Lakeview Cemetery Index, located in Carter, WI

Lakeview Cemetery

Located in Carter, Wisconsin

This information was collected by Wayne and Alta Guyant in 1974. The actual transcriptions are property of the Wisconsin State Genealogical Society.  I may not legally post the transcriptions in their entirety. However, I can post an index. I will be happy to do lookups for anyone who asks. Please be patient though, it may take me a few days to get back to you. You may direct your queries to Theresa.


    Bodoh (6)                                                    Johnson (1)                                                                Morstad (5)
    Bonk (2)                                                      Kendick (1)                                                                Snow (1)
    Brawn (1)                                                    Kendrick (2)                                                               Sherrick (4)
    Collins (12)                                                  Koch (4)                                                                     Shepard (2)
    DeHart (2)                                                   Mattern (1)                                                                  Tucker (6)
    Dehart (1)                                                    McDaniel (3)                                                               VanderWalker (2)
    Harris (3)                                                     Mielke (2)                                                                   Ward (2)

There were also 18 more illegible markers at the time this information was recorded.

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