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Brown County, Wisconsin , Posted Queries for

Brown County, Wisconsin

Posted Queries for November 1998 thru February 1999


HANSEN, MOGENSEN, OSTERLOH posted by Gwenn Zerull on Wednesday, November 4, 1998

Seeking information on the HANSEN family of Denmark, WI. Hans HANSEN married Anna OSTERLOH son Herman Hansen (d. 1964) married Alfreda MOGENSEN (1880-1951). Herman was postmaster in Denmark in the early 1900's. Have much to share about descendants, need ancestors.

AUSTIN, HEFFERNAN posted by H. Andrew Brown on Wednesday, November 4, 1998

Seek info and contact with descendants of: 056-4 Michael HEFFERNAN m.?\Cayuga\NY Lived: 1860:Green.Bay\Brown\WI 056-4-1 Thomas HEFFERNAN 056-4-2 John HEFFERNAN d.p1926 056-4-3 Thaeddeus HEFFERNAN 056-4-4 Mary HEFFERNAN Lived:1926:Green Bay WI 3 Kids 056-4-5 Bridget HEFFERNAN d.p.1926 056-4-6 Margaret HEFFERNAN d.p.1926 056-4-7 James HEFFERNAN d.1926 056-4-7-1 Raymond HEFFERNAN 056-4-7-2 Margaret HEFFERNAN 056-4-7-3 Earl HEFFERNAN 056-4-7-4 Irving HEFFERNAN 056-4-7-5 Martha HEFFERNAN 056-4-7-6 Catherine HEFFERNAN 056-4-8 Catherine HEFFERNAN m Lived: 1926: Everett, Snohomish, WA 056-4-9 Patrick HEFFERNAN m 3 Kids 056-4-9-1 Sister Mary AUSTIN Lived: 1926 Chicago 056-4-10 Eleanor HEFFERNAN m Lived 1926 WA 056-4-11 Michael HEFFERNAN died in an accident.

JONES posted by Jeanne Jones on Wednesday, November 4, 1998

Seeking information regarding the JONES family, some of whom are believed to have settled in Brown County, WI. Originally from Michigan, the family consisted of seven members in 1900: William Jones, b. December, 1866 Maytie Jones, nee Dean, b. August 1869 Ray Jones, b. March 1888 Dean Jones, b. April 1889 Jay Jones, b. January 1891 Glen Jones, b. December 1893 Ben Jones, b. March 1897 I appreciate any help in tracing these family members.

DOUGLASS, FEUTZ, GARRISON, KERNS, MARVIN, REYNOLDS, THORTON, UMSTAD posted by Norman Douglass on Wednesday, November 4, 1998

My DOUGLASS family was in Wisconsin from 1840 through 1859 George Henry DOUGLASS would have been 2 to 21 during this time. I have no idea what his parents names were. Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated. DOUGLASS MARVIN ME>WI>MO>KS>CO Descendants of George Henry DOUGLASS Family originated Penobscot County ME 1838 Moved to WI in 1840. 1 George Henry DOUGLASS 1838 - 1916 .. +Charlotte MARVIN 1841 - 1923 .. 2 Herbert Lee DOUGLASS 1859 - 1926 .. +Mary Etta THORTON 1866 - 1921 ..... 3 Hattie DOUGLASS ..... 3 Laura DOUGLASS ..... 3 Kate DOUGLASS ..... 3 Lee Herbert DOUGLASS 1899 - .. 2 Olive DOUGLASS 1868 - 1950 .. +John R. UMSTAD 1853 - 1932 ..... 3 Olive D. UMSTAD 1894 - ..... 3 John F. UMSTAD 1895 - Family Moved to Holt County MO in 1876 .. 2 Mary J. DOUGLASS 1877 - 1967 .. +James REYNOLDS Family Moved to Western KS in 1878 .. 2 Louella Agatha DOUGLASS 1879 - 1959 .. +Rudolph A. FEUTZ ..... 3 Marvin A. FEUTZ ..... 3 Viola FEUTZ 1910 - .. 2 Frank R. DOUGLASS 1881 - 1951 .. +Olive Bell KERNS 1887 - 1954 .... 3 Marshall DOUGLASS .. 2 George Earl DOUGLASS 1884 - 1932 .. +Olive Cassie GARRISON 1888 - 1980 Family moved to Hotchkiss Delta CO in 1895 Most of the above are buried at Riverside Cemetery Hotchkiss Delta CO

GUEINZIUS posted by Hans Gueinzius on Sunday, November 22, 1998

I'm searching for the exact places and dates of birth and death and of the names of the parents of Wather B. GUEINZIUS, manager of the C. Reiss Coal company, died 1950 in Green Bay, born in 1860 or 1864. His father is probably Johannes (John) Bernhard (Bernard) Gueinzius, born 1828 in Eisenach, Germany, and immigrated to America in 1849/1850.

