1876 Centennial Directory
Fond du Lac County, Wisconsin

All letters, figures and characters places in parentheses ( ) or brackets [ ] relate only to domestic status, and are as follows:
m  married
s  single
w  widow, 
wr  widower;
the first figure following indicates the number in the family proper;
any figure following a plus (+) mark shows the number of other dependents in family; 
any figure following a comma (,) groups all others boarding or employed in the familiy.
No person named in the Directory, except the head of the family, enters into either of these groups.

A star before res. (*res) indicates liability of changes, being a renter.

A dagger mark( ) placed before a name, in the Business Directory, indicates that the party in no manner patronizes the work.

Village of Oakfield

A  American  -  B  Belgian  -  C  Colored  -  Can.  Canadian  -  Jno  Chinaman  -  D  Dane  -  E  English  -  F  French  -  G  German  -  H  Hollander  -  I  Irish  -  Ind.  Indian  -  It  Italian  -  N  Norwegian  -  P  Prussian  -  Pole  Polander  -  R  Russian  -  S  Scotch  -  Sp  Spanish  -  Sw  Swede  -  Swiss  Switzerlander  -  W  Welch  -  No E means no English spoken

Allen, Mrs. I E (w3) *res White-A
Annis, C E (m4) farmer, *res Mill-A
Bailey, John (m2) blind maker *res White-A
Bates, B H (m4) salesman, res Elm-A
Bates, W H (m2) salesman, res White-A
Beirne, Thos (s) clerk, bds Vermont House-A
Blair, Wm (m3) manufacturing blinds, res Booth-A
Brookins, B S (m5) merchant, res White near depot-A
Brown, W H (m7) hotel keeper cor Booth and Putnam-A
Buckland, Mrs. E C (w2) res Main-A
Burnett, Mrs. M (w2) res White-A
Carney, James (m5) R R lab. res White near depot-I
Chandler, Paul (m8) fence builder, res Mill-F
Chapman, Henry (m4) wagon manufacturer, res Mill nr Fond du Lac-A
Church, C B (m7+2) asst station agent, res Elm-A
Clemons, Henry (m2) retired, res cor White and Elm-A
Cole, P H (m3,1) R R agent, *res Booth-A
Cook, B F (m3) res Mill-A
Cook, L H (m3) artist *res Mill near flour mill-A
Corbett, John (s) blind maker, bds Vermont House-A
Corbett, M (s) blind maker, bds O W Willard-A
Corbett, Thos (s) foreman blind factory, bds Vermont House-A
Cornell, Henry (m4) merchant, res cor Mill and White-A
Cornell, Mrs. S J (w3) milliner *res cor White and Mill-A
Dacey, John (m6) R R lab. *res Main-I
Dille, Geo (m4) carp. res Mill-A
Dille, Mrs. P M (w1)  *res White-A
Eaton, David (m4) lab. *res Mill-A
Ennes, Ammi (s) butcher, res Mill-A
Ferris, R C (m3) blink maker, res Mill-A
Ferris, W H (m3) blind maker, bds R C Ferris-A
Fisher, Wm H (s) physician, bds Vermont House-A
Foley, M (m9) blind maker, res Elm-I
Gaffy, Minnie (s) blind works, bds E A Putnam-A
Gale, J H (s) lab. blink factory, bds H Jones-A
Gates, (m5) retired, res main-A
Gibson, J H (m4) blacksmith *res. Filbey-S
Gilson, I H (m3) retired, res e cheese factory-A
Goodwin, G (m8,1) merchant *res Mill-E
Hallowes, F D (m3) lab. *res White-A
Hansen, H F (s) carp. bds. A Oesterreich-G
Hawley, C H (m2) lab. *res main-A
Howard, S A (m5) blind maker *res main-A
Ingraham, John (m6) carp. *res Main-A
Jacobs, Geo (m2) lab. bds D Eaton-SW
Jones, H (m3) retired, res cor White and Putnam-A
Keavy, John (m7) R R lab. *res Mill-I
King, Geo W (m6) wheat buyer, bds B S Brookins-A
Kinniniment, Robert (m2) gardener, res Mill near Fond du Lac-E
Lane, W H (m5) saloon, res Elm-A
Markle, Mrs. Alice (w1) res cor White and Grove-A
McGraw, John (s) blacksmith, bds on Filbey-I
Moore, Frank (s) blind maker, bds William Moore-Can
Moore, Wm (wr with s4,1) physician, res Mill-Can
Morgan, M T (s) carp. bds Mill-A
Morgan, Mrs. E D (w4) res Mill-A
Newton, A F (m6) carp. res White-A
Oesterreich, A (m6) miller, res Mill-G
Orvis, Isaac (m2+1) farmer, res Mill-A
Parratt, H E (m6) agent, res Filbey-E
Parratt, J F (m4+1) carp. res cor Filbey and Mill-E
Peake, G W (m4) harness maker, res White-A
Phelan, John (m2) lab.  *res near Mill-I
Phillips, E B (m3) shoemaker *res Elm-A
Putnam, E A (m4,1) manufacturing  blinds, res Mill-A
Ripley, H A (m5,1) lumber merchant, res Mill-A
Ripley, Wm I (m2) farmer, res Mill-A
Russell, W S (m4) merchant  *res Mill-A
Schleier, John (m7+1) shoemaker, res Grove=G
Sexsmith, S (m4) blacksmith *res White-Can
Shipley, E (m3) tailor *res cor White and Mill-E
Shipley, G (s) painter bds E Shipley-A
Skinner, (m6) blink maker, *res cor Mill and Booth-A
Smith, L A (m5) farmer and mason, res cor Mill and Hubbard-A
Smith, M (s) lab. bds L A Smith-A
Stanton, F J (m2) butcher, *res Mill-A
Steen, J A (m3) druggist, res Mill-A
Summer, J P (m2) retired, res White-A
Summer, Mrs. S E (w4) seamstress *res Mill-A
Tubbs, B (m4) blind maker, *res White-A
Waeler, R F (m3) salesman *res Booth-A
Walker, C (s with f and m 4) blind maker, res Mill-A
Walker, J P (m4) retired, res Mill-A
Wells, O J (m3) wheat buyer *res Mill-A
Wheeler, W W (m4) retired, cor White and Grove-A
White, L L (m4) blind maker, res Mill-A
Wilcox, E (s with m2) farmer, outside *res GRove-A
Wilcox, Elisha (m2) retired, res Mill-A
Willard, Helen (s) music teacher, bds O W Willard-A
Willard, O W (m3) blacksmith, res Mill-A
Witherel, A P (m4) lab. res Putnam-A
Winkel, E (s) shoemaker, bds J Schleier-G
Worthing, Aaron (m2) merchant, res Mill-W

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