The Iron River Pioneer Vitals
Vital Records As Published in the Iron River Pioneer

1918-1924 - Bayfield County, Wisconsin

Compliled by Zoe von Ende Lappin, granddaughter of P.J. Savage, editor of the PIONEER from 1898 to 1952

This is a summary of Birth, marriage and death records as printed in this weekly newspaper. More complete information may be obtained by consulting the microfilm of the papers at the Wisconsin State Historical Society, Madison, Wis, 53706.

Copyright - Zoe von Ende Lappin - January 2005. Information very generously donated to the Bayfield County Website by the author.

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Deaths reported in the Iron River Pioneer, Bayfield County, Wisconsin, 1918-1924. There are many lengthy obituaries and/or descriptions of the death, especially those that occurred under extraordinary circumstances or of well-known people. Deaths of children were reported as the child of Mr. and Mrs.; father’s name only given here in most cases.



January 1918

William Olson, Washburn businessman, suicide, Jan. 6

George Zubrigg “Blind George,” at Ashland, Jan. 10

Dr. Charles A. Scanlon, 34, dentist, at Manawa, WI, Jan. 12; full obituary

Mrs. James Simpson (nee DeMar) at Superior, Jan. 21

A.W. Bailey of Tripp, at Park Falls, Jan. 22

Mr. Rocheleau, father of Frank and Leland, at Grand Rapids, MN, before Jan. 24

Mrs. C.A. Gustafson, 59, of Hughes, Jan. 30

Warren E. McCord, lumberman, in the West, before Jan. 31


Dr. George Brossard, veterinarian, at Ashland, Feb. 12

Arthur Peterson, son of Mr. and Mrs. Gust Ulvilla of Brule, on Tuscania that sank in Atlantic, before Feb. 21

William Bordeleau, 52, at Duluth, Feb. 24

Mrs. John Paulson (nee Martha O’Dell), 75, at Barnes, Feb. 24


Edward Joseph Weckert, 10 months, son of Joseph Weckert of Washburn, March 6

James E. Sullivan, 55, of International Falls, MN, at Duluth, March 14; long article

Mary (Mrs. George) Johnson, March 27

Mrs. Mary Pagac of Ino, before March 28


John William Johnson, 14, son of John N. Johnson of Oulu, April 9

Mrs. Clara Miles, 43, (nee Kingsbury), widow of Alva Miles, April 14; long article

Mother of F.J. Yeakey, in Michigan, before April 25


C.H. Beckwith, 74, at Lockwood, OH, March 27

John Paulson, 78, at Barnes April 27

Abbie (Mrs. Frank) Berube at Ashland, April 27

Thomas J. Little, at Ashland, May 7

Lyle Dodge, 27, a soldier, at Kelly Field, San Antonio, TX, May 9; long article

Capt. John Holmes of Mellen, May 17

Robert Loraine, 3-month-old son of Emanuel Luick, May 21


James Fred Toutloff of Bayfield, killed in battle in France, May 28

Lauretta May Mitchell, infant daughter of Leo Mitchell, June 1

Lt. Edward J. Hines Jr. of Chicago, son of lumber baron, in France, before June 13

Mary (Mrs. George) Swanson, 48, at Winneboujou, June 19

Alisa (Mrs. William) Kongsnedt, 49, June 23; complete obituary


No deaths reported


Michael McGuire, 64, at Ashland, July 29

Six employees killed in explosion at Barksdale dynamite plant August 2: Andrew Borgren and Andrew Johnson of Washburn; W.T. Turner of Alabama; Ed Sechter, Romania; M. Younggren, River Falls; Walter Shadowski of Ashland

Mrs. Charles Kalen of Orienta, Aug. 5

William Follis, 57, at Brule, Aug. 15

Mrs. Jerry Coats, at Ashland, Aug. 17

Walter Falk, hit by train at Ashland, Aug. 17


Arthur R. Mead in Washington state, before Sept. 12; brother-in-law of Lester Ferguson and Mrs. C.D. Rogers

John J. Sackerman of Detroit, Sept. 11 after car wreck

Gerald Richard, 16, drowned at Hill City, MN, Sept. 20

Louis Archambeau, about 45, railroad engineer, suicide Sept. 26


Andrew Peter Madsen, killed in battle in France, Aug. 31

Timothy Kearns of Washburn, at Ashland, Sept. 23

Jay Campbell, 69, Sept. 28; long obituary

Hans Peterson, 74, Oct. 5; father of Mrs. P.C. Knapp

Edward Steckbauer of Oshkosh, killed in battle before Oct. 10; cousin of Mrs. Joseph Miesbauer

