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Brown County, Wisconsin , Posted Queries for

Brown County, Wisconsin

Posted Queries for April 2006 thru February 2007


LEMERON posted by Ken Lemeron on Saturday, April 1, 2006

I am trying to find out where a Joseph LEMERON is buried ?

DVORAK posted by John Dvorak on Saturday, April 1, 2006

Was wondering if there is more information at the Wisconsin State Reformatory re: Vandy DVORAK. He was my great grand uncle, or so it seems, and I am trying to verify whether this man has parents or other family listed anywhere in this Institution. I have seen the info on the census of 1900, and all it says is his name, Vandy DVORAK, age, 19, born in Bohemia and that he can read, write, speak English.

BORMAN posted by Shelley McGregor on Saturday, April 1, 2006

My relatives are Roland and Marie BORMAN of Green Bay, Wisconsin. So people interested in the Borman Surname can contact me.

BOUCHE, BOUCHEA, BOUCHER posted by Betsy J. Peters on Thursday, April 6, 2006

I am looking for Joseph or Theodore BOUCHE or BOUCHER or BOUCHEA. They did live in Brown county in 1910 and I don�t know what other years. Betty Peters Joseph was born in1834 and Theodore was born in 1868. Theodore was my grandfather and Joseph was my greatgrandfather. I think he came from Belgium.

BROWN, MOSELEY posted by Diona Parker Dickerson on Thursday, April 6, 2006

Fishing again for information on a 1924 adoption in Green Bay. I am looking for any information on my grandmother's birth mother, Helen C. BROWN, possibly Helen MOSELEY out of Marshfield, Wisconsin. I have great reason to believe the birth mother's name was Helen Moseley, born in Wisconsin in about 1902. Information I have received a copy of a letter dated 8-11-1949 from my grandmother attempting to locate her mother. The letter was from the State of Wisconsin, State Department of Public Welfare. Addressed to Miss Renetta Myer, District Supervisor, Division of Child Welfare, Box 196, Green Bay, Wisconsin. The adoption record was located, record of the Wisconsin Home Finding Society which placed the child. The Wisconsin Home Finding Society eventually was taken over by the Orphan and Rescue Home, the records were passed on to the State Dept. of Public Welfare. The information about the child and mother: child, Helen C. Brown, date of birth, 2-21-1924, birthplace, Green Bay, Wisconsin, where received, Clara Barton Hospital, Child was described as very small, no birthweight given, Mother: Helen C. Brown, born at Marshfield, American by nationality, Baptist by church affiliation, health was good, mental capacity, very bright, occupation, nurse, habits were good, school record unknown, residence was Marshfield, Wisconsin. The letter further reveals that the mother left Green bay for Milwaukee for employment and was working at the Milwaukee Sanitarium. A woman had contacted the Children's Home on Webster Street about a friend who needed their help, she knew a young lady that was pregnant. The woman's name was Mrs. S.D. Moseley. Upon further research into the Moseley family, I found them in the census and the head of household was Seldon Devotion Moseley, the wife was Caroline, oldest daughter was Helen. odd coincidence on the names? Just made a research trip to Milwaukee, Wisconsin looking for records, found Helen Mosely, aged 22, parents were Seldon and Caroline Lester Moseley, in 1924 had obtained a marriage license in Green Bay, Wisconsin on December 4, 1924, and married a Joseph Hansen on December 10th, 1924 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Oddly enough, this date was also the date of the finalization of the adoption of my grandmother, Helen C. Brown/Joyous Suzanne Rohloff. I got the marriage license in Milwaukee and decided to make the trip up to Marshfield, Wisconsin to see if I could find anything further. I found Helen's sister, Inez in the high school yearbook, graduating class of 1927. No sign of Helen, who was five years older than her according to the 1920 census. There was another sister I could not find, her name was Emma, she was not in the yearbooks either. With the occupation of nurse, I decided to check Nursing schools, St, Joseph's 1923 yearbook proved a dead-end also. I going through the Marshfield Daily News, I found where Helen had been confined to a hospital for a week in Wausau on July 14, 1923 and waas brought back home according to the "Local News" section. On July 18th there was another article stating that the grandmother was visiting from Janesville. July 19th's paper still had her confined at home. On July 26th, Helen was taken to the Hospital, though the daily updates for St. Joseph's did not have her listed as a patient in the days following. Hmm. Wonder if she may have found out she was pregnant? (Granny was born in February). As of August 26th's paper, Helen had been confined to her home for two months and was able to be around a "short while". September 1's paper has a daughter named Fenno Mosely and Ida Lester of Janesville visiting the Moseley home, but no mention of Helen. Curious as to why, The adoption agency has the letter from Mrs. S.D. MOSELEY dated as Feb. 12th, 1924, Helen sort of disappeared from Marshfield. I am looking for any information on the Moseley family, the Hansens, the adoption agency records, nursing school records if she went to a nursing school. Anything, in general, I guess, I am trying to connect the dots, I think this is our girl.

