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John W. McCoy Sun Sep 26 16:31:07 1999
Looking for descendants of Lydia E. WINSWORTH, daughter of George and Rhoda WINSWORTH, English immigrants who arrived in Grant Co., WI before 1850. Lydia was born about 1835 in Ohio. She married in Grant Co. (1) 18 sep 1853 to Samuel A. RICE (b. about 1825 OH d. May 1855 Grant Co., WI), (2) 27 jul 1856 to Isaac W. REAVELL (b. 1833, d. bef. 1864), (3) Lysander A. TOWNSEND (son of Sewell and Polly, b. Erie Co., NY about 1815). Lydia was the mother of Mary E. RICE b. 1855, apparently after the death of her first husband, and had several more children by her second and third husbands. As my relative Ezra Wiley RICE of Patch Grove was one of the appraisers of the estate of Samuel A. RICE in 1855, and lived in the same vicinity, I speculate that Samuel was a cousin of Ezra, and thus Samuel is the most important clue I have found so far to the identity Ezra's father, Abner RICE who lived in Madison Co., NY in 1820. Can anyone tell me what became of Mary E. RICE, or her mother Lydia E. WINSWORTH RICE REAVELL TOWNSEND? How was Samuel A. RICE related to Ezra RICE or to any of the other RICE families in Grant Co., WI?

John W. McCoy
Long Beach, CA
[email protected])

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Kaye McKenzie Wed Sep 22 18:02:00 1999
Hi I,m looking for information on the William M Owens family they lived in Grant cty in 1849....there da Emma Jane Owens was born in 1849......I would appreciate any information.......please reply Thankyou Kaye, Stauffer, Alberta, Canada T0M 1W0

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Sarah Ann Dobson Sun Sep 19 20:03:04 1999
I am looking for the Surname of Monroe in Grant County. My family came from Ohio to Crawford County and some to Grant county. If anyone can be of help please contact me my email is [email protected]
Sarah Dobson
[email protected]


Sarah Ann Dobson Sun Sep 19 20:01:11 1999
I am looking for information on the Dobson Family of Grant County. My name is Sarah Dobson from Jefferson, WI. My Email is [email protected] thank you.
Sarah Dobson
[email protected]


Curtis Cole Sat Sep 18 21:30:05 1999
My name is Curtis Cole and I am seeking info on the following:Allen;wife Mornigton;sons Lewis and Erasmus;daughter Hettie living near Dickeyville,Wis.,during the late 1800's.Lewis served with the 7th Wis.,Erasmus the 20th.Hettie taught school in Dickeyville.Also searching for any descendants.Please send any info to me at [email protected] or Curtis Cole 547Wagon Ford Rd.,Beulaville,N.C.
your obedient servant,

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Jennifer Heer Norman Fri Sep 17 19:28:26 1999
I'm looking for any info regarding one of my great uncles, Rufus Smith HEER. He lived in Hazel Green for I think his whole life. He married, and had a daughter Muriel HEER LONG. She lived in a nursing home there until recently. She was born in 1904, while her father was born in 1858 to David H. HEERand Martha EVANS HEER in Jo Daviess cty, IL. Apparently when he died all his belongings (don't know what this includes) were dropped down a well. So little is known to even his descendents. I am reseraching all of his siblings as well as their descendents. If you have any kind of info about this family please contact me. I welcome all emails.


Rufus S. Heer (b.1858) of Galena, IL married Alice Wilson, b. 1881, they had one daughter (I am pretty sure she is still living, really) Murial J. Heer m. Virgil Long at Platteville, WI. They had two kids; Nancy Ann Long, b. 1931 and Robert Wilson Long, b. 1928. And no marriage for Nancy, but Robert did marry and I am sort of in touch with Rufus´┐Ż great grandson, David (Debra) Long of Louisville, KY. Rufus was a veterinarian, went to school in Ohio. Rufus was the first of 17 children of David and Martha Evans Heer of East Galena, IL.