LEFEVRE, RUBENS posted by Mark LeFave on Thursday, December 10, 1998

Looking for information on Jean Baptiste LEFEVRE born in 1815 in Pietrabais, Belgium. Died in Robinsonville November 25, 1898. Came to Bay Settlement in September of 1856. Had sons named Leopold (Paul), Joseph and Daughter Sylvia LeFevre (Bader). Jean married Marie Josephe RUBENS she died in childbirth in 1853 in Belgium. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

HERK, HIRK, HURK posted by Paula Smits on Thursday, December 10, 1998

I am trying to find Frank with last name of HIRK, HURK, HERK. Lived in Brown County in the early part of century.

BACHUS posted by Marilyn Reynolds on Saturday, December 19, 1998

I am looking for the family of Aaron BACHUS who lived in Brown Co in 1850. If anyone knows anything about this family I would appreciate hearing from you.

LUDAWIES, LUDOWISE posted by Debbie Jo Ludowise on Saturday, December 19, 1998

Seeking information on Nicholas LUDAWIES (Ludowise?) who lived near Cooperstown" 1870-1888. Known to have relocated to Chippewa County 1889. Also seeking information on railroad development in NE Wisconsin 1866-1890 both to west (toward Green Bay) and to north (toward Houghton, MI, on Lake Superior). May 29, 1879 naturalization papers reportedly state Nicholas LUDAWIES arrived New York 1866 from Luxembourg, living 'Cooperstown' 1879. Three major points in naturalization records match oral history to indicate LUDAWIES may be founding name for LUDOWISE. So far unable to locate any Manitowoc County record of marriage - Ludawies nor Ludowise - (reported 1872), record of births (at least 14 children), and record of deaths (at least 3 children died/buried 'near Cooperstown') according to family prayer books and oral history. I know Cooperstown is short distance from Brown County and have heard some vital records pre-1880 may not have been filed in proper county - folks filed when traveled for supplies to larger communities. Nicholas had three sons who started families - all with surname LUDOWISE. Michael G., born 1874 - moved to Houghton; Frank C., born 1880 - moved to Chippewa County; & Louis H., born 1893 moved to Chippewa County. Today, only 18 surname LUDOWISE families exist in USA, maybe world. Nearly 70% of all children born in a Ludowise household are girls, and over past century 33% of males children did not become fathers (either death, not marrying, or not propogating).

MCKEW posted by Tim Gonnering on Sunday, December 27, 1998

I am looking for any info on the MCKEW family name. My grandfather was Lawrence Mckew.

BARROWS, BRABOSCH, KIRCHNER, NAKALI, WILLIAMS posted by Karen Savage on Wednesday, December 30, 1998

Henry Joseph WILLIAMS born 1845 in Grez Belgian married (Eulalia) Rosie BRABOSCH in Bay Settlement 4/8/66. Rosie died 11/8/1899. Children of Henry and Rosie were Moes, Tillie who married a NAKALI, Rose who married a BARROWS, Theresa Maria born in Bay Settlement 2/4/1867 who married Albert KIRCHNER. Interested in any Williams information.

BELHUMEUR, NORMANDIN, RABIDEAU, ROBIDOUX, VINCENT posted by Judith Spooner on Wednesday, January 6, 1999

I am searching for information concerning my G Grandfather William B. VINCENT. He was born, according to his obit on 24 May 1852 in Canada. He was married to Josephine RABIDEAU on 1 Nov or 30 Oct 1877 in West DePere, Brown, Wisconsin and died on 14 Nov 1920 in Superior, Douglas, Wisconsin. Josephine, the 10th child of Anthoine ROBIDOUX and Elizabeth (Isabelle ) NORMANDIN was born 5 Jul 1858 in West DePere, Brown, Wisconsin. Josephine, or Sophia, as she was called died 9 Apr 1931 in Superior, Douglas, Wisconsin. William's parent's, my GG Grandparents are: William Belnay VINCENT born 24 Feb 1806 in Canada. He died and is buried in Lawrence Twp, Brown Cnty, Wisconsin. He married Emily M. BELHUMEUR abt 1850. Emily was born 20 Jun 1820 in Canada. She died 25 May 1893 and is buried in Brown Cnty, Wisc. According to her granddaughter Delia Vincent's obit; Emily lived to be the oldest white woman in Brown county; living to be well over 100 years. This fits in with stories my Grandmother Stella Vincent told me as a child, that she had a grandmother who lived to be 116 years old. I have been "stuck" in the Green Bay area with the VINCENT line for a couple of decades. I have no clue as to where these grandparents were born.