DEAUX, DOE, GAULKE, HOUSE posted by Cherie Coddington on Sunday, May 7, 2006

am seeking information on my husband's grandmother, Fern DEAUX / DOE. She purportedly was raised in an orphanage and grew up in the Marinette/Green Bay area. She died in November, 1965 at the approximate age of 72 and may have been buried in Menominee, Michigan. She was married to Edward HOUSE for maybe 40 years, had a sister named Goldie, gave birth to a daughter, Elizabeth Helen or Betty Ellen on 2-29-20 in Little Shoot, WI, and also had a younger son named Edward. Goldie had at least one child with the married name of Dorothy GAULKE. Fern told family that her mother was an American Indian and her father was French. I have just started this search, never done one before so am at a loss as to how to proceed. Any information or direction you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

ALBERS, AUCLAIR, EAUCLAIRE, KEZERE, OPP posted by Linda Johnson on Monday, June 12, 2006

I'm seeking anyone researching the AUCLAIR or EAUCLAIRE family name. My ancestor, Frederic Auclair immigrated from Germany around 1888 and was living in Lawrence, Wisconsin when he married Catherine OPP on April 10, 1891. Two witnesses were also given on his marriage certificate: Peter ALBERS and Mary KEZERE, if anyone has these relatives in their family, would love to also hear from them.

ASH WAU BO MAY, GRAND BLANC, HYOTT, LAVIGNE, LEROY, LESSARD posted by Linda King on Wednesday, August 2, 2006

I am looking for anyone researching the LAVIGNE family. My great-great grandfather was Charles LaVigne, born about 1808. Census info gives both Canada and Missouri as birth locations. He may be the son of Jean Baptiste LaVigne, born about 1790 at Green Bay, owner at one point of Lot #17 on the west side of the Fox River at Green Bay and Elizabeth HYOTT, daughter of Brisque Hyott and Lizette. Jean Baptiste may have been the son of P.J. LaVigne and an unknown Indian woman said to be the daughter of Augustine GRAND_BLANC aka ASH_WAU_BO_MAY, son of Standing Earth, son of Shawano. Family tradition had it that Charles was of Indian heritage, possibly Ottowa. I don't have any documentation for Charles other than his marriage record to the widow Ursula LESSARD LEROY 22 Jan 1845 at Little Chute, Wisconsin, the death record for him 13 Sept 1895 Portage, Columbia Co., Wisconsin and census records from 1850, 1870, 1880. Any help with his possible ancestry, one way or the other, would be very much appreciated.

LAPLANTE posted by Cassaundra Mc_Auliffe on Wednesday, August 2, 2006

I am looking for my grandfather, Red LAPLANTE. He lived in Green Bay Wisconsin and dies about four years ago. The LaPlante family still live in Green Bay. My mother's name was Jane.

BOEHM, MATHYS posted by Camperchris1953 on Wednesday, August 2, 2006

I'm looking for any information on Anton BOEHM family who lived in Preble during the 1880's. He was married to Anna. He had a son named Anton also, who was married to Mary MATHYS.

LEGO, LEGOT, NELIS, NELLIS, POTIER posted by Leslie Utech on Sunday, September 24, 2006

Researching the NELLIS / NELIS, LEGO / LEGOT and POTIER families. All of Champion and Dyckesville area. I�m willing to share all that I have and hope that someone can fill in other blanks for me. I�d love copies of pictures of relatives, and I am willing to share those pcitures I currently have.

BAETEN, VAN DE VOORT posted by Donna Van_De_Voort on Saturday, October 14, 2006

I am researching Joannes (John) VAN_DE_VOORT 12 Mar 1849-19 Aug 1932 and Hendricka BAETEN 22 Mar 1864-21 Mar 1921 Wrightstown. I believe their children were John, Peter, Henry, Lena and Louisa. John had a son, Clarence. A couple children died young. Henry and Lena went to Michigan. Henry is my husband's grfather.

