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Surnames: BUSHEY
Researcher: Laurie
Email:[email protected]
Date Posted: 15 December 2008

I am researching my family's roots in Bayfield, WI. The family moved from Bathurst New Brunswick Canada to Bayfield in 1896. The father may be Alexander and he was a merchant seaman. My g-grandpa, his son, was William Wallace Bushey and was a railroad conductor. I'm not sure how long they stayed in Bayfield but William moved to Spooner around 1903-4.

Surnames: PAkm
Researcher: Rosemary
Email:[email protected]
Date Posted: 13 September 2008

I am hoping to learn if anyone has a picture of my grandmother, Rose Ambly Palm. She lived all of her life in Washburn, from the early 1800's to the 1970's. Any photos of her with friends would be a great discovery.

Researcher: Debbie
Email:[email protected]
Date Posted: 09 February 2008

I am looking for information about my grandfather's family. His parents were Jurgen (Jorgen) Matson or Madson and Christine Jensen and they lived in Iron River with 7 boys and 1 daughter. The children were all adopted to different families after Christine died giving birth to a son in November 1914. The children's names were Arthur M, Carl C, Virgil E, Francis G, Victor M, John C, Clifford J and Helen M. Census records do not show record of Helen, but a family member has a memorial that records her parents (adopted?) as Benjamin and Catherine Upson and that she was preceded in death by 7 brothers. I would like to find out what happened to the family. Jorgen seems to have disappeared after his wife died. Thank you.

Researcher: Darlene
Email:[email protected]
Date Posted: 26 September 2006

In looking through some genealogy stuff that I have I found a picture of a tombstone. I can't read anything on the picture except LaFlex. Below the picture is written Grandpa and grandma LaFlex headstone. They are buried in the Barnes Cemetery, Barnes, Wisconsin. Most of my relatives live in Clark County, Wisconsin and I do have contact with that group.

I am looking for any information on either LaFlex, LaFex, Fexe and Poppe.

Appreciate any help, thanks,

Researcher: Sue
Email:[email protected]
Date Posted: 19 November 2005

My grandfather, LaVerne (Vernie) Butler was born April 5, 1877 in Lake Linden (Houghton) Michigan. He died October 13, 1958 and is buried in Woodland Cemetery, Wisconsin. His parents were Edward Butler and Mary Thurston who I believed divorced. He had a younger sister named Neil. I have a newspaper article about my grandfather (who was a pioneer in the area and on his own at 14 and lived on Rocky Island in his later years) that stated he came to Washburn in 1886 with his mother Mary Thurston and his stepfather J. D. Robertson. I don't know whether he died or they divorced, but I think she was last married to a Chesney or Chasney, and that they lived and died at Ashland, but I have no proof of it. I am trying to trace my genealogy of Edward Butler, who I think lived and died in Flint, MI possibly in 1928 -30, and anything about ! Mary Thurston's lineage.

My grandfather Vern Butler was married to Lula Janette Haugen Gasmann (both her parents were Norwegian and I've traced their lines. My father was called "Red"--as were his brothers and sisters. I've always assumed they were Irish, but know nothing beyond this information on my father's paternal line. I would be grateful for any help you might be able to give me. Thank you so much.

Surnames: RENEHAN
Researcher: Julia Ward
Email:[email protected]
Date Posted: 05 November 2005

I am researching my mothers, great uncle Anthony (Andy) Renehan. Born in Ireland in 1843, came to US about 1889, stayed in Carson City and Ionia Michigan a short time, then moved to Washburn, WI. and worked for Du Pont de Nemours Co. Died May 2, 1919 in Washburn Wi. Obituary said buried from St. Louis Catholic Church there and buried in the St. Louis Catholic Cemetery. F.T.Beers was the adm of his estate. I would like to know where the St Louis Cemetery is located and location of his plot.

I would appreciate any help on this.


