Bayfield County in WWI
Bayfield County in WWI
Reprinted from the Iron River Pioneer
Dec. 5, 1918
Contributed and typed by Zoe Lappin


The County’s Contribution to Man Power to the Cause of Democracy Numbers Around Twelve Hundred. -- List is Doubtless Far From Complete.

Desiring to make a permanent record of the county’s contribution of manhood to the nation in this great war, the Bayfield County Council of Defense set out to obtain a list of the young men who are or have been in the military or naval service of the United States during the war, and the work of compiling the list was entrusted to Harvey Irish, of Bayview, who diligently strove to make or obtain as complete a record as possible. However, there are doubtless a number of inaccuracies nevertheless, for the compilation of such a record presents difficulties almost impossible to overcome. The list as compiled contains over 1,100 names and is as follows:

(Note, May 2000: Not all of these men and women enlisted or were drafted in Bayfield County, nor did all serve in Wisconsin units. Also, as printed originally, the list was alphabetized by first letter of the surname only.)


Laasted, Carl

LaBonte, F.G.

Lacey, Albert J.

LaClaff, Joseph Allen

LaFavor, Philip E.

LaHaie, William H.

LaMay, Leo N. (wounded)

LaMay, Raymond

Lambert, Grover J.

Lamoreaux, John M.

Lamoreaux, Joseph

Lang, Fred

LaPointe, Harry J.

LaPoint, William

Larkin, Archie

Larkin, Herbert

Larson, Andrew

Larson, Carl

Larson, Clarence D.

Larson, Edwin L.

Larson, Gunnar

Larson, Henry Lerny

Larson, Hilmer M.

Larson, Lawrence

Larson, Ole

Larson, Oscar William

Larson, Walter G.

Larson, Wilmar J.

Laukenman, Henry

Lauri, Andrew F.

Lauri, Hjalmar

Lauri, William

Laurion, Edward E.

Lavin, William J.

Lawrence, William H.

LeaQuee, Archie B.

LeClair, James

Lee, Dell L.

Lee, William L.

Leighton, James

Lenning, Gunner

Leodman, Earnest

LeRoux, Henry

Levandowski, Frank

Levin, George F.

Lewis, H.I. Lieut

Lind, Albin

Lind, Elmer G.

Lindberg, Axel W.

Lindgren, L.O.

Lindquist, Anton R.

Lindsey, William R.

Lindvall, Joseph L.

Little, Edward (wounded; not on this

list but on list published Jan. 2, 1919;

he’s possibly the one listed as

William Edward)

Little, Philip Alexander

Little, William Edward

Lofstrom, Gustave A.

Lofstrom, Oscar

Lohman, Ludwig

Long, Daniel

Lore, Charles G.

Lowe, Levy C.

Lowry, Charles P.

Lowry, Rexford Thomas

Lowry, Robert O.

Love, Arthur J.

Lucia, Clyton Ina

Lukaskincez, John

Lukaskincez, Walter

Luken, Karl

Lumquist, Albin

Lund, Bastian (wounded; served in Canadian

forces; not on this list but on list

published Jan. 2, 1919)

Lund, Oscar

Lundin, Hjalmar

Lundquist, Carl B.

Lundquist, Peter A.

Lunquist, Sam

Lunstrom, Ever

MacDonald, Don Alonzo

MacDonald, Glen D.

MacDonald, John Henry

Macioszek, John J.

MacRae, Kenneth M. (killed)

MacRae, Peter Andrew

MacRae, Peter L.

Madsen, Charles E.

Madsen, Matt

Madsen, Peter Andrew (killed; also

called Andrew Peter)

Mangney, Albert L.

Marchand, Roderick

Martin, Adrey L.

Martinson, Bernhoff

Martrian, Anthony

Maryland, John W.

Mason, Albertus

Mason, Richard

Mason, William

Mastrain, Anthony L.

Matchula, John

Mattakut, Victor

Matson, Carl

Mattson, John E.

Mavwell, James W.