WOOD posted by Lisa Kilsdonk on Monday, January 22, 2007

I'm Looking for info on Seth Henery WOOD or any other Wood family member. His wife Catherine Farrell Wood. Any baptism record for John Henery Wood. Sethb- nov. 29 1852 died Nov 7 1929 catherine b-nov. 20 1851 died Feb. 17 1919 john henery b- Feb. 18 1884 died july 18 1943 These are my grandparents and my gr. grandfather

LAFRAMBOISE, RASBERRY, RASBURY, RASPBERRY posted by April A. Haubert on Monday, January 22, 2007

Surname : RASPBERRY ( also spelt RASBERRY - RASBURY or LAFRAMBOISE ) lived in the green bay area. buried in allouez catholic cemetary Francis R. Raspberry d. May 8 1970 Irma E.Raspberry d. Feb 24 1996

posted by L D Bogard on Monday, January 22, 2007

Hoping someone can help us locate information on the ancestry of 3 BOGARD siblings: Martin Bogard, William Bogard, and Elizabeth, children of Albert and ?? Bogard / van den Bogard. They left Depere around 1902 for Phoenix, then ended up settling in Fort Collins, Colorado. Oral history tells us that they lived in the Depere / Green Bay area in the late 1800's. Martin was born ~1879-1880; William and Elizabeth were younger. Any help would be appreciated.

REYNOLDS posted by Pat Bathish on Sunday, February 11, 2007

Children attended high school in Green Bay (Arlene and Margaret Jean "AKA" Jean who was m to a Schofield from Oconto. John's father was Wm. John was m. to Ina Kelly who drowned. The article was largely reported in Green Bay papers. John may have been County Assemblyman, Outagamie, around early or mid 1920's. He was also a banker, may have been an early president of the Kelly Pickle Factory (Bond, Am. Food/Dean Food of Gr. Bay), taught math at a high school, and mid 1920's County Sheriff for Oconto County. Question: Is the former political leader, John W. REYNOLDS, related to my grandfather? Was he the pres. of the Kelly Pickle Factory, or was it my grandfather, Wm Kelly, who apparently is not related to the Paul Kelly from Green Bay who is currently the pres. for Am. Food since the Kelly/Bond Pickle Factory merged with Am. Food? The grandmother of Paul Kelly said that the library might have a book on the Kelly Pickle Factory. I live in Calif. and do not have access to hometown info so any help will be appreciated.

CRAM, MILLER posted by Eric Hanson on Sunday, February 11, 2007

I am looking for any info on either descendants of James and Jane (CRAM) MILLER. They were both born in Scotland and lived until their death in northern Illinois, in Huntley. I am also looking for decendants of Jacob John and Barbara Eva (forster) Miller. They were born in Germany and also lived and died in northern Illinois, in Hampshire in Kane County. I was always told that I had Miller relatives in DePere, but I am not too sure which Miller family they came from. If anyone could help me out, I would very much appreciate it.

CLARK, GILCHRIST, GILSON, HART posted by Ruth (Gilson) Federman on Sunday, February 11, 2007

I was born in Greenleaf in 1922 to Mildred G. GILCHRIST Gilson and William F. GILSON. which makes me related to a good number of residents of the community of 1950. I may be of help to one of the people seeking information on the GILSON family, as I am at the moment keeper of the past and present history of our extended family. Someone was looking for the HART family. I may be able to help that person. Information on the CLARK family is of interest to me.

WALTON posted by Jon Walton on Saturday, February 17, 2007

I am looking for Ruth WALTON who died in the Green Bay area. She was born 1831 in Birmingham England, and was never married. I do not know her death date but presume it to be 1905-1920 although she may have lived beyond that. She came to Green Bay from Madison prior to 1900 and worked for a Judge Hastings as a maid, until he died. She is buried there somewhere in Green Bay.

CLARK, MALONE posted by Bill Malone on Saturday, February 17, 2007

I am looking for information on Hattie CLARK married Thomas MALONE about 1878. They actually moved to Hampton, Iowa for several years and Thomas relocated to Kaukauna, Wisconsin after Hattie died about 1886.

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