On November 23, 1897,  John Verboort wrote the following letter telling about the preparations in Rotterdam and the voyage.

"We were thirteen families, all Hollanders.  Father Godhart was our leader.  The captain and sailors of our ship also were Hollanders.  I have forgotten the exact number of emmigrants on board the LIBERA, but it was about 80 persons.  The following are the names of the heads of these families.  Hans Klassens, from Grave; Martinus Verkuilen, from Uden; Hein Groens, from Volkel; Niklaas Dennison, from Volkel; Antoon Verkampen, from Volkel; Antoon Verwijst, from Uden; Mr. denkboom, from Amsterdam; Albert van den Berg, frmo Cuyk; Ebben, from Mill; Johannes Tillemans and fiancee from Boekel, Jan Verboort, from Volkel, and two youths reckoned as belonging to the Verkampen family.

We spent several days at Rotterdam on board the LIBERA in order to purchase food and other neccessities, for in those days each passenger had to buy his own provisions, ad the captain was not allowed to accept any passenger who had not complied with the prescribed regulations.  Everything was carefully weighed, a number was put on each passenger'sbag or package which the captain put under lock so that later, according to the ship's rules, a fixed daily portion could be doled out.  Passengers were not permitted to use as much of their provisions as they wished, but only as much as the captain allowed, in accordance with teh rules.  A small amount of drinking water was portioned out each day. The passengers, however, did not have to provide their own drinking water; this the shipping company brought on board at Rotterdam.

When everything was in readiness, the LIBERA left Rotterdam. At first our boat was drawn (by another boat), later it was pulled by horses to Hellevoetsluis.  There were at the moment of our departure two other ships with emmigrants ready to leave for America.  About these ships I know little, so I shall say nothing about them.  Ours was the first of the three to depart; it also was the first to arrive at its destination.

We encountered our first storm in the English Channel.  The captain, as a measure of precaution, took refuge for three days in an English harbor.  I believe it was the Isle of Wight. Later we had other serious storms, the worst being, if I recall accurately, on Easter Suday (April 11).  it lasted three days and blew so voilently that the hatches were closed and only small space was allowed the passengers to go on deck when necessary.  Sails were furled, but accidents could not be prevented.  just before the stom struck we could count fifty ships around us.  but as soon as the storm began to blow, not a single ship could be seen any more. Except for this storm nothing noteworthy happened on the voyage which was tedious but, considering time and circumstances tolerable.

After a voyage of 52 days we arrived safely at the dock in Boston on Friday, May 5. the next day we left by train in boxcars for Buffalo.  Three of the thirteen families stayed in Boston; denkboom, who did not want to travel further; Antoon Verkampen and Antoon Verwijst who did not have money to travel further; and Dennissen  stayed in Buffalo because his wife was sick and died.  We sailed from Buffalo to Machinac Island where we stayed three days until we could get a sailing ship for Green bay.  from there we proceeded up the Fox River by scow or flatboat propelled by six men who used poles.  this took two entire days.  From Kaukauna we were brought  in two wagons, drawn by six oxen,to Little Chute where we arrived on 22 May. There we rested and laid pans for the future."

Passengers of the Libera
Number Name Age
1. Nicholas Denissen 35
2. Maria van der Else(n) 34
3. Johannis Denissen 11
4. Catherine Denissen 10
5. Theodorus Denissen 8
6. Wilhelmus Denissen 7
8. Daniel Denissen 1
9. T. (John) Teilemans 28
10. Antonie Verkam(pen) 41
11. Cornelia Adriaansen 32
12. Adriana Verkampen 11
13. Johanna Verkampen 9
14. Arnoldus Verkampen 7
15. Maria Verkampen 5
16. Regina Verkampen 3
17. Gerardus Verkampen 1
18. Hendrick Groen 44
19. Maria Opsten 41
20. Mechelina Groen 11
21. Lambertina Groen 7
22. Ambreana Groen 3
23. Johannes Verboort 41
24. Theodora Ryk 40
25. Johannes Verboort 14
26. Wilhelmus Verboort 11
27. Dora Maria Verboort 9
28. Albertus Verboort 7
29. Pieter Verboort 6 months
30. Roelof (v.d. Weyst) Verwijst 46
31. Johanna van de Berg 41
32. Martinus Verwijst 15
33. Johannes Verwijst 11
34. Christiaan Verwijst 6
35. Cornelis Verwijst 4
36. Martinus Verkuilen 36
37. Syn (Frances) Geurwerk 36
38. Jan Verkuilen 6
39. Anna Verkuilen 1
40. Hendrick (Dingboom) Denkboom 36
41. Johanna Raap 33
42. Maria Cathatina D. 8
43. Johannes L. D. 6
44. Magdalena D. 3
45. Arnoldia D. 1
46. Albert Van den Berg 50
47. A. Vander Kruus 44
48. Bertus Van den Berg 23
49. Johanna Van den Berg 22
50. Johannes Van den Berg 18
51. Jan Van den Berg 16
52. Hendricka Van den Berg 12
53. Nicolaas Van den Berg 10
54. Martinus Van den Berg 8
55. Wilhelmus Van den Berg 5
56. Geertruda Van den Berg 1
57. Ann Maria Van Lieshout (not listed)
58. Gerardus Van den Heuvel (not listed)
59. Jan Klaassen 60
60. Andries Klaassen 22
61. Dorus Klaassen 17
62. Antje Klaassen 20
63. Johanna Klaassen 64
64. Andrianus Kemper 57
65. Johanna Kemper 61
66. Wilbert Kemper 25
67. Martinus Van Aaben 21
68. Arnold (Elbing) Ebben 50
69. Geertruda Ebben 39
70. Mendenlius (Henrius) Ebben 8
71. Cornelius Ebben 6
72. Johanna Ebben 3
73. Hendricus Gerritsen 8
74. Geertrui Gerritsen 40
75. Cornelius(ia) Gerritsen 6
76. Johanna Gerritsen 3
77. Johannes Van Grinsven 54
78. Maria Rijnen 63
79. Joh. Henry Van Grinsven 23
80. Johannes Van Grinsven 19
81. Maria Eliz. Van Grinsven 17
82. T. Alberda --
83. Father A.D. Gothart --