Kripplein Christi Church Records, Dodge County, Wisconsin
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These records were generously donated by Jean Rayford.

Records for Kripplein Christi Church, located in Sec. 36 SW of Emmet Township of Dodge County, Wisconsin.

                  Kripplein Christi Cemetery  Sec/ 36 SW Emmet Twp. Dodge Co. WI.



Bentert   Friedrich b. Pommern, Germany 23 April 1776; d. 27 July 1860

               Hermann Johannes, son of Herman and Wilhelmine (Schenck) Bentert

                    b. 2 Sept 1867; d. 1 Sept. 1868

                Leo, son of Herman and Wilhelmine (Schenck) Bentert  d. 2 July 1866 age 4


                Maria, dau. of Martin and Johanna (Schultz) Bentert b. 12 Dec 1868; d. 10 Jan



Gimmler (orGimvar) Wilhelmine Albertine, dau. Michael and Sophia (Kohl) Gimmler,

                Born 29 Aug. 1829; d. 2 Oct 1847  18 years ----


Heise     Antonia, daughter of August and Auguste (Otter) Heise, b. 3 June 1855; d. Oct

               6 1855   Age 4 months.


Hilker    Caroline Wihlemine Matilda (nee Mallow or Marlow) d. 17 Aug 1860  Age 25

               Yrs. 1 month 22 days.

               (Gravestone states: Wilhelmine Hilke geborne Marlow, Geb. 15 July 1835;

                Gest 7 Aug 1860)


Krasinski  Wilhelm Friedrich Eduard baptized and died (1857)  (Lived one day)


Kuckfahl  (Kuckhahn ) Christian Heinrich d. 21 July 1859; age 57 years, 7 months

                  7 days.


Kuckfahl (Kuckhahn)  Gottlieb Heinrich Friedrich, son of Christian and Sophia

                 (Schultz) Kukfahl, b. 23 Jan 1845; d. Oct 10 1847


Marlow   Eduard Theodore b. Aug 1831; d. 3 Oct 1847; age 16yrs 1 mo 10da.

                Friedrich d. 15 June 1858; age 67 years 4 mo

                Martin Friedrich  d. 5 Oct 1851; age ?  4 day


Raasch    Johann Friedrich Erdman d. 16 July 1856;  age 52 yrs. (drowned behind

                Mill while trying to save his son who was in danger.)

                Karl Friedrich, son of Johann, d. 16 July 1856; age 16 years. (buried next

                To his father on the same day)


Ramthun  Engel b. Aug. 1770; d. April 6 1856 at 5 A.M.; age 85 years,

                  Married 36 years. (Buried in Oak Hill Cemetery, Watertown but

                  Listed in church deaths)


Retzlaff   Christina d. 11 June 1858; age 62 years 1 month (Spinster)


Richter    Caroline Wilhelmine b. Sugar Island (Lebanon) d. 3 Sept. 1853

Schluter  Henriette  Wilhelmine, dau. of Franz and Maria (Schlu___) Schluter

               Died Fri. Nov. 2 1860; age 2 years 7 months 2 days.

               Infant of Franz and Maria d. Sunday (n.d.) 1861; age 3 months 10 days.


Schutt     August Wihlelm Friedrich, son of (_------) and Auguste ( Hahn) Schutt;

               d. 24 June 1854; age 1 year 9 months 10days.


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