The Iron River Pioneer Marriages
Marriage Records As Published in the Iron River Pioneer

1894 - 1902 - Bayfield County, Wisconsin

Compiled by Zoe von Ende Lappin, granddaughter of P.J. Savage, editor of the PIONEER from 1898 to 1952

This is a summary of Birth, marriage and death records as printed in this weekly newspaper. More complete information may be obtained by consulting the microfilm of the papers at the Wisconsin State Historical Society, Madison, Wis, 53706.

Copyright - Zoe von Ende Lappin - April 1985. Information very generously donated to the Bayfield County Website by the author.

Marriages reported in the Iron River Pioneer, Bayfield County, Wisconsin, 29 September 1894 through 1902. Paper was known as the Homestead until April 11, 1895.

Format: Month Reported; Names, Date of Marriage, Place, Etc.

October 1894
Thomas (or James) Toole, wife's name not given, before Oct. 27
George Daniels to Clara Marquette, Oct. 24, in Ashland

December 1894
Louis Banard to Melvina Thibedeau, Nov. 26, in Washburn
Harry Hall to Frances Middlebrook, Dec. 17

January 1895
Preston Burleigh, early Iron River resident, to Kate Pearce in Fort Fairfield, Maine

February 1895
Patrick Murnane to Bella O"Shaughnessy, Jan. 28
Calvin Brooks to Mrs. Kate Cay at Bessemer, Mich., Feb. 20

May 1895
John McCoy to Maggie Little, May 7
Alex HUbbard to Dora Myers, May 29
Dr. F.C. Wood to Jennie Smith at Lima Springs, Iowa

June 1895
Richard J. Neville to Laura T. Marion, June 2
Fred C. Holton to Miss M.J. McKenny, June 2 in Ashland
John C. Harvey to Vena Meacho, June 1, in Ashland

July 1895
Joe Andre to Mrs. C. Porter, July 15

September 1895
William Bosely to Celia Bishop, Sept. 22

October 1895
C. Andrew Cralson of White Brick to Anna F. Engstrom of Chicago, Oct. 9
Frank Donough of Chippewa Falls to Grace McCord of Chippewa Falls, Oct. 24, in Chippewa Falls
Wallace R. Montague to Winnifred Samuels of WEst Salem, Wis., Oct. 29

December 1895
George A. Urquhart to Annie C. Olson in WEst Superior, Dec. 4

January 1896
Seth L. Bard to Lydia Mary Minnie Riebe, Dec. 29, at Port Wing
H.O. Lund to Annie McLean, Nov. 26, 1895

August 1896
Chris Olson to Caroline Johnson, Aug. 15

September 1896
W.G. Cotanche to Myrtle Holsworth, Sept. 9 in Poy Sippi

November 1896
Lyman T. Powell to eleanore McCord, Nov. 11, in Chippewa Falls
Leonard P. Day to Grace A. Lane, Nov. 3

February 1897
J.E. Jones of Washburn to Estella Curtis of Shell Lake before Feb. 11, in shell Lake

April 1897
Mr. St. Lawrence to Vena Mesho, April 26

May 1897
Henry Huotary to Kreta B. Niska

June 1897
Sister of Harry Hall, before June 24

September 1897
Charles Clark and Edwin Clark, brothers, brides not given, before Sept. 2
M.B. Morris to Frances Franks, Sept. 13
Mary Clark, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. C.V. Clark, to John Hanson, Sept. 27

October 1897
Fred G. Nelson to alba Lund, October 12
Frederick Brace, son of G.W. Brace of Port Wing, to Jessie Trask, before Oct. 28

December 1897
Dr. James Alex Patterson to Emma Jane Crockett, Nov. 25

February 1898
August Peura to Mary Kirkus, both of Maple, before Feb. 24

June 1898
Alvah H. Miles to Clara H. Rickerson, June 5

July 1898
Hobert H. Thiese to Tessie Smith of Stevens Point, in Stevens Point, July 14

September 1898
Dr. J.W. Tarter to Ivis H. Peterson, In Ashland Aug. 31
John B. Arnold of West Superior to Mettie L. Jones of Iron River in Campbell, Minn., Sept. 5
John Brady to Julia McCarty of Iron River, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. James McCarty, in Bayfield Sept. 21

October 1898
Dr. Marquis to Emiline E. Vaughn of Ashland, in Ashland Oct. 11

November 1898
Harry C. Brace to Mabel M. Hill, daughter of John Hill, before Nov. 10
Joe Troteehand to Linda Gouch, Nov. 21
Joseph Arseneau to Mrs. D. Roach, Nov. 22
December 1898
August J. Kiefer to Mary Fox, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Wencl Fox, DEc. 6