GUSTMAN posted by Steve Gustman on Sunday, January 17, 1999

I am looking for information that may be available for Arthur GUSTMAN, born in Brown County in 1897. I believe his fathers name to be August Gustman and his mothers name to be Anna. I am told they lived in the town of Morrison. Any information you could supply would be greatly appreciated. Arthur was my grandfather.

CRITES, DARLING, ELLIS, MORRISON posted by Gail S. Blankenau on Sunday, January 17, 1999

I have two old identified photographs, one of James ELLIS of Wrightstown, Brown Co. WI; and one of Mr. B. MORRISON, of Wrightstown, Brown Co. WI. These are in an old photograph album from my family of DARLING and CRITES of Wisconsin. Would like to find descendants of these men.

BACON, HENNICKSEN posted by Carol Jansen on Monday, January 18, 1999

Looking for descendants of Ben HENNICKSEN, parents were Peter and Dorthea. He was married in New Denmark in 1915 to Nina BACON, parents were Henry and Marcella Bricco Bacon. At the time of marriage, he was a hotel keeper in New Denmark.

DAWSON posted by Bob Dawson on Monday, January 18, 1999

I am looking for information on a lost aunt. Her name was Gloria DAWSON, adopted (?) daughter of George and Olive Pearl Dawson of Chicago. She and another little girl were adopted (?) before 1938 ( Olive Pearl died). I was told she moved to Green Bay and married. No other information except the for the names of the other children: Henry (died as baby), Ethelyn b. 1913, George b. 1913, John Frank b.1914 and the other little girl Jean Mae (no dates known).

TREMBLE posted by Tom Tremble on Monday, January 18, 1999

I am researching information on my Great-Grandfather, Martin E TREMBLE,who lived in the Suamico, WI area in the late 1800's. I apparently owned a saw mill and boarding house in the area, and built or commissioned a three masted schooner, the "M E Tremble" used to haul lumber and coal throughout the Great Lakes. The ship sank in abt. 1890 near Port Huron following a collision. Martin Tremble is buried in Markshall, Michigan together with his father, Alexander Tremble and an unknown number of relatives. Other information including all decendants of Martin is available. I am looking for details on Martin's life and businesses within the area, and references to ancestors, etc. Any information you can point me to would be appreciated.

BRISTOL posted by Sharilyn Whitaker on Saturday, January 23, 1999

Looking for information on a "Tavern" and wagon shop run by Abolitionist Rev. Ira BRISTOL circa 1850. May have been involved in Under Ground Rail Road activity in the area. Contact with Under Ground Rail Road researcher in Brown County very much desired.

GAGNON, GONION posted by Michele Barry on Saturday, January 23, 1999

I am looking for any information on the above surname no matter how small. My maiden name is GONION and I have been told it derives from the GAGNON spelling. I know my ancestors lived and still live in Brown and Kewaunee counties. So little is known about my grandfather's side of the family that any possible leads would be appreciated.

HAGEDON posted by Carol Bayley on Monday, February 1, 1999

Francis Leroy HAGEDON was born in Green Bay Wisconsin in July 4 1852. Who were his parents? Who were his siblings?

HENSEL, KRATZ posted by Donald L. Kratz on Tuesday, February 9, 1999

William HENSEL born 1883 married Emma KRATZ born 1889. They may have lived in or near the Town of Eaton in Brown County. Looking for any additional information on these persons and any family they may have had.

KRATZ, VINCENT posted by Donald L. Kratz on Tuesday, February 9, 1999

Edison Earl VINCENT married Maude Marguerite KRATZ on October 16, 1817. They lived in Green Bay. Looking for any additional information on them or family they may have had.

