Bayfield County in WWI
Bayfield County in WWI
Reprinted from the Iron River Pioneer
Dec. 5, 1918
Contributed and typed by Zoe Lappin


The County’s Contribution to Man Power to the Cause of Democracy Numbers Around Twelve Hundred. -- List is Doubtless Far From Complete.

Desiring to make a permanent record of the county’s contribution of manhood to the nation in this great war, the Bayfield County Council of Defense set out to obtain a list of the young men who are or have been in the military or naval service of the United States during the war, and the work of compiling the list was entrusted to Harvey Irish, of Bayview, who diligently strove to make or obtain as complete a record as possible. However, there are doubtless a number of inaccuracies nevertheless, for the compilation of such a record presents difficulties almost impossible to overcome. The list as compiled contains over 1,100 names and is as follows:

(Note, May 2000: Not all of these men and women enlisted or were drafted in Bayfield County, nor did all serve in Wisconsin units. Also, as printed originally, the list was alphabetized by first letter of the surname only.)


Albert, Arthur

Albrechtson, Enard

Allen, John T.

Alvord, Ellsworth, Lt.

Amundson, Adolph

Anderson, Alfred

Anderson, Arthur B.

Anderson, Arthur B.

Anderson, Axel R.

Anderson, David

Anderson, David

Anderson, Edward Linard

Anderson, Elmer

Anderson, Elmer M.

Anderson, Elmer Manno

Anderson, Elmer N.

Anderson, Ephi

Anderson, George

Anderson, George Oscar

Anderson, Gleen (sic) Walter

Anderson, John

Anderson, John N.

Anderson, John R.

Anderson, John S.

Anderson, John O.

Anderson, Levi

Anderson, Levy Carl

Anderson, Marion

Anderson, Nick

Anderson, Norman Leslie

Anderson, Oscar

Anderson, Otto

Anderson, Ray H.

Anderson, Victor

Anderson, Victor Albin

Anderson, Walter

Anderson, Wilhelm

Andrews, Floyd John

Areseneau (Arseneau?), Rudolph

Armbruster, Dewey Alford

Armbruster, Elmer (wounded)

Arrhenius, Albert B.

Arseneau, Alex

Arseneau, Bernard

Arseneau, Fred Edward

Atwood, George D.

Augusta, Burt (killed; in Canadian forces;

not on this list but on list of casualties published Jan. 2, 1919)

Axelberg, Phil

Axelberg, Probert (Robert?)

Babb, Frank

Bahbage, George

Bailey, Claud A.

Baker, Felix

Barker, William

Barnhart, Ross

Barningham, Vern

Barton, Eugene P.

Baynes, William M.

Bear, Frank

Bear, John J.

Beaton, Alex J.

Beaton, Harry

Beaulieu, Philip

Becku, Mike

Beecher, Eugene

Belanger, John

Belanger, Wiliam J.

Bell, Hurlburt H.

Bell, Remson Marsh

Bellis, Harvey L.

Bender, Walter Juluis (Julius?)

Benson, Arvid

Benson, Bernard J.

Benton, Dwight

Bentz, Augustus E.

Berg, Clarence

Berge, George

Berger, Emil

Bergmann, George

Bero, Gaberct (sic)

Berquist, Elmer John

Bever, Fred John

Bibeau, James

Bishop, Ray W.

Blair, Ray W.

Blaser, Fred

Blaser, John

Blexrud, Armen

Blexrud, Ole

Block, Ralph

Blyngapeel, O.F.

Bodin, August (killed)

Boehn, Frank

Bogenrief, Vere

Bolin, Edwin

Bonney, Harvey

Borst, J.H.

Boutin, Alonzo

Boutin, Clifford Charles

Boutin, Fred

Boutin, Glaspel

Bovee, Lemuel

Bowe, Frank M.

Braff, Ragnar

Braudwick or Brandwick, Andrew

Bresnahan, Frank G.

Bressette, Dominick

Brewer, George R.

Brigham, John Hallander

Brigham, Loyd Roy

Britton, Harry

Brown, Jesse E.

Brown, Vincent

Brunett, Geo. B.

Buck, Ernest S.

Buckland, Beatel G.

Burgo, Daniel

Burgson, Stuart R.

Burke, George

Busdahl, Edwin A.

Bushey, Charles

Bushy, John

Bushy, Thomas W.

Buss, Arnold Henry

Buss, Gustav E.

Butkowski, Anton

Butterfield, Axel

Butterfield, Francis A.

Butterfield, Mike

Cain, George

Cain, Peter

Calder, Gilbert

Calder, Roy A.

Calvin, William

Cameron, Duncan Albert

Cameron, Gilbert

Campbell, Walter

Carlson, Arthur L.

Carlson, Arthur Leonard

Carlson, Carl

Carlson, Edward Gustave

Carlson, Francis

Carros, Oscar

Carson, Austin

Carson, Dean

Carver, Loring Hiram

Carver, Max B.

