The Iron River Pioneer Marriages
Marriage Records As Published in the Iron River Pioneer

1903 - 1908 - Bayfield County, Wisconsin

Compiled by Zoe von Ende Lappin, granddaughter of P.J. Savage, editor of the PIONEER from 1898 to 1952

This is a summary of Birth, marriage and death records as printed in this weekly newspaper. More complete information may be obtained by consulting the microfilm of the papers at the Wisconsin State Historical Society, Madison, Wis, 53706.

Copyright - Zoe von Ende Lappin - April 1985. Information very generously donated to the Bayfield County Website by the author.

Marriages reported in the Iron River Pioneer, Bayfield County, Wisconsin, 1903 through 1908. Paper was known as the Homestead until April 11, 1895.

Format: Month Reported; Names, Date of Marriage, Place, Etc.

January 1903
Francis M. Eggleston to Lizzie Watson in Waupaca, Dec. 25
Ole Oleson to Annie Caroline Johnson, daughter of Mrs. George Johnson, Jan. 22

February 1903
Norbert J. Sero to Eunice Morrison, in Odanah, Feb. 16
Willis H. Edgerly to Ida Freeman of Washburn, FEb. 25

March 1903
Albert J. Moe to Alma O. Hedberg, March 24

April 1903
John Carlson to Ida Carlson, April 17
P.J. Savage to Edith Beaton, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. D.A. Beaton, April 16

May 1903
Thomas Dixon to Julia Sullivan in Ishpeming, Mich., May 20
Henry Derry to Lalah Archibald of Lake Nebagamon, May 21

June 1903
John McClelland to Mrs. Hulda Downs in Duluth before June 4
Bert Peterson to Louise Anderson at Barron, June 17

July 1903
Ralph McWethy to ____________ in Saginaw, Mich., June 25
Harry Dahl to Serena By, July 3
William Conley to Stella Henderson in Duluth July 20

August 1903
Robert Bernard to Mrs. Hattie Green of Eagle River, Aug. 18

September 1903
Dr. James Simple of Langdon, N.D., to Mayme Day of Iron River, before Sept. 3
Max Helmer to Ethel M. Snyder in Superior Sept. 9. His parents; Mrs. M. Helmer of Washburn; hers; Mr. and Mrs. George Snyder.

November 1903
Charles F. Morris to Alice Gross of Stevens POint in Stevens Point, Sept. 6
James McCormick to Ida Traxl, Sept. 10
Albert Traxl to Louise Violette, Sept. 10
Victor Beck to Katy Maki, Superior, Nov. 27 (engagement reported Nov. 12; no report of marriage)

December 1903
___________ Johnson to Anna Olson, Nov. 28
Frank Johnson to Annie Backland, Nov. 30
William Barron McMillan to Elizabeth Christiana Whiting, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. F.D. Whiting, Dec. 23
Jacob Symi to Lyyti Peterson, DEc. 19

January 1904
William Gemmill to Sarah Miller, Jan. 11
Frank A. Buol of Mason to Mayme Murphy of Washburn, Jan. 7

February 1904
Hiram Johnson to Carrie Ward, Feb. 10

March 1904
W.S. McDonald to Sebe Barnes, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. George Barnes, March 27

April 1904
Frank Woida of Duluth to Goldie Nutting of Iron River, April 13
John KIrsh to Minnie Gale, April 24

June 1904
John A. Baakkoner to Velhela M. Trunei, May 24
Oliver Pierce to Isabelle Carpenter, June 15
Ben Hine to Louise Kirsch, Superior, June 16
William Benchman Mineau to Annie Louise Johnson in St. Paul, June 22
Bradley Whiting, son of Mr. & Mrs. F.D. Whiting, to Minerva Thompson, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. John Thompson, in Duluth, June 20
Cornelius C. Hughes to Mary Loretts Hines, Superior, June 21, a double wedding with:
James L. Leonard to Elizabeth Grace Hines. Brides were daughter of Mr. & Mrs. John Hines
John Sippola to Ida Rautanen, June 28

July 1904
Leo Baldue to Josephine Chantelois, JUly 4
John Rapson to Lizzie Wood, July 2
Edwin C. Knowles to Josephine Kimball of Superior July 27

October 1904
Jacob J. Olson to Bertha Samuelson, Sept. 28
Joseph Youngberg to Laura Blair at Chippewa Falls, Oct. 11
Martin J. McDermott of Winnepeg, Manitoba, to Lucy Mineau, Oct. 24

November 1904
Harry Olson to Annie Josephine Johnson, Nov. 3

December 1904
William Mount to Pearl Machon, Duluth, Nov. 28
Harry Olson to Annie JOhnson, Nov. 3
Wiliam Wilson to Ammiela Kabalskaski, Nov. 16
Gust Anderson to Jennie Lindsley, Nov. 19
Andrew Hoim to Andria Nelson, Nov. 24

