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The Steiner and Rall Families

Contributed by Jim Bishop

"The Story of The Family of Otto and Anna Steiner Rall" was printed privately for the members of the family in 1925. It contains information of historical and genealogical interest on two major surnames, RALL and STEINER. The merger of these two families came with the marriage of Karl Otto Rall born 28 February 1838 at Eningen, Westphalia, Germany and Anna Steiner born 11 September 1836 at Andeer, Graubuenden, Switzerland; they met after their respective families emigrated to the United States and married on 8 November 1860 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Karl Otto Rall left his home in Eningen at the age of fifteen bound for the United States, and did not return to his home for forty years. He landed in Baltimore, and after a short stay there went to Washington where he remained for about a year and worked as a baker. In 1854/55 he went to Pittsburgh, where at the Zion Church of the Evangelical Association then located at 538 Sixth Avennue he met Anna Steiner, his future wife.

The Steiner family had its earliest roots in Neuchatel, Switzerland. However it was in September, 1851 that Anna Barbara (Joos) Steiner recently the widow of Johann Steiner of Andeer, Graubuenden, Switzerland, sold her house and left for the United States with six of her children. Although her daughter Ursala (later Julia in the U.S.) left Switzerland earlier in 1849 and settled in Pittsburgh, Anna and her six children went to Milwaukee, Wisconsin; they settled there after arriving in New York and a brief stay in Buffalo.

Karl Otto Rall became a minister and lived throughout Wisconsin in Magnolia, his first pastorate, Blairstown and Ackley, Hampton, Sumner, Cedar Falls, Sysart, Van Horne, Dubuque, and Des Moines.

The story also chronicles cognate families of the men that both the women of the Rall and Steiner families married: Among them are Huelster, Niebaum, Schaeffer, Ragatz, and many others. The Huelsters lived in Lomira (Dodge County) and later Fond du Lac (Fond du Lac County) Wisconsin. Later generations lived in St. Paul, MN. Henry Niebaum and Ursula (Julia) Steiner Niebaum, and their descendants for one or two generations, lived in Pittsburgh, PA.

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