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BIXBY, DUNCAN posted by Kathy Stauffer on Monday, June 1, 1998

My Gr, Gr, Great Grandfather, Theron Kingsley BIXBY lived in Greenbay for a couple of years from 1856 to the early 1860's. He served Greenbay as superintendent of schools. He and his wife Sabrina (DUNCAN) had their first child there, he was John Ducan BIXBY, b:25 Feb. 1858. My question is does anyone know of any history books or school records that would mention superintendents of schools of the past? I would like to find some mention of him and if I am lucky, even a photo. A few years later (mid 1860's) he became a circuit rider minister in Iowa for the Congregational Church. Neither Theron nor Sabrina were from Wisconsin originally.

CHECKI, PAWLAK posted by Roy Czekay on Tuesday, June 16, 1998

Seeking living relatives of Louis PAWLAK, b. Aug. 10, 1924, d. Feb.15, 1971 in Green Bay. Also trying to locate Louis` widow, Marcella CHECKI, daughter of Andrew and Helen Checki. Helen`s last known address was on Ashland Ave. in Green Bay. Would like to find out if she is still alive and if she is, her current address.

LENTZ, RADKE posted by Linda Busk on Tuesday, June 16, 1998

I am new to my search but have found a very important link in my search...I am trying to find the death notice of my great-great-great grandfather: John LENTZ. Here is what I know: * March 14,1900 He witnessed the marriage of his son: Charles Lentzin Ripon WI. * John was married to Elizabeth Lentz, nee RADKE. * Their son, Charles was born in Germany, therefore, I assume that John was born there too. I am guessing that John Lentz came from Germany within the time period of the book: 1840-1900. I don't know when he was born or when he died. Any information that you can tell me would help...I am currently trying to find out when and where he died...he is a key part of my geneology.


A recent project has me looking for the descendants of my Pomeranian ancestors who came to Morrison Township, Brown County, Wisconsin in 1867. My great-great-grandparents Ludwig SEEFELDT (1830-1901) and his wife Josephine STREGE (1836-1916) came from Neu Sarnow, Kreis Cammin, Pomerania. They had 12 children: Robert, Johanna, Paul, Bertha were born in Germany; Josephine, Wilhelm, Ludwig, August, Carl, an infant son, Caroline, and Martha were born in Morrison. I have information on most of their spouses, but lack much information that extends these lines to the present. Some names of in-laws and descendants are: SCHAUP, McCORMICK, STELTZ, REUTER, YOUNG, EHRMAN, RASMUSSEN, RUNZHEIMER, IRISH, and WILLARD. Ludwigıs older brother, August SEEFELDT (1822-1888) and his wife Wilhelmine THIMM (1820-1891), from Rissnow, also came to the United States at the same time on the ship Franklin and also settled in Morrison Township, Brown County, Wisconsin. Their 7 children are: Johanne, Wilhelm, Justine, Carl August, Johann, Louise, and Albertine. Some names of in-laws and descendants are: RIESS, SCHWARTZ, BUERGER, NEUMAN, MacMILLAN, DOBERSTEIN, and SULLIVAN. I would be pleased to exchange information that would help extend the records for Seefeldt searchers. Ido have considerable information on the descendants of four SEEFELDT-FALCK marriages.

LEMERE posted by Todd Borman on Wednesday, July 29, 1998

Looking for descendents of Mose LEMERE, died 1928 in Duck Creek (Howard), WI.

ELLSWORTH, GOODELL, SIAS, SWEDENBORG, WEEKS posted by William MacKay on Thursday, July 30, 1998

Seek insights into lives of GOODELL brood, who settled in Green Bay, after living briefly in Detroit, MI, and Henderson, Jefferson Co, NY. Father Nathan Goodell, b. 8 August 1798, Pomfret Township, Windham,Conn; d.June 2, 1883 in Green Bay. Wife Hannah Moseley WEEKS Goodell, b.September 8, 1803. They m. March 17, 1825. Two offspring: Harriet Ann March Goodell [1826-1847] and Mary Elizabeth Goodell [1828-1902], spouse of proud dentist Dr. Albert Hayden ELLSWORTH. Also seek illuminations about brief Green Bay presence of Jeremiah SIAS [d. 1878], also of Jefferson Co, NY, or any other followers of Emanuel SWEDENBORG in county. I have additional info and will share, answer all.