Frank Weckert, 22, Solon Springs, at Camp Hancock, GA, before Oct. 10

Francis Carlson of Bark Point, at Camp Hancock, GA, before Oct. 10

Cpl. Guy H. Holton of Waupaca, of battle wounds, before Oct. 17 Mrs. William Ziemer (nee Nellie Buck) of Tripp, Oct. 22 (first death of the flu epidemic)


Adolph Volker, son of Albert, in Duluth, Oct. 25

Martin Johnson, Oct. 26

Alonzo Boutin of Bayfield, soldier, before Oct. 31

Fred Arseneau of Washburn, soldier, before Oct. 31

Mrs. Lou Umberger, sister of Dr. J.W. Tarter, at Amarillo, TX, before Oct. 31

Ed Bodin of Washburn, on transport ship, before Oct. 31


Ralph Johnson, 4-year-old son of John Johnson, Oct. 31

Bernard Thomas Williams, 31, Nov. 1

Mrs. Albert Volker, Nov. 3

Alta M. Volker, granddaughter of Albert Volker, Nov. 4

Frank Anderson, fiancé of Cora Mitchell, at Marquette, MI, Nov. 9

Mrs. Oscar Abrahamson at Oulu, Nov. 14

Mrs. Harold Evenstad of Virginia, MN, Nov. 10, and her oldest son (not named), Nov. 17

Pat Lagrue accidentally shot by Tom Dennis while hunting on Bad River Reservation, Nov. 24

Charley Taylor of Grandview, at Ashland, Nov. 24; brother-in-law of Ed Goulet

George Young, 72, at Cornucopia before Nov. 28; burial in Sioux City, IA


Carl J. Hanson, killed in action Nov. 10; brother of Hans E. Hanson

Dennis Madden at Chisholm, MN, before Dec. 5

Ole Christopherson at Deer Park, WI, before Dec. 5

John Hoffren at Tripp, Dec. 11

Alex Hill of Oulu, near Lake Nebagamon, Dec. 9 or 10

Fred Thargie (Tharge?), 82, Dec. 13; full obituary

Josephine Thompson, 77, widow of John Thompson, at Duluth, Dec. 17; full obituary

Mrs. N.P. Carlson (nee Johanna Chindgren), at Port Wing, Dec. 16


January 1919

Samuel N. Rogers, killed in action in France, November 1917

Iron River men who died in the Great War (World War I): Lyle Dodge, Andrew Peter Madsen, Adam Degelman, Carl Hanson, Samuel N. Rogers, Robert George Jr., Burt Augusta, Ray Holton, Byron Jacobson, two sons of Walter Brown. George and Augusta were in Canadian forces

Mrs. Nat B. Johnson, in Los Angeles before Jan. 9; sister of Dr. F.G. Johnson

Mrs. Henry Stafford, 84, at Ashland, Jan. 10

Mrs. Harvey Fox (nee Lilly Johnson of Oulu), at Duluth, Jan. 20

Mrs. L. Willman, before Jan. 23

C.F. Latimer, Ashland businessman at Chicago, Jan. 25

Delbert Townsend, at Duluth, before Jan. 30


Raymond Barker, 20, son of William J. Barker, at Kenton, MI, Jan. 30

Charles Chramosta Jr., 19, at Ashland Feb. 8

Mother of Mrs. William Klino, at Cadott, Feb. 12

Joseph Smith, about 48, at Superior, Feb. 17

Anna Marie Vester, 82 (wife of Peter Vester) of Oulu, Feb. 21

Esther Casterline (wife of J.M.; nee Nellie Comer), Feb. 22

Kenneth McRae of Washburn, hospital in France, no date; brother of druggist Jack McRae


Sgt. Thomas Jorgenson of Amery, hospital in France, Feb. 1

Catherine Silbersack, 8, daughter of Rudolph Silbersack, Feb. 28

Ingwald Swanson, 17, at Allouez, March 1

Benjamin J. Hilber, 62, at Barnes, March 4; long obituary

Mrs. Anderson at Ashland, before March 6; mother of Mrs. E.C. Johnson and Mrs. William Schaefer

