The Iron River Pioneer Vitals
Vital Records As Published in the Iron River Pioneer

1909-1917 - Bayfield County, Wisconsin

Compliled by Zoe von Ende Lappin, granddaughter of P.J. Savage, editor of the PIONEER from 1898 to 1952

This is a summary of Birth, marriage and death records as printed in this weekly newspaper. More complete information may be obtained by consulting the microfilm of the papers at the Wisconsin State Historical Society, Madison, Wis, 53706.

Copyright - Zoe von Ende Lappin - January 2005. Information very generously donated to the Bayfield County Website by the author.

Vital Statistics as Reported in the Iron River Pioneer, 1925-1943, are available from the author at 1246 Glencoe St., Denver, CO. 80220 for $12.00 postpaid.


Marriages reported in the Iron River Pioneer, Bayfield County, Wisconsin, 1909-1917. Many include lengthy descriptions of the ceremony as well as names of parents and guests, and many are of former Iron River residents who were married in other towns.



January 1909

ENGAGED: Alfred A. Conrad and Olga E. Marten of Drummond

Della Collins and Dr. Charles Arthur Scanlon, Jan. 7; to live in Manawa


Dr. James Alec Patterson and Amanda Marie Thiese, Feb. 4


Nina May Ferguson and Alfred J. Jackson of Clinton, IA, March 10 in Chicago


Charles Jones and Mrs. Clara Beauto, April 3; to live in Manitowoc

William Walsh and Mabel Upson, April 19 at Head of the Lake


Harry C. Brace and H. Finbroten, May 9 at Port Wing

Louis Cochenour and Laura Martin, May 9 at Port Wing


Harold M. Evenstad and Marie C. Erickson of Washburn, June 24


Fred Anton and Assie Mitchell at Duluth, June 30


Ida May Boll and Clarence Ingram of Marinette; Aug. 26 at Rice Lake; long story


George J. Bouffloux and Myrtle M. Stoutenberg at Coeur d’Alene, ID, before Sept. 9

Cecil Rutherford and Harry Anderson of Stillwater, MN, Sept. 18 at Minneapolis


Alfred A. Conrad and Olga E. Martin at Drummond Sept. 29; to live in Park Falls

Joseph A. Marcon and Anna Bell Dobbins, Oct. 27


Henry Martell and Stella Volker, double wedding Oct. 17 Henry Volker and Grace Reynolds, double wedding Oct. 17

Oscar Sandston and Rose Larkin, Nov. 7; to live in Bayfield

Mary Louise O’Brien and Michael Costello, Nov. 24


Lester J. Mann and Mrs. Julia L. Gage, Dec. 21

January 1910

Sayde Josephine Welch and Carroll Patrick Dunphy, Dec. 28 at New Orleans


Hiram Johnson of Drummond and Mrs. Frances Lombard, widow of Bom Lombard, Feb. 6 at Barnes


John Little and Rose Maresh, March 19 at Duluth

Charles Maresh Jr. and Bertha Krahn of Medford, March 22 at Duluth

Judge N.W. Berker, formerly of Iron River, now of Lents, OR, wife’s name and date not listed


Alvin A. Finley and Lillian Erickson March 2 at Duluth

Fritz L. Carlson and Esther Marie Bystrom, both of Port Wing, April 19

Theodore Gonia and Mina Bousley, April 23

George Weir and Mrs. Catherine Staples, April 25


Reiss Loranger of Ashland and Margaret Waldron of Grand Rapids, MI, in April; to live in Marshalltown, OR (IA maybe?)


William Athie and Florence Mason, June 4 at Duluth

Christine Howe and Thomas W. Martindale, June 22

Herman Strehnke and Mary M. Christ, before June 23; to live in Turtle Lake


Anna Nelson and unnamed man, July 15 at Duluth

Mary Neil and Harvey Nimmo, July 21 at Duluth


John Webster and Nellie Mills, Aug. 3 in Washburn

Thomas Shallow and Florentine Montpas of Menominee, MI, before Aug. 18

Ruth Ester Erickson of Barnes and Nathan Bartell, Aug. 20


Matti Jurvelin of Oulu and Alexandra Aho, Sept. 5

September 1910

Talbert Howard Covill and Marlette Little, Sept. 21

October No marriages reported


Frank Hammill and Belle K. Frazier, Nov. 16 at Lake Nebagamon


Nick Flynn and Mrs. Mary Donovan, both of Ashland, before Dec. 16

John Ben Erickson of Barnes and Beatrice Jeannette Champlin of Duluth, Dec. 21 at Duluth