Surnames: EGGEN
Researcher: Liv Nordset
Email:[email protected]
Date Posted: 02 September 2005

My great grandfather Even Gunerius Johansen Eggen, born Sep 22 1863, emigrated from Norway in 1886 with destination Ada, Norman County, Minn. I have found no trance of him in Minnesota, but there is an Even Eggen in the 1900 census for Iron River, Bayfield County, Wisconsin. He is listed as a saw mill laborer and the dates tally with my g.grandfather's. I have obtained information to the effect that the saw mill he worked at probably was the Hines, Alexander & Edgar Lumber Company and that he might have lived with the Christopherson family. There is a "P" behind his name which I guess indicates that he had started the process of being naturalized.

I have not found him in the 1910 census for Iron River or in the weekly magazine "Iron River Pioner" 's online lists of births, marriages and deaths from 1894 to 1917, nor is he to be found at the Ashland archives.

Any information about this Even Eggen will be greatly appreciated!

I hope this query will bring some information as to what became of my g.grandfather. I have been looking for him for five years.

Surnames: LEGACY
Researcher: Vicki
Email:[email protected]
Date Posted: 12 July 2005

I am researching my Mother's family Legacy/Brattin. My Grandmother Mary Elizabeth Legacy was born 12 March 1899 in Washburn Wisconsin to Joseph Legacy and Mary Angelina Legacy. No, this is not a goof on the surname, we have always known that first cousins married. Both Joseph and Mary were born in New Brunswick. I also found William E Legacy born 7 April 1898 Washburn Wi. He was my grandmothers brother.

Mary Legacy married William A. Brattin 8 Jan 1915 in Virginia.

My mother Mary Elizabeth Brattin was born in Washington State 13 Jan 1923. Any help would be much appreciated.

Surnames: GOLDMAN
Researcher: Martha Maxwell
Email:[email protected]
Date Posted: 8 August 2004

Lawrence and Esther (sometimes spelled Ester) Goldman. They migrated from southern Indiana to Bayfield county, Wisconsin, probably in the 1920's. If not then the early 1930's. They owned a farm, and their mailing address was Bayfield.

I am hoping to find someone who knew or still knows the family. Where Ester and Lawrence are buried, their obituary. Children. Anything will help.- Also, I found a Lawrence Goldman Jr. who was killed during WW2, and who has a monument in his name on the west coast, I think in California. I am wondering if that was their son.

Surnames: SEE
Researcher: Bob Jones
Email:[email protected]
Date Posted: 5 March 2004

From Death Notices As Published in the Iron River Pioneer (from the Bayfield County, Wisconsin GenWeb site): William A. Sec of Ashland, shot at Ino, before Nov. 22

Can anyone tell me if there would have been an inquest on this incident? IF there was, how could I go about getting a copy of it?

Also, where would be the best place to write to get a copy of the full article in the Iron River Pioneer and/or an accompanying obituary?


Researcher: Beverly Birch-glory
Email:[email protected]
Date Posted: 19 February 2004

The above gentlemen is my great Grandfather whom I just found out about. He lived in Brule, with my resources telling me he died there in 1904. Any info would be appreciated. I also would like to discover my great Grandmother's name. Understand she died the same year in the month of April in Minneapolis.

Thank you so much for anything you can do for me.

Researcher: Judy Browniing
Email:[email protected]
Date Posted: 03 February 2004

I am seeking information regarding a member of my Sheehan Family. I am looking for information about Mary Ann Sheehan, married to James Condon in 1887 in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan. James was from Bayfield, Wisconsin. James died (date unknown) in Bayfield; Mary Ann (now Condon) married F.E. Smith between 1910-1930. I have no other information on her or her family. She was a Catholic, is in the 1930 Census as follows: Census, 1930, City of Bayfield, 1st Ward, Bayfield Co., Wisconsin: 252/259: First STreet, F.E. Smith, head, ..renting, age 56, married. Age at marriage 29.; Mary Smith, wife, 67, married, age at first marriage, 25. She was born in Canada, moved to Mt. Pleasant, MIchigan, and met and married James Condon and moved to Bayfield, Wis. Any assistance or information would be greatly appreciated.

If you e-mail please indicate Mary Ann Conlon so I don't delete you.

Thanks so much.