January 1899
Fred Secore of Brule to Anne Pearson of Wakefield, Mich., Jan. 2

February 1899
Lewis J. Russell to Lola C. Andrews, Feb 7
Edwin Weston Crane, formerly of Iron River, to Bertha Maud Pratt, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. R.L. Pratt of Minneapolis, in Minneapolis, Feb. 14
Edwin Boll to Rice Lake girl, no name or date

March 1899
James J. McDonald of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, to Carrie Halvorson of Iron River, March 8

April 1899
Frank L. Moore to Amelia Luder, April 3
Louis Sand to Marie Mienson, April 4
Charles Mews to Molly Holzum, April 5
Ed LaChapelle of Lake Nebagamon to Mary S. Green of Duluth, in Duluth April 11
William McIntosh of Duluth to Belle Fuller, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Harry Fuller of Iron River, in Iron River April 15

May 1899
C.W. Michaels to Gracie Rathvon, no date, in Deerwood, Mich.

June 1899
Louis Jackson to Louisa LaMarsh, June 3
Thomas Kensella to Loretta C. Kenny of Orienta, no date
Judge N.W. Barker to Mrs. Hulda Downs, in Long Island, N.Y., June 13

July 1899
James Martin to Mary Hickey in West Superior, July 3

August 1899
William P. Barney to Clara Brousea of Iron River, license issued July 12
Nelson Paul to Almeda Craig, Aug. 15
Fred Strenge to Clara Allie in Green Bay, Aug. 21

September 1899
William C. Middlebrook to Bessie A. Stephens at Erin, Wis., Sept. 4, former Iron River residents to live in Anoka, Minn.
Marion S. Hull of Washburn to Marguerite Sweet of Washburn, Sept. 14
Jay Campbell of Iron River to Laura Johnston, no date, in Dodd's Hospital, Ashland, where he was a patient
October 1899
J. Long of Iron River to Miss Trent of Ashland; in Ashland, Oct. 2
John Connors to Pauline Geandreau of Blueberry, Oct. 4, or 11, in Blueberry
John Freeman to Mary Michaud, Oct. 16
Clarence Dockendorff to Nellie Reardon Delaney, Oct. 23
Louis Erickson to Gertie Olson, Oct. 23

November 1899
Francis M. Eggleston of Iron River to Adeline Olson of Farmington, Wis., Nov. 6, in Iron river
Emil Bernard to Jennie Thieriault, Nov. 13

January 1900
Frank Clark to Adella Gardner, Jan. 7

February 1900
Martin Derreg to Nora Nelson, no date, in Superior

March 1900
Herbert Carskaden to Flora Ryan, March 24
Ithamer Lukenbill to Florence Rhodes also known as Dittmar, March 18, in Bemidji, Minn.

April 1900
May 1900
N.M. Oscar to Florence Ethelwyn Robinson, Washburn, May 24

June 1900
Clyde Miller of Minneapolis to Sayde McDonald of Chippewa Falls, June 27, in Chippewa Falls
John Schweger of Minneapolis to Grace Johnson, June 26
Thomas Riley to Mary Trotochand, no date

July 1900
John Dennis to Mable Miles, no date

August 1900
George Richards to Lucy Porlier, Aug. 13
Andrew Haikkila to Sophia Antto, Aug. 22
Gust Johnson to Ida Johnson, Aug. 25

September 1900
Benjamin F. Patterson to Susie Hogan of Lake Nebagamon, Sept. 15
Clifford Brink to Edith Armagost, Sept. 18, in Elma. Iowa

October 1900
John Wedlund to Hattie Chase, Oct. 23 in Iron River

November 1900
Lafayette Millis to Loretta Clark, Nov. 3, she was daughter of Mr. & Mrs. S.J. Bartlett
William Curie of LeClair to Sarah Spooner of Iron River, in Duluth, Nov. 7

January 1901
Andrew Johnson to Josephine Amy Johnson, duaghter of Mr. & Mrs. John JOhnson, Dec. 30, 1900

February 1901
Joshua Wright to Mrs. Maggie Bowles, Feb. 6

April 1901
Louis Benoit to Mary Michaud, March 31
Eli Chantelois to Anne Christopherson, April 10
Phillip Riley to Delia Labine, April 22