Jennifer Heer Norman
Chicago, IL
[email protected]

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Sue Cummings Fri Sep 17 14:10:23 1999
Looking for information on maternal Great grandmother - M.N.Brackett. Parents A.M. and Mary Brackett of Little Grant. She married William W. Ford and lived in Stitzer - had four children. Grace, Fred, Fay and William (dec.) I would like information on immediate ancestors of A.M. Brackett - parents, siblings, place of origin, etc. Fay Ford (Sweney) was my grandmother. Thank you for any help.
E-mail: [email protected] Name: Sue Cummings

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Rachel M. Downing Wed Sep 15 22:22:00 1999
Query Correction, The BYRNE information in my earlier query was incorrect. The GRANT COUNTY information I have thus far is;

My mother is, Eleanor Mary Kirk Butts, Living
Grandparents, Lillian Mary Heitkamp Kirk b 1901, April-Cuba City Wis. died 1990
James William Kirk b Feb. 16 1904 Minnesota ? died June 1974

Great Grandparents,
Katherine Byrne Heitkamp ? died Dec 9 1935
married Bernard Heitkamp Jan. 31 1899
Bernard Heitkamp b ? died ?

G G Grandparents, first name? Kilbride Byrne b ? died ?
parents of Katherine Byrne (Katie) Christopher Byrne b ? died ?

G G Grandparents Elizabeth Hubacher or Hoebacher
Parents of James Kirk James Kirk (Sr) possibly of both Galena Ill and Minneapolis area.

I would like any information, obituaries, announcements of births or weddings of the KIRKS< KILBRIDES
I would like very much to create a family tree and find living relatives. Thanks Rachel M Downing [email protected]

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Judy Harris Tue Sep 14 08:42:24 1999
Looking for information on the HAW Family. abt 1844 to present in Grant County, Wi. Some of the names connected are: LAZENBY-BANOT-HAZEL-ROCKHOLD.
Judy Harris [email protected]

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Don Hutcherson Mon Sep 13 20:53:13 1999
Searching for EWARD BOWNESS/BONESS in Grant County about 1840-1870.
Thank you.
Don Hutcherson
[email protected]

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Bette Bellefeuille Sun Sep 12 15:59:09 1999
Looking for information about the family of Alanson B. CLARK, born 1816 in Onondaga co, NY. He married 1st Fidelia EATON, in about 1838 in Erie co, PA. They moved with their 2 children, James Harvey CLARK, born 1840, and Mary Lavina CLARK, born 1842, to Linn co, IA. Fidelia died there in 1843 and Alanson married Anne MANN. They moved to Fennimore, Grant co., with Alanson's 2 children from his first marriage and the following children from his second marriage, all of whom were born in Iowa; John Wallace, born about 1845, Nancy Jane, born about 1846, Rachel Ellen, born about 1848, and Trifosia, born about 1849. Alanson and Anne stayed in Fennimore for the remainder of their lives, both dying in 1895. They had the following children born to them in Fennimore: Chloe Ann, born 1850, Thomas Warren, born 1853, Walter Alanson, born Apr. 1856, Olive, born 1858, Charlotte, born 1865 and George Wayne, born 1858.
Bette Bellefeuille

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Amanda Buie Sun Sep 12 13:49:19 1999
I am looking for the names of my grandfather's mother and father. My grandfather, Harry Curwin Keller was born in Stitzer, Grant County, Wisconsin on April 17, 1888. His brother Leroy E. Keller was born there in 1886. They have a sister named Cora, birthday unknown at this time. The two Keller brother's moved to Washington State in the early 1900's around maybe 1907. I'm not sure how to go about finding out my great grandparents name, and I'm not sure if they came to Washington State as a family or if they past away in Grant County. I know my grandfather, Harry Curwin Keller, worked pretty much all his life on the railroad. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you,
Amanda Buie
e-mail: [email protected]


Judith Vaughn Sun Sep 12 01:02:16 1999
Hello: I am researching the family of Gilbert Carley. Here is what I have: Gilbert was born in NY. in 1812. He may have lived for awhile in Illinois. He married Julia Peck (b. Ohio 1819)on 6/11/1846 in Platteville, Grant County, Wis. They had the following children:Mary D b. 1839, Martha T b. 1847, Nancy b. 1848, Loren b. March 1862-his twin Loreta, Malissa, Eliza, and possibly Jonathan.
I want to know who the parents of Gilbert and Julia are. I also want to know if there was a son, Jonathan. I would also like to know the birthdates of Gilbert's and Julia's children.
Thank you,
Judith Vaughn
[email protected]

