Kripplein Christi Church Notes & Marriage Records, Dodge County, Wisconsin
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Records for Kripplein Christi Church, located in Sec. 36 SW of Emmet Township of Dodge County, Wisconsin.

These notes and records were generously donated by Jean Rayford.

Kripplein Christi Church

The original name of the church was the Evangelic Lutheran Church. It was organized in 1843 and records seem to stop after the one baptism in 1874. The list of communicants, which counted only 6 of the Bentert family in 1869 seem to have ended in that year.

The church building, a half-timber structure rather than a log cabin, was built about 1856 on land given by Peter Bentert. After the congregation disbanded, the edifice was used for years as a home, first by Marian Engel and then for about 40 years by Ferdinand Bergman. Later Arthur Bentert acquired the property and used the former church as a dwelling.

Mrs. Viola Wahl of Watertown inherited the farm from her uncle, the above Arthur Bentert, before World War II. About 1960 she sold the former church property, but not the cemetery, to the Mark Trail Club of Milwaukee. This club in turn sold the church building to a private party in March of 1970, who dismantled the church and used the timber in a house.

The cemetery is not maintained and only one gravestone is visible. There is a rock retaining wall along the road south of the cemetery.

Peter Bentert died at his home in the Town of Emmet on Oct. 22 1881 and since he was unmarried, his 2 sisters, Engel and Maria Bentert were the heirs of the farm. The cemetery property is still in the family (1975). It is doubtful if Peter was buried there, since most of the burials are from the 1850ís and 1860ís.

Some of the names were difficult to read and there seems to be some discrepancies between the date given in the baptismal record and those of the burials as follows:

  1. Leo Bentert d. July 2, 1866 according to a cemetery record but was listed as being born and baptized in 1867.
  2.  Antonia Heise was b. 3 June 1855 and d. 6 Oct 1855, age 4 months on burial record, but was listed as b. 6 Oct. and baptized Oct. 17, 1855.
  3. The Krasinski  boy lived 2 days rather than 1 day on cemetery record.
  4. Hermann Johannes Bentert was b. and bap. June 28, 1868 but these dates do not agree with burial date.
  5. The 16th marriage listed with name of groom unknown could be that of Wil. Meistner and Aug. Jaeger (Yager).
  6. Kuckfahl  and Kukfahl deaths should probably be listed as Kuckhahn, since the child who was b. 23  Jan 1845 and d. 10 Oct. 1847 was listed as a child of Christian Heinrich Kuckhahn in record of baptisims.


                    Marriages at Kripplein Christi Lutheran Church

  1. Baumgartner, Heinrich m. Johanna Louise Dorothea Kukhahn on Nov 18 1859.

                  Son of Johann Baumgartner, d. in Germany and Anna Barbara Johanna born   

                   Muzracht, d. in Germany

                  Daughter of Christian Heinrich Kukhahn and Caroline Kukhahn

      2.  Dornfeld, Wilhelm August Eduard m. Johanna Friedricke Sophia Kukhahn on Oct  20 1857      

                   Son of Wilhelm Friedrich Dornfeld and wife Henrietta Friedrike Charlotta                 

                   Born Ulrich

                   Daughter of Christopher Christian Heinrich Kukhahn  and Johanna Sophia

                   Born Schulz

     3. Gebers, Abrecht Andreas  m. Charlotte Dorothea Johanna Bliefernicht  in 1858

         ( no month or day)

                    Son of Heinrich Albert Gebers and Anna F. Gebers, born Al----?

                    Daughter of Philipp Daniel Bliefernicht and Margaretha Sophia Bliefernicht

                    Born Borgmeadl

     4. Hilke, Friedrich m. Wilhelmine Marlow on Oct 16 1853

                    Son of Gottfried Hilke and Dorothea Elizabeth Zimermann

                     Daughter of Martin Marlow and Friedricke Schutt

5.  Kannenbert, Johann Karl Friedrich m. _______? Wilhelmine Friedericka Lettow

           in 1858. ( no month or day)

                     Son of Karl Freidereich Kannenberg and Sophia Caroline Friederike    

                     Kannenberg born Schlock

                     Daughter of Carl Bogeslaff Lettow and Dorothea Maria Lettow born Kranz

  1. Kranz, Wilhelm ? m. Dorothea _______? Retzlaff in 1861 ( no month or day)

                     Son of Christian Heinrich and wife Maria Kranz

                     Daughter of  Johann Friedrich Retzlaff and Christiana _________?

  1. Kuckhahn,  Johann Friedrich Wilhelm m. Maria Henrietta Hilker on June 28 1852

                     Son of Christian Heinrich Kuckhahn and Caroline Kuckhahn.

                     Daughter of Gottfried Hilker and Dorothea Elizabeth Zimmermann

      8.  Kuckhahn, Ferdinand   m. Johanna Wilhelmine Friedarike Caroline Lettow on Jan

           23 1857.

                    Son of Christian Heinrich? Kukhahn and Caroline Kukhahn born Kukhahn

                    Daughter of  ( not given)

  1. Kukhahn, August Wilhelm Friedrich m.  Sophia Goetsch  in early 1858

              Son of Christian Heinrich Kukhahn and Caroline born Kukhahn

              Daughter of Johann August Goetsch and Johanna Sophia born Finslaff

   10.  Marlow, Carl August Ferdinand m. Johanna Wilhelmine Auguste Zastrow on

          June 28 1852.

                    Son of Martin Marlow and Friedricke Schutt

                    Daughter of Gottlieb Zastrow and Anna Sophia Zutzdorff    

   11. Otto, Friedrich Wilhelm Ferdinand m. Johanna Caroline Henrietta Sophia Polzin

 On Feb 19 1854

        Son of Friedrich Otto and Christiana Kuckhahn

        Daughter of  (not given) 

12.    Retzlaff,  Karl Friedrich  m. Karoline Krumbach on March 1857

                     Son of Johann Retzlaff and Ch_______? Retzlaff born Schulz

                     Daughter of ______? Johann Krumbach and ___________?

13.    Retzlaff, Wilhelm Friedrich m. Anna Sophia Gosol in 1859 ( no month or day)

                      Son of Johann Friedrich and Johanna Retzlaff born Sobert.

                      Daughter of Karl Friedrich Gosol and  Wilhelmine ______?Gosol born


14.    Schutt, Carl Friedrich Wilhelm  m. Auguste Friedericke  Wilhlemine Kuckhahn

On Feb.  13 1849.

           Son of Martin Friedrich Marlow and Anna Sophia Friederike Schutt.

           Daughter of Christian Heinrich Kuckhahn

15.    Schulze, August Friederick  m. Margaretha Zaab on July 8 1856

                      Son of Joachim Friedrick Schulze

                      Daughter of Johann Michael Zaab and Sophronia  Barbara Zaab  born


16.    ___________? Friedrich Wilhelm m. Auguste_______? Wilhelmine Yager on

April 30 1857.

           Parents of couple not given


Death Records | Baptismal Records

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