Case, Frank T.

Casperson, Fred

Caulkins, Sherwood

Cavanaugh, Allen

Cavanaugh, Howard

Cavanaugh, William, Lt.

Cease, Arthur

Cease, Clarence

Chantelois, Arthur

Charette, Alex C.

Christianson, Alfred

Christianson, Alfred M.

Christianson, Carl

Christianson, Frank B.

Christianson, Fred

Christianson, Gerald A.

Christianson, Roy S.

Chrystal, Dan

Chrystal, John C.

Church, Vern C.

Cimino, Frank

Clark, Eustis H.

Clark, John

Cleveland, Grover

Clock, Arthur B.

Clock, Frank C.

Clock, Frank W.

Close, Raymond E.

Clygenpool, Otto F.

Colon, Frank

Comeron, Donald J.

Conlon, Bryan

Cook, Lawrence H.

Cook, Oliver Thomas

Cooley, Emery R.

Cooper, Edwin

Cooper, Herman

Cooper, Richard Watson

Copic, Frank

Corbett, Elmer

Corby, John

Cosgrove, Anna, Miss

Cordts, Max

Cousineau, Joseph

Couture, William Joseph

Crystal, Daniel M.

Crystal, Raymond

Cudmore, Edward C.

Cunty, John

Currant, William

Currie, George W.

Curry, Harry Bernard

Curtin, James

Cuty, George

Dahl, Carl Grover

Dahl, Chester

Dahl, Herman Frederick (wounded)

Dahl, Victor N.

Dahlstedt, Arthur

Dahlstedt, Carl V.

Daly, Carl

Daly, Joseph

Daly, Patrick John

Daly, Richard Edward

Danielson, Martinus

DeBraie, Fred

Degelman, Adam (died)

De Lone, Albert

DeMars, Carl E.

DeMars, Harvey Arthur

DeMars, Raymond N.

DeMars, William N.

Demonily, Leo

Dennis, Joseph T.

Denver, Dewey,

Denver, William

DePerry, Antonio

De Voe, George F.

Dickson, Albert

Dodge, Lyle Miller (died)

Doers, Arley J.

Doros, Frank

Downs, Robert

Dresden, August Peter

Dricoll, Daniel Joseph

Drown, William

Druley, Charles L.

Duffy, George

Dugay, Emma M., Miss

Dunkel, Marion

Dunnebecke, Joseph W.

Durica, John George

Eagan, Stanley

Eaton, Norman

Eckenberg, Albert

Eckenberg, Fritz

Ecklund, Swan

Eggan, Ole

Elaczkwski, Anton

Eliason, Martin

Elliot, Philip

Enouf, Arthur

Enouf, Leo G.

Enouf, Raymond

Erickson, David

Erickson, Ed

Erickson, Edwin A.

Erickson, Erick A.

Erickson, Ernest

Erickson, John

Erickson, Oscar

Ernst, Theodore

Erskine, Ralph

Estabrook, Harold J.

Estabrook, Edna, Miss

Evan, Andrew Walter

Evanstad, Axel

Evanstad, Edwin O.

Evensted, Paul I.

Fairfield, Lloyd

Fairfield, Yorte

Faulk, Walter

Fay, Ivan

Fenton, Alfred E.

Fiege, Arthur F.A.

Fiege, Harvey J.O.

Finnigan, Albert J.

Finnigan, William R.

Finstad, Carl K.

Finstad, Oscar

Fionnes, Ole

Fischer, George Henry

Fischer, Gilbert

Fizell, Louis

Fleck, John Dufur

Fleck, Leander H.

Fluck, Ronald

Flynn, John Allen

Flynn, Patrick H.

Fortier, Edward N.

Foster, Archie A.

Fox, George

Frost, Horace

Frostman, Carl G.

Frostman, Ulrick

Fuhrmann, Charles F.

Gadd, Stewart

Gagnon, Stanley

Garberg, John

Gasman, John

Gaush, Gustav

Gauske, Benjamin F.

Geisert, Otto

Geisert, Roy

George, Robert Jr. (in Canadian forces;

killed; not on this list but on

list of casualties published

Jan. 2, 1919)

George, Robert Sr. (in Canadian forces;

wounded; not on this list but on list

of casualties published Jan. 2, 1919)

Gidlof, Andrew E.

Gilbert, Alex

Gilbertson, Louis W.

Gilchrist, Mark

Glarum, Melvin

Gonia, Bernard J.

Goodrich, H.L. Lieut.

Gordon, Arthur

Gordon, James

Goullett, Leo P.

Grady, William Earl

Grant, Joe

Green, Fred

Green, Harley C.

Greger, Raymond

Greger, Toney

Gregoire, Fred J.

