Dodge County Pionier Index: 1891

Dodge County Wisconsin Genealogy

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Dodge County Pionier 1891

Date of NewspaperPageObit/MarriageLast NameFirst NameMiddle NameMaiden NameSpouse's First Name1st SpouseNotes - place of death, etc.
31 Dec 18915ObitNelsondaughterJuneau, 7 month old, father - John
31 Dec 18915ObitJacobsJohnColumbus
31 Dec 18915ObitPingerMrs.Watertown
31 Dec 18915ObitRemmelNic., seniorKewaskum
31 Dec 18915ObitFinnJohnnot givennot givenChicago
31 Dec 18915ObitMeyerMrs.mother of Wilhelm Meyer of Woodland area
31 Dec 18915ObitSchultzCarlnot givennot givenTown Herman
31 Dec 18915ObitNeisiusMrs.not givennot givenNeosho, mother of John Neisius of Neosho
31 Dec 18915ObitHeinrichsCarolinenot givenConradWatertown
31 Dec 18915ObitLintzHenriettenot givennot givenWatertown
31 Dec 18915ObitMarcheAmalienot givenCarlTown Lowell
31 Dec 18915ObitMaldauerHeinrichnot givennot givenWatertown, married twice
31 Dec 18915ObitMathHeinrichnot givennot givenJuneau
31 Dec 18915ObitKratzEvaAckervilleJacobearly settler of Town Polk
31 Dec 18915ObitGerlingJohnTomah
31 Dec 18915ObitBuchnerdaughterMayville, 1 yr old, father - Ludwig
31 Dec 18915ObitKoebnerArthurPhiladelphia
31 Dec 18918MarrWooldridgeJohnBentleyAmy
31 Dec 18918MarrBristolW.E.PayneEtta E.
31 Dec 18918MarrWellsJohnG.WhitingGrace B.
31 Dec 18918MarrGuentherLorenzWredeWilhelmine
31 Dec 18918MarrHannemannWilhelmjuniorConradEmilie
31 Dec 18918MarrHarveyNewmanC.BarberFlora
31 Dec 18918MarrKlavetorMr.GeorgLydia
31 Dec 18918MarrBortzJohnConradAnna
31 Dec 18918MarrUttechJohannDehringMartha
31 Dec 18918MarrWittefordCharlesBassingerAlvina
31 Dec 18918MarrUberFriedrichBergeMinna
31 Dec 18918MarrBeisnerJohnC.HeymannMathilda
31 Dec 18918MarrMertzMortimerL.HewinsMinnie S.
31 Dec 18918MarrGoodnowJeromeKaiserElizabeth
31 Dec 18918MarrFavourFrankWilsonFannie
31 Dec 18918BirthBrodzellerdaughterLomira, father - John
31 Dec 18918BirthBrodzellersonLomira, father - Michael

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