January 1911

Robert W. Lea and Mildred Bayne Stephens of Moline, IL, Jan. 3; to live in Moline

Mabel Arnesen and John Vachea (Vacha), Jan. 9 at Duluth

February No marriages reported


Minnie E. Ferguson and John B. Ashpole, March 10

Lottie M. Mitchell and R. Sutherland, March 15 at Tacoma, WA


Ed Richardson and unnamed woman, April 13 in Michigan

Emmanuel Luick and Hattie Oramille Buck, April 16. Long story


Arthur Gamash and Julia M. Berube, May 1

Peter Soronen of Herbster and Eva Robin of Grandview, before May 11 at Duluth

George Schwartz and Myrtle Mineau, May 14


Robert John Roberts and Mayme Emma Walsh, June 8 at Duluth

Lulu Chambers and Claud Curtis, June 12 at Washburn; eloped

William Koski of Brule and Mollie Kangas of Oulu, to wed in Oulu June 12

E.C. Naylor and unnamed woman, date not listed

Annita Josephine Barnes and Grover William Smith of Gordon before June 22 at Barnes; long story.

Oscar Rockstad and Mrs. Dixon of Chicago, no date


Rev. A.A. Krug and Jessie Cora Cowles of Naperville, IL, before July 6 at Naperville

Mae McNally and John O’Connor of Superior, June 29

Wallace E. Thorson and Ella D. Meyer at Bloomer, July 12

August 1911

Clarence Ferguson of Lake Nebagamon and Gladys Pierson of Jamestown, ND, June 29

Helga Evenstad and Ole H. Frostman, July 22 at Virginia, MN

Helen Pearl Mead and Elmer Ellswoth Gleason of Ostrander, WA, Aug. 12

September No marriages reported


Herman I. Wieland of Virginia, MN, and Anna L. Hanson of Iron River, Oct. 4 at Duluth

Alfred R. Nelson and Lura Hazell Ferguson, Sept. 20 at Lake Nebagamon

Frank Joyal and Christine Johnson, Oct. 21 at Oulu

Walter Miller and Clara Denio, Oct. 21 at Duluth

Albert C. Johnson and Amelia Merchant, Oct. 24 at Duluth

Alma Yates, formerly of Washburn, and Lynn Avery Porter, before Oct. 26, at Minneapolis


Phoebe Mills of Remer, MN, and Harry W. Swenson, Oct. 24 at Hill City, MN

Ray H. Green and Jett Wheeler of Cedar, WI, Nov. 19 at Iron River


Albert Faber and Minerva Richter, Dec. 16 at Barnes

Andrew Nelson and Salma/Selma Hendrickson, Dec. 23 at Washburn

ENGAGED: P.A. Broff and Lena Swenson, to wed Dec. 30 at Port Wing


January 1912 No marriages reported


William Leitz and Clara Jackman, Feb. 6 at Duluth

Oscar B. Runkle and Margaret McDougall of Scotland, Feb. 6 at Fort William, Ontario

Jesse Moore, bride’s name and date not given, at Brookfield, MO

Joseph Knoll and Annie Kimpena of Lake Nebagamon, before Feb. 29 at Iron River


William G. Ziemer and Nellie Buck, March 10


Ray Morton French of Saskatchewan and Cecil Blanche Ingle, April 8

May 1912

Matt Jaakola and Jennie Niemi, May 18

ENGAGED: James Simpson and Viola Demars of Rice Lake

Ernest Sauve and Hazel Harrington, May 31


William Fox and Halga Charlotte Valcan, June 12

Bretting-McDermott, no first names; bride is daughter of Martin McDermott, June 18 at Ashland

Pearl Beams and George E. Browning, June 27


Olive Wright and John O. Berg, July 10 at Cloquet, MN

MARRIAGE LICENSE: William F. Zank and Esther W. Goetsch, to wed July 18


Andrew Lind and Mrs. Mary Limingola, Aug. 2

Clarence Bouffioux and Hattie Joyal, Aug. 18 at Coeur d’Alene, ID


Leo Mitchell and Alma Zimmerman of Fergus Falls, MN, Aug. 26 at St. Paul


Harry Grennell and Selma Haupert of Ashland, Sept. 30

H.L. Rood and Belle Thorngate, Oct. 22 at Walworth, WI


Elmer H. Rood of Oulu and Ella Olson of Bayfield, Nov. 26


Madge W. ---nyder and E.S. Buckman, Nov. 30 at Superior


January 1913

Long articles on 50th wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. John A. Pettingill