Researcher: Jan Lynn
Email:[email protected]
Date Posted: 05 January 2004

My Grandfather Herman Fredrick Richter immigrated from Germany to the Cable Wisconsin about 1914 Married Chrystal Irene Stockman in 1916 .. Great Grandmother was Margaret ( MAGGIE ) Stockman ( unknown maiden name ..maybe Brownlee ? an orphan from an Pennsilvannia Dutch Community. Maggie came via covered wagon to Wisconsin....was a mid-wife in the Cable Namekogon area for many years . My grandfather's Uncle ... Henry Richter immigrated to the area first and sent for his nephew...='s my grandfather. Henry married Mary ? Lived in Cable and was the watchman for the Namekogon Dam. At one time owned much property in the Dummond Area, which he sold off the timber..he was a butler in Europe and spoke 7 languages fluently and had gold teeth in front :) Has a beautiful Black Polished Granite Headstone in Cable cemetary... far back overlooking the river . I have Photos Maggie maried Ben Stockman ( on whom I have little info) and after his death married John Denman in 1914 in Hayward Wisconsin . Chrystal had sister's Daisy and Mae ( May ?) Anyone with info on these families ? Thank You ,

Researcher: Sue Jarosch
Email:[email protected]
Date Posted: 07 October 2003

Seeking infomation on Moses, son Edmund & Daughter Laura also Alfred Trouville Family, and the Moses Tourville family all showing in the 1930 census in Washburn.

Thank you,

Researcher: Nancy Lindgren
Email:[email protected]
Date Posted: 30 March 2003

I am searching for any information on my ancestors from Soknedal and Syltegarden, Norway. My great grandfather was Edvard Ivertsen Sylte and his wife was Kjersti Johnsen Sundli. I do not know when they emigrated but they met in Eau Clair, Wisconsin. They were married married May 12, 1888. Edvard died in 1896 and Kjersti died April 2, 1941. They are both buried at Woodland Cemetery in Washburn, Wisconsin.

I would appreciate immensely any help you could give me.

Researcher: Judith Lindgren
Email:[email protected]
Date Posted: 09 February 2003

I have been looking for my Great-grandparents Jacob and Caroline Hameenkorpi, who lived in Iron River, WI in 1895 through 1899. (Jacob helped with the Census taking of 1895.) In 1899 Caroline and their daughter Anna Lisa bought land in Oulu and lived there, but no sign of Jacob anymore from 1895 to 1910, when Caroline became a widow, listed on 1910 Census's.

Does anyone know anything about this couple?

Also looking for any information on Alexander Salo who married Anna Lisa Hameenkorpi in 1903.

Surnames: BURNETT
Researcher: Roger Helser
Email:[email protected]
Date Posted: 05 February 2003

Looking for information on the Clark H. Burnett family. This would be my wife's great Uncle. Clark is originally from Rockford, Il where his parent's Giles H. Burnett and Rebbeccca Salisbury Burnett resided. Rebbecca passed in 1888 and Gile in 1903. Clark was born in 1864 and had a second marriage to Berta Comstock Burnett in 1896. Theyresided in Rockford, Ill and a listed in the Winnebago County 1900 census, along witha 8 year old son Walter.

Clark, Berta and Walter then 18 are listed in the 1910 Bayfield County, Drumond Twp, Wisconsin 1910 census. After that date I have found no record of this family nor their relations/ Any information that could be provided from this area, either living relatives, cemetary records, etc. would be greatly appreciated.

Surnames: ERICKSEN
Researcher: XXXX
Email:[email protected]
Date Posted: 24 January 2003

Any one doing Washburn/Bayfield county obit lookups? I need a lookup for Karen Eriksen who died 9 Sept. 1923. Thanks!

Researcher: Julie Berg-Duffy
Email:[email protected]
Date Posted: 21 January 2003

I am researching the Kelly/Pierson families who resided in Pratt (Grandview), Cable and Drummond, Wisconsin areas from approximately 1881 - 1920. I believe a good many of the older folks of these clans are buried in the Grandview Cemetery. Specific names would be John Kelly, Robert Pierson, John Robert Pierson, Janet MacDonald Pierson, John T. Kelly, and Charles J. and Jane M. Pierson Kelly. Charles and Jane were my great grandparents, and are buried in Superior, but I have definite proof of their residence in Pratt (Grandview) during the early 1900's. Charles Kelly was a camp foreman for the Willow River Logging Company during that time. Charles and Jane Kelly had 7 children...John T, Harry C, Bernard E, William, Genevieve B, Merton S, and Myrl B. Kelly. Merton and Myrl were twins.

John T. Kelly died of diphtheria in Grandview sometime after the 1905 census and before the 1910 census, around the age of 18-19. Harry and Bernard married local girls Florence (Floss) McLaughlin and Alma Windahl, respectively. Genevieve also married a local man, Robert A. Holmes, son of John Holmes and Sarah Mary Parker Holmes McDougall.

The Charles J. Kelly family moved on to Superior sometime between 1917-1920. In the book entitled: Grandview, Wisconsin Centennial 1884-1984, it is written that the "John" Kelly family lived in a home across from the Grandview Town Hall, later known as the Methodist Parsonage. The John Kelly family was in actuality the "Charles" Kelly family. I'm wondering if that house still stands? I have pictures of it, along with a picture of the Grandview Mercantile, where Genevieve B. Kelly worked in her teen-age years.

Any information regarding these families is welcome and much appreciated. Thank you.

Surnames: CAMPBELL
Researcher: Tom
Email:[email protected]
Date Posted: 18 December 2002

I'm trying to find out about my family, some names are Clarence Thomas Campbell, his parents John and Emma Campbell and I'm looking for more on John Campbell and his parents ect. Thanks for any help.

Surnames: SMITH
Researcher: XXXX
Email:[email protected]
Date Posted: 21 October 2002

Smith ancestors who lived in Washburn/Houghton from about 1887 to 1912. My father was Raymond Louis Smith, son of Charles Hamilton Smith and Elizabeth Talbot. Charles' parents, James Davis Smith and Sarah Jane Hawkins died in Washburn in 1905 and 1908 and are buried there. Charles had three brothers who also lived in the town, William H. Smith, Ferdinand E. Smith and J. Edward Smith.

Researcher: Lee
Email:[email protected]
Date Posted: 19 October 2002

My great grandmother Emilyn Lydia Boutin (Bautin) married William Edward Blair in/or around 1900, in I think Bayfield Wisconsin. They, for sure, had my grandmother Ethel Florence Blair on July 8, 1904 in Bayfield WI. They also had 4 other children but they all died at child birth or within a few years there after. They then ended up in Vancouver BC. If anyone knows any information at all about the Boutin family that is related to Emilyn, I would love to hear from you please. Thank you so much.,

Surnames: URQUHART
Researcher: Cindy Roe
Email:[email protected]
Date Posted: 1 September 2002

I am looking for information about William Urquhart, he married Olga Thompson in Nov. 11, 1916 Washburn, WI. Could you please tell me if or how I can find info about his family sisters, brothers.

Surnames: BENSON
Researcher: Janice
Email:[email protected]
Date Posted: 18 May 2002

Looking for the family of Pearl Hage Benson, who lived in Drummond when I visited them in the 1980's. Don't know her husband's first name, but their children were Janet 1939, Wayne 1941, and Billy Joe 1944.

Researcher: Robbin
Email:[email protected]
Date Posted: 25 April 2002

Charles Paquette and Leocadie Pelletier Bay City MI dec 8 1870or 1871 had 13 children in all
1 Henry Paquette Jan 1888 MI
2 Eva Paquette Sept 1889 MI
3 Florence Paquette WI Dec 1892
4 Marie Lydia Goldie Paquette Washburn WI Sept 1894.
Do you have any info Florence or Marie. Thank you for your time.

Surnames: PAQUETTE
Researcher: Robbin
Email:[email protected]
Date Posted: 25 April 2002

I am trying to find out some information on my gr aunts they were born in WI, Florence Paquette on December 1892 and Marie Lydia Goldie Paquette on September 1894 in Washburn WI. My gr grandfather was Charles Paquette, I am unsure if they had the same mother as my grandfather his mother was Leocadie Pelkey (pelletier). She was from Bay City MI (b Dec 8 1870 or 1871). If you have any info on either Florence or Marie I would be very greatful.Thank you for your time

Surnames: Sarah { Sally} Pike
Researcher: Georgina
Email:[email protected]
Date Posted: 15 April 2002

Searching for more info on Sarah, she was the mother of Judge Elisha Pike. She died 11 Nov 1864 and is buried in Bayfield. I would so appreciate finding an obituary for her and knowing if a death certificate would be available for that early. Please contact me directly by email. Many Thanks.

Researcher: Kathy DeFonso
Email:[email protected]
Date Posted: 18 March 2002

I am looking for birth information concerning my grandfather, Louis Jeremiah Micka, born in Washburn Wis. September 16, 1881. Born to Herman Micka and Mary Pross. Confirmation of this would be helpful. Thanks.

Researcher: Brenda
Email:[email protected]
Date Posted: 18 March 2002

I am the great-great-granddaughter of a man, last named Nilson (spelling I believe correct). He ran one of the first fisheries in Bayfield, he married a woman, by the name of Marguerite (last name?) and had many children, - Dagmar, my great-grandmother, Lila, Signe, Genivieve- who is still alive in Bayfield/Washburn, Ralph, and several other boys, that I dont know their names. I believe he came from Norway. I am having trouble finding any information on (first name?) Nilson. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you

Researcher:Kris Crandall
Email:[email protected]
Date Posted: 17 February 2002

My great grandfathers name was Fred Bousley, born Jan/4/1897. I know some of his sisters names, Irene, Ester, Givina (possibly not spelled right) and there as I was told one more sister. They came here from France. Which part, which boat?. when exactly?? who are their parents?? These parts are still a mystery. From there arrival here, they ended up in Iron River Wisc., which is why I am looking here. And my great grandfathers dad died drowning in a river..any info towards finding his roots or any info on them would be appreciated.

Researcher:Sue Antrim
Email:[email protected]
Date Posted: 13 January 2002

Im looking for anyone that is doing research on the surname Musolf

Researcher:Betty Shaw
Email:[email protected]
Date Posted: 8 December 2001

Did Washburn have a Sacret Heart College in 1888/9? It would have been a Catholic College. I have a picture of with Brother Frank Franciscus and an uncle Father Peter Franciscus that said he attended a college in Washburn WI. This could have been an incorrect translation many years ago. Frank died that year at Notre Dame College in IN.

Researcher:Carol Croce
Email:[email protected]
Date Posted: 30 October 2001


Query #2
I am searching for information on my grandmother Annie Lund-Anderson Keenor. She died in Il. in 1955. I know she was married in Chippawa Falls, Wi 17 May Samuel Keenor. She said she and all her siblings were born in Trondheim Norway. Her father was Fredrik Anderson and mother Anna. Father drowned off Norway, probably 1873 one brother Fred might have been born after. Her mother immegrated to Wi. I think to Washburn or Ashland maybe Superior. There were John, Gus Annie Ingaborg Fred and another sister I don't know name of. What I know is that the brothers fought over their Surname. One said it was Anderson the other that the some took the name of a farm or relative when left in Norway. I have census records for Fred Lund and family and Gus Lund living on 4th st with wife Carrie and Regna Axel and Alma in Washburntown on 1900 census, Then on 1920 lived at 6322 W 4th wutg Fred and Ethelwyn. Axel lived at 605 w 4th St 1920 census w/ Mary (May) wife and Evelyn, William, and Adelaide. Regna (Rachel or Rae) M Elmer Sanders (who ran a bottleling plant in the 1940's was also a Whestler.) lived in Washburn and had Arvella 1916, Luis 1922, and Earl 1924. all born in Washburn. Fred Lund Anderson? m Lena and had Olga, Myrtle, Arthur, Chester. all I know about this family is that Lena was in an institute for 5 years in Superior before she died 24 Apr 1936, bu 29 Apr 1936 in Washburn. Fred lost all his fingers in a frostbite accident? Had two steel plates in his palms (could even knead bread) I saw him living in Washburn across from his brother Gus or Axel's house on 4th. I was about 8 (1942-3) sidewalks were wooden. I have picture of Gus and Rae at that time. I have rambled on but the main thing I would like to know is how they could have gotten from Norway to Wi and how my greatgrandmother could have made a living as a man's tailor from 1873? or so I only know her name was Anne (Ane) married a Johnson and eventually went to Tacoma, or Seattle Wa. where she died at about 94. The oldest brother John moved to Idaho, no information on him. Sister Ingaborg (Ida) married a Johnson had a lot of children I think in Chippawa Falls, where my grandmother married and had my mother Florence, Ann Therese, and John moved to Chicago w/Samuel and had Eva and Eugene.Died in La Grange,Il at 88years old. This story is what she told me when I was young and not interested in genealogy. She ran away after coming to live in Wi. because her oldest brother John wouldn't let her go to a dance. She was 16 when she came to U.S and 20 when she married Sam. How she went to Chippawa or wether they all we in that town and then went north I don't know. Sam worked on the Wisconsin Central Railway in 1893. Hope you can fill in some of the blanks for me. please add me to your list I will let you know if I find any clues in the new 1930 census. thanks Carol Croce granddaughter of Annie Lund Anderson Keenor

Researcher:Lauretta Lechner
Email:[email protected]
Date Posted: 14 October 2001

Holsum or Holzum A barber In Washburn in 1885. Possibly my great uncle Steiner,John or Johann and Louise my mother who was their seventh child was baptized in St. Louis catholic ch. in Washburn Sept. 1892. am wondering if Louis 1884, Maria Mollie 1887, and Annie 1889 birth dates were born there also and baptized.. The family did migrate to Taylor Co. I dont know when so the next two 1893 and 1896 may have been born either place. Thank you, From Lauretta Lechner, A displaced Taylor co. Wisconsonite.

Email:[email protected]
Date Posted: 27 September 2001


Researcher:Terry LaPorte
Email:[email protected]
Date Posted: 16 July 2001

My Lawin ancestors lived in Bayfield and cornucopia, after migrating from central Minnesota, circa 1918-20. I would love to share or compare information with others.

Researcher:Kathryn Bryan
Email:[email protected]
Date Posted: 21 June 2001

I have a death record on my gg-grandfather George BRYAN who died June 1, 1900. I wrote to the State archives to receive this death record and the index said he died in "Ashland, WI". When I received the death record IT states that his place of residence was Bayfield and that he died in Bayfield (occupation was railroading). It further states that his body was shipped to "Mungee", Michigan. No one has been able to locate a town/village called Mungee in Michigan, so this must be an error. In any event, my BRYAN line actually resided in Ashland County, WI in 1900, so I am a little confused about this death record. If anyone knows about the Bayfield/Ashland connection in 1900 or about "railroading" in this era, please let me know. If anyone is familiar with the BRYAN's in Ashland, I would like to hear from you. Many thanks.

Researcher:Lindy Wise
Email:[email protected]
Date Posted: 15 January 2001

I live in Florida but am trying to find an obit for Ivar Tangen b l2 June l864 d l9 Nov l896 and buried Bayfield Cemetery, block l3. Also any info on Esther Tangen who paid for the cemetery lot at that time. Also, I believe my uncle, Martin Tangen was in the Bayfield area at the end of the l920's.

Thanks for any info you can find. Lindy Wise

Email:[email protected]
Date Posted: 13 November 1999

I need a copy of my Gr. Grandmothers birth certificate. I have my Grandmas and Dads now I need Grgrandma. I called the register of deeds at Bayfield and they do not have all of the records for the year 1872. Her name was Maggie Derragon. Her marriage announcemnet is in the newspaper section on the Bayfield site. I need her birth certificate next month for proof of direct decendency from Chief Buffallo. Some one on one of my genealogy lists said to try Linda Briscoll, that she has a large data base of Red Cliff records but I have not been able to get a hold of her. I don't have her e-mail.
Any suggestions?

Researcher:Rob Forrest
Email:[email protected]
Date Posted: 13 November 1999

I am trying to locate the last known residence of a Mr Tom Blake. Mr Blake was one of the most influencial people in the world of surfing over the last 100 years, and he came back to Northern Wisconsin to spend the final years of his life. I believe he lived in Washburn, and died in Ashland in the mid 1990's. I know he is buried in Washburn, but I would like to know where is his last place of residence becasue I would like to come up and see the area that he called home and that seemed to inspire him very much. Any information or links to other sources would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time.

Researcher:Carl J. Strang Jr.
Email:[email protected]
Date Posted: 11 October 2000

We know very little about my grandfather Edgar Daniel STRANG other than that he bought 160 acres of land in Bayfield County in 1885.

Can you lead me to other information about him?

I'd be happy to pay any reasonable costs incurred in looking for data.

Thanks in advance for your consideration.

In liberty,
Carl J. Strang, Jr.

Surnames:Finding Andrina
Researcher:Jim Bjorklund
Email:[email protected]
Date Posted: 11 November 1999

I am at a standstill locating my grandmothers parents. Her name was Andrina Bjolgerud, and she married my grandfather Ole Swanby in the year 1892. They were both born in Norway, in 1860. They lived in Washburn Wisconsin until my grandfathers death in 1908 (Feb). Any information would be appreciated. Thank you.

Surnames:INO Store
Researcher:Zoe Lappin
Email:[email protected]
Date Posted: 23 November 1999

Does anyone remember when the Ino Store and tavern burned? It was sometime in or after 1964. It was a large white building on the north side of U.S. 2, since replaced by smaller structures. This one was built by my parents, Zoe and Bill von Ende, in 1941.
Thanks. Zoe Lappin 1246 Glencoe St. Denver CO 80220-2559 303 322-2544

Researcher:Brent Andersen
Email:[email protected]
Date Posted: 11 December 1999

I have Rowley and O'Brien family in Ashland and Bayfield from 1890's through 1935. Is there anyone who is doing or has done any research on these families/surnames? I would like to exchange what info I have.

Researcher:Zoe Lappin
Email:[email protected]
Date Posted: 12 December 1999

RE: ROWLEY/O'BRIEN (Brent Andersen)
Brent: I've researched the family of Daniel O'Brien and Catherine Walsh in Ashland in that time period. They came from County Limerick and had seven children -- Thomas, Mary, Margaret Mary (who also married an O'Brien in Ashland), Johanna, Norah, Patrick and Winifred. Norah was a Catholic nun. Any of that sound familiar to you? Also, there were O'Briens in Iron River, and you'll find some of those in the extractions from the IR Pioneer that are posted on this Bayfield County Web site. Zoe Lappin, Denver

Researcher:Brent Andersen
Email:[email protected]
Date Posted: 12 December 1999

In Response To: Re: ROWLEY/O'BRIEN (Zoe Lappin)
Zoe, Thanks for the info. My Grandmother was Margaret Elizabeth O'Brien m Roy Charles Rowley (a dentist first in Ashland and later Bayfield) in 1900-1910 era, and her sister was Katheryn O'Brien (Aunt Kate) who never married as far as we knew. Margaret and Roy had 4 children, Jack, Mary, Jean (my Mom), and Richard. The first three kids were born in Ashland, WI, Mary in 1908/9 and Jean in 1916. This is about all the info I have. One other fact is my GM died young (abt 45) in Bayfield as far as I know. Brent Andersen, Oregon

Researcher:John Griener
Email:[email protected]
Date Posted: 23 February, 2000

In Response To: Re: ROWLEY/O'BRIEN (Brent Andersen)
There is a small blurb in the 13 November 1908 issue of the Bayfield Press that reads: "Mrs. R. C. ROWLEY returned Tuesday evening from a few days visit with relatives and friends in Phillips."