Daniel Cunning, 62, March 7

William R. Peck of Washburn, killed in action; no date

Brother of Will Schneider in Manitowoc, WI, before March 13

Jim Brunclik, in hospital in France, no date; fiancé of a Chramosta girl

Mrs. Gottleib Becker at Hughes, March 16

William Butts, March 16; fire in warehouse, long article

Mrs. Oliver D. Farney at Ashland, March 17


Oliver Mineau, 75, at St. Croix Falls, WI, before April 17; brother of F.X. Mineau

Ted Ahlgren of Hudson, WI, April 21; accident in woods


Alexander Maitland, 69, of Washburn, April 26

Milton Goff of Orienta, April 29

Mrs. C. Gootee (?), at Slowbridge, May 1; mother of Mrs. Joseph Depta

Peter Taylor, 70, May 10; full obituary

Dell J. Estabrook, Washburn businessman, May 16

Isaac C. Dammon of Dunn County, May 20

William Denver, 23 of Barnes, at Camp Grant, before May 22


Oscar Olson at Ashland, May 31 (peculiar article; he’s described as the Iron River town drunk)

Mrs. Margaret Smith at Virginia, MN, before June 5; sister of the Weir boys and Mrs. Robert Martinson

William A. Behnke, in Duluth fire, June 8; long article

Mrs. Mary Behnke, mother of above, same fire

Miss Alma Federen, aunt of William Behnke, same fire

John W. Holmes in tornado at Fairmont, (Farimount?) ND, before June 26


Prof. O.E. Rice, 64, at Ishpeming, MI, July 4; long obituary

Mrs. Nick Furyk, 24, (nee Bessie Kennedy) of Moquah, July 19, suicide with shotgun


Nelson Angus, 18, son of A.J. Angus, July 30; suicide

Brother of Henry Deschamp in eastern Canada, before Aug. 7

George LaValle, 36, of Superior, August 9; drowned in Pike Lake, long article

Daniel J. Hughes, at Yacolt, WA, Aug. 15

September No deaths reported


A.A. Arnold of Gordon, shot at copper mine in Douglas County, Aug. 29; suspect is Isaac Russell

Father of B.V. Olmstead at Ackley, IA, before Oct. 2

Mrs. Hans E. Hanson, at Rochester, MN, Oct. 26

Frank Smarslik, at Topside, Oct. 26


Charles Bazile at Superior, Nov. 5

Frank Hammill, 69, Nov. 19


Mrs. Ole Ulvin, 55, at Blueberry, Dec. 7

Henry Hahn, near Wausau, Dec. 7

John Armbruster, 76, Dec. 14


January 1920

George Weir, hit by train, Dec. 31, 1919

Andrew Olson, 84, at Ashland, before Jan. 8

John Leider, formerly of Iron River, before Jan. 8; killed by mob in Croatia along with his unnamed father-in-law and brother-in-law

Jacob Heikkinen at Wisconsin insane asylum, before Jan. 8; brother of Andrew Heikkinen Sr. of Oulu

Samuel Babb, 36, in California Jan. 9; suicide

Mrs. Henry L. Moreland of Hughes, at Chicago, Jan. 10

Nels Mattson at Oulu, Jan. 11

Mrs. Sauvola of Oulu, before Jan 22; mother of Andrew and Charles


John L. Bondy, 25, at Superior, Feb. 4

Mrs. Iva Barber-Thiese, widow of Ervil Thiese, at Seattle, Feb. 7

Mrs. Jack Tuura, 75, at Oulu, Feb. 11

Mrs. David J. McCarty (nee Clara Willis) of Duluth, before Feb. 12; long obituary

Son, 7 weeks, of Howard Barnes, before Feb. 12

Baby daughter of Emil Hermanson, before Feb. 12; scalded

Mrs. William Denver (nee Mattie Paulson), 41, of Barnes, Feb. 25

Mrs. Ed Cudmore of Washburn, before Feb. 26


15-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Maloski of Moquah, Feb. 25; run over by train

John Specht, body found in shack Feb. 28

Pearl (Mrs. George) Umbaugh at Kelso, WA, March 3; sister of Harry C. Hall

Olof Overby, 16, accidentally shot and killed by Neil Brown at Drummond, before March 4

