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Surnames: O'MALLEY
Researcher: Pat Bruner
Email: [email protected]
Date Posted: 6 January 2001

I recently discovered that Mr. and Mrs. Martin O'Malley were living in the Iron River area in the late 1890's. Martin had a brother James living in Wausau who died 1898. Did he also have a brother Patrick married to Grace Rogers. I know Patrick was a fisherman on Madeline Island. If Martin and Patrick were brothers, could someone tell me about their parents?
Any leads appreciated and I will share what I have on family of Patrick and Grace, my gr grandparents.. Thanks.

Researcher: John Aussey
Email: [email protected]
Date Posted: 1 May 2000

Seeking information on the LEGO\LAGOO or CADOTTE families who migratted from Montreal or Quebec Canada and settled in the Madeline Island area. Olivier LEGO married Charlotte CADOTTE in 6 Jan 1839 and had a number of childern who settled in various parts of the country. One of those children may be related to my Grandfater, Joseph LAGOO (b: 1877 d: 1951)who married my Grandmoter Amanda FORS around 1913. My Grandparents lived in Wolf Creek, Wisconsin (POLK county) until their deaths. Both are buried in the Wolf Creek Cemetery.

Researcher: Jim Bjorklund
Email: [email protected]
Date Posted: 15 April 2000

  I am seeking any information about my Grandmother, Andrena Swanby born about 1861 in Norway.  She married my grandfather, Ole P. Swanby in about 1888.  They lived in Washburn, Wisconsin where my mother Roseanna Swanby was born in 1898.  She went to college in Ashland, Wisc. where she took up teaching. She moved to Minnesota and married my father, Louis Bjorklund.
              Andrena died about 1916.  Ole died in Feb. 1908, in Washburn, Wisconsin.
         Any information about Andrena would be appreciated.   Thank you.

Surnames: LaPOINTE
Researcher: Kathy Vinette Natarelli
Email: [email protected]
Date Posted: 9 April 2000

I'm looking for any information on a Joseph LaPointe who might have lived in Bayfield County in mid to late 1800's. Would originally have come from Chippewa County. Possibility that he died in Bayfield County. Is there an index of graves in Bayfield County? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Joseph was my great-grandfather, and he disappeared after his wife (Odile Vinette), my great-grandmother, died, which was shortly after giving birth to my grandmother. Thanks!

Surnames: Lundgren/Lindgren/Twedt
Researcher: Carrie Preston
Email: [email protected]
Date Posted: 3 April 2000

Am looking for Charley LUNDGREN of Washburn, who married Tona TWEDT April 29, 1893, according to The Washburn News. Don't know much else about him, other than his parents named Anders and Kaysa Johnson. The story goes that he changed his name to Lundgren, which morphed into Lindgren with his son, so he could more easily get his mail. Tona and Charley had a son, Carl Hjalmer/Helmer 2 1/2 months after their marriage, and a daughter Hilda in 1895. Tona was remarried in 1901 to Nels MOLAND, and I have no idea what happened to Charley. He called himself Charley and not Charles on the marriage record. Any information about him or Tona would be appreciated.

Researcher: Lori Meurett
Email: [email protected]
Date Posted: 19 March 2000

My research has hit a dead end. I am hoping the Belangers in Bayfield can possibly help. I have no dates or locations just names. Francois and Jane (Jewell) had William, Raymond, Leo, Melvina and Emily. William married Georgiana Belanger (a distant cousin). They had Pearl, Francis (b. 8-20-02; d. 9-12-58), Gertrude, Eva, Marion, Irma, Jane and Alice. Francis is my grandfather. Any help would be appreciated!

Surnames: BOURGO
Researcher: Sylvia (Bourgo) Hudson
Email: [email protected]
Date Posted: 7 March 2000

I would like to post an inquiry and find records for the Joseph Bourgo family from Washburn. My Grandfather, Joseph Bourgo, and Father, Joseph Arnold Bourgo, and myself, Sylvia (Bourgo) Hudson lived in Washburn in the 1940's. Am trying to make a family tree, but need my Grandmother's Maiden name. Need help. Thank you,

Surnames: OVERBY
Researcher: Scott A. Overby
Email: [email protected]
Date Posted: 7 March 2000

The name is Overby and they are from Washburn.  My great-grandfather, John Overby, owned a saloon in Washburn as early as July 1899.  I believe his wife's name was Karen.  My grandfather, Jalmar Overby, worked for the water district I believe.  My grandmother, Ethelyn Overby, was an english teacher. My father, John T. Overby, was an only child and has since passed away. They are all buried in the cemetary above Washburn.  I had some records I copied from the courthouse several years ago, when we buried my father, but my computer crashed taking them with it.  I have since not been back to dig through the courthouse records again, but hopefully I'll be coming back there this summer. Thanks,

Researcher: Lana Johnson
Email: [email protected]
Date posted:

The families lived in Bayfield and Ashland, WI. My GGGfather, Pliny F. Rumrill, was a lighthouse keeper on Michigan Island in Wisconsin around 1850. His wife Matilda Proctor also worked there. Any information on these families would be greatly appreciated.