January 1905
Chas. Johnson to Annie Hendrickson, Dec. 31, 1904
Steiner Amundson to Tillie Olson, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. C.O. Olson, Jan. 9
Charles Muck to Miss Villeneuve of Ironwood, Mich., formerly of Iron River, Jan. 11, at Ironwood
Abraham Tharge to Carrie Shallow, Jan. 16
Nellie May Lumas of Iron River to Frank Bachelor of Brainerd, Minn., Iron River, Jan. 24

February 1905
Isaac Beams to ________ Martell, Jan. 28
James Deeth, stepson of ________Fargo, to Ellen Lore, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Frank Lore, in Duluth, before Feb. 16
Clyde Andrew to Maude Batte, Feb. 22, in Superior
May 1905
Jerry Grant to _________ Thomas, both of Brule, in Iron River, May 16
Frank Smith of Ashland to Mary Maas of Minneapolis in Ashland, before May 18
George S. Barnes to May Machon, dughter of DR. & Mrs. J.A. Paterson, May 22

June 1905
Jerome B. Savage to Nellie Harrington in Butte, Mont., June 27

July 1905
Richard F. Penfield of Husdon, Wis., to Mary Eleanor (Mamie) Hutchcroft of Iron River, Aug. 1

August 1905
George Umbaugh, formerly of Iron River, to Edith Hall, sister of Postmaster Hall of Iron River, in Toledo, Ore., July 26
Frank Boutell of Saginaw, Mich., to Annie Strege, daughter of Fred Strege of Iron River, Aug. 15
September 1905
John W. Rice of Iron River to Harriet E. Moyer of Mellen, Sept. 5
Grace Sabin, formerly of Iron River, to a man from Portland, before Sept. 14

October 1905
Richard Paifer to Mable Armbruster, Oct. 24

November 1905
Fred Clark of Shawano County to Nellie D. Roix, daughter of Mrs. Nettie Roix, Nov. 30

December 1905
Geo. M. Denio to Mrs. Sarah Cronin, Dec. 9

January 1906
George Martell, son of Mr. & Mrs. Carl Martell, to Emma Vealeshek at Bell, Jan. 1

February 1906
Charles Sullivan to Lena Don Hanson in Duluth, Feb. 25

May 1906
Dr. Chas. B. Rich, formerly of Iron River now of Green Bay, to Clara Louise Spear of Green Bay in Green Bay June 6 (engagement announcement)
Lawrence Cormack to Mrs. Laura Hanna at Duluth, May 12
Chas. Russell of Superior to Miss Shafhauser of Washburn in Washburn, June 25
E.G. Huberty of Iron River to Zena McGuire of Duluth May 20
William O'Brien to Agnes Olvin May 31

June 1906
Thomas C. Oscar to Eva Axelberg of Washburn, June 26

July 1906
Prof. Albert C. Shong to Effie Hannah Miller, both of Superior, before July 19

August 1906
Herman H. Jewett to Edna K. Whiting, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Fred Whiting, July 31
Stephen A. Coughlin of Eau Claire to Beatrice E. Pollock of Bell July 28
Rudolph Cuort to Minnie Roe, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Ben Roe, in Barnes Aug. 29

September 1906
E.A. Ross to Mrs. Larkin Sept.10
James Harkness to Ruth Julia Holcombe, daughter of the Rev. and Mrs. Holcombe, Sept. 17

October 1906
David K. Smith to Edith Selinda Darwin, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. David Darwin, Oct. 10
Gust Nelson to Margaret Neuman in Barnes, Oct. 4
Gus Bastian of Minneapolis to Blanche Echardt of Park Falls Oct. 10
Mr. Walcott to Lida Pard, Oct. 17 in Port Wing

November 1906
James Webster to Elizabeth Tate of Bell in Superior Nov. 3
Eugene J. Barber to May Bailey in Lake Nebagamon Oct. 31
William Geranto to Winnie Fisher, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. J.H. Fisher of Wills, at Tye, Nov. 3
Edward C. Thiel to Mabel Fifer, Nov. 28
E.N. Landry to Maud Deschamps, eloped Nov. 24
Henry C. Prudhomme of Portland, Ore., formerly of Bayfield County, to Bertine Armstrong of Portland Nov. 29

December 1906
Charles J. Marion of Iron River to Kate Gentz of Medford in Medford Dec. 6
William Murray of AShland to Elizabeth Mineau of Iron River, Dec. 26

January 1907
Eugene McCarthy of Chisholm, formerly of Iron River, bride's name not reported; married before Jan. 3

March 1907
John Harpster to Mary E. Gardner of Spooner March 13 in Iron River
Thomas Docherty to Cora Bousley in Duluth, Oct. 11

