1862 Plat Map, Fond du Lac Co. WI
(ca.) 1862 Plat Map
Fond du Lac County, Wisconsin

Calumet pt. 1 Calumet pt. 2
Eldorado (scanned image of original)
Fond du Lac
Friendship scanned image of original
Lamartine scanned image of original
Metomen scanned image of original
Ripon scanned image of original
Rosendale scanned image of original
Springvale scanned image of original
Waupun scanned image of original
The best way to view these plat maps, is to save the township file to your computer, and then open the file in a blank word processing document for printing.

Some of the 1862 maps are reproductions of an original wallhanging (created ca. 1862) plat map of Fond du Lac County, Wisconsin

Due to the difficulty in reading copies of the original wallhanging, some townships were re-drawn by myself in the 1980's, and currently have been scanned into a graphic format for viewing on the web. Where a reproduction has not been completed, the original has been scanned in.

 The date and publisher of the original wall map has never been determined, but the approximate date of publication has been determined to be ca. 1862. This is the first plat map of Fond du Lac county. The original re-productions, created in 1980-81, are still in my possession.
Tracy Reinhardt

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23 Dec 2003
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