Perry Fransk of Duluth and Miss Christopherson, Dec. 31

E.B. Reed and Walborg Dahl, Dec. 30 at Duluth

Frank Berube and Florence Russell, Jan. 8


Eldwin Van Slate and Pearl Andre, Feb. 1


Edna Ulvin and Louis Neuman, March 12 at Duluth


Ab Shafter and Mary Mascott, April 2

Aron T. Aronson and Magnhild Charlotte Toresen, April 7

Christina Madsen and Charles H. Huntoon of Hatley, WI, double wedding March 24 at Duluth with couple named below

Mae M. Diamon and Edwin C. Dahl of Mason, double wedding with couple named above

April 1913

Joseph T. LaBlanc and Rose Charlotte Koran, April 15 at Butternut

May No marriages reported


Margaret Maher of Washburn and Bazil Rocheleau, June 2

Joseph Weckert and Sena Madsen, June 14

ENGAGED: A.W. McLeod of Washburn and Elizabeth Hastings of Oregon, IL, to wed June 28

MARRIAGE LICENSE: Hjalmar Hill and Ida Mary Sorvisto, to wed the week of June 26 at Superior


Benjamin James Docherty of Winlock, WA, and Amalia Henrieta Gruber of Napavine, WA, June 28

Charles H. Englehart and Lillian M. Young of Cornucopia, July 18 at Duluth

Agnes Dalkey and Grover T. Fountain, June 21 at Coeur d’Alene, ID

August No marriages reported


Con Couture and Celia Bousley, Sept. 10

Herbert Fee and Anna Cummings, Sept. 17 at Duluth


Margaret Moffat Ingram of Eau Clair and John Moffat of Hughes, before Oct. 9

John Fox and Julia Bashaw of Negaunee, MI, Oct. 18

Bertie Aletia Knowles and Clifford E. Cunliffe of Windsor, Ontario, at West Lorne, Ontario, Oct. 20

Beatrice McDonald and Adell Tribou, Oct. 25 at Hughes

Harry Mason and Anna I. Johnson of Oulu, Oct. 25 at Duluth

Isabel Sullivan and John Barton, Oct. 29 at Superior

Long article about those previous four marriages


Marjorie Burns of Moquah and (illegible) of Barksdale, Nov. 4


Mary Redmond and George Fisher, Nov. 25 at Ashland

James M. Casterline and Nellie S. Comer, Nov. 27 at St. Croix Falls

William J. Mulloy and Laura Maher, Nov. 27 at St. Paul

Henrietta Happle and James A. Farrell of Chisholm, MN, Dec. 10

Mildred Kitzrow and Lewis Lipsey, both of Hill City, MN, Dec. 13 at Deer River


January 1914

Goones Walli and Marija Kustava Jurnelini of Oulu, Dec. 27

E.P. Peterson and Erna Sophie Lindemann, Dec. 27 at Park Rapids, MN

Harold M. Zinzer and Laurie Belle Dickenson, Dec. 29 at Solon Springs

Lynn L. Hilliar and Alice D. Jackman, Jan. 6


Sarah Swanson and Clarence Neault (Nault), Feb. 14 at Duluth

Chester A. Jones and Gale L. Clark of Stillwater MN, Feb. 21 at Minneapolis


Archie Larkin and Jessie Caroline Kelley of Bayfield, March 8


Ethel Brennan of Hughes and Walter A. Ulsrud of Ladysmith, April 11

Peter M. Jensen of Orienta and Selma Johnson, April 7 at Dassel, MN

Prof. V.T. Thayer and Florence Adams, before April 23 in Waukesha County


Thomas M. Ferguson of Sidnaw, MI, and Phoebe Ethel Simpson, May 2 at Iron River

William L. Little and Ruth Crist, May 16 at Jefferson , WI; to live in Park Falls


Martin Hilber and “young lady” from Duluth, before June 11

Howard Colby Barnes and Martha Harriet Wood, June 20


E.G. Hedquist and Martha Hellum, June 28

Lulu M. Chambers and Gustav Vock of Chicago, June 24 at Duluth

Marion Eunice Bell of Washburn and Charles C. Wilhelm, July 27 at Billings, MT

August No marriages reported


Ed Bousley and Della Vacha, Aug. 26

Laura Wells of New Richmond and Clarence McComber of Mellen, Sept. 5 at New Richmond