May 1901
James E. Taylor to Lenore Andrews, May 1
Herbert R. Kreis to Mildred Tubbs, formerly of Iron River, at Monticello, Minn., before May 9

June 1901
Frank Hammel to Mrs. Nell, June 3
Henry Porlier to Alda Marcou, June 18
Dr. Herbert George Lampson to Edith Belle Laird, at Minneapolis, June 12
Frank Rocheleau to Dora Traxler, June 25

July 1901
E.L. Dixon, formerly of Iron River, to Minnie Klino at Helena, Mont., July 4
Paul Rossman to Helen Humke at Greenwood, Clark county, wis., July 4

August 1901
Jos. Devolki to Susie Fox, Aug. 6
Franklin A. Lamb to Viola Florence Bruce, in Washburn, Aug. 1

September 1901
Frank C. Harkness to Mable Smith, Sept. 7
John HOwlett to Hattie Richie, Sept. 9
Alex Mattson to Ella Gustafson, Sept. 18

October 1901
G.A. Herman to Anna Zilmer in Smyco, before Oct. 3
Oliver Brown to Cora Galloagher, Oct. 21

November 1901
Charles Bernard to Mary Wilhelm, Nov. 5
William Sager to Mary Schreiner, Nov. 12

December 1901
Leslie W. Wilcox to Cora E. Patry, Nov. 30
Walter Morton to Mae Angel, Nov. 27
Stephen Albert Oscar to Mabel Smith, Nov. 27
Earl L. McClatchie to Edith Smith, Nov. 27

January 1902
William E. Gray to Mary J. Paine, before Jan. 9
Iver Johnson to Ragnhild Haughland, ENGAGED to marry Jan. 24
Thos. L. Driscoll to Emily Olvin, Jan. 14
JOhn Currier to Nona Kinney, in Orienta, Jan. 4

February 1902
Edward Marson to Nellie Dumont, Feb. 4
John Gibson to May Armstrong, in Ladysmith, before Feb. 6
Cornelius O'Brien of Cooperstown, Wis., to Estella Millis of Black River Falls, Feb. 10
Albert Saundin to Ellyn Winn, Feb. 11

March 1902
George W. Eswine to Alice Montgomery, March 2
Einar Norwold to Hulda Johnson, March 13
Charles C. Martin to Louisa Reibe, March 17
April 1902
Harry Davis to Alta Hursh, formerly of Iron River, in Wild Rose, Wis., Mar. 5
Wlater L. Snyder of Bottineau, N.D., to Cornelia Olivia Lund, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Arne Lund, April 10
Alonzo Shafer of Washburn to Clara Lein of River Falls, in River Falls, April 16

June 1902
Edna Brooks to ______________ in Duluth, before June 5
Ernest R. Boll, formerly of Iron River, to Levina Marie Ohnstad fo Menominee, in Menominee, June 11
Alonzo H. Wilkinson to Mrs. Lillian Tate, June 16, in chicago
Ernest P. Holgren of Washburn to Mabel Grant of Superior in Superior, June 18
Fred W. Harkness to Mabel McMartin, June 25

July 1902
William Teddy to Ida Christopherson in Minneapolis, before July 17 (Engaged? - wedding in August too?)
Leo Baldrie to Josephine Chantelois in Minneapolis, July 19

August 1902
Isaac Hubbard to Mary Burns in Ashland, July 30
Harry S. Kopplin to Lydia Leslin in Wabasha, Minn., Aug. 7
John Wedin to Signa Sandberg, Aug. 9
William Teddy to Ida Christopherson, Aug. 16, in Iron River

September 1902
Francis S. Savage of anaconda, Mont., to Jennie O'Brien of Ashland, in Ashland, Sept. 2
Harry Myers to Mayme Wright, Sept. 20
August Anderson to Clara Nelson, in Superior, Sept. 24

October 1902
Ervil Thiese to Iva Barber, Oct. 1
George A. Babb to Anna Schimmel, Oct. 8
Frank Warbelow to Lillie ryder, Oct. 9
James H. Drummond, formerly of Iron River, to Grace E. Day in St. Andrews, Fla., Oct.1
John McAlear to Julia Bairn, Washburn, Oct. 14
D.C. Herring to Mrs. Ellen Babb, Oct. 29

November 1902
John W. Sayles to Abbie Willis, Nov. 12
Raymond Pierce to Lydia Jarvis, Nov. 24
E. Albert Springer to Estella Miller in Tacoma, Wash., Nov. 17

December 1902
John McDonald to Maud Bishop, in Superior, Dec. 8

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