Harry Perkins, 21, near Wills, March 6; suicide

Mother of (illegible) St. Peter at San Bernardino, CA, before March 11

Mrs. A.L. Thiese at Butte, MT, March 12


Susie Dell Michaelson, 26, at Clinton, IA, March 30; daughter of Lester Ferguson

11-year-old son of Clarence Lahti of Oulu, April 17; accident with a runaway team of horses

(illegible) Cabe, 19, of Washburn, before April 22

Mr. Pagac, Dauby farmer, April 26; dynamite explosion


Brother of Michael Hopkins of Orienta, in Colorado mine, before May 6

Jacob Saugstad, about 60, of Barnes, May 7

Mrs. Ingeborg Ann Graff, 87, at Oulu, May 15

S.D. Seavy of Superior, at Sacramento, CA, before May 20; former Hughes town chairman


Roy Kirk, 16, of Barnes, May 27; accidentally shot by Donald Treat, 10

Brother of F.X. Mineau in Oconto, WI, June 3

Mrs. Jason Spangler in Washington state, before June 4

C.R. Kopplin of Sargeant, MN, June 22; brother of F.J. Kopplin


George Robert Mitchell, 4 months, son of George Mitchell, June 24

Mrs. D.A. Campbell, place not reported, June 27; killed in car wreck

Rubie Mary Anderson and John Graham Ferguson, both of Duluth, drowned in Lake Nebagamon, July 4

George Gilbertson, 38, and brother Troy Gilbertson, 40, drowned in Eau Claire Lakes, July 6; long article

Mrs. P. Kraus, 79, July 17

Mrs. Mary Lockwood 75, July 21; mother of E.F. Daniels; complete obituary


Mrs. Bertha Zacek of Moquah, July 31; suicide by hanging in her home

Andrew Sauvola, place not reported, Aug. 14

Herman Boelk, 32, of Orienta, at Superior, Aug. 15

N.J. Erickson, 62, of Poplar, drowned in Sand Lake Aug. 22


Edward Sailsted of Eau Claire, in fire at Lake Nebagamon, Aug. 26

October No deaths reported


Charles Lawrence Brennan, 67, at Superior, Nov. 6; long article


Patrick Holden, 57, at Duluth, Nov. 26

J.J. Miles, 83, Ashland lawyer, Nov. 27

Charles Moran, 16, son of James C. Moran, hunting accident at Oulu, Nov. 29; long story

Mrs. August F. Hoffman, at Washburn, Nov. 29

Mrs. Carl Abrahamson (nee Emmy Carlson) at Crosby, MN, Dec. 4

Mrs. Charlotte McCudden, at Park Falls, Dec. 13

John Lavin, 69, at Rhinelander, Dec. 14

Dr. William T. O’Brien, 59, of Ashland, Dec. 20

Christ Johnson, son of Anton Johnson of Port Wing, at Ashland, Dec. 23

Judge L.K. Luse at Superior, Dec. 27

Wirt Tripp at Covington, KY, before Dec. 30; brother of Winfield Tripp


January 1921

August Bodin, casualty of the Great War, no date

Two babies of Ben Charette, house fire at Odanah, Jan. 5

Bernard Lee of Washburn, at Rhinelander, before Jan. 6

Mrs. John Morrison, 84, at Odanah, Jan. 9

Edwin Anderson, 19, at Ironwood, MI, Jan. 21; brother of Iver Carlson

Mrs. John Wehele at Oulu, Jan. 23; after childbirth

John Lepisto of Maple, at Superior Jan. 25


Clara Marsh-Thielke, 33, wife of Arnold Thielke, at Birnamwood, WI, Feb. 1

Edward Mead, 85, at Ashland, Feb. 8

Sanford Ripley, 67, Feb. 12; long article

David Dobie 65, of Superior, in Missouri, before Feb. 17


Joseph Trombley, near Forbes, MN, March 6; electrocuted; son-in-law of Ben Namstead

William Niel, 47, at Duluth, March 6; brother of Mrs. L.J. Lavin

Miss Margaret Sullivan of Superior, before March 10

Patrick J. Mungavin at Superior, March 11

Herman H. Jewett at Rice Lake, March 12

Claudio Alossio “Lossie” Bailey, 28, shot March 9 and died March 14; shot at Upson by Peter Radkovich in moonshiners’ feud; long article

