Dodge County Pionier 1886

Dodge County Wisconsin Genealogy

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Dodge County Pionier 1886

Date of NewspaperPageObit/MarriageLast NameFirst NameMiddle NameMaiden NameSpouse's First Name1st SpouseNotes (place of death, etc.)
7 Jan 18868ObitKringsP.not applicablenot givenTown Theresa; leaves wife, 3 sons, 2 daughters
7 Jan 18868Obitnot givennot givennot givennot givenIron Mountain; 95 yr old grandmother of Hermann Welsch
7 Jan 18868MarrSchnetzlerDr. JacobU.StolzMartha J.
7 Jan 18868ObitNicklesMrs.not givenCharlesWatertown
7 Jan 18868ObitGrosrickMrs.not givennot givenTown Lebanon
7 Jan 18868MarrHeuerHeinrichWendtWilhelmine
7 Jan 18868MarrCloughJos.CarlisleIda L.Rolling Prairie - Beaver Dam
7 Jan 18868MarrYatesJohnWhiteElla
7 Jan 18868MarrKeeferClayBromleyClara
7 Jan 18868MarrMardenP.S.AshleyHattie L.
7 Jan 18868MarrSchwefelFriedrichGnewuchAmalie
7 Jan 18868MarrArndtHermannNeitzelLouise
7 Jan 18868MarrFlandersChas.S.AdamsMamieFlanders born in Beaver Dam
7 Jan 18868MarrUberFriedrichHagemannMrs.

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