April 1907
Peter Sand to Julia Bergeron, April 1
H.S. Fairall of Deer River, Minn., to Edith Calahan of Duluth, March 22
Leo Welch, bride's name not reported, beofre April 18
Charles O. Paige of Iron River to Clara Swenson of Toluca, Mont., in Billings, Mont., April 20

May 1907
Walter Butler Clubine to Millicent Margaret Hines in Chicago May 8
Ora Peter Spangler of Port Arthur, Ontario, to Charlotte Emily O'Brien, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Henry O'Brien, May 29

June 1907
Dr. E.C. Johnson to Jennie Esther Anderson, daughter of Mrs. JOhn Sawyer Anderson of Lake Nebagamon in Chicago, June 4
Frank Corbett to Laura Daoust June 15
John B. Page to Mabel Gibson, daughter of the REv. and Mrs. John Gibson, June 25
Fred H. Andrews to Edith Hoffman, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Aug. F. Hoffman, June 26
Ole Bergh to Susia Nelson, June 24

July 1907
Ida Bell to JOhn Signor of Signor (sic), Sawyer County, ENGAGEMENT

August 1907
Patrick Francis McHugh to Lillian Marguerite Day, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Day, before Aug. 8
Chester Holcombe to Elsie Adams, before Aug. 15
Dougald McLain to Christiana Madsen, Aug. 14

September 1907
Edwin A. snow, formerly of Iron River, to Alice Mehargue of Boise, Idaho, in Boise Aug. 28
John Krumtila to Hilda Ojala, both of Oulu, Aug. 31
Sherwood J. Darwin, son of Mr. & Mrs. David Darwin, to Anna Johnson of Grandview, before Sept. 19
James Stanley to Lola May Drummond, Sept. 25
William McNamera of Cylon, Wis., to Anna L. Walsh, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. M.S. Walsh, Sept. 24

October 1907
Michael Haley of Cusson to Margaret McCarthy, daughter of Mrs. Anna McCarty, Oct. 16
Maurice Beedon to Mame Healy of Ashland, ENGAGED
John Dick to Hilda Bye of Barnes, Oct. 21

November 1907
William Burton Johnson to Anna Bertha Meyer, in Duluth, Nov. 19

December 1907
Lillian Henrietta Mackmiller, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Theo F. Mackmiller, to Francis James Callahan of Chicago, Dec. 4
Arthur Folger to Nettie Ward in Duluth Dec. 7
Ollie C. Cooper of Scanlon to Johanna Hansen, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Elias Hanson, Dec. 16

January 1908
Claude Sherman to Ida Gibson of Barnes Jan.2
Ewart H. Williamson to Inez B. Snyder, before Jan. 16

February 1908
Harry Beaton, formerly of Iron River, and Edith Gertrude Saunderson of Hibbing, Minn., in Duluth Feb. 12
Della Bousley, formerly of Iron River, in Idaho, groom's name not given, before Feb. 20

March 1908
Maurice Landry, son of Mr. & Mrs. Napoleon Landry, to Emma Schumacher, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. F.V. Schumacher, eloped to Duluth March 24

April 1908
B.E. Gibson to Blanche O. Thornton, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Jas. A. Thornton of Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, formerly of Iron River, April 25

June 1908
Winifred Holmes to man from Duluth at Washburn before June 18

July 1908
W. O. Lounsbury to Genevieve Eaton in Superior June 30
Irwin E. Warner, son of Mrs. A> Kennedy, to Elizabeth Marcon, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Jos. Marcon, before July 9
John Bergstrom to Anna Nordholm July 25

August 1908
Donald C. Bell of Bayfield to Elizabeth Molloy of Ishpeming, Mich., in Ishpeming Aug. 11
William X. Hadley to Nell D. Murphy, both of Washburn, before Aug. 13
James F. Taylor of Chicago, son of Mr. & Mrs. Peter TAylor of Iron River, to Agnes B. McNulty of Ishpeming, Mich., at Ishpeming Aug. 18 (Long Story)
Harry J. Schachte ot Genevieve Donahue, Aug. 25

September 1908
Paul Hanson to Sophia Opheim, before Sept. 17
Roy Monger of St. Paul, son of J.A. Monger, formerly of Iron River, to a Superior girl, before Sept. 24

October 1908
James Pederson to Bertha Peterson, before Oct. 15

November 1908
William Sauderson of Hibbing, Minn., to Ida Beaton, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Dan Beaton, in Hibbing Nov. 12
C.D. Hall of Drummond to Louise Howe of Lake Nebagamon in Iron River Nov. 25

December 1908
Benjamin Thiele to Talka Spooner, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. William Curry, Nov. 26
Ole Moxness to Bertha Koran of Butternut several months ago.

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