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Site History

August 12, 1997 BGS approves creation of a website.
September 27, 1997 RootsWeb establishes an account for hosting the BGS site. A text only edition of the BGS site is created by Jeff Kiekenbush and posted.
December 25, 1997 A graphical version of the site using abstract graphics is created and posted for BGS. JK
December 30, 1997 Site is updated with members page. St. Charles Cemetery records are posted. JK
January 18, 1998 Records are added for Diener Cemetery, Karcher Cemetery, and Loescher Cemetery. JK
January 19, 1998 Records are added for High Street Cemetery, Mt. Hope Cemetery, and Rooker Cemetery. Site history page is added to the BGS site. JK
June 20, 1998 Counters added to most pages of the BGS site. JK
October 28, 1998 A searchable message board is added. JK
November 27, 1998 St. Alphonsus Cemetery records added to the site. JK
April 3, 1999 New, more reliable guestbook set up. JK
April 13, 1999 Revised High Street Cemetery records are posted. JK
May 8, 1999 Wheatland Presbyterian Cemetery records posted. JK
July 1, 1999 BGS Surname Research List created by David Stobbs is posted. New BGS banner added to site. JK
July 10, 1999 Forms to search BGS and RootsWeb are added. JK
August 7, 1999 Old message board is replaced with a page linking to the GenConnect County Message Boards. Old messages are placed on the BGS Guestbook page. Related links page extensively revised with more Wisconsin links, java-based search engine form, and "Caught on the 'Net" links. RootsWeb banner added to all BGS pages. JK
January 15, 2000 St.  Cemetery records posted.  The BGS bylaws are posted to the Who We Are page.  A page describing the collections held by BGS is added thanks to Alice Rosenberger.  Hover buttons added to pages for navigation through site. JK
August 11, 2002 Site design is updated. JK
August 9, 2003 Navigation links are revised for greater compatibility with Netscape browsers.  Some external links updated.  JK
August 8, 2012 Added Newsletters section. JK

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