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Kimberly Holan Riggen Fri Sep 10 17:47:15 1999
I sent for Elizabeth Kutilek's birth certificate in Grant County, WI but they said they don't have it. They have her sister's, Anna, though. Everywhere I look everything says Elizabeth was born in Grant County, WI. If you can give me any information on these surnames I would really appreciate it. I will take birth, death and marriage certificates or any other information. Just let me know the cost as I would pay for the certificates and researching or whatever.
Thank you in advance for your help.
Kimberly (Holan) Riggen
PO Box 211
Pukwana, SD 57370
[email protected]


Jim Doran Fri Sep 10 17:33:22 1999
From Jim Doran (formerly of Marinette, WI)
The following are ancestors of my 2nd, 1R, cousin Mary Boyle, whose mother was Alice Marie Lauerman.
Charles Lauerman, b. 24 Jan 1874, Muscoda, Grant County, Wisconsin, m. Emma Marie Le Blanc, 23 Apr 1901, Marinette, Marinette County, Wisconsin, d. 8 Nov 1950, Marinette, Wisconsin
Antonie Kratochvil, b. 1 Mar 1845, Humpolec, Bohemia, m. Joseph Lauerman, 3 Sep 1865, Muscoda, Wisconsin, d. 9 May 1886
Joseph Lauerman, b. 17 Jan 1842, Roth Recitz, Bohemia, m. Antonie Kratochvil, 3 Sep 1865, Muscoda, Wisconsin, d. 2 Apr 1911, Muscoda, Wisconsin
Any information on ancestors or decendants of these folks would be appreciated. I have most of the Lauerman line thru my great-aunt, Alice Marie Lauerman. Other surnames in the line include De Laby, De Rocher, Le Blanc, Boyle, Brien, and Vanderkamp. Places of origin include Belgium, Bohemia and Ireland.
Most of this information is detailed on my web site at
I have a GEDCOM file of the Lauerman/Kratochvil line, that is available on request for those that are researching these families.

Regards, Jim Doran in So. Calif.

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Sharon Papp Wed Sep 08 23:11:16 1999
John McKERNAN married to Bridget FLINN and they had 3 sons, John, Daniel, and William. William McKERNAN married Catherine Cecilia DUGGAN on 6 Jan 1883 in Jo Daviess County and they had 9 children: Julia, Sarah, Mary Catherine, William, Treasa, Augusta,Edward, Francis Joseph (my Grandfather),born 2 October 1898 at Vinegar Hill, and Emily. Any information would be of great help. I heard that the elder, John McKernan, was a travern owner or operator in Galena. Also family stories say that this family resided in Grant County, WI for a short time. Any information would be a great help.. I can be reached at [email protected], Sharon Papp


LeRoy J. Murphy Wed Sep 08 21:54:02 1999
Looking for members of the MURPHY family that settled in Grant County in the 1850's. Later moved to Kansas. Head of family was George MURPHY and had many children.


Wayne Vizniowski Sun Sep 05 15:54:19 1999
We are looking for the marriage of Jonas TOMLINSON and Margaret FLYNN in Boscobel around 1870 - 3. Also Margaret (FLYNN) TOMLINSON is reported to have died 6 December 1892 in Boscobel (Baseball WI).
Jonas TOMLINSON is from LaFayette County, are there FLYNN's in Grant County around that time period?
Wayne Vizniowski
[email protected]

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Michelle McKinnon Wed Sep 01 18:19:28 1999
I am researching BUCHHOLZ family lived in Platteville, Grant, WI ca 1867 from Germany. Dietrich and wife Margaret Dorothea (HEITMAN).
Michlle A. McKinnon
[email protected]

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Brian Christensen Sun Aug 29 15:05:01 1999
I am researching the WILMOT family of Potosi. I am a descendant of John WILMOT, brother of Isaac WILMOT. Isaac's son was Judge Edward M. Wilmot who wrote the weekly article "With the Potosi Pioneers" for the local paper in the 1920s. In his June 23, 1926, article the Judge wrote about Bill PARENTEAU'S fight with a bear. He wrote the following: "Bill PARENTEAU, the man engaged in this bear fight, was born and grew to young manhood in the town of Potosi about 77 years ago, a son of Martin and Elizabeth PARENTEAU, early French settlers in these parts. He was a cousin of E.M. Wilmott, who with other old timers still living here well remember Billy PARENTEAU as he was then called. He left her in the late sixties and went to Colorado." Does anyone have any additional information on the PARENTEAU family? I would like to know how they are related to the WILMOTS.
Brian Christensen
[email protected]