John Rantala, 72, of Oulu, at South Superior, March 16

J.A. Westerlund at Wales, WI, March 22

The Rev. Patrick DeGraa, OFM, 68, at Ashland March 28


Phillip Learment, 93, at Manitou Island, April 5; father of Mrs. William Little

Mrs. Marria C. Schram, 66, April 19

E.A. Shores, lumber baron, 76, at Ashland, before April 21


August Bodin of Washburn, in battle in France, Sept. 4, 1918

William A. Loveland of Minneapolis, at Baton Rouge, LA, April 29; “Bayfield County colonizer”

Charles E. Deetz, 37, at Mendota state hospital, May 2

William H. Hutchcraft, about 65, in California, before May 5; brother-in-law of Mrs. Byron Ripley

Adolph Zotsman and Adolph Hanich, both of Wills, ND, at Maple, May 19; car-train wreck


Right Rev. Joseph Maria Koudelka, 68, Catholic bishop of Superior, at Superior, June 24; long obituary


Mrs. Charles Maresh, 68, July 13; mother of Mrs. John Little

Mrs. Edward Richardson (nee Jennie Granger), at Saginaw, MI, July 13

Eric Prytz at Cumberland, before July 28


Howard Scott Sharp, son of R.E. Sharp of Oulu, casualty of the Great War, July 28, 1918

Lawrence Earl Mitchell, 5½ months, son of George H. Mitchell, at Ashland, Aug. 7

Charles McKinnon, 87, Aug. 21


Charles Carlson, 46, of Superior, drowned in Pike Lake before Sept. 8; body found Sept. 30

D.W. Corning, Washburn grocer, Sept. 20

Steve Demitroff, 30, of Drummond, at Ashland, Sept. 20; accidentally shot himself

Mrs. Young, mother of Mrs. R.T. Addington, at Willow River, MN, before Sept. 22

Roy Bard, 22, son of Mrs. W.S. Walcott of Port Wing, Sept. 23


William Fuhrmann, 67, Oct. 6; long article

J.J. McCann, 74, at Waupaca, Oct. 11; father of Mrs. Ben R. Upson and Jordan McCann; long obituary

Frank M. Marion, 68, near Washburn, Oct. 16

O.A. Lamoreux, at Duluth, Oct. 18

Donald John Straub, 8, at Superior, Oct. 21; struck by a taxi


L.N. Clausen of Washburn, Oct. 26

Francis McHugh, 4, son of P.F. McHugh, at Superior, Oct. 28

Currie G. Bell, at Bayfield, Nov. 6

Joseph H. Holman, 68, body found in woods Nov. 15; suicide; long story


Effie Warbalow, 5, daughter of Frank Warbalow at Superior Nov. 26

John Mealey at Barnes, Dec. 6; killed by his nephew John Beauregard; long article


January 1922

Thomas Kinney, 77, at Olympia, WA, Dec. 23, 1921

George M. Jackman, 76, Jan. 8; long obituary

Mrs. Alfred Peterson of French River, MN, drowned in Lake Superior Jan. 22; body found in April

Mike Welch, 80, suicide by rifle at Grandview, Jan. 22; long article

Margaret “Mayme” Hailey, at Superior Jan. 29


John McNaughton at Fort Covington, NY, Jan. 18

Mrs. Mary Zillmer 68, of New London, WI, Feb. 11; mother of Mrs. A.G. Herman

Charles Casterline, 29, at West Salem, WI, Feb. 14

Milfred P. Olson, 17, son of Ole Olson, Feb. 15

Mrs. Elizabeth Chisholm, 76, at Lake Nebagamon, before Feb. 23


Kate Dooley, burned to death in shack in Douglas County, about Feb. 22

Peter Vester, 81, Feb. 28

Christine (Mrs. Andrew) Prytz, at Rice Lake, March 4

Barbara Lund, 5, daughter of Philip O. Lund of Stoughton, MA, March 4

L.E. “Dad” Davis of Bayfield, at Roscommon, MI, before March 9

Mrs. William Schaefer of Ashland, March 10

Brother of John B. Birkett at Toronto, Ontario, before March 23

Mrs. Leslie Campbell, March 24

Dick Nimmo at Park Falls, before March 30


B.C. Buchanan, 82, at Ashland, April 5

Charles B. Sullivan, 48, at Park Falls, before April 6

Capt. John F. Doherty at Ashland, before April 13

Miss Sarah Geneva Williams, 30, April 16; long story

Mrs. Joseph Marcou, 64, (nee Philimena Busher), April 20


Virgil Everett McCaskill, president of Superior State Normal School, at Superior, May 2