JACHMANN, JOCHMANN, KRATZ posted by Donald Kratz on Sunday, August 23, 1998

Friedrich (Fred) KRATZ born about 1851 in Hessen-Darmstadt. Lived and farmed in township of Montpelier, Kewaunee County, Wisconsin. He married Juliane JACHMANN (possibly also spelled JOCHMANN) on July 5, 1875 in Green Bay, Wisconsin. They may have lived in or near Green Bay, or near the town of Eaton or Denmark. I am looking for descendants of this family.

RANDAL, SHEPARD posted by Bob Nobis on Sunday, August 23, 1998

I am looking for information on Eugene Simeon SHEPARD, born about March, 1854 at Fort Howard (now West Green Bay) WI. I am looking for information on his family (parents and siblings). One source indicates that his mother's name may have been Lydia RANDAL. It is believed that Eugene had at least one brother, H____ SHEPARD, born in 1851, location unknown.

CHINCHEN, MOORE posted by Cindy Moore on Tuesday, August 25, 1998

Looking for information on George William MOORE, b. 7 Apr 1881 in Brighton, England; d. 6 Mar 1936. Emigration date unknown. Settled in Green Bay. Also looking for information on his wife, Alice Mabel CHINCHEN (spelling questionable); m. 19 May 1902. Alice's father was Edward Samuel CHINCHEN. George and Alice had the following children: George William (Jr.), James Alfred, Edward Joseph, Alice Emily, Joseph James, Oliver Thomas. George Sr. worked at the post office in Green Bay at one time. Alice remarried to David Manwaring after George's death in 1936."

DUCAT posted by Erik and Beverly Elmshauser on Tuesday, August 25, 1998

In 1856 A family of nine arrived in the U.S. from Belgium. The family made their way to homestead in Green Bay, Brown County, Wis. By 1860 the father was no longer with the family which consisted of Maria DUCAT, 51 and children Alphonse [email protected] 1843, Antonett [email protected], August [email protected], Antonia [email protected], and Theophile b.Feb 1855. Theophile (Joseph) married Mary ? in 1879 and they had Louis, Lillian and Theophile(Joseph) all born before 1884 in Wisconsin. They had Mattie, Julious and Joephile all born before 1890 in the Dakotas. They had Lowesa in 1892 in Minn and Annie in 1896 in Minn. Looking for any info on the missing father and siblings.

MILLER, TEICH posted by Michael & Katherine Hughes on Monday, August 31, 1998

Born in Forrestville township, July 31, 1872, a son of Ferdinand and Alvina (Henke) MILLER. Ferdinand's father was Peter Miller who brought his family over from Germany. Emil married Miss Adeline TEICH of Kewaunee county, a daughter of Gootlieb Teich. 12 children Ella, Walter, Julia, Elmer, Lawrence, Reena, Edna, Oleda, Dora, Myrtle, Orvile and Leora. Emil was Kewaunee county treasurer from 1912-17.

DOUGHERTY, MURPHY, WALSH posted by Bonnie & Donato Rulli on Saturday, September 5, 1998

Searching for John DOUGHERTY(Doherty)born ca. 1836 in Ireland and wife Anne WALSH born ca. 1839 in Canada? In 1861 they lived in Oneida Twonship, Haldimand County, Ontario, Canada, with twin daughters-Ellen and Mary born ca. 1860. Don't know when they supposedly moved to Green Bay, Wisconsin. May have had 2 other daughters named Lucy and Margaret??? Anne Wash was daughter of John Walsh and Mary MURPHY.

EINANG, HANDE, JORSTAD, KNUDSEN, SYVERSON posted by D'Arcy Hande on Sunday, September 6, 1998

Trying to find information on and descendants of Ragnild Gulbrandsdatter HANDE (b 1855), born in Vestre Slidre, Valdres, Oppland, Norway, daughter of Gulbrand Johannesson EINANG and Thoroe Pedersdatter HANDE. Ragnild emigrated with her mother to Manitowoc Co., WI, in 1866. Her mother and brother Peder KNUDSEN HANDE settled there. Ragnild was married to Ole SYVERSON JORSTAD (b 1845?) at Fort Howard Lutheran church, Green Bay, Brown Co, WI on 24 Oct 1872. The residence of both bride and groom at the time was given as Glenmore, Brown County. Any help would be much appreciated.