Tonya Cox Sat Aug 28 00:26:20 1999
Looking to share and compare information on the ALLINGER family of Grant County, Wisconsin!
Hope to hear from someone!
Tonya Cox
[email protected]


Jennifer Bessire Harvey Thu Aug 26 16:10:09 1999
Elizabeth Scott was b: 3 September 1853 in Hazel Green, Grant, WI. She married Albert Bessire 0n March 8, 1883 in , Harrison, Iowa. Where they had 4 children: George Wheeler and Zellie A. Bessire - Twins b: 17 Jan 1884. Zellie A. died at an early age. Orlo S. Bessire b: 1 March 1886 who also died young and Elmer Dewitt Bessire b: 21 Jan 1888. I am looking for any information on her parents and siblings, etc.
Jennifer Bessire Harvey
[email protected]

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Bob Shepherd Sat Aug 21 12:58:00 1999
Looking for information on SHEPHERD, Grace A. (Maiden name FAZEL). Have be looking for a Obit. on her but un-able to find one. She is buried in Indian Creek Cemetery, Orion Twp, Richland Center, Wisconsin. Says on stone 1902-1964. I believe it was in about December of 1964 if my memory serves my right.


John Dvorak Sat Aug 21 10:58:07 1999
Researching where my great grandfather, Wenzel DVORAK came from and his birth and death dates. He lived in MUSCODA WI with his wife. His 4 sons were William DVORAK, (my grandfather) Vandy DVORAK, Joe DVORAK, and Frank DVORAK. Wenzel married Mary DVORAK but I don't know what her maiden name was or when they were married. My grandfather moved from Muscoda to Chicago IL where he married my grandmother Eulalia NIESEN. They had 4 children, 3 boys and a girl. William DVORAK, Suzanne FERRY, James DVORAK, and Richard DVORAK.

I'm researching the facts about my great grandparents...dates etc. My Grandfather's name was William J DVORAK from South Bend IN, orig. from Muscoda, WI, Grant County. He had 3 brothers, Vandy DVORAK, Frank DVORAK, and Joe DVORAK. Their parents were Wenzel DVORAK and Mary DVORAK. They died in Muscoda WI, Grant County. I don't know the dates. They were buried in the Muscoda Cemetery.


Gail Huisheere Wed Aug 18 10:58:25 1999
Am searching for information about the family of Henry and Katharina (MOORE) SCHORT. They lived in the area of Liberty Township and Lancaster, Grant County, WI. They came from Germany and first settled in Illinois. Their daughter, Mary married Danniel WACKER in Liberty Twp. on 24 Feb 1870. They also had daughters, Caroline and Louisa, one of which married a man by the name of BLESSING. Am searching for dates and any other info on this family. Don't know if they died in Grant County or owned property there. One of their daughters was killed there in an accident in the 1870-80 time span. I believe that she had been a teacher. Gail Huisheere E-mail: [email protected]

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Leslie Louthain Fri Aug 13 09:06:26 1999
I am looking for information about the ancestry of Adolphina KIMMICH/KIMMICK who married George Frederick SCHAAL. She was born in Germany 21 Nov 1843 and died 4 Feb 1918 in Waterloo Twp., Grant, Wis. She is buried in Burton Cemetery but her husband is buried in the catholic cemetery at Tennyson. I know nothing of her parentage but I believe that her mother may have been Nothburga KIMMICH and that she may have been sent here to live with an Uncle and Aunt, John and Elizabeth. Does anyone out there have any info on this family or this woman. Thanks for your help. Leslie


Leslie Louthain Fri Aug 13 09:02:05 1999
I am seeking information on my ancestor, Abraham Preston . He was born in Ballengary, Co. Limmerick, Ireland and died in Potosi, Gran, Wis. on 9 March 1898 in Potosi. He is buried in the old St. Thomas Cemetery behind the home of Marion Horner. I think that he was married to a Mary KELLY but the mother of my ancestor, Mary may have been by an earlier wife. Abraham's daughter Mary, married Patrick Welsh. This is about all I know of them and would appreciate some help. Thanks so much. Leslie

