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List of Unclaimed Letters - 1838 from the Wisconsin Democrat (published 1838)

List of Letters
Remaining in the Post Office at Green bay,
W.T. quarter ending June 30, 1938.

Anthony, John
Aiken, J.F.
Abbott, E.B.
Aiken, R.
Aylward, John 

Bellows, J.G.
Beard, Thos.
Barrows, George
Bradford, W.S.
Bernard, Madame
Blachete, A.
Berian, Maurice
Brooks, John
Bedun, Peter
Bontto, L.
Bedortha, D.
Brown, T.K.
Bourarau, J.B.
Baldwin, S.A.
Bouillon, Jos. 

Corbon, D.E.
Cornelius, John
Chicks, J.
Crevier, F.
Coatsworth, D.
Clark, D.
Carroll, Peter
Crowle, Peter
Couvier, Jos.
Contois, Louis
A.D. Clark
Colwell, T.F.
Clark, J.M.
Crossley, Wm. 

Dutescky, Charles E.
Dickinson, Henry
Ducham, T.
Davids, Daniel
Duhaime, A.
Defrance, H.B.
Dejean, Marcy
Dickinson, David 

Elliott, G.W.
Evans, David
Eilliott, Parmelia 

Fontaine, Louis
Fairchild, Jos.
Fowler, Ed. S.
Forsien, Jaque
Finny, John
Tissetee, Louis 

Goigette, Basil
Ganyon, Hamable
Gilliet, B.K.

Ham, John
Hatch, A.
Hawn, M.
Henderson, W.M.
Harris, C.M.
Houll, C.C.
Haild, J.B.
Hudson, J.
Hendrys, A.
Hogerty, John 

Jorvan, J.
Johnson, D.
Jordan, T.
Jennings, J.
Joyal, F. 

King, Clefforts
Koukaposset, Batsey M. 

Ladd, A.S.
Lechler, I.
Lewis, Enuch
Langdon, A.
Lee, Miss E.
Lamprin, B.C.
Leach, Sarah
Lamia, Ant.
Luck, S.A. 

M'Comm, John
Marentelle, D.
M'Kay, Porter
Maxfield, A.
Marsh, Eunice
M'Farland, Geo.
M'Cleod, A.
Miles, E.
Mongin, E.
Miner & Smith
M'Pherson, F.
Marothers, J.G 

Newton, A.
Newland, S.
Nutting, L.
Neddy, T. 

Otsequet, Anthony 

Pue, Daniel
Palmer, S.B.
Powers, Henry
Parent, J.B.
Powles, Henry
Patterson, H.L.
Perry, N. 

Reynolds, Miss M.
Richard, Rozille
Roscoe, A.
Reed, B.L.
Roebuck, M.
Russel, John
Ruche, Isadore
Rous, Lemuel
Reading Association
Rothlize, Bridget 

Stephenson, Wm.
Smith, E.R. & Co.
Sanville, F.
Stone, Ralph
Stanton, Cato
Stafford, W.
Samson, A.
Smith, Thos.
Smith, J.
Sharp, Myler
Scott, Gen'l
Smith, Lucius W.
Smith, B.F.
Stanley, W.
Sage, Edward
Smalley, J.H.
Smith, E.R. 

Thayer, James L. 

Watkins, Sam L.
Word, S.F.
Windham, John


A.D. 1838, to WIT:

No. 1, Horace F. Hood attending as an inspector of election,   $1.50
       2, J. Vesasie, attending as an inspector of election,            $3.30
       3, O.E. Strong, attending as an inspector of election,         $1.50
       4, B. Hinley, attending as an inspector of election,             $1.50
       5, R. Field attending as an inspector of election,                $3.00
       6, W.G. Vanbergen, attending as an inspector of election, $1.50
       7, J.G. Knapp, attending as an inspector of election,         $1.50
       8, Francis, M'Carty attending as an inspector of election,  $1.50
       9, J.A. M'Kesson attending as an inspector of election,     $1.50
     10, W. Stuart as D'ty sheriff,                                              $2.50
     12, J.J.Driggs, as an inspector of election                           $2.50
     14, D.W. Hubbard, Constable,                                         $1.25
     15, John P. Gallup, inspector of election,                           $1.25
     30, to 63, each one dollar and fifty cents attending as
           inspectors of election, to wit:
           S. Rayn, J. Porlier, D.W. Hubbard, C.P. Gallup,
           D. Evans, V. Ford, H.S. Wright, F. McCarty,
           J. Brown, C.C.P. Arendt, D.M. King, J.G. Knapp,
           C. Pier, M.C. darling, A.D. Clark, P. Searle, R.M.
           Eberts, E. bailey, C.M. Alley, J. Tenel, J.W. Conroe,
           C. Grignon; amounting to the sum of thirty-seven
           dollars and fifty cents.                                              $37.50
     64, B. Hinkley, attending as an inspector of returns          $3.50
     65, to 117, each one dollar and fifty cents, attending
           inspectors of election, to wit:
           P. Grignon, J.V. Suydam, W. Palmer, W. Sylvester
           A. Rouseau, J. Jourdain, W. Armstone, J. Brook,
           R. R. Barns, A. Raymond, C. Benedict, S. Reybold,
           I.M.Narricong, H. Stone, A. Green, L. Conroe,
           D. Giddings, T.C. Morgan, L. Porlier, L. Tyler,
           D. Johnson, J.P. Gallup, J.H. Sessions, R. Field,
           H.O. Sholes, J.M. Husker, J. Bannister, E. Pier,
           W.T. Sheppard, R. Eberts, S. Strong, H.H. Bailey,
           D. Merueger, J. Filonger, G.G. Wallace, L. Filey,
           A.W. Wriglet, W.C. Ishbol, D. Clark, C. Dickinson,
           A. Labord, E.S. Thorp, R. Johnson, J.N. Arnod,
           P. White, M.L. Luce, J. White, J. Last, M. Farmin;
            amounting to the sum of seventy-eight dollars            $78.00
   118, J.W. Conroe, attending as in. of election                      $1.25
   119, C. Dickinson, attending as in. of election                      $3.00
   120, L.R. Meeks, inspector fo returns                                 $3.00
   121, C.C.P. Arndt, canvassing election returns                    $1.50
   122, W. White, canvassing of returns                                  $1.50
   123, R.J. Erwin, inspector of election returns                       $4.50
   126, R.M. Eberts, inspector of election returns                    $4.00
   128, G. White, inspector of election returns                         $4.70

     19, C. Tular, (sheriff) for expenses of jail & c.                 $58.25
     20, M. Washburn, on contract fo building courthouse
           and jail                                                                   $300.00
     22, W. M'Kutchin, attneding as witness at district court     $5.50
     23, D. Whitney, on bridge acct.                                    $200.00
     16, D.W. hubbard, expense for I. Soule                          $15.00
     24, C. Tullar, for jail expenses & c                                  $81.00
     25, J.V. Suydam, surveying road from D. river to
           Bay Settlement.                                                         $21.00
     27, C.C.P. Arndt, services as assessor                          $112.00
     26, C.C.Sholes, printing                                                  $12.00
     28, B. Shackelford, making out tax list                             $20.00
     29, H.P. Potter & Co. Ll'l book & c.                                $9.88
     30, A. Labord, removing Indians                                     $25.00
     31, D. Johnson, removing Indians                                    $25.13
     32, E. Childs, surveying roads                                         $10.00
     33, C. Tullar, sheriff, judgement at the May term of the
           dis. d't jail expenses &c.                                          $261.84
     35, A.B. Coye,                                                                 $4.17
     37, W. Jurdain, timber for bridges                                   $11.35
     38, President and Trustees of the Borough of Green
           Bay for bridges in Aster,                                         $200.00
           M. Washburn, on contract for building court
           house and jail,                                                         $550.00
           M. Washburn on contract for Courthouse and jail      $50.00
     34, C. Tullar, services himself and deputy, at May
           term dis't c't - 1838, and blanket                               $42.00
    127, C.C. Sholes, for printing                                          $23.25
    129, C. Tullar, jail expenses, & c.                                  $502.50
           C.M. Rogers, tax money re-funded                           $30.00
           L. Hagdon, transporting paupers                               $45.00
   132, S. Allard, iron work                                                    $1.70
   133, W. Stuart, for interring 3 Indians                                 $4.00
   134, W. Ricker, for making 3 coffins                                  $6.00
   135, W. Perigue, expenses for I. Brown                            $8.08
           M. Washburn, on contract for building court house
          and jail                                                                      $88.15
   139,   "                                "                                           $61.84
   140,   "                                "                                         $150.00
   141, G. Childs, for stove pipe , & c.                                 $11.71
   142, C. Tullar, jail expenses & c.                                    $156.25
   143, W. White, attending as a witness, May term 1838       $3.10
   144, P. White, expenses I. Brown                                       $1.75
   145, W. White, expenses I. Brown                                     $5.25
   146, C. Hall, expenses I. Brown                                       $16.00
   131, L. Cherbune, coffin for pauper                                    $4.00
   140, D. Barnett, coffin for pauper                                       $8.00
   151, D. Whitney for building bridge over Devil River       $250.00
   137, Doctor Strong                                                            $8.00
   124, J.P. Arndt, boarding paupers                                      $7.50
                                                                      Total        $3,023.48
         RECIEPTS for the Tresurer, at offic of the Board
         of County Commissionersm this 17th day of January,
         A. D. 1839                                                           $2, 590.90
                                                                       G.Childs, Clerk

Special Thanks to Joan Benner for submitting the newpaper articles above.