Andrew J. Wallace, May 17

Son of Oscar Franson, age 8 or 9, at Port Wing, May 23; run over by car


Mrs. A.B. Cody (nee Cora Crave) at San Jose, CA, May 11

Mrs. G.A. Herman (nee Anna E. Zillmer), 41, at Ashland June 3; long obituary

Mrs. F.D. Brock of Topside, June 12

James Holton at Ashland, before June 15

Myrtle Irving, 23, at Ashland, June 20; long story

Benjamin H. Rogers, 31, fire at home of L.W. Jacobs at Barnes, before June 22; long story

Eunice Anderson (nee Morrison), at Odanah, June 27


John Walters, 72, at Oregon, WI, June 30; father of Mrs. F.G. Johnson

Joe Dodge, 5½, son of Guy Dodge, July 8; lost in woods for a week

John H. Mollenhoff, 68, July 12; long obituary

Barney Fitzpatrick in Portland, OR, before July 13

Samuel Coey, at Bruce, July 18

Bobby Bouffioux, 9, son of Clarence Bouffioux of St. Maries, ID, July 24


Mrs. Frank Nordstrom at Ashland, July 27; fell in barn at Oulu July 10

Ole Jacobson, 46, at Oshkosh, before Aug. 3

Emily Lois Hanson, 7 weeks, daughter of Emil Hanson, Aug. 3

John Heikkila, 28, of Oulu, at Superior Aug. 5; after tractor accident; long article

Billy Roach, at Delta, Aug. 11

James Riley, 61, Aug. 24; long articles


Dr. H. Hannum of Bayfield, before Sept. 7

Orlonzo Flanders of Bayfield, Before Sept. 7

Robert S. Henderson, 31, at Missoula, MT, Sept.11

Herman Teppo of Tripp, at Wales, WI, sanitarium, Sept. 18

Mrs. John Deutsch at West Duluth, Sept. 23


Matt Ulvila, 72, of Waino, Oct. 12

Two unnamed daughters of Harry K. Thompson, age 1 and 3, burned to death at Eau Claire Lakes, Oct. 20

Andrew Petterson, 67, near Port Wing, Oct. 21


James Stanley, 75, Nov. 1; buried at Gilbert Station, IA

Christ Iverson, chairman of the town of Kelly, Nov.3


Mrs. Elizabeth Monickin, 82, Dec 5; mother of Mrs. John Nelson

Mrs. A.A. Armagost, 62, of Tripp, Dec. 9; buried at Osceola, IA

Leo Heughens at Superior, Dec. 15; hit by train

Mrs. Ziemer of Waltham, MN, before Dec. 28; mother of William and Oscar Ziemer

State Sen. Ole G. Kinney, 64, at Superior, Dec. 25


January 1923

James Lester Lynch, 15, son of Louis Lynch, at Lake Nebagamon, Jan. 7; accidentally shot himself

Jacob Matala, 19, of Oulu, Dec. 21

Infant son of George Roe, Jan 21


Mary Sibert, 14, at Chicago Feb. 4; related to Vacha family

George E. Barnes, about 65, at Barnes, Feb. 12; long article

Mrs. Francis Lore, 63, (nee Loretta Hannah Butler) at Baudette, MN, Feb. 17; first white woman to live at Iron River


County Clerk Joseph Yderstad, 54, at Ashland, Feb. 25

Dan Chase at Glidden, Feb. 26

Mrs. R.E. Buck (nee Adelaide Amelia Loretta Shuster), 56, at Tripp, Feb. 27; long article

Mrs. Thomas Kirkwood of Negaunee, MI, before March 1; sister of Nels Goodrich

Johnny Hill, at Ashland, March 4; custodian of Old Abe, the Wisconsin Civil War eagle

James Walli of Oulu, March 7

Charles Puzey, 70+, at Duluth, March 12

Joseph Chantelois, 74, March 16; long article

Oliver D. Farney of Ashland, March 22

Mrs. Anderson, in Minnesota, before March 29; mother of Frank Anderson


Mrs. L.A. Russell, 74, in South Dakota, March 25; buried at Guthrie, IA

J.A. North, former Clover town chairman, April 13

Elizabeth Sullivan, 53, (nee Nixon), widow of James E. Sullivan, at Littlefork, MN, April 21; long article