Researcher: Peggy
Email: [email protected]
Date posted:

Searching for information on Emma L. Busek and her Husband John Knight Tuttle. Emma - B:2-7-1883 --- D:8-24-1944 -- John B:6-10-1867 -- D: 6-7-1934.. Lived in Grandview, WI. Had a daughter Sylvia Minnie Blanchette. Would welcome any help.

Researcher: Donna Bell Cross
Email: [email protected]
Date posted: 20 October 1999

Researching BELL and BLAKELY, Town of Bayfield, Bayfield County, WI.

BELL: William Haley Bell, Clark Gaylord Bell, George Everett Bell, Kate Clark Eddy Bell

BLAKELY: Josiah Blackman Blakely, Isabella Campbell Blakely, albert Josiah Blakely, Gladness Ladd Blakely, Marie I. Blakely.

Surnames: WICK
Researcher: G. Sandeford
Email: [email protected]
Date posted: 11 October 1999

I am trying to research my grandparents, Gust/Gustav and Jonatte Wick. they emigrated to this country about 1890 from Norway, perhaps Trondheim. Have been unab;e to locate any record of them. I have been told they changed their name from Longset(?) to Wick when they arrived in the USA. Is there a census list for that time, or perhaps fro naturalization. Their residence was Bayfield or Washburn. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Researcher: Eric D. Swanson, M.D.
Email: [email protected]
Date posted: 8 July 1999

I am interested in family genealogical information about my greatgrandparents both of whom lived in northern Wisconsin (Ashland, Washburn, Mason) during the mid 19th century into the turn of the century... George W. HARRISON, SR. was a prominent doctor and one of the founders of The Lake Superior Power and Light Co. and was the patriarch of a family of doctors in the area. N.P. SWANSON was the President of the local bank in Washburn at the turn of the century. Thank you for your consideration.

Surnames: TRACY
Researcher: Bonnie Carlson
Email: [email protected]
Date posted: 8 May 1999

Requesting information on James and Anna TRACY, Washburn, Wisconsin. Thank You.

Researcher: Lynette
Email: [email protected]
Date posted: 1 Apr 1999

Searching for information regarding my Gt-Grandfather: Benjamin Alexander BUTTERFIELD b. 7/22/1864 in Ashland or Bayfield, WI., "near Chequamegon Bay." (member of Red Cliff Band of Lake Superior Chippewa) m. Anna RUSK b. 1868, dtr of John RUSK b. abt. 1850 in Canada and Julia DINGLY - unknown. Benjamin Alexander BUTTERFIELD'S parents have been listed as Stephen BUTTERFIELD and Mary MORROW. Request any information relating to the above surnames or known dit names for the above.

Surnames: MOSINIAK
Researcher: Larry Mosiniak
Email: [email protected]
Date posted:Updated 6 Jan 2002
Washburn is where my Grandfather's brother lived, had family, died and is buried. His family then changed their name to Miller and moved to Wash. His name was Michael, his wife's name Michelina. My Grandfather was Lawrence and lived in Winona, Minn. Is anyone still around that knows anything about the Mosiniak family there in Washburn? Anything at all???? Thanks

Surnames: BROWN
Researcher: Ms. Dale Amann
Email: [email protected]
Date posted:

Looking for an article from the Port Wing Herald Newspaper (Bayfield County), dated 10 Oct 1896, about William BROWN, who built a church in Port Wing. The church may have been the Swedish Evangelical Lutheran Church, which was finished in 1896 in Port Wing. Have already tried the Bayfield County Library and the Wisconsin State Historical Society with no luck. Any other depositories of this paper?????

