Earliest ships with Dutch Immigrants to Wisconsin:

The first large contingent of Dutch immigrants to Wisconsin came back with Father Theodore Van den Broek after he returned home from his mission "Nepomoc" at Les Petite Chutes,  to settle his mother's estate.  They arrived on three ships: the Libera, the Maria Magdelena, and the America.  Below are the passenger lists of these three ships:

Passengers aboard the LIBERA, which left Amsterdam and arrived in Boston May 6th, 1848.

Passengers aboard the Maria Magdelena, which left Amsterdam and arrived in New York, May 8th, 1848.

Passengers aboard the America, leaving Amsterdam and arriving in Philadelphia.

Passengers aboard the Eliza Dennison, sailed from Amsterdam and arrived in New York on October 29th, 1849.

Passengers aboard the Ship Leila sailed from Rotterdam and arrived in New York on August 6th, 1851.

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Last updated: November 10th, 1998