Egan's Sportsman's Bar in Long Lake, WI  


From the "Long Lake Dispatch"
Volume III Summer 1995
"Long Lake's First Newspaper"
Thanks, Velma, for sending this in!

Watch for the Bear-Soon to Reappear
       Soon the big black bear will be reappearing in Long Lake.  The bear will not be coming out of the woods.  Instead, it will reappear in the old Egans Sportsmanís Bar.
     In the 1920's, Ben Dustin and Rollie Brooks built the Oldsmobile Garage on Main Street in Long Lake.  They didn't have but one or two cars for people to see.  There wasnít much money so only a few people could afford to purchase a car.
      The garage was sold to Al Egan.  He named the establishment the Sportsman's Bar.  Keeping with the name, he looked for an artist who would paint typical sportsmen's pictures for the bar.
       Wilbur Krueger, Iron River, did the paintings over 50 years ago.  Although there was the painting of Canadian geese in flight and ducks landing, the main painting was the BIG BLACK BEAR.  Watch his eyes follow you from the doorway to any point in the bar.
       The bar was sold to Al and Lottie Klima.  To reduce the cost of heating the bar, a false ceiling was built.  The paintings were never seen again.
       Recently, the bar was purchased by Robbie Johnson, Kenosha.  In remodeling the bar, the old paintings were uncovered. Robbie was overheard to say, "Oops, my remodeling plans have changed!"  Rumor has it that the paintings are being restored and will be back in the bar for everyone to enjoy.

And our awesome & talented Long Lake DISPATCH III Storytellers:
Vance Brooks, Garnett Blankenhorn, Jack Halada, Fran Hodgson, Sherry McCraw, Bill Roberts, Verlie Streu.