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Original Query submitted to site on 21 February 2000

About 1899, Even Anderson left the NW Lower Penninsula in Mich for employment in Wisconsin, leaving a wife and family of 7 at Leland MI Wife died during childbirth in 1899(? unrecorded) and the death of Even Anderson was reported sometime after this. 1900-1905. First Probate Papers found indicate 1905?? Trying to track the actual date of his death, or if he did not in fact die, anything that can be determined. Allegedly died near Ashland? Was a woodsworker/cutter etc in Mich, probably employed in the Woods that area. Had sent money back to Mich for the family. Deaths left 8 orphans who had spent most of their lives searching for their father. Any help appreciated.

Response from John Griener on 12 March, 2000

The 24 April 1903 edition of the Bayfield County Press, under the heading of "County Board Proceedings," lists an inquest on the body of Even Anderson -- names jurors. Note states $14 and one gold watch found on body of Even Anderson. Neither date of inquest nor date of death specified -- other cases seem to cover the winter of 1902-1903.

Next response from Marv Anderson:

Everything from John L. Griener fits my quest, and it appears the 100 year search is over. Inquest located in Bayfield Country Press . THANKS EVERYONE, VERY MUCH! M Anderson

Note I received from Marv Anderson:

It seems this query can be cancelled for the area.  Had a message from John L. Griener today, he found a request for an Inquest on Even Anderson in the Bayfield County Press, Board proceedings, 24 April 1903, listing jurors etc.

It looks like your efforts paid off!  Been searching for a record since he died, even had John Chalpple an old hand at the Ashland Daily Press search there back in the 70's, found nothing, and he looked for a long time.

It comes to late to be of use to his Orphans, his wife died about the same time, in Michigan.  At last, only one Aunt and I continued to look, and the Internet and the efforts of a lot of people in Wisconsin paid off, and the whole thing is much appreciated!

Now if I can just find the record of his wifes death?????  We even know where she is buried-and almost becoming to doubt that!

Thanks again,
Marv Anderson

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