St. John's Lutheran Church, Florence, WI  


From the "The Florence Mining News"
August 26, 1980
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Give history of St. John's Lutheran Church

As Florence County celebrates its centennial in the year of Our Lord 1980, St. John's Lutheran Church has been in existence for 92 years. During the 92 years of Grace, the Word of God has been proclaimed and the Sacraments administered under the guidance and direction of the following Pastors: W. Kisteman 1888-1891; Gust Schmidt 1891-1893; M.J. Hilleman 1893-1895; Rudolph Korn 1895-1896; J. DeJung Jr. 1896-1897; L. Kasper 1897-1898; Fred Uetzmann 1898-1902; Ed Bartke 1902-1907; W.K. Pifer 1907-1912; W.C. Westphal 1912-1915; Gust Baum 1915-1921; Herman Mueller 1922-1924; Martin Buenger 1924-1926; Melvin Croll 1926-1942; H.A. Cars 1942-1945; T.E. Zaremba 1945-1955; W.T.Krueger 1955-1958; H. Juroff 1958-1962; E.F. Ahlswede 1962-1966; P. Huebner 1966-1972; and J.S. Bering 1972-

During the second half of the 19th century, thousands of immigrants came to Wisconsin from Europe. Many brought with them a fine Christian faith. At first they held services in private homes, later services were held in the Swedish Mission Church and rent was $15.00 a year. Shortly after the opportunity arose to buy the present church building from the Swedish Episcopal Church.

When the congregation was organized in 1888, it was known as the German Lutheran Church, because its members were primarily German speaking people.

In 1940 the church branched out when a Mission Congregation at Tipler, Wis. was organized and was served by St John's. The Pastor from Stambaugh, Michigan now serves Tipler. In 1960 St. John's consolidated with-Mt. Olive Church of Iron Mountain, Michigan thus having one Pastor serving both congregations.

Many improvements through the years have been added to make St. John's the lovely church it is today.

Our Sunday School plays a vital role in the life of the church. The beginning of our Sunday School dates back to the year 1895. Here children are given the knowledge of the Bible which will be helpful to them as they advance in their church life.

We honor all our older members this centennial year especially those who were born before the turn of the century. Mr. Fred Dahnke, Mr. & Mrs. Carl Friberg, Mrs. Nettie Green, Mrs. Stephanie Hedmard, Mrs. Anna Locke, Mrs. Frank Meyer, Mr. Wm. Sternhagen, Mrs. Mary Sternhagen, Mrs. Elizabeth Stevens, and Mr. Richard Lucek.

The church present officers are President, Harry Beach; Vice President, Mark Holtz; Treasurer, Wm. Parker; Secretary, Carl Belling; Financial Secretary, Robert Gehlhoff; Trustees are Edward Bloom, Lee Bashaw, Herbert Tennerman.

The officers of the Ladies of the church are President, Marilyn Parker; Vice President, Joyce Wilhelmi; Secretary, Alta Belling and Treasurer, Ginger Bashaw.

We give thanks to God for His faithfulness and the Loving kindness and tender mercy which He has shown St. John's congregation during the past ninety two years. We humbly beseech Him to continue His Loving care also in the future for the benefit of Florence County and all its citizens.