Griffen, Martin

Gunderson, Gustave

Gundesgaurd, Clarence

Gurnoe, Joseph

Gustafson, Walter

Habens, Steve

Hagman, Arthur F.

Hagstrom, Paul

Hagstrom, Richard

Hale, Herbert

Hangerude, Louis

Hannum, Henry H.

Hanson, A. Willie

Hanson, Alvin

Hanson, Carl (killed; not on this list

but on list of casualties published

Jan. 2, 1919)

Hanson, Chester

Hanson, Christ J.

Hanson, Edwin

Hanson, Edwin

Hanson, Edwin J.

Hanson, John C.

Hanson, John Edwin

Hanson, Lewis Sigurd

Hanson, Louis

Hanson, Swerry

Haranecz or Haranocz, Joseph

Harding, Doc

Harding, William

Hare, Clarence

Hare, George F.

Hare, John D.

Halverson, Henry

Halverson, Nels

Harrington, George

Harrington, Henry

Harrington, Henry H.

Harris, Carl G.

Harrison, David C. Capt.

Harnois, E.J.

Harnois, Evangelist J.

Harveaux, Fred C.

Harvey, Clarence Scoot

Harvey, R.A. Lieut.

Hassing, John E. Jr.

Hassing, Paul S.

Haugen, Conrad Geigen

Haugen, Embert

Hawkes, Brian Eugene

Hawkes, Charles

Hawkes, Thomas A. Lieut.

Hedquist, Harold

Heickel, Carl

Heikkila, John

Heinze, Irwin E.

Helling, Kenneth

Hellweg, Kenneth

Hellweg, Roy

Hellwig, Roy C.

Hendrickson, Carl

Hendrickson, Harry

Hermanson, Victor

Hermanson, Willie

Higgins, Thomas

Hill, Frederick N.

Hill, John

Hill, Leonard

Hnath, J.

Hoaglund, George

Hobbs, Charles E.

Hobbs, Delbert

Hobbs, Donald

Hobbs, Douglas

Hockanson, Eskil

Hockanson, Roy

Hodyniak, George

Hoeffele, Leonard R.

Hoefling, Fred H.

Hogruth, Louis O.

Holton, Ray (killed; not on this

list but on list of casualties

published Jan. 2, 1919)

Holly, Louis E.

Holm, Wilbert

Holman, John

Holmes, Robert Arthur

Holmquist, Walter

Honeter, John N.

Hostrawser, Paul Edward

Houtary, Arvid

Hovanacz, Joseph

Howard, Nathan

Huber, John

Hudson, Harvey

Hughes, Edward R.

Hungerford, Arthur H.

Hungerford, Dale E.

Hungerford, Roy Leonard L.

Hunt, William E.

Inglis (no first name)

Ireland, John

Irving, Clifford W.

Iverson, Iven

Jacobs, John

Jacobson, Arvid

Jacobson, Byron

Jacobson, Lenus

Jelineck, Frank

Jensen, Andrew

Joanis, Charles A.

Johanson, Frank L.

John, Edward A.

Johnson, Albert

Johnson, Albert E.

Johnson, Albert J.

Johnson, Albion

Johnson, Alfred

Johnson, Andrew

Johnson, Axel Iver

Johnson, Edward

Johnson, Edwin

Johnson, Elmer

Johnson, Emil

Johnson, Erick S.

Johnson, Faulke

Johnson, Ferris M.

Johnson, Fred

Johnson, George

Johnson, Gust

Johnson, Henning

Johnson, Johan G.

Johnson, Lewis

Johnson, Martin

Johnson, Oscar T.

Johnson, Reinhardt

Johnson, Robert E.

Johnson, Rudolph

Johnson, Sanford

Johnson, Selmer

Johnson, Signar

Johnson, Signor M.

Johnson, Vernon

Johnson, Walter

Johnson, Walter J.

Jones, Charles

Jones, M.H.

Josephson, E. Bernard

Josephson, Melvin

Junek, Frank Jr.

Junek, John

Kallio, Lewis O.

Kammerer, Conrad

Kammerer, John

Kapp, Lliyd (Lloyd?) N.

Karlstrom, David F.

Kautzer, Lyial E.

Kearns, Thomas A.

Kelley, John D.

Kelly, Bernard D.

Kelsey, Francis

King, George W.

Kinney, Chester B.

Kirnburger, Fred

Kjarwick, Ingwal

Kluge, Gahart C.

Klovstad, Elmer

Knapp, David G.

Knath, Stephen

Kniveroff, Peter

Kolberg, Arthur Ernest

Kongstvedt, Sigurd A.

Koee, Mike

Kosberg, Anton,

Kosberg, Edward

Kosberg, Ingoe

Kosha, Andrew

Kretcheman, Arthur H.

Kruger, Frank W.

Kuehn, Alexander

Kupas, Thomas

Kurschner, Philip E.