Maxson, John

May, Stanley Arthur

Mazino, John

McAndrews, John E.

McClary, Oswald

McClary, William A.

McCleary, William

McClusky, William

McCudden, Louis

McCutcheon, John

McDonald, Guy

McDonald, Leonard Donald

McElroy, George

McHugh, Edward M.

McMartin, Clarence

Meichofer, William

Melstrand, Carl F.

Melstrand, G.W.

Mertens, Raymond P.

Mertns, (sic) H.G. Lieut.

Mertz, Herbert

Mertz, Walter

Mesik, Andrew

Meyer, Godlof

Meyers, Fred R.

Michaels, Charles William

Michaelson, Helmer

Mikelson, Thomas

Miller, Eeinar M.

Miller, Frank

Miller, Isaac E.

Miller, James

Miller, Philip B.

Miller, Raguer

Milligan, Albert A.

Mineau, Arthur J.

Mineau, Raymond

Minko, Mike

Mischler, Charles E.

Mitchell, Clarence

Mitchell, Edmund F.

Mitchell, George Raymond

Mitchell, John

Monard, Richard

Montberg, Alvin

Moon, Edward

Moore, Harold Donald

Moore, Malcolm Ernest

Moran, James C.

Moran, William

Mordahl, John

Moreau, Edward

Morgan, William

Morrin, Adolph

Morrin, Alvis

Mosinak, Sam

Motyka, Peter

Mrofacsk (Moravchek?), Andrew James

Mrofacsk (Moravchek?), Joe

Mudrah, Joe J.

Murray, Raymond

Mussell, Harrison

Myhre, Bernard

Naoning, Malcolm

Nelson, Albert

Nelson, Arthur Clarence

Nelson, Arthur F.

Nelson, Carl B.

Nelson, Edward

Nelson, Edwin H.

Nelson, Ellis

Nelson, Erick

Nelson, Harold

Nelson, Henning

Nelson, Justice

Nelson, Martin

Nelson, Pete

Nemec, George

Nemec, Will

Neschke, Hugo

Neuhart, Fred P.

Neuman, Walter

Neville, Leon J.

Newquist, Einer

Nichols, Jud R.

Nicholson, Martin

Nickolson, Martin

Nierhofer, William

Niska, August J.

Nolander, Adolph

North, Leslie

Nye, Donald O.

Nye, Irwin R.

Nyland, Adolph

Nystrom, Alfred

Oberts, Frank

Oberts, John Henry

Oberts, Sigmund

Oberts, Stanz

O’Brien, George Roy

O’Brien, Thomas J.

O’Connell, Lawrence E.

Oettel, Louis A.

Ogren, Leonard S.

O’Kerstrom, Roy

Olby, Benjamin

Olby, Lief

Olson, Alfred

Olson, Algot W.C.

Olson, Bertha Miss

Olson, Carl E.

Olson, Carl G.

Olson, Charles J.

Olson, Edward C.

Olson, Harold

Olson, Ingwal

Olson, Laura Miss

Olson, Magnus

Olson, Ole

Olson, Oliver T.

Olson, Oliver Y.

Olson, Oscar

Olson, Paul M.

Olson, Rider

Olson, W.B.

Olson, William Nels

Onstad, Harold

Opien, Albert

O’Sullivan, John T.

O’Sullivan, William B.

Ottman, Merton R.

Ottoson, Fritz A.W.

Oustin, Louis

Overby, Edwin

Pacatte, Scott

Packard, Lawrence E.

Pady, Robert

Pallage, Henry John

Palm, Oscar E.

Pasque, Peter

Paulson, Owen

Pearley, Earl

Pearley, Floyd Roy

Pearley, Lyal James

Pease, Franklin E.

Peavey, H.H. Capt.

Peck, William R.

Pederson, Harry

Pederson, Walter J.

Peirson, Olof

Peloquin, Mike

Perkins, Francis B.

Perry (no first name)

Perry, Thomas B.

Pero, John

Peterson, A.B.

