseph DVORAK was born in Muscoda, Grant County, Wisconsin in Sept 28, 1893. Thus, my grandparents had to have come to America between 1888 and 1893. There were also 2 other brothers, Frank and Vandy DVORAK who were both born in Bohemia/Austria as well. I have a date of 1881 for Vandy and 1878 for Frank.
Frank worked as a farm hand on the SOBEK farm when he grew up. Wincel was a stone cutter who carved stone monuments for cemeteries. He owned his home in Muscoda. He died in 1927 and Mary his widow died in 1931. I do not have exact dates on them. They are buried in Muscoda Catholic Cemetery.
John Dvorak
[email protected]

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Tammi Lexa Tue Oct 3 2000 5:19 pm
I am looking for any information that might link my Great-Grandfather Albert Alsinas Droullard with the John Droullard that came from France. I believe my family is descended from one of the two marriages of John Droullard. My Great-Grandfather Albert Alsinas Droullard was born on December 4, 1877 in Wisconsin and my family believes it was in Waterloo Township, Grant County, Wisconsin. The name "Waterloo" is written on the back of an old photo my Grandmother has. Albert's father was born John Droullard on December 18, 1854 in possibly Ohio. He married Angeline Merriott who was born on February 18, 1859 - place unknown. Ultimately I am looking for the parents of John Droullard (born in 1854) and to see if I can make a link with the John Droullard who was born in France and died in Grant County, Wisconsin. Can anyone help? Tammi [email protected]

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Kathy Carter Sun Oct 1 2000 12:50 am
Searching for information about James NEWBERRY with wife, Mary BAIRD-NEWBERRY. Found in the 1850 Grant County, District 24, Wisconsin Census. With children Dorothy-age 4, Ellen-age 3 and Anson-age 10 months. James was noted as 36 and born in New York. Mary was noted as 22 and born in Illinois.
Their children all born in Wisconsin. Also listed with this family is Noah ALLEN, age 28 born in New York. James NEWBERRY died prior to March 1852. Noah ALLEN and Mary BAIRD-NEWBERRY were married in Grant County, WI. on Mar. 25, 1852.
The 1860 Patch Grove, Grant County, WI. census lists Mary BAIRD-NEWBERRY as the wife of Noah ALLEN now. With children:
Robert Newberry age 9 and born in Wisc.
William ALLEN, age 5 and born in Wisc.
(What happened to the 3 previous Newberry children?)
James Newberry may have been in Grant County prior to May 1845.
Our Grt. Grt. Grandfather is the son of Noah & Mary ALLEN, William ALLEN, who was born March 20, 1855-presumably in Grant County, WI. He died May 31, 1930 in Ogallala, Keith County, NE. He married Barbara Elizabeth Hutchings on Jan. 01, 1877 in Mills County, IA.
Any help appreciated and willing to share and compare family information! Thanks, Kathy Carter

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