Mrs. Helvor Hennum (nee Hendrickson) of Cloquet, MN, April 29 John F. Barret at Tucson, AZ, before May 3

John Wilkins, 31, before May 24; railroad accident in Minnesota

Matt Hill, 55, north of Brule, before May 31; fell from scaffold

Mr. Jensen, 86, at Sidney, MT, May 28; father of Torvel Jensen


William Hessmer of Duluth, at Midway, MN, June 3

Hugh Vaughan at Riverside, CA, June 12

Rachael Jaakala, 5, daughter of Matt Jaakala of Oulu, June 15

Hiram Richardson, 53, at Marengo Junction, June 18

Mrs. O’Grady at Chippewa Falls, before June 21; mother of Mrs. Horace Barnes


5-week-old son of Elmer Warbalow, June 30

Leo Mitchell, 33, at Ino, July 1; long article

Judge Warner Spencer Carr, 89, of Lake Nebagamon, in Waupaca County, July 2; long article

Arnaud Pyykola, 8, son of John Pyykola, at Superior, July 14


Joe Butkowski of Nash, at Barksdale, July 29; killed in fight

Erve Smith, 47, Aug 5; night fireman at power company, long story

Irwin Nye, at Chicago, before Aug. 9; fell from 19th floor of hotel

Nathaniel W. Barker, 80+, at Tillamook, OR, July 27; long article

Henry O’Brien, 79, at Duluth, Aug. 11; long article

Mrs. L.E. Tyson, aunt of H.O. Lund, before Aug. 23; funeral at Colfax, WI

Mrs. Herman Dahl (nee Marguerite Malloy/Molloy), 24, Aug 20; long article


Mrs. Patrick Savage, 47, (nee Anna Doyle), at Tripp, Sept. 2; after childbirth, long article

Frank H. Hartshorn, drowned in Missouri River near Bonnville, MO; disappeared July 30, body found before Sept.6

Leonard Hill, 56, at Superior, Sept. 19

October John Leist, about 40, before Oct. 4

Thomas Kincaid, 70, at Superior, Oct. 11

William F. Fletcher, at Madison, Oct. 17

Mrs. Andrew Lauri (Bertha Sophia) of Oulu, Oct. 20; long article


Ernest E. Rohlf, 45, at Hayward, Oct. 28; killed in car wreck


Lyle F. Evenson, 47, at Silverton, OR, Nov. 25

Mrs. Arthur Gilbertson at Duluth, Dec. 3; sister-in-law of Mrs. William Ingle

Jeannette Carleton, 5, daughter of Elmer Carleton, at Ashland before Dec. 13

Mrs. Perry Frank (nee Emma Christopherson), drowned at Virginia, MN, Dec. 13; long article

Emil Tollers of Superior, car wreck near Amnicon River, Dec. 17

Alonzo P. Van Duyne, 75, Dec. 19


January 1924

John Swanson, 73, Port Wing pioneer, Jan. 6

Mrs. E.M. Winchester, at Bovey, MN, before Jan 10; mother of George and Horace Barnes

Dr. F.X. Schlect, Ashland dentist, Jan. 12; froze to death at fishing shack near Iron River; long article

John Thompson, 63, near Poplar, before Jan. 24

William Pierce, 62, Jan. 30

Seth Hogfelt, 10 months, son of Carl Hogfeldt of Port Wing, before Jan. 31 (name spelled two ways)


Mathias Skyberg at Trondhjem (Trondheim), Norway, Jan. 2; brother of Otto Skyberg

Margaret O’Brien, 59, widow of Henry O’Brien, Feb. 8

Francis Xavier Mineau, 71, Feb. 12; long article

Dr. John L. Malone, 57, Superior dentist, Feb. 17; long article


Melissa D. Gregg, 88, wife of E.L. Gregg, at Oneota, (Oneonta?) NY, March 21; long obituary

Dorothy Grecol, 6, daughter of Ella Grecol, March 22; accidentally shot to death; long article

Ransom B. Cole, 73, of South Range, March 23

Mrs. Elon F. Verry, 68, of Arlington, IL, March 25; sister of Mrs. C.F. Watt

April Mrs. Olivia Branstad, funeral in Duluth March 21

Irvine R. Chape of Port Wing, April 9

Alex Cattanach, 58, at Duluth April 9; brother of Mrs. John B. MacDonald

Capt. James F. Taylor, 40, at Philadelphia, April 14; long article


John Joseph Erickