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CAVANAUGH, KANE posted by Tim Lipski on Saturday, December 8, 2001

I am seeking information on family of my grandmother, who died at the age 19 in Green Bay in 1915. Her maiden name was Hazel CAVANAUGH, she was married to Donald KANE of Oconto Wi. date unknown. Her fathers name was James Cavanaugh of Wi. and mothers maiden name was Frances Bohen [ Bolen ] of Minn. The only other info I have is that her death certificate information was given by a George Cavanaugh of West DePere. I do not know his relationship to her.

COX, HELLER posted by Mike Cox on Sunday, December 16, 2001

I have a Frank & Mary COX from Brown County who were listed as parents of John A. Cox on John's marriage license from Winnebgo County. John m. Catherine HELLER October 26, 1871. Any info on Frank & Mary would be appreciated

COX posted by M Cox on Friday, December 28, 2001

Am looking for information on Frank & Mary COX. They were listed as John COX's parents on John COX's marriage license in 1871. John, Mary & Frank were from Green Bay.


Interested in siblings and descendents of Charles TOLLEFSON, b 1917 ND - d 20 Aug 1989 Brown Co. WI former guard for Green Bay Packers 1944-1946. Tollefson v. Green Bay Packers, Inc., 256 Wis. 318, 41 N.W.2d 201 (1950). a well cited case in sports law. Family descends from: Philipp BURBACH (c 1750-1812) Palatine Settler, Lancaster County, PA Soldier, American Revolution Catherine Elizabeth BLICKENSDERFER, nee ILGENFRITZ (1755-1842) Daughter of Palatine Settlers, York County, PA The Poorbaugh-Purbaugh Association, 1675 Poorbaugh Road, Fairhope, PA 15538 Family History Book 1976 and 1988 Supplement Descendants of Samuel I. Jr. (4.156) VAN BUSKIRK - 28 Dec 2001 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1-Samuel I. Jr. (4.156) VAN BUSKIRK b: 6 Jun 1857 in Allegany Co., MD d: 10 Sep 1928 in Kingsley, Plymouth Co., IA sp: Ellen MURRAY b: 18 Nov 1857 m: 5 Nov 1884 in Janesville, Bremer Co., Iowa d: in when/where 2-Roy (5.343) VAN BUSKIRK b: 13 Oct 1885 in Kingsley, Plymouth Co., IA d: Apr 1977 in IA? sp: Phyllis Ramona (Van Buskirk) BIERMAN b: 13 May 1889 d: Jun 1973 in IA? 3-Philip (6.427) VAN BUSKIRK b: 1 Jul 1914 in Kingsley, Plymouth Co., IA d: 19 Dec 1959 in Sioux Falls, Minnehaha Co., SD sp: UNKN b: in when/where m: in when/where d: in when/where 3-Vance (6.428) VAN BUSKIRK b: est 1910s sp: UNKN b: in when/where m: in when/where d: in when/where 3-Max Marvin (6.429) VAN BUSKIRK b: 15 Oct 1918 in Kingsley, Plymouth