The Iron River Pioneer Deaths
Death Notices As Published in the Iron River Pioneer

1901 - 1907 - Bayfield County, Wisconsin

Compiled by Zoe von Ende Lappin, granddaughter of P.J. Savage, editor of the PIONEER from 1898 to 1952

This is a summary of Birth, marriage and death records as printed in this weekly newspaper. More complete information may be obtained by consulting the microfilm of the papers at the Wisconsin State Historical Society, Madison, Wis, 53706.

Copyright - Zoe von Ende Lappin - April 1985. Information very generously donated to the Bayfield County Website by the author.

Deaths reported in the Iron River Pioneer, Bayfield County, Wisconsin, 29 September 1894 through 1908. Paper was known as the Homestead until April 11, 1895.

January 1901
Mrs. William Clabots of West Superior, killed by her husband with an ax, Dec. 30, 1900
James Smith of West Superior, burned to death Jan. 6
Harry F. Briggs, railroad accident, Jan. 8, buried in Hugo, Minn.
John Berry of Washburn, drowned in Weyauwega, Wis
George Staples, formerly of Iron River, in Portland, Ore., Jan. 23
William Smith, logging accident, before Jan. 31
Mrs. Dr. Marquis, formerly Mrs. Vaughan of Ashland, Jan. 27, in Chicago

February 1901
Daughter, 5 months of Mr. & Mrs. Hakon Lund, Feb. 2
Dr. George Stuart, formerly of Iron River, in Virginia, Feb. 2
Mrs. Smith Owens, LaCrosse, 48, Feb. 7. Long Obituary
H.C. Ross, logging accident, Feb. 18
Peter Kiser, suicide at Poplar before Feb. 21
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Hunter, train accident in Michigan, Feb. 21
G. Dahlby in North Branch, Minn., Feb. 26
P.W. Jacoby, Feb. 25, in Duluth. Long Obituary
Augustus Langis, mill accident, Feb. 26
Frank JOhnson, before Feb. 28

March 1901
Mary Tomlinson, 3, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. James Tomlinson, March 3
Mary E. Peterson, teacher, March 12
Mrs. Frank Eggleston, March 11
Charles Alfred Campbell, age 38, March 11, long obituary
Mrs. George Daniel, March 19
Mrs. Martha Ann Barker, 77, in Bristol, N.H., March 11
Mrs. George M. Denio, March 21

April 1901
Edward N. McMillan in Minneapolis, before April 11
Alonzo K. Tripp, age 64, in Wells, Maine
Michael Scheey, logging accident, April 23
Father of Charles Patton in Eagle River April 23
Clara Dorothy Miles, age 1 year, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. A.H. Miles
Mrs. Schiller, mother of Mrs. Harry Ellerman, April 18

May 1901
Robert A. Anderson, age 15 months, son of Mr. & Mrs. John Anderson, April 30
Grandmother of Thomas Driscoll in Eagle River, before May 2
Mrs. J.B. Gallgher (formerly Margaret J. Ferguson), 61, May 7, long obituary
M.N. Oistad, at Washburn, May 11
___________ Olson, logging accident, May 24

June 1901
David Hennessey in Butte, Mont., May 27 Steve Merrigan of Bion, murdered, June 19
Harry Miller, 19, son of Mr. & Mrs. Charles Bastille, railroad accident in Superior June 17
Charles Catlin, Superior Attorney, in Minneapolis, June 15
Thomas McDonald, in Phoenix, Ariz., before June 27

July 1901
Martin Kerwin, age 48, July 9
Thomas Morris, July 19

August 1901
Daniel Harrington, 52, July 26, long obituary
D.J. Madden, son of Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Madden, Aug. 10
Infant son of Mr. & Mrs. N. Goodrich, Aug. 20

September 1901
Mrs. Riley, mother of Jas. Riley, in Ludington, Mich., before Sept. 5
___________ Kennedy, shot, died in Washburn, Sept. 6
C. Grout, logging accident, Sept. 9
October 1901
Nellie Sago, 10, daughter of Mrs. Martha Sago, before Oct. 2
John Wannebo, of Washburn n Phillipines in Spanish American War, Sept. 28
Henry Ortendahl, 22, logging accident, Oct. 7

November 1901
Edward Maher, Nov. 17
Richard Lea of Oakland, Minn., before Nov. 21, (age 72)
Wojech Szul, age 40, logging accident, before Nov. 21
___________ Blair, logging accident, before Nov. 28 (about 60)
December 1901
James Little, formerly of Iron River, 67, near Hannah, N.D., Nov. 22
George Theriault of Washburn, coal dock accident, before Dec. 5
Daughter of Sam Robinson of Washburn, burned to death, before Dec. 5
Wilbur F. Mead, son of Mr. & Mrs. A.R. Mead, in Ashland, Dec. 16, long obituary
John Armbruster, 19, son of Mr. & Mrs. John Armbruster, Dec. 16

January 1902
Mrs. Elizabeth Arsnow, wife of Frank A. Arsnow, 25, Dec. 29, buried in LaCrosse
C.E. Gulstrand of Port Wing, Jan. 9
Mrs. Sago's baby daughter, Jan. 14
________ Masske, logging accident, Jan. 18
________ McCoy, about 35, logging accident, Jan. 20

February 1902
John Graff, 69, Feb. 4
John Lavassour, of Ashland, logging accident, Feb. 8
Albert O. Johnson in Port Wing, Feb. 16
Herman E. Fahrig, suicide by shooting, before Feb. 20

March 1902
Mrs. Riecke Zaddach, 46, wife of David Zaddach, March 1

April 1902
Joseph LaBelle, 27, kicked by horses, April 4

May 1902
William C. Young, 34, Perham, Minn., run over by a train or possibly murdered, May 4
Andy Cunningham, in Ashland, May 11
Patrick Morris, 64, at Chippewa Falls, May 12
Oliver Ranger, 57, May 14
Charles M. Forsyth, 18 months, son of Mr. & Mrs. I.E. Forsyth, May 17
Howard Mason, age 39, May 26, buried in Royalton, Wis.

June 1902
Samuel Babb, age 62, June 18, long obituary
Infant of Mr. & Mrs. Murray Hobbs, June 8

July 1902
Peter McCune, JUly 2
Herman F. Young, railroad conductor, shot by tramps, JUly 12
Nolton Van Horn, ex-sheriff, at Ashland, before July 17
Herbert Urquhart of Washburn, drowned at Two Harbors, Minn., July 22
__________ Babetts, logging accident, July 26
August 1902
__________ Moore (girl), age 15, farm accident, Aug 2
Melvina Denio, 4, daughter of George M. Denio, before Augsut 7
Mr. & Mrs. Moore's infant son, Aug. 2
Son of Mr. & Mrs. Shallow, age 19 months, Aug. 7
Mrs. Katy Smith, formerly of Iron River, at Bloomer, before Aug. 21
William c. McCarty, formerly of Iron River, 58, at Portland, Ore., Aug. 11
Mrs. Martin O'Malley, Aug. 22

September 1902
Frederick Mackmiller, 75, in Ashland, Sept. 4, long obituary
Ed Lefevre, run over by train, Sept. 8
Michael Miller at Nash, murdered, Sept. 22

October 1902
Henry Johnson, accidental shooting, Sept. 28, (about 45)
Moses K. Fuller, 62, Sept. 27, long obituary
Thos. Withie of Brule, about 50, killed by falling tree, Sept. 28

November 1902
John Anderson, 30, run over by train, Oct. 5
John Brady, town chairman, 42, Nov. 4, long obituary
Mrs. Dan McDonald, formerly of Iron River, in Superior Nov. 16
Joseph Feldsmith, formerly of Iron River, in Norfolk, Va., Nov. 22
Gus Anderson, fireman killed fighting fire in Ashland, Nov. 22
William Linbom, fireman killed fighting fire in Ashland, Nov. 22

December 1902
__________ Friedman of Rockford, Ill., 78, brother of Ike Friedman of Iron River, Dec. 7
John Johnson, about 30, logging accident, Dec. 22

January 1903
Daughter, 2, of Mr. & Mrs. Anton Steffens in fire at Spider Lake, Dec. 24
_________ Hayden, Eau Claire attorney, before Jan. 8
John Hanson, 35, Jan. 14
Louisa Jackson, 24, wife of Louis Jackson, at LeClair, Wis., Jan. 26

February 1903
__________ Seppole, suicide, before Feb. 19
Mrs. John Brady's baby, Feb. 18

March 1903
Peter Nord, hit by train, March 10
Mary McCormick, wife of Matt McCormick, age 44, March 14
Grace Mason, daughter of Mrs. Howard Mason, March 16, buried at Weyerhauser, Wis.
Helma Ross, 7 months, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Gabriel Ross, before March 19

April 1903
Stephen Middlecock at Cresco, Iowa, formerly of Iron River, age 81, before April 2
Mrs. Ellerman, mother of Harry and August Ellerman, in Manitowoc, April 8
Mrs. Joseph Vehon in chicago, before April 2
George McQuinn, April 15
__________ Norwick, railroad accident, before April 23

May 1903
Alex Welcome of Pratt, at Ashland May 2
Dr. Edwin Ellis, 79, in Ashland, May 2
James A. Barager, 48, journalist, in Eau Claire May 7

June 1903
Thomas Mackie, 40, May 31
Dr. J.R. Straw, suicide at Ashland, June 3
Louis Eastonson at Menominee, before June 4
Joe Cover of Ashland, June 10, buried at Lancaster
Capt. W.W. Lea, 65, at Hillside, Wis., June 19, long obituary

July 1903
Peter Palmquist, also known as Pete Skoning, 35, June 26
Marian Leona Andre, daughter of Mr. & mrs. Jos. Andre, July 8
Frank Lebeeux, about 35, logginf accident, JUly 10
Arthur Anderson, 11, son of Nicholas Anderson of Winneboujoun, drowned in Lake Nebagamon, JUly 18
Mrs. Arne Lund, nee Annette Peterson, 64, July 18, buired at Sand Creek, Dunn county, long obituary

August 1903
John Bergerson in Chippewa Falls, Aug. 3
William Bousley, son of Mr. & Mrs. George Bousley, drowned in Bay at WEst Duluth Aug. 11
William Leonard, 1 - 1/2 yrs, son of Mr. & Mrs. Fred Strege, Aug. 17
Thomas Pagan Lowe, at Yuma Ariz., July 4
Col, J.H. Knight of Ashland, in Watertown, Aug. 23
William ERnst, murdered by robbers in Bayfield, Aug. 19
Hannah S. Dahlstadt of Port Wing, wife of Dr. Dahlstadt, Aug. 23, buried in Minneapolis

September 1903
Janice Daniels, 2 - 1/2 years, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Edward F. Daniels, Sept. 2
___________ Rudkni, 19, an Austrian, logging accident, Sept. 5
Mrs. Effie Gifford of Denver Colo., before Sept. 24
October 1903
Cy French, 34, in Superior Oct. 11
Infant child of Mr. & Mrs. Theodore Engstrand of Brule, before Oct. 13
Roland P. Hatch, foul play, body found Oct. 12
Chas. Scott, 40, Oct. 28

November 1903
Eric Sundstrom of Iron River in Minneapolis, Oct. 31
Charley Breen of Spooner, in Minneapolis Oct. 25, buried at Shell Lake
Fred Nelson, 39, of Superior, Nov. 9

December 1903
James Sville, 54, of Edith, Dec. 1, buried in Duluth
Daughter, 18 months, of Mr. & Mrs. S.A. Lawrence, Dec. 1
Capt. _________ R. Doherty in Ashland Nov. 29
Oscar Anderson, shot in hunting accident, Dec. 6
Son, age 7 weeks, of Mr. & Mrs. Pat Chantelois, Dec. 20
William Roach in Superior, DEc. 20
Krist Kolstad, found dead in Superior Hotel, Dec. 26
C.N. Maoen, found dead in Superior Hotel, Dec. 26, both buried in Superior
Fred Herbert, 33, Dec. 25
Mrs. Hylda K. Pannelin, 27, Dec. 26

January 1904
Alexander A. Russell, about 35, Jan. 11
John Day in Ashland, Jan. 15
Mrs. Dodge, before Jan. 28
William McCaffrey, 21, Jan. 23
Infant son of Mr. & Mrs. William Conley, Jan. 21

February 1904
Mrs. Ann Augusta Mead, 72, Jan. 30, long obituary
Frank S. Lindsey, about 60, mill accident, Feb. 17
Agnes, 6 year old daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas Peterson, Feb. 16
Mrs. Ben Holter, Feb. 28
March 1904
William Krause, formerly of Iron River, murdered near Bemidji, Minn., before March 17
Tom McCarty of Pratt, shot to death, before March 31

April 1904
Mrs. A. L. Miles of West Salem, Wis., mother of druggist A.H. Miles, April 3
John Davis, probable suicide, before April 14
Dudley Wilcox, in Ashland, April 17

June 1904
Rev. Olson of Port Wing, May 31
Mrs. Jacob Hanson, 60, June 10, long obituary
D.D. Samuels in Minneapolis, June 9, burial in West Salem

July 1904
John Westlund, 38, suicide by poison, July 17
H.H. Hine in Ashland, July 16, buried in Litchfield, Minn.

August 1904
Duncan McDonald of Ashland, drowned in Cranberry River Aug. 11
George Snyder, brother of Mrs. M.C. Helmer, suicide in duluth Aug. 2
Frank Stafford in Rice Lake July 31
John Anish, 24, an Austrian, drowned

October 1904
Mrs. Frank Cane at Orienta, Oct. 3
Jas. P. Anglim, 16, accidentally shot while hunting, Oct. 3
Eva La Cosse, 13, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Mike LaCosse, Oct. 1
Mrs. Thomas Welch, Oct. 17
Emil Anderson, before Oct. 27

November 1904
Infant daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Bert Peterson, Nov. 7
Thomas speers Ward, 29, hunting accident, Nov. 13, long obituary
Mabel Peterson, infant daughter of Louise Peterson, before Nov. 17
Chris Peterson, in Washburn, Nov. 24

December 1904
John Hermanson, 34, well caved in, Dec. 17
F.A. Secore of Brule in state hospital for the insane, before Dec. 29

January 1905
P.L. Lawler of Washburn in Ashland before Jan. 5
Nelson Bontin of Bayfield in Ashland before Jan. 5
William Tubbs, formerly of Iron River, in Monticello, Minn., Jan. 17
Waltro Katro, 21, hit by tree limg, Jan. 13
Mrs. George Barnes (former Martha Knudson) died in house fire at Barnes with daughters Jennie May, 7, and Virginia 4, and Elsie Meissner, teacher-boarder, Jan. 21. (Miss Meissner buried in Eau Claire)

February 1905
M.W. Kingsbury, father of Mrs. A.H. Miles of Iron River, in Monticello, Minn., Jan. 27
Peter Jensen, formerly of Iron River, in Stillwater, Minn., Jan. 31
Jennie Johnson, 2, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Albert Johnson, before Feb. 2
Infant daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Moe Feb. 6
Daughter, 10 months, of William Holford, Feb. 14
March 1905
Son, 5, Mr. & Mrs. Davis of Brule before March 9
Nels Swanson of Iron River, 37, in Ashland March 7
James McKinley, brother of Mrs. George E. Beams, in Caseville, Mich., March 10
Bert Cochrane, run over by train, March 21
Silas J. Wright, 73, March 27
Justice O. Grout in Washburn, N.D., formerly of Iron River, March 19

April 1905
______ Olson, 61, of near Muskeg, April 11
Mrs. Oscar Lomoe in Itasca, suicide, no date
Frank Sweet in Washington, D.C., before April 27

May 1905
Infant daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Stener Amundson, April 30
Mrs. Glenn Knapp (former Hattie Dumond), 32, at Bell April 29
Hugh Fitzpatrick, 35, in Superior May 6, buried in Alpena, Mich.
Helen Dickinson, 1 year, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Giles A. Dickinson of Bell May 8
Rosie Friover of Brule May 7

June 1905
Daughter, 6, of Mr. & mrs. Patrick Savage in Hibbing, Minn., burned to death
Nels Sylvan, formerly of Iron River, 37, in Stavely, Alberta, May 30
Son, 3, of Mr. & Mrs. Con Couture June 26

July 1905
Mrs. Rush of Kansas City; her daughter, 18, and George Ewing, 18, of Cable, drowned in Lake Namakagon before July 20
Sam Randell, formerly of Iron River, drowned in Seattle or Portland July 23

August 1905
Mrs. Ike Friedman, 48, drowned near Phillips, heart failure, July 26
Peter Peterson, 22, Aug. 6, buried in Hammond, Wis.
Son, 3, of Mrs. McKinley, aug. 6
Peter Peterson, before Aug. 17
Ed Starr of Washburn in St. Paul, before Aug. 17
A.E. Strong in Ashland Aug. 21
Louis Steckbauer, 77, aug. 25, burial in Manawa
September 1905
Lena Friedman, before Sept. 7
Mrs. Margaret T. Wier, wife of J.W. Wier, Sept. 7
Louis Dumont of Washburn, suicide by drowning, before Sept. 14
Fred Meyer in Bangor Maine before Sept. 14
Son, 18 months; of Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Colby, Sept. 20

October 1905
Son, 3 years, of Mr. & Mrs. William Denver, burned to death, before Oct. 5
Mrs. Thomas Kenney, 55, formerly of Orienta, in Olympia, Wash., before Oct. 12. Long obituary

November 1905
Catherine Day of Iron River in Duluth from burns received Nov. 3; died Nov. 6. Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Day
Judge Dickinson of Superior, accident with gun, Nov. 6
Mrs. Nick Peterson, Nov. 8
Son, 2 - 1/2, and daughter, 5, of Mr. & Mrs. William Little, diptheria. Boy, Nov. 14, girl, Nov. 12

December 1905
Vivian Urquhart, 5, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. George Urquhart, DEc. 2
Joseph Raymond Tharge, 6 weeks, son of Mr. & Mrs. Bram Tharge, Dec. 1 or 2
Bradley Heald Whiting, 26, son of Mr. & Mrs. F.D. Whiting of Iron River, in Milwaukee Dec. 24. Long Obituary
Dr. C.P. Deming of Ashland, dentist, Dec. 24
Jonas M. Mackie, Brule, suicide by shooting, Dec. 23
Homer Porlier, Dec. 15
Walter Gilligan, 28, train accident, DEc. 23
Knuth Kittila, 27, train accident, Dec. 25

January 1906
C.E. Street, Pasadena, Calif., DEc. 29
Harvey Ploeckelman, 29, mill accident, Jan. 5. Buried at Manitowoc County
Thomas Long, father of Mrs. W.J. Whitcomb of Iron River, in Grimms, Manitowoc County, Jan. 2
Mrs. Elizabeth Dickinson, 83, mother of the REv. John Gibson, in England, Dec. 26
Mr. Muffet, unclue of Mrs. C.F. Morris, at Stevens POint, before Jan. 25

February 1906
Mrs. Gus Johnson, formerly of Iron River, suicide in Chishold Feb. 2
John J. Johnson, 50 train accident FEb. 11
Frank W. Wilkins, over 60, formerly of Iron River, in Saginaw, Mich. Feb. 4
Alina Kartesma, 21, wife of Simon Kartesma of Oulu, Feb. 8
Edward Hedquist, 5, son of Mr. & Mrs. Gust Hedquist, railraod accident, Feb. 17
Daughter, 6 months, of Mr. & Mrs. Jos. LaMay, Feb. 16

March 1906
Minetta Elizabeth Harkness, 3 months, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Fred Harkness, Feb. 22

April 1906
Mrs. Jos. Marco in Ashland April 4
John Duffy, formerly of Iron River, in Washburn, March 30
Henry Stafford, 62, April 12, Long Obituary

May 1906
Daughter, 19 months, of Mr. & Mrs. W.J. Barker, April 29
Harry Buffington, 22, suicide, before, May 23
Mrs. E.B. Sanson of Herbster, April 30
Edna M. Howett, 9, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Randall Howett, May 21
Mrs. Chas. Ashman, 63, of Barnes, May 21
Clement C. Williams, ex postmaster, May 26. Long obituary
John Holloran, former sheriff, in Idaho before May 31

July 1906
Matt Mattson, 10, son of Mr. & Mrs. Nels Mattson, hunting accident July 5
J.L. Pierce of Wilminton, Del., in dynamite explosion at plant near Washburn, before July 19
William Wallace, laborer killed in dynamite blast
George Woodsie, laborer, killed in dynamite blast
Andrew Huhtala, July 18
Joseph Earl Bouffioux, 8 months, in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

August 1906
Mrs. Carrie G. Bell of Bayfield, Aug. 9
Mrs. Isaac Beams in Ashland Aug. 25

September 1906
Oscar Theodore Marvin Dahl, 6 months, son of Mr. & Mrs. Harry Dahl, Sept. 5
Son, 4 months, of Mr. & Mrs. George S. Barnes, Sept. 8

October 1906
Son, 3 months, of Mr. & Mrs. John A. McDonald, Oct. 15
William S. Herbert, 73, Oct. 22, Buried in Appleton
N. LaBonte, 70, Bayfield Pioneer, Oct. 13

November 1906
Clara Lind, 14, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. John Lind, Nov. 5. Buried in Ashland
Hellmuth Paade, 21, shot by father, Chris Paade, in hunting accident, before Nov. 29
Nelsensin P. Jenson, 8, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Hans Jenson of Oulu, Nov. 28

December 1906
Del Reel, shot to death in Bayfield Saloon, DEc. 18
Jesse L. Hall, 73, Dec. 21. Buried in Duluth. Long Obituary

January 1907
Frank Gilbert, train accident at Ashland Jan. 8
Ollie Finale, 5, died in fire at Lake Nebagamon, Jan. 9
Mrs. Charles Johnston, 51, in Mellen Jan. 9
Chris Jensen of Lake Nebagamon Jan. 15
Mrs. David K. Smith, former Edith Darwin, Jan. 30

February 1907
Twin child of Mr. & Mrs. C.A. Ferguson, before Feb. 21

March 1907
Adria Gregg, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. E.L. Gregg, March 6. Buried at West Liberty, Iowa
Mrs. Dr. Seple, nee Mayme Day, formerly of Iron River, in Langdon, S.D., March 9. Burial in Iron River
Ed Fitzgerald, March 19, Buried in Black Creek, Wis.
Mrs. H.D. Buck in Shawano before March 21

April 1907
Daughter, 4, of Mr. & Mrs. Luke Lavin, March 30
Another daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Luke Lavin, April 5
Pete Williams, 35, April 9
Thomas Steffs of Ashland, suicide, April 5
Josephine Maryland April 16

May 1907
Patrick Keenan, Ashland City Treasurer, April 29
Mother of Mrs. G.A. Herman in Manawa, before May 2
Austin W. Loud of Duluth, brother-in-law of John Hall, May 4
Herbert S. Fairall, 52, in Milwaukee May 13; buried in Iowa City. Long Obituary
Ida May (Mrs. William) Holloway, formerly of Iron River, at Emerson, Manitoba, before May 16
Vera Hanson, 4, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Elias Hanson, May 18

June 1907
William Norton, formerly of Iron River, in Portland, Ore., May 26
William White, formerly of Iron River, about 45, suicide in Superior April 2
Lars Hanson, 88, at Barnes May 31
A.U. Ostrum of Port Wing, dynamite explosion, June 1
Anton Onstad in Cumberland, before June 20

July 1907
Francis Murphy, temperance leader, in Los Angeles June 30
Alice P. Flemming, 12, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Jas. H. Flemming of Virginia, Minn., drowned at Orienta July 19

August 1907
Ed Oas of Barnes, accident, Aug. 16
George Wallace, about 14, apparent suicide Aug. 16
Bony Lombard of Barnes, murdered Aug. 28

September 1907
A.L. Mekeel, brother of Edmund Herbert, railroad accident at Duluth, before Sept. 26

October 1907
Daughter; 4 months, of Mr. & Mrs. Jack Parres, Oct. 1
Otto Kleinheinz, formerly of Iron River, in Sioux Falls, S.D., before Oct. 17
Infant son of Mr. & Mrs. Johnson of Brule, Oct. 12
Four killed in dynamite plant explosion at Barksdale Oct. 24:
Ole Wick of Washburn
Hans Wick of Washburn
Arnold Hustland of Washburn
I*ngwald Bronsmo of Washburn
Bige Buchanan, formerly of Iron River, in Ashland Oct. 18
Jesse Harold Pugmire, 9, son of Mr. & Mrs. Howard Pugmire, Oct. 28
Jas. Courtney of Cusson, moonshine poisoning, October 25

November 1907
B.M. Mattson of Cusson of Moonshine poisoning, buried in Cokato, Minn., before Nov. 7
Albert Anderson, 44, railroad accident, Nov. 2
Mrs. Hugo C. Nelson of Bayfield, the former Georgianna Fiola of Iron River, Nov. 13; buried in Bayfield

December 1907
Mrs. James Ward, 96, mother of Henry Ward of Iron River, in Mitchell, Ontario, Nov. 16
Mrs. E. Elaison of Barnes, DEc. 15
Theodore Albon, 30, of Bayfield, drowned in Lake Superior, Dec. 15

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