Andrew Jenson of Oulu and Clarice Tester, Sept. 14 at Duluth


Orrin Dodge and Jessie Fuhrmann, Oct. 4


Lillian Cochran and William Chichester, before Nov. 5 at Bemidji, MN

Elmer Warbalow and Pauline Marth of Park Falls, Nov. 19 at Ashland

December No marriages reported


January 1915

John Nichol and Mrs. Amanda Paterson, Dec. 29 at Regina, Saskatchewan

Peter Bolerasky and Jennie Biel of Moquah, Jan. 4

Leslie Campbell and Hazel Ahern, Dec. 27 at Olympia, WA


George W. Ripley and Rosina Elizabeth Bickel, Feb. 10 at Racine. Long article

March No marriages reported


Grace Larkin and Zenas Cole of Superior, before April 1 at Duluth

Leonard Hill and Elizabeth Frantela of Oulu, April 16

P.W. Grau and Abbie Berube, April 23 at Duluth

William John Little and Luti Elizabeth Brown, April 28

May No marriages reported


Gertrude Stagg and Thomas Lavin, June 9 at Tripp

Francis P. Hicks and Clara Kirkebon, June 15 at Two Harbors, MN


Fred Stevens and Ada McDermott, June 30 at Sault Ste. Marie, MI

Lillie Chramosta and Louis Dolezal, before July 8 at Chicago

Eugene McCarthy and Ella Sandberg, July 24 at Duluth


Rose LaLond and Edmund A. Arseneau, Aug 16

Lillian LaLond and Walter R. Hayner, Aug. 16; long article about LaLond sisters’ double wedding

Harvey Fox and Lillian Johnson of Oulu, Aug. 19


Lizzie Severson and Conrad Evenstad of Sharon, ND, Sept. 28 at Moorhead, MN

October No marriages reported


William M. Babb and Lida (Lyda) Mae Miles, Nov. 10


Mary Wick and Gordon Finley, Dec. 4 at Minneapolis


January 1916 No marriages reported


ENGAGED: Joseph C. Depta and Maggie Worland to wed March 1 at Owens

March No marriages reported

April No marriages reported

May No marriages reported


Ruth Hobbs and Paul Hamilton, June 25 at Duluth


Guy Dodge and Florence Huntoon of Hatley, WI, before July 20

August No marriages reported


Albert A. Haak and Anna Staples, Sept. 6

Anna Kimball and J.W. Fowler, Aug. 24 at Hill City, MN


Max Happle and Anna Swan, before Oct. 5 at Superior

Mary Kalliainen and Arthur Moller of Oulu, Oct. 4 at Superior


Harry A. Kennedy and Laura Schachte, Nov. 14

Miles McNeil and Inez A. Welch, Nov. 25


J.J. Kitzrow and Mae Vernon, before Dec. 21 at Hill City, MN


January 1917

Mr. Lynch of Duluth and Mrs. Minerva Whiting, Jan. 1 at Duluth

Judge A.M. Warden of Washburn and Mrs. Nina Wilson of Rapid City, SD, Jan. 2 at Minneapolis. (She left him in February.)

Caesar G. Peterson and Ruth Moxness, Jan. 11 at Chicago

February No marriages reported


Vivan Lamay and Curtiss Jackman, March 8

April No marriages reported

May No marriages reported


Frances M. Watters and Harold Danielson, May 5 at Duluth

Christian Frederick Wiehe of Chicago and Florence Earl Lounsbury, June 2 at Lake Mills, WI

Martin E. Johnson and Anna A. Meisbauer, June 4

Leslie D. Wright and Mamie Miller, June 4 at Duluth

Ransom Joyal of Chippewa Falls and “young lady from Eagle Point, WI,” about June 18

Marguerite Sullivan and Carroll Lee Crandall, June 9 at International Falls, MN


Edwin C. Perkins and Claudine C. Wills, June 30 at Duluth


David Joseph McCarthy and Clara Augusta Wills, July 14 at Virginia, MN

September No marriages reported

October No marriages reported


Ernal Bernard and Della Diffor, Nov. 21 at Washburn


George Fisher and Elsie May Rogers, Dec. 12 at Duluth

George H. Mitchell and Edna Barth, Dec. 12 at Milwaukee

Carrie Docherty and Edwin Gruber of Chehalis, WA, Dec. 19 at Seattle

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