Co., IA d: 15 Jan 1974 in Kingsley, Plymouth Co., IA sp: Thelma June MCQUEEN b: 16 Jun 1921 in Washta, Cherokee Co., IA m: 9 Sep 1941 in South Sioux City, NE d: 4 Jul 1968 in Sioux City, Woodbury Co., IA 4-Judith Diane (7.x) VAN BUSKIRK b: abt 8 Apr 1943 in Sioux City, Woodbury Co., IA 4-Joanie Delene (7.x) VAN BUSKIRK b: 17 Jun 1944 in Sioux City, Woodbury Co., IA 4-Jeanne Denise (7.x) VAN BUSKIRK b: 7 Sep 1950 in Sioux City, Woodbury Co., IA 4-Vicky Winifred (7.x) VAN BUSKIRK b: 5 Aug 1951 in Sioux City, Woodbury Co., IA sp: Shirley SLOTA b: est 1920s m: 12 Jan 1974 in Remsen, Plymouth Co., IA 3-Mae Ellen (6.430) VAN BUSKIRK b: est 1910s in when/where sp: Gordon SADLER b: est 1910s m: in when/where 3-Lucy "Loy" (6.431) VAN BUSKIRK b: 21 Jan 1923 in Kingsley, Plymouth Co., IA sp: Harold MCDERMOTT b: est 1920s in when/where m: 3 Jul 1939 in LeMars, Plymouth Co., IA 4-Donna (7.x) MCDERMOTT b: in when/where 4-Lynford "Lyn" (7.x) MCDERMOTT b: in when/where 4-Larry (7.x) MCDERMOTT b: in when/where 3-Elizabeth (6.432) VAN BUSKIRK b: est 1910s in when/where sp: Charles COADY b: est 1920s m: in when/where 3-Virginia "Glee" (6.433) VAN BUSKIRK b: 23 Dec 1930 in IA? sp: Kenneth GUSTAFSON b: 10 Oct 1925 in IA? m: 4 Dec 1955 in IA? 4-Roger Lee (7.x) GUSTAFSON b: 13 Sep 1956 in where 4-David Wayne (7.x) GUSTAFSON b: 24 Feb 1959 in where 4-Jane Marie (7.x) GUSTAFSON b: 26 Sep 1967 in where 2-Nellie \ Nessie (5.344) VAN BUSKIRK b: 22 Nov 1887 in Kingsley, Plymouth Co., IA d: 24 Sep 1931 in Richland, Union Co., SD sp: Carl TOLLEFSON b: est 1880s in Richland, Union Co., SD m: 16 Feb 1916 3-Charles (6.434) TOLLEFSON ***************************** b: 28 Feb 1917 in ND - ? d: 20 Aug 1989 in De Pere, Brown Co., WI 3-Margaret Ellen infant (6.x) TOLLEFSON d: 3 months 3-Howard (6.435) TOLLEFSON b: 7 Feb 1922 in SD - ? d: Oct 1972 in where 3-Lyndale (twn) (6.436) TOLLEFSON b: est 1920s 3-Eleanore (twn) (6.437) TOLLEFSON b: est 1920s 2-Harry (5.345) VAN BUSKIRK b: 25 May 1891 in Kingsley, Plymouth Co., IA d: Feb 1971 in CA - ? 3-Leeijh (6.438) VAN BUSKIRK b: est 1910s 3-Elain (6.439) VAN BUSKIRK b: est 1910s 3-Ilene Luella (6.440) VAN BUSKIRK b: est 1910s 2-Luella (5.346) VAN BUSKIRK b: 29 Mar 1896 in Kingsley, Plymouth Co., IA d: in when/where sp: John OLESON b: est 1890s m: bef 24 Sep 1931 2-Howard (5.347) VAN BUSKIRK b: 17 Apr 1898 in Kingsley, Plymouth Co., IA d: Jun 1965 3-Jennie (6.441) VAN BUSKIRK b: est 1920s 3-Howard (6.442) VAN BUSKIRK b: est 1920s 3-Wesley (6.443) VAN BUSKIRK b: est 1920s

BERGHEGER, BROUWERS, WILLEMS posted by Marijke van_Hooijdonk on Thursday, January 3, 2002

I am looking for info on an old aunt called Johanna Hendricka BERGHEGER (nick name Anna) who married Doctor Emil Franz WILLEMS from Rummen Belgium, in June 1891 in Little Chute. It is not known where they went. Most probably, Dr. Willems started a practice in Green Bay or in Bay settlement. Any info will help me: when did they arrive in Wisconsin and with what boat. Apparently they were accompanied by a niece called Anna Bergheger as well, who later married Henry BROUWERS in Kimberley. When and where did he and his wife die, where were they buried. either in Green Bay or Bay settlement. Did his wife Bergheger perhaps return to Europe .....? Any info would help

WILLIAMS posted by William McCready on Thursday, January 3, 2002

I am looking for any information regarding Lewis James WILLIAMS born 8/27/1887 in Green Bay WI. I believe his father was John Williams. Here is Lewis's obituary from Toledo Ohio. Lew Williams, former Toledo newspaperman, poet and author of several books on juvenile work died today at home, Suder Ave. and Benore Rd., after a long illness he was 72. Known as the Buckeye Poet, Mr. Williams wrote several volumes of verse, including "Fifty Years Ago, Homespun,Nuggets and Down the road." For years, his verse appeared in the old Toledo News-Bee. His text book, "Junior Journalism," was published by the International Boys Club Press Association of which he was president, and for years was used in Journalism classes of Boys Clubs in the United States and Canada. Mr. Williams was born in Green Bay, Wis., and reared in New Your City, but spent most of his life in Toledo. He spent 10 years in social service work as superintendent of the Boys Detention Home in New York and of the Allen County Vocational School for Boys in Fort Wayne, Ind., and as director of the Toledo Newsboys Association. He was a member of the advisory board of the Lucas County Juvenile Court under the late Judge O'Brien O'Donnell. He spent a number of years Toledo in newspaper writing, as a feature writer for the News Bee business editor ofthe Toledo Times managing editor of the West Toledo Standard and editor of small fraternal and other newspapers. A lecturer as well as a writer, he was engaged in speaking and entertainment programs before schools, churches, lodges andclubs for more than 40 years. During one engagement in Washington D.C., he and Mrs. Williams were guests of President Harding in the White House. He also spent nine years on the dramatic stage and a number of years in radio work. For yearshe was Santa Claus in Toledo Downtown department stores and his radio SantaClaus was a Christmas feature for more than a decade. Mr. Williams was a 32nd degree mason and a member of the knights Templar and the Odd fellows. He and his wife, Sophia observed their 50th wedding anniversary in April 1947. Also surviving are a son John E. Foster daughter, Mrs. Frank McCready; two grandchildren and seven foster grandchildren. The body is in the Abele Funera lHome.

DIEDRICH, DIEDRICK, RUPIPER, SCHEIBE posted by Cathy Walcheske on Tuesday, January 8, 2002

Researching the RUPIPER family of: GreenBay, Lawrwence, DePere, New Franklin and Fort Howard the SCHEIBE family of Wrightstown and the DIEDRICH / DIEDRICK family of Wrightstown, and Lawrence. I am aware there are many Rupipers and that they are all somehow related there are actually several generations listed in the courthouse indexes.

DEBAUCHE, DEPREY, MURA posted by Irene Debauche on Tuesday, January 8, 2002

Researchcing the DEBAUCHE, DEPREY (Deprez) and MURA families of Green Bay.

CLARK, ELLIS, GILSON, HART, MCCLURE, TYLER posted by Peggy McClure Gordon on Thursday, January 24, 2002

Hi I am looking for the families of Frank MCCLURE and Ida HART. Amos HART and Rosina TYLER. Harriet HART and her Husband ---- ELLIS. the families are from Wrightstown and Greenleaf, WI. some other possible names are. Ben Tyler and his family. Orilla Hart and her twin Hoel Hart. all siblings of Ida Hart. I also believe there are some GILSON's and CLARKs.

BORCHARDT, LEMKE, WORM posted by Karen (Borchardt) Zachek on Thursday, January 24, 2002

I am interested in info on the following Brown cty families: BORCHARDT, Frederick Wayside, 1848-1909 WORM, Fred, Morrison area, 1855-1940 LEMKE, August, Morrison area father of William, Ed, Tereasa,Wilhelmina(b.1883),

FREYBERG, PIPER, SCHNORR posted by Judy Piper on Thursday, January 24, 2002

Looking for information on the: SCHNORR, PIPER, FREYBERG families. Schnorrs lived at the Green Bay Orphanage (St Joseph's) 1877 and later) One Schnorr was placed with a farmer, another at the Waukesha Industrial School for Boys.

TARKOWSKI, WILKOWSKI posted by Laurie Galle on Monday, January 28, 2002

Looking for all information including any photos of the John TARKOWSKI & Viola WILKOWSKI Family. Also any information or photos on the William Tarkowski & Cecelia Wilkowski Family. These are great Aunts and Uncles of mine. Supposed lived in the area being in 1900's. Farmers.

BLISS, DAY posted by Margaret Haaker McIntosh on Sunday, February 3, 2002

My gr. gr. grandfather, Edward BLISS DAY died in Green Bay in 1860. That's all I know. Looking for Day's and Bliss's.

DRUDY posted by Michael Seikel on Sunday, February 3, 2002

Looking for information on DRUDY's and related families. can you supply any information?