AGGER, EGGER, PERKINS posted by Linda C. Drews on Sunday, September 27, 1998

I'm seeking information on the Mike EGGER/AGGER family who lived in Duck Creek in 1960 (my grandfather William PERKINS brother). Mike worked at the Paradise Tap - wife's name was Eunice, had two daughters named Ursalla and Marcella. He was adopted around 1902 by the Egger/Agger's and died around 1968-1970. What are daughter's married names, what would the local newspaper have been in that area in 1960 - 1970 for the obituary? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

GOODCHILD, GOULDER, JARVIS, PERKINS, TRUCKEY posted by Linda C. Drews on Sunday, September 27, 1998

Seeking information on the John and Mary GOODCHILD family who lived in the Ft. Howard area (1860 - 1880 Federal Census). Children were John Jr. b. 1851, William b. 1852, Phillip b. 1854, George, Paul b. 1861, Nelson b. 1863, Louis b. 1865, Eugene, Mary Sophie b. 1870, Virginia b. 1867, Lucy b. 1873. First 3 were born in NY, rest born in Ft. Howard area. Associated families are TRUCKEY (Sophie -m- Archie) Howard (Virginia -m- Newton, Nilson (William -m- Anna Nilson), JARVIS (John Jr. -m- Elmire Jarvis), GOULDER (Phillip -m- Nancy Goulder), GOULDER (Nelson -m- Hattie Goulder), PERKINS (Lucy -m- William Perkins), Howard or Ames (Louis -m- Lottie Howard). Any information or local newspaper name from the 1860 through 1890 would be greatly appreciated.

ROUTHIEAUX posted by Shirley Routheaux on Tuesday, September 29, 1998

I am interested in the ROUTHIEAUX family who came to the US. They left Antwerp, Belgium Sept 15, 1855 and had knew that they were going to Red River, Wisconsin, I have a copy of their Declaration of Intent signed in November 1856 in Brown Co. WI. There was a daughter Hortense 11 months old whom I have not been able to find anything on, wonder if she made the trip? The father was Jean Jacques ROUTHIEAUX w/ Marie children listed were Emmanuel, Josephine, Marie, Amelie, Isidore, Ferdinand (my husbands Great Grandfather), Henri and Hortense. Any information on the family, obits, graves or what have you would be very much appreciated.

BOISVERT, GREENWOOD, WAU NO KAY posted by Gerald Breithaupt on Wednesday, September 30, 1998

Joseph BOISVERT b: ca1780 in Canada, came to Green Bay 1802 and lived in Duck Creek area; landowner; wife name WAU_NO_KAY; American marriage in 1824 in Brown County Register of Deeds Office. Used both names of French "Boisvert" and American "GREENWOOD". Had son, Joseph Boisvert-Greenwood, b: 1811, married Catherine Brunette.

BROOKS, WILSON posted by Tom Stumfall on Wednesday, September 30, 1998

Looking for info on John Syrenus BROOKS and family, wife Elsie Jane Brooks (WILSON). Daughter Jennette B . b Green Bay, Brown Co, 3July 1874. Other Children are Charles W. and John F.

SEWALL posted by Denise Love on Friday, October 2, 1998

I am trying to locate birth records for my mother. I do not know alot about our family background but do know that my mothers maiden was SEWALL. I have her social security number and date of birth and death. Her name was Dorthy Mae Sewall, born June9, 1920. She died in November of 1980. I cannot find out who our grandparents were other than her fathers name was Frank. I am looking for information for health reasons for our family. If you can help at all, I would greatly appreciate it.

HEIMLICH posted by Owen Eister on Thursday, October 22, 1998

I am interested in locating members of the Peter HEIMLICH family. I have the name Charley Heimlich, 9 January 1902, who lived in Brown County. I don't know if Charley was a member of the Peter Heimlich family.

AUER posted by Lisa Bumpus on Thursday, October 22, 1998

I am looking for any record of the parents of Charles AUER b. March 17,1862 in Green Bay,WI.

HARDWICK posted by Angus A DeVerney Jr. on Saturday, October 24, 1998

I'm searching for information on Moses HARDWICK b. 1791 in Lexington,KY but died in Brown Cty. WI in 1879. Need to find his children. I've got a George Hardwick as a grtgrt grandfather and would like to extend my family tree on the Hardwicks.

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