Peterson, Albert

Peterson, Alfred

Peterson, Arthur

Peterson, Carl

Peterson, Carl A.

Peterson, Ralph

Peterson, Ed

Peterson, Ernest A.

Peterson, Fritz

Peterson, George H.

Peterson, Hjalmar

Peterson, John E.

Peterson, John H.

Peterson, John M.

Peterson, Melvin

Peterson, Norman A.

Peterson, Peter

Peterson, Peter

Peterson, P. Harry

Peterson, Theo. W.

Peterson, True

Peterson, Victor

Peterson, Victor

Peterson, Walter

Petite, John

Pettingill, Norman

Phillips, Henry G.

Pierce, Lester A.

Pine, Louis

Polar, Matt

Pollock, Charles H.

Ponomar, Frank

Posey, Homer G.

Powell, Harold

Price, Leroy

Proell, John

Pudas, Arthur

Pudas, George

Punde, Gunner

Raarup, H. James

Raarup, Soren

Raina, George

Raina, John W.

Randall, Harry B.

Randles, Richard F.

Reeves, Alfred John

Regner, Otto M.

Reiten, Arthur

Reiten, Ever

Reiten, Helver

Revord, Alore

Rheaume, Peter

Richards, -------- (Bayfield)

Richards, Fleet J.

Richardson, Dana K.

Richardson, William

Rice, Peter R.

Riipi, Carl J.

Roberson, Harry D.

Robinson, Clayton

Robinson, Elmer

Robinson, James

Robison, Graydon

Robosin, Frank

Rockstad, Aarup

Rockstad, Andrew

Rockwell, Fred T.

Rockwell, Rex L.

Rockwood, George A.

Rodney, Morris

Rogers, Harry F.

Rogers, Louis A.

Rogers, Samuel N. (died)

Ross, Herbert

Ross, Loyd

Rouchek, George

Roy, Don J.

Roy, Samuel A.

Roy, Theodore Louis

Rucki, Joseph S.

Rufus, Frank

Ruipi, Peter R.

Runyon, Hollis

Rusek, Stephen F.

Russell, Leonard

Ryder, Clayton M.

Sagev or Sagey, Herman H.

Sanson, Charles Edw.

Sargent, Harold F.

Sayles, Adams B.

Schaffer, Elmer

Schmidt, George C.

Schmitt, Paul

Schriner, Louis

Schultz, Paul

Schutt, Raymond Curtis

Seaford, Joshua

Segal, Aaron

Sehlin, A.J.

Sehlin, Rupert E.

Sexton, Clement

Sharp, Howard Scott (not on this list but

funeral reported on Sept. 1, 1921)

Sheldon, James H.

Shelley, Frank S.

Sheridan, Russell

Sheridan, Thomas J.

Shimbel, Joe

Shriner, Joseph

Shriner, Louis

Simenson, William

Skoveld, Albert C.

Skoveld, Edward B.

Skvald or Skyald, Harold Leonard

Smedburg or Swedburg, Elmer

Smith, Albert G.

Smith, Carl J.

Smith, Earl J.

Smith, Edwin C.

Smith, George

Smith, Herbert H.

Smith, Joe

Smith, Reuben W.

Smith, R.W. Lieut.

Smith, Victir

Smith, Victor A.

Soil, Jergen A.

Sommers, Fred W.

Soshea, Levy

Soulier, William

Sowder, Edward

Stag, James B.

Stahl, Allen G.

Stanlake, Joe

Staples, Hary

Stark, Harold

Starr, Steve

Steele, Earnest Ray

Stefiniski, Stance

Steihl, Herman H.

Stein, Edward F.

Stein, George

Sterling, Robert

Stevens, Orville P.

Stiehl, Herman H.

Stockstad, Howard L.

Stohl, Joe

Stoll, William

Stoltz, Adolph G.

Strand, Ole

Strauman, Clarence

Strecker, Gottlieb Jacob

Strom, Edward

Strong, Lee A.

Stuhlman, Frank

Sullivan, Fabian C.