DENIS, LANGLOIS, POLUS, POMMIER, ZEUTZIUS posted by Ruth Pokorny on Tuesday, February 9, 1999

Seeking information on the death of my great-grandmother, Frances (ZEUTZIUS) DENIS. She married Emile Denis about 1873. The 1880 census says Emile (32 years old) and Francis (26 years old) have Three children, Frank (6 years old), Mary, or Mayme (2 years old), and Eli, (Eli died at about 6 1/2 months old). Frances possibly died between 1880 and 1882, as Emile remarried in 1882 to Christene LANGLOIS. Also seeking information on Mary or Mayme Denis, my grandmother, who married Michael or Mike POLUS possibly around 1915 or 1916. The 1920 Green Bay census lists Michael as 31 years old and Mayme as 42 years old. They had two children at this time, Sylvester, (3 years old), and Frances (a.k.a. Frances Mary or Mary Frances), (9 months old). They later had a daughter Margaret Mary or Mary Margaret after moving to Oshkosh. Frances, my mother, was raised by Felix and Emma (Denis) POMMIER. I don't know much about their lives during this time. Any information on the Polus, Denis, Zeutzius, Pommier families would be greatly appreciated. I have absolutely no information on Michael Polus' family, Mother, Father, Brothers, or Sisters, or when or where he died. He is a mystery.


Looking for information on all of the surnames (MIKOLAJCZAK, MICOLICHEK, BUBACZ, KLISH, KLYSZ, PRZYBYLSKI, WERTEL, KORNOWSKI, NOWAK, NOVAK, SIPIORSKI, GERLIKOWSKI, SKALESKI, SKALECKI, GANTER, POLUS, & POKORNY) that are married to Mikolajczak, Micolichek familiesin the towns of De Pere and Green Bay. Most marriages took place around late 1800's to early 1900's. Micolichek/Polus marriage 1937. Micolichek/ Pokorny marriage 1966 and 1971.

BESAW, BRICE, HODEK, HODIAK, KUROWSKI, OLEJNICZAK, PERRAULT, POKORNY posted by Ruth Pokorny on Tuesday, February 9, 1999

Looking for information on the KUROWSKI family who was related to BESAW and POKORNY family by marriage. Leonard Kurowski (born June 15, 1896-died August 14, 1965) was married to Virginia Besaw (born May 29, 1900-died May 11, 1925). Leonard's Father was Alex Kurowski married to Mary OLEJNICZAK (Alex and Mary came from Poland). They lived in the Green Bay area. Josephine Kurowski (Leo and Virginia's daughter), married George Pokorny Sr. in 1937. Josephine's brother is Karl Kurowski married to Hazel? and her sister is Margaret (Kurowski) BRICE. George Pokorny's Brothers and sisters are/were James, John, Ben, Louis, Lillian married PERRAULT, Marcella, and Mildred married Smith? Their father was Louis Pokorny Sr. from Austria? and Caroline HODIAK/HODEK from Czechloslovakia. They lived in the Green Bay area, and some in De Pere.

HENICKSEN posted by Carol Jansen on Wednesday, February 17, 1999

Can anyone give me any information on the town of New Denmark. I'm especially looking for info on a hotel that was there in 1915, and run by a Ben HENICKSEN.

DEMAIFFE, HOWARD, WESTCOTT posted by Carolyn Gasperich on Sunday, February 21, 1999

Researching Mary HOWARD wife of Julian DEMAIFFE. Their daughter Mary DEMAIFFE WESTCOTT (born 24 Apr. 1856 in Fort Howard, died 3 Dec. 1946) wife of Willard WESTCOTT is my great-great grandmother. Wondering if any connection to General Benjamin Howard who Fort Howard was named after.

BRUEGGE, FELS posted by Beverly Nohr on Thursday, February 25, 1999

My intrest is in the FELS family. My husbands Paternal Grandmother was Lydia FELS, 1886-1956, father Fredrick FELS, 1849-1939, mother Bertha Gauerke, 1853-1939. His maternal grandmother was Alma Emma FELS, 1900-1975, father Carl Fels, and mother, Emma BRUEGGE.

FLATLEY posted by Sonja Adkisson Flatley on Thursday, February 25, 1999

I am researching the Flatley family in Green Bay, Brown County Wisconsin. Michael FLATLEY circa 1900 died in Green Bay, WI. His children were James Dominick FLATLEY, Irene, Esteldrelda, Agnes, and Margaret. I understand that Michael FLATLEY may have been adopted. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

SADOWITZ posted by Nadine Chepeus on Friday, February 26, 1999

Looking for anyone that might be researching SADOWITZ or connected to family. Shown Brown Co census 1900 - 1920. Doing research for a friend and interested in any connection. Know at least some of the family went to Florence Co, WI in 1921.

BOROWITZ posted by Nadine Chepeus on Friday, February 26, 1999

Looking for anyone with info or connected to BOROWITZ family. Shown 1900 census Brown Co, WI - Eaton Twsp.

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