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St. Joseph Orphanage (1877 - 1980)

St. Joseph Orphanage in Green Bay, Wisconsin, was in existence from 1877-1980. They closed their doors in 1980. Before becoming a home for boys, St. Joseph's generally did not accept children of high school age. Rather, the boys were placed on farms as farm hands when they came of that age, and girls were placed in homes as domestics.  In the more recent years before closing, they had become a home for boys who were unable to adjust in their homes or in foster homes. Catholic Social Services has in safekeeping the registers of children who were here in the very early years of the Orphanage's existence and limited record information on others, up until the time the institution was turned into a home for boys. The files of those boys were destroyed when the institution closed, because records existed in the courts of commitment. St. Joseph's was run by the School Sisters of Notre Dame.

Guardian Angel Boarding Home

There was another home, Guardian Angel Boarding Home located in Oneida, WI.  No one seems to know what happened to those records, but the Diocesan Archives, 437-753l, Ext. 8186, Kris Mathies, has school records on some of the residents.

Good Shepherd Home

There was a home for girls who did not adjust in their own homes or foster homes called The Good Shepherd Home. It later became known as Our Lady of Charity School for Girls. That home was closed even before St. Joseph Orphanage. This home was run by the Sisters of Our Lady of Charity who still have a motherhouse on the west side of Green Bay. It is not known where their files are.


Inquiries can be addressed to Janice Thomas, until April 20. I will be retiring on that day, but a replacement will be hired for me. One would only need to ask for the Child Welfare Specialist. Telephone 437-7531, Ext. 8234. For other information please see the website for the Catholic Diocese of Green Bay .

Information thanks to Janice Thomas, who recently celebrated 42 years in thher position as a Child Welfare Specialist.

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