Summerfield, Louis

Supple, David R.

Supple, Jack A.

Svelmlein, George

Swan, Ellis S.

Swanby, Alfred O.

Swanby, Henry W.

Swanby, Melvin

Swanby, Perley

Swanby, Ralph E.

Swanson, Alfin

Swanson, Carl

Swanson, Conrad

Swanson, Edwin

Swanson, Frithjof

Swanson, Hjalmar

Swanson, Richard

Swedburg or Smedburg, Elmer

Swenson, Theodore

Sykes, Harry L.

Taipale, Arvid

Taraldson, Carl M.

Terry, Charles

Thalacker, George L.

Thibodeau, Axel. L.

Thiele, Robert Harold

Thomas, George M.

Thomas, James McGuerty

Thompson, Elmer R.

Thompson, Fritz

Thompson, Oscar C.

Thoreson, Albert

Thoreson, Alfred B.

Thoreson, Carl R.

Thoreson, Charles Theo.

Thoreson, Fred Edward

Thoreson, Marvin

Thorp, Harvey

Thorsby, Allen Munford

Thorsby, Arnold

Thorsby, Edwin N.

Thorsby, Elen Nelson

Tiegon, Severt I.

Tolonen, Edward

Tolonen, Ernest E.

Torbol, Joseph Emil

Tourville, Alfred

Tourville, Fred

Tourville, William

Toutloff, Fred James

Tranmal, Thomas

Trombly, Alfred

Trowbridge, P.T. Lieut.

Trowbridge, S.J. Lieut.

Tutor, James Wiley (wounded)

Uedelhofen, Peter S.

Ulvin, Marvin

Ungrodt, Carl B.

Unseth, Arthur J.

Urbanek, Charles

Vallancour, Ernest J.

Van Cleave, Paul

Vanderventer, Alex

Vanderventer, Louis J.

Vandeventer, Mike J.

Van Loon, Lye

Van Rossen, Henry

Veno, Alfonse

Veno, Walter

Visosky, Andy

Visosky, Mike

von Ende, Edward

Voorhees, Arthur F.

Wachsmuth, Albert

Wachsmuth, Fred

Wachsmuth, Lawrence

Waechter, Henry

Warburton, G.R.

Warden, Ralph Murdock

Warden, Warren Perris

Wardlen, Max

Waschsmuth, Jack

Wasmuth, Arthur

Watt, Ralph Waldo

Weber, William J.

Wedeoja, Henry R.

Wedin, Elmer H.

Wegsteen, Walter

Welch, James M.

Welin, Edwin

Welin, Kent A.

Wellon, Par H.

Wellum or Wollum, Eddie G.

Welsh, Oscar B.

Westburg, Hjalmer E.

Westby, Donald F.

Westlund, Elmer A.

Westlund, Jacob

Westlund, John J.

Westlund, Nels

Westlund, Nels J.

White, Aloipious O.

White, Burt Allen

Whitman, Otto

Wick, Elmer Louis

Wick, John

Wiggens, Conrd

Wiggin, Anton B.

Willey, Asa R.

Williams, Earl David

Williams, George Patrick

Williams, Lawrence

Williams, Leven Lieut.

Williams, Ralph Daniel

Windahl, Edwin

Windell, Herman

Winslow, E.J.

Wish, Roman Francis

Wishen, Joseph

Wismer, W.W. Capt

Wolenist, Fred J.

Wollum or Wollem, Eddie G.

Wood, Hiram

Wood, William H.

Woodbeck, Alfred F.

Woodbeck, Fred H.

Woodhead, Wallace E.

Worle, Emil H.

Wrubbens, William

Yderstad, Nels

Yeiter, Arthur

Yeska, Edward F.

Yiung, Freilling

Young, Gust

Young, Leonard

Zeimer, Oscar

Zieska, Otto

Zimmerman, Charles H.

Zipperer, Albert

Zipperer, Louis

Zlacewski, Andrew

Zlacewski, Raymond