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Leslie Louthain Fri Aug 13 08:58:13 1999
I have scant information on my ancestor Patrick WELSH and could use some help. My ancestor Bridget Welsh, who married Frank John Halstead was the daughter of Patrick Welsh and Mary Preston. Patrick was born abt 1825 in Limmerick Co., Ireland and died in Mitchell Co., Iowa. He is buried in St. Charles Catholic Cemetery in Cassville, along side his wife who died before him in 1895. Can anyone help me out there. I know very little else about them. Thanks.


Pam Brown Thu Aug 12 13:54:03 1999
Looking for descendants of Alexander MILLER and wife Lavina MCKINLEY. Alex. b Indiana ca 1800, Lavina b. Ohio 1808. They may have moved to Grant Co. about 1836 with children Alexander W., Mary (md William Dinsmore 1847 Lafayette Co.), Charles Chapman MILLER, and Elizabeth (md Myron Collins 1855 Jackson Co. IA). They were living in White Oak Springs in 1847. Any information greatly appreciated.

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Chris French Sun Aug 01 17:46:12 1999
Chris French [email protected]
I'm looking for information on my Great Grandparents William Barr he married Isabelle Houghton. They lived in Grant County. I need information on her parents and siblings. Thanks any information will be greatly appreciated.

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Lois Kleinhenn Lanier Sat Jul 31 19:34:03 1999
How did John GILBERT b. 1816 in Ohio, died 1861 Grant County) die? He is buried in Greenwood Cemetery in Platteville, as is his wife, Abby Ann COOK (b. 1828, d. 1871). Who was Eli GILBERT, (Eli Gilbert, died June 14, 1861, 97yr, 2 months.) listed in same cemetery? Who is "Seevi GILBERT", age 82, listed in John GILBERT's household in 1850 Census (. Grant County, Wisconsin; (Wingville), Eastern District, No. 25, 30th October 1850, page 188 (375))?
Lois Kleinhenn Lanier
[email protected]

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Mary Jo Youngberg Sat Jul 31 13:13:12 1999
I am seeking any information on MCCARTNEY families in Grant Co., WI, especially the Cassville area.
Mary Jo Youngberg
[email protected]


Sara McBeth Grimes Thu Jul 29 13:18:28 1999
[email protected]


Judy Harris Mon Jul 26 18:36:03 1999
Haw/ John and Mary Lazenby Haw lived in Grant County 1844. They had nine children. William, George, John jr., Thomas, Christopher, Jane, Simon (my g-gfather), Lizzie born 1850 and Mary Ann born 1855. Simon married a Sarah Jane (?). She was married before to a Hazell. Had two daughters Lydia and Ella. Simon and Sarah had 6 children. Simon Samuel, Carrie, Addie, Mary, Evaline and Jessie. The last two daughters were born in Lucas County, Iowa where the family moved around 1872/1873. Any information would be helpful. Judy Harris [email protected]

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Dale Pitzen Thu Jul 22 12:49:25 1999
I am seeking information on Matthew Pitzen, probably known as Charlie, born before 1867 in Potasi, Grant Co., WI and m. Catherine Schiffman. I seek the names of Matthew's parents and their origins. Also would like any other information on the Pitzens that settled in Grant Co. Thank You. Dale Pitzen Rochdale, MA [email protected]

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Marlene Bonner Thu Jul 22 10:12:10 1999
Looking for information regarding BONNER, WILLIAM, listed in the Census Records for Grant County, Wisconsin in 1846/1850. Relocated to Clinton County, Illinois sometime between 1856 and 1860. Reply to: [email protected]


Kathy Hart Wed Jul 21 18:31:18 1999
My name is Kathy Hart, and my email address is: [email protected]. My gr. grandfather was William HODGE. He was born 9 Apr 1849 in Hazel Green, Grant Co., Wisconsin. He was married to Eliza WILBY 30 Oct. 1882 in Victoria, B.C. They had 9 children, all born in Victoria, B.C. He died 3 May 1931 in San Francisco, CA. I believe his parents were: Thomas HODGE, b. 1824 in England and Jane ARTHUR, b. 1824 in England. This is all I know. I'm interested in finding out more about Thomas HODGE and Jane ARTHUR, so I can extend the lines further back. Also interested in any living relatives or any info. on William HODGE's life there in Grant Co., early growing up years, etc. Also unknown if he had any siblings. This has been a deadend for about 24 years for me, so ANY help would be appreciated! Thanks.