DELCORPS, NOEL posted by Paul Noel on Saturday, February 9, 2002

Looking for information on Jean Baptiste NOEL, from Grand Leez, Namur, Belgium. Sailed to New York City on March 27, 1856 aboard the Sea Lark from Antwerp, settling in Lincoln with his wife Marie Agnès DELCORPS and their 5 children (Marie, Amand, Anna, Victor and Jean Baptiste).

THRALL posted by Nancy Zupan on Friday, February 15, 2002

I am looking for information about Cap't Preston THRALL. He died in 1933 in Green Bay, WI.

BECKS, CHARLIER, HAHM, JOHNSON, KRZYSIAK, PIPPING, SEIFERT, WALBRUCK posted by Margee Seifert on Wednesday, February 20, 2002

I am looking for information on the surname: SEIFERT Great grandfather: Henry(Children: Ervin, Edwin, Edna ( JOHNSON, children: Roger and Ruth) Ervin SEIFERT (wife Myrtle, child Kenneth) Kenneth: wife Lorraine WALBRUCK: (children, Lucille (PIPPING), Donna (HAHM)), Marjorie (BECKS, KRZYSIAK, CHARLIER), Mary- louise, Garth, Dennis) Marjorie: children Roxanne Becks Styczynski, Ami Becks Gracyalny Garth: children Ryan,Adam

FAFEREKS, FONFEREK posted by Bill Fonferek on Wednesday, February 20, 2002

We have traced the family name back to Poland. The name was spelled in Polish Fa~ferek. (The a had a tail on the end). The a~ is pronounced "on". When they came to the US it was changed to the phonetic version. In Germany, that is the spelling that is used. I have found FONFEREK /FAFEREKS in Poland, Germany, France, Canada and the Netherlands. You can view the family history back to 1755 in the town of Pianowka, Poznan, Poland. My website is located at The family farm in DePere has been purchased by Brown County and is now called Fonferek Glen Recreation Area.

CORMIERS posted by Bob Vernon on Wednesday, February 20, 2002

I have in interest in finding out more about the CORMIERS, who have lived in the Green Bay area since about 1837. I believe that one of the roads in Green Bay is named after the Cormiers.

PARTLAND, PARTLIN, PARTLING, STREETER posted by Diane Ryan on Friday, March 8, 2002

John Savage STREETER married Mary Ann PARTLING / PARTLIN / PARTLAND on Dec. 1872. They were married at Duck Creek, WI.. Their children were raised in Brown CO., WI.. Do you have any data regarding this family?

DELONG, JOHNSON posted by Budd Warren on Saturday, March 16, 2002

I'm looking for information about William and Sarah ( DELONG ) JOHNSON who lived in Green Bay, Brown County, WI. William Johnson was a Civil War soldier and later I think he may have been a butcher until his death around 1886. His wife Sarah Johnson lived in Green Bay and also in New York after her husband's death. She may have returned to Green Bay after 1900. They had two children named A. Wallace Johnson and Ida Nellie Johnson Ray(?). Ida Nellie Ray (Mrs. Andrew Ray) may have moved back to New York also. Their son A. Wallace Johnson remained in Green Bay as far as I know.

DRUDY posted by Michael Seikel on Saturday, March 16, 2002

Researching DRUDY and dozens of other family surnames.

CONLEY, KRAMER posted by Betty Henry on Tuesday, March 26, 2002

Looking for a Horace CONLEY family, Green Bay. Son Ed, b 1858, d 09 Jul 1894, MI burial Green Bay - someplace. m. Olive L. KRAMER, 05 Dec 1881, Marinette, WI. Children: Edward B. 1877, Emma , b 1890, Eleanor, m. Charles Engles, Vince, b. 1879, Etta, b. 1892, W. Ray, b. 1893. Looking for any information on any of these people.

GUARDIPPEE posted by Nancy on Sunday, March 31, 2002

I am trying to find Michael GUARDIPPEE of Green Bay WI. circa 1971. Had contact with him 1979 and was still in same area. Michael worked with me at Lums Rest. Any info will help.

MANCHEL, MANCHELE posted by Annie Gray Reynolds on Sunday, March 31, 2002

George W. MANCHEL / MANCHELE was born April 28, 1890 in Green Bay, WI. He may have had a twin brother. He might have been adopted. Ran away from home at age 12. Married Ethel Cummings August 20, 1917 in Missoula, MT. Died in 1939 in Grants Pass, OR.

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