Surnames: ETSELL
Researcher: Charlene A. Stanley
Email: [email protected]
Date posted: Wednesday, 2 December 1998

Looking for information on DAVID ETSELL and wife ROSA SAGE ENGELMAN(N). Had four children: Elsie Etsell, born July 23, 1883, Bayfield County; Ada Etsell, born January 9, 1888; George Etsell, born August 19, 1894; Irma Etsell, born February 3, 1890. Family story tells that the Etsells had several businesses in Wisconsin before moving to Washington state.

Researcher: Jan Cortez
Email: [email protected]
Date posted: Wednesday, 2 December 1998

Looking for information on ALEXANDER "BOYD" CAMERON who resided in Washburn, WI and maried MARY ANN BOUND of Plainfield, Waushara Co., WI. He was born about 1864 - very conflicting dates on the census of Dalhousie, NB, Canada, where he was born, son of Donald and Nancy McNeill Cameron. I know "Boyd" was a carpenter and police officer in Washburn and died probably after June 1930. That is my biggest problem, when and where is he buried? She is buried in Plainfield, WI. but they have no record of him. HELP!!! Also would be interested in any info that anyone might have on this couple. Thanks!!

Researcher: Jan Cortez
Email: [email protected]
Date posted: Wednesday, 2 December 1998

Looking for any information on my ggrandparents WILLIAM HENDERSON and MARIANNE WILLIAMSON HENDERSON. He was born in 1858 and she in 1866, both in Bourg Louis, Quebec, Canada. He died in 1920 and she in 1911 in Bayfield County. Both are buried in Greenwood Cemetery, Bayfield, Wisconsin. Any additional info on them would be appreciated.

Surnames: STURGIS
Researcher: Jeanne Taylor
Email: [email protected]
Date posted: 3 December 1998

Researching STURGIS in Bayfield, about 1901 thru 1908.

Researcher: John L. Griener
Email: [email protected]
Date posted: 10 March 2000

In Response To: Sturgis/Cartwright (jeanne)
Jeanne, it would appear Ezra worked in a shingle saw mill for a while, but perhaps shouldn't have. The Feb 2, 1901 Press notes: "E. STURGIS had the misfortune to meet with a very serious accident at the shingle mill Monday. His hand came in contact with the knot saw severing two fingers and badly lacerating his hand." Then on 16 March 1901, the Press added: "Ezra Sturgis is again laid up on account of getting his fingers too near the saw while sawing shingles. He had been at work but a few days after having been laid up several weeks by a similar accident."

Surnames: SOLBERG
Researcher: Marilyn Hazelquist
Email: [email protected]
Date posted: 3 December 1998

I am searching for information on my great grandparents and their family. I know from census records that they lived in Mason Town, Bayfield Co., Wisconsin, in 1900. My great grandfather's name was THOMAS SOLBERG, and he was 36 years old at that time. He was born in Norway, Oct. 1863. He immigrated in 1882. His wife's (my great grandmother's) name was MARTHA HAGEN SOLBERG. She was 36 years old also. They had three sons and one daughter named Perley Oscar, Carl Melvin, Thorval Arthur, and Mabel L.

Researcher: Dee McMahon
Email: [email protected]
Date posted:

Searching surnames DUNN, STARR, NYSTATT in or near Washburn, WI., beginning about 1905.

Surnames: LINES
Researcher: Linda
Email: [email protected]
Date posted:

I am trying to find info on my grandfather Ruben Lines. He was married to Myrtle (Maiden name unknown). They had two daughters, Vivian and Ruby (bd. 3 Dec. 1924 in Washburn, Bayfield Co., WI.). Ruben died when Ruby was 2 years old. He had a dairy farm by Long Lake. Myrtle married Rubens' brother Clifford, around 1945 in Oregon. I would appreciate any info you can give me.

Researcher: Arthur & Christine Thomas
Email: [email protected]
Date posted: 25 January 1999

I am looking for information on my Great Grandparents Peter LESTER aka Pierre LaDouceur the 3rd, and Abigale HASKINS. Pierre/Peter was b. Belle River, Ontario, Canada in about 1867 and Abigale was b. in WI. in about 1887. They lived in Bayfield, LaPointe, WI. - Madeline Island, which is where my Grandmother Josephine LESTER, was born. Abigale's parents were Henry HASKINS (from Ohio) and Phoebe RUSSELL (from WI.) Any help will be greatly appreciated! Thomas Home Page Address

Researcher: Dan Wieland
Email: [email protected]
Date posted:

Trying to find any information on Wilbur George Setterberg (b. 4 November 1904, d. 27 October 1996, Washburn). He is a distant cousin and I would appreciate it if anyone might be able to look up an obit. I am interested in any survivors. I have spoken with some of his siblings children and they had lost contact with him completely.