Shirley Vinsand Wed Jul 14 20:10:12 1999
Shirley Vinsand [email protected] Looking for family members of Nellie Emery Clark.Her father was the minister at Rockville Grant Co Wisconsin, and also British Hollow, and surronding areas. Her mother died 10 march 1878, at Rockville Wisconsin, She is buried at British Hallow Cem.In the old part. From the west road going to the east third row in.To the north side. It is a broken white stone with just her death date left and the remainder of the stone is now leaning against the stone in front of it. From Nellies diary she wrote, 1 March1878,I've lost my mother. She died last Sunday 10 March 1878. We buried her yesterday and it seemed to me that I could not give my darling mother up. There was a large funeral. Mr Mather the M E P . Elder preached her funeral sermon from the words Blessed are the dead that die in the Lord for they rest from their labors and their works do follow them.The ladies dressed Ma in black for they thought she would look more natural. A copy of the diary has been copied and put in the Historical at Lancaster Wisconsin papers. Nellie later moved to Humboldt Co Iowa where she was a teacher and followed her brother here. Soon her father Edward Emery 1807-1890 moved to Humboldt Iowa and is buried there also. Her mother was Margaret Endicott 1815-1878. Margaret was a descendant of Mass Gov John Endecott 1588-1665 who came from England to Massachusetts with his wife, Elizabeth Cogan 1628. Elizabeths Cogan line can be traced back to the 1100,s which we don't have. Nellie was born in Grant Co on 20 Sept 1859 and married Lester Clark son of Andrew F Clark and Mary Franklin. The married on Nellies birthday in 1882 at Grant Co Wisconsin.Children Allen ,Forest,Nellie, and a stillborn child, which she also died at that time.

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Sue Cummings Mon Jul 12 16:24:19 1999
I am trying to get some info on my maternal grandmother born in Stitzer, WI in 1880. Her name was Fay FORD. Her father's name was William but I have no infor on her mother. Thank you for any help you can give me.


Todd Easterla Sat Jul 10 20:24:26 1999
I am currently researching our family roots and looking for information on Frank X. Neff that came to Highland, WI in 1816 and married Josephine C. Fayant on April 23, 1861 in Highland, WI. Josephine C. Fayant Neff had moved to Muscoda, WI with her parents. If anyone can help me find information on Frank X. Neff and Josephine C, Fayant, please sent email to [email protected]


Richard Sleep Sat Jul 10 13:09:23 1999
Could you please add the Sleep surname to your list. More specifically, I am looking for any information on William E (b. 1880), Henry (b. Aug 1882) and Ray/Roy Sleep (b. Oct 1889) all from Livingston, WI. They are in the 1900 census, but not found afterwards. All three are the sons of Wm John and Emma Louisa (nee Bowden) Sleep - both of Livingston, WI and whom died in 1904 and 1902, respectively. Wm John Sleep had a farm there, but was also described as a cabinetmaker and undertaker in various census reports. Have not been able to find any further information the three sons. The Sleeps and Bowdens appear to be both from Cornish immigrants who ended up in and around Mineral Point.

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Mike Ringuette Fri Jul 2 14:24:15 1999
I am looking for information on the METCALF family in Grant County Wisconsin. My ancestor, Elizabeth METCALF (1835-1882) married Jacob GEORGENS (1827-1895) and they resided in Potosi. Elizabeth was born in England. There are many other METCALF's in Glen Haven, who also emigrated from England. I am trying to find out if Elizabeth is a part of this other METCALF family. Any thoughts appreciated.

Mike Ringuette
[email protected]

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Dorla Stork Thu Jul 1 12:30:06 1999
I am looking for information on a THOMAS JOSEPH STORK he was born March 19, 1858 in Muscoda, Grant County, Wisconsin. Father: Joseph STORK and Mother: Barbara JUZA.

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