1876 Centennial Directory
Fond du Lac County, Wisconsin

All letters, figures and characters places in parentheses ( ) or brackets [ ] relate only to domestic status, and are as follows:
m  married
s  single
w  widow, 
wr  widower;
the first figure following indicates the number in the family proper;
any figure following a plus (+) mark shows the number of other dependents in family; 
any figure following a comma (,) groups all others boarding or employed in the familiy.
No person named in the Directory, except the head of the family, enters into either of these groups.

A star before res. (*res) indicates liability of changes, being a renter.

A dagger mark( ) placed before a name, in the Business Directory, indicates that the party in no manner patronizes the work.

Village of St. Cloud

A  American  -  B  Belgian  -  C  Colored  -  Can.  Canadian  -  Jno  Chinaman  -  D  Dane  -  E  English  -  F  French  -  G  German  -  H  Hollander  -  I  Irish  -  Ind.  Indian  -  It  Italian  -  N  Norwegian  -  P  Prussian  -  Pole  Polander  -  R  Russian  -  S  Scotch  -  Sp  Spanish  -  Sw  Swede  -  Swiss  Switzerlander  -  W  Welch  -  No E means no English spoken

Berger, M., (m5) engineer, res. St. Cloud-G
Birmingham, G., (m6) section boss, res. St. Cloud-I
Borgel, J (s) carp., res Calvary Station-G
Brainard, D S, physician, res St. Cloud-A
Byers, W (m4) lab. res St. Cloud - A
Clark, J B  (m7,6) lumbering, res St. Cloud-A
Clifton, G (m4) blacksmith, res St. Cloud-E
Coolidge, J H (m4) merchant, res St. Cloud-A
Dietz, V (s) wagon maker, res St. Cloud-A
Durben, M (s) teacher, res. St. Cloud-A
Enders, C (m3) retired, res St. Cloud-G
Ernst, B (m5) mason, res St. Cloud-G
Ewald, M (m7) stone cutter, res St. Cloud-G
Fricke, F (wr1) retired, res St. Cloud-G
Gamber, M (m2) lab. res St. Cloud-G
Goeddextz, N (m4) saloon, res. St. Cloud-G
Goep, M (m4) mason, res St. Cloud-G
Goep, R, (m3) shoemaker, res St. Cloud-G
Hauck, J (m2) mason, res St. Cloud
Herling, R (m4+1) carp. res St. Cloud-G
Hinterland, P (m2) retired, res St. Cloud
Joergen, L (m3) lab res St. Cloud-G
Kane, M (m4) lab, res. St. Cloud-E
Knowles, C (m2) blacksmith, res Greenbush-A
Kreidler, B (s) wagon maker, res. St. Cloud-A
Kreidler, L (m7) cooper, res St. Cloud_G
Larsen, H (m2) shoemaker, res St. Cloud-N
Meier, N (m2) retired, res St. Cloud-G
Mertz, A (s) carp, res St. Cloud-A
Messner, J (m7,1) Germania House, res. St. Cloud-G
Moeller, A (m3) grist mill, res St. Cloud-G
Moliter, P (m3) lab., res St. Cloud-G
Payne, W H, (m3) lab. res St. Cloud-A
Pemberton, C (m6) lab res St. Cloud-C
Pickart, B (m5) blacksmith, res St. Cloud-G
Pratt, D A (m2) mechanic, res St. Cloud-A
Schmitt, Jos (s) wagon maker, res St. Cloud-A
Schmitt, J (s) blacksmith, res St. Cloud-A
Sister Barbara (s3) teacher, res St. Cloud -G
Spaulding, F D (m2) station agent, res St Cloud
Swart, A L, (m2) grist mill, res St. Cloud-A
Taylor, J B (m8) teamster, res St. Cloud-A
Timm, F (m5) harness maker, res St. Cloud-G
Thorp, E S (m6,1) lumbering, res St. Cloud-A
Wilhelm, A (m2,7) St. Cloud Hotel, res St. Cloud-G
Wilhelm, G (m6) saloon, res St. Cloud-G
Wold, J H (m4) wagon maker, res St. Cloud-A
Zengraf, L, (m6+2) mason, res St. Cloud-G

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