Surnames: Lost Train Stops
Researcher: Kurt Larsen
Email: [email protected]
Date posted: 11 October 1999

After A.A.Bigelow sold out to Hines, the Hines firm contemplated passenger service on the Washburn & Northwestern. Does anyone have any knowledge of the following places that were listed as possible stops on the rail line? Prentice, Chicago, Bigelow, Sweden, Norway, Dewey, Cable, Davis, Crane, Chicago, Bates, Iron River Jct., Wells, Wilkinson, Hughes, South Bend, Dayton, Birchville, Snowden, and Boynton. History, location, and any other information would be appreciated. These would all be in an area roughly bordered by the Battleax to the north and Iron River to the south. Thanks

Surnames: RE: Lost Train Stops
Researcher:Zoe Lappin
Email: [email protected]
Date posted: 23 November 1999

Kurt: Hughes is a township in Bayfield County, west of the town of Iron River. Cable is a good-sized community in southern Bayfield County. Norway could be a community, now gone, on the southwest corner of the village of Iron River, I think in the township of Iron River. Prentice is a town in Price County (somewhat out of your area). Old newspapers of the time should help. You could enquire of the Wis. State Historical Society in Madison as to which ones are available to borrow through interlibrary loan. Hope this helps. Zoe Lappin, Denver.

Surnames: HAIDEN
Researcher: Cindy Andersen
Email: [email protected]
Date posted: 24 October 1999

I just found out that Harry Haiden was married before he married Christina Olson and had a family. Does any body know of this marriage? what was the 1 wife name and how many children. thanks Cindy Haiden Andersen

Researcher: Peggy Doucette
Email: [email protected]
Date posted:23 Oct 1999

Looking for John Knight Tuttle, B: 6-10-1867 Kingston NY D: Aug. 24, 1944. Married to a Emma L. Buske B: 2-7-1883, D:8-24-1944.
They were living in Grand View, WI.

Researcher: Ida Skarson McCormick
Email: [email protected]
Date posted: 25 Oct 1999

According to Frederick A. LARSON's Sept 1949 obituary (Shelton, Mason Co., WA), one of his sisters (either Nora b ca 1908 or Ella b ca 1910) was married to Don CAMERON and lived in Ashland, WI. On the 1920 US census this LARSON family (parents Robert and Laura & 8 children) were living in the Town of Eileen, Bayfield Co., WI. Does Nora or Ella ring a bell?

Researcher: jeanne
Email: [email protected]
Date posted:16 Oct 1999

Any connection to the STURGIS or CARTWRIGHT family. My grandfather Ezra STURGIS married ALice "Amy" CARTWRIGHT in Bayfield WI 25 Dec 1901. They lived there long enough to have 2 sons, Floyd b. 1903 and David b. 1906. Any information on this family greatly appreciated, willing to share. What kind of work did Ezra do? Did other Cartwright/Sturgis families live in that area? Would love to have the directory listing on them.

Researcher: Kathy Ward
Email: [email protected]
Date posted: 4 November 1999

I am Looking for the marriage record of Rolland H. Stewart and Mary Elizabeth Kilgore, Married about 1883.

Researcher: John L. Griener
Email: [email protected]
Date posted: 15 March 2000

In Response To: Albert Harrington (Jack Hammell)
Believe Bert HARRINGTON was usually referred to as "BJ Harrington" in the Bayfield PRESS. If so, his father was a George HARRINGTON from Jackson, Mi whom the PRESS on 27 Dec 1903, said spent the winter 1902-03 with BJ. Indicated BJ's wife was the sister of Dr. HANNUM of Bayfield. (HANNUM's wife was Kittie SKELDON originally of No Bloomfield Ohio.) Press on Sept 27, 1902 said that BJ HARRINGTON moved his family to Washburn from Bayfield "earlier that week." There was also a Philo HARRINGTON referenced in the PRESS, but not sure of relationship.

Surnames: HOLMES
Researcher: Tricia Thompson
Email: [email protected]
Date posted:11 Oct 1999

Looking for descendants of John A. Holmes and Sarah Parker Holmes, who lived in Pratt, Bayfield County, Wisconsin, from at least 1905-1915. Children include Robert A. Holmes, John Vincent Holmes, Margaret Holmes, George E. Holmes, Henry Holmes, and Sarah Irvena Holmes. Contact Tricia

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