Researcher:John Griener
Email:[email protected]
Date Posted: 14 March, 2000

In Response To: Re: ROWLEY/O'BRIEN (Brent Andersen)
Appears Dr. Rowley and Margaret O'Brien were secretly (or quietly) married in August 1905, perhaps so she could keep her teaching job at Bayfield. Bayfield PRESS Mar 23, 1906, stated Rowley announced the surprise marriage after Miss O'Brien resigned her teaching post in early March 1906. Rowley said to be from Sparta, and graduated from Milwaukee Medical school. Practiced at Phillips for two years before coming to Bayfield in fall '05 -- same time O'Brien arrived. She was born Brandon, Wis., attended State Normal at Oshkosh, before coming to Bayfield. Couple were at Milwaukee at time of article, but were to return to Bayfield April 2, 1906.

Email:[email protected]
Date Posted: 18 January 2000

I am new to the list, maybe someone could point me in the right direction? I am looking for information on an Algot Gustafson, a fisherman who lived (I believe) on Outer Island. ( < According to a newspaper article in the Ashland Daily Press, Sat. May 9, 1936) I am also led to believe that he may have been a lighthouse keeper on Devil's Island, though I cannot find in my notes why I remember this. I am trying to prove a connection - that of his being a possible brother to Selma Amelia Gustafva Gustafson, who married a Joseph LaCharity in Ashland, Wisconsin in 1902. Selma was my great grandmother, and I am lost at the moment on tracing her back. She emigrated to the US in 1896, though did not live in Ashland until after 1900. I believe her to be from Kalmar, Sweden, though do not know if that means the city or county. If anyone knows of any kind of page that may have information on the apostle islands, or of the lighthouse keepers, it would be appreciated. Hopefully, by proving this link, (since I can find so little on Selma) I will have more information to trace the family. Thank you, Kim

Researcher:Donna Bell Cross
Email:[email protected]
Date Posted: 18 March 2000

In Response To: Gustafson (Kim)
I, too, have connections to Apostle Island Lightkeepers. Actually, it is my grandmother's first husband who was lightkeeper on Raspberry Island.
The old courthouse in the town of Bayfield is now a Lighthouse Museum and has much information. We visited in 1992 and the historian gave me much information, which included pictures of my grandmother and first husband and her two girls, who were about 8 and 10 when their father died, January of 1900. She then married my grandfather and the historian gave me a copy of the marriage notice from the Bayfield County Press, April of 1901.
I know of no web site, but recommend you contact the historian (the one I dealt with is no longer there)at Apostle Islands National Lakeshore, Route 1, Box 4, Bayfield WI 54814.
Good Luck.

Surnames: RE: CRUTHERS
Researcher: Diane Anderson
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Date Posted: 22 January 2000

My g-grandfather's brother, Matthew CRUTHERS was in the Bayfield Co., 1900 Wisconsin census. I found one of his daughters, Cora CARUTHERS as a teacher at a school in Cable, Wisoncin. I lose track of this family after the 1900 census & 1904 notice of Cora CARUTHERS. Anyone researching this family?

Researcher: Denice
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Date Posted: 10 February 2000

Looking for any information on a Marie Kudjegekwe of the red cliff band. Her daughter was catherine Lamoreaur. Information is date of birth, her parents, siblings, date of death and even possible pictures.

Surnames: RE: Missing Grandfather
Researcher: Marv Anderson
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Date Posted: 21 February 2000

About 1899, Even Anderson left the NW Lower Penninsula in Mich for employment in Wisconsin, leaving a wife and family of 7 at Leland MI Wife died during childbirth in 1899(? unrecorded) and the death of Even Anderson was reported sometime after this. 1900-1905. First Probate Papers found indicate 1905?? Trying to track the actualy date of his death, or if he did not in fact die, anything that can be determined. Allegedly died near Ashland? Was a woodsworker/cutter etc in Mich, probably employed in the Woods that area. Had sent money back to Mich for the family. Deaths left 8 orphans who had spent most of their lives searching for their father. Any help appreciated.

Surnames: RE: Missing Grandfather
Researcher: John L. Griener
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Date Posted: 11 March

In Response To: Missing Grandfather (Marv Anderson)
The 24 April 1903 edition of the Bayfield County Press, under the heading of "County Board Proceedings," lists an inquest on the body of Even Anderson -- names jurors. Note states $14 and one gold watch found on body of Even Anderson. Neither date of inquest nor date of death specified -- other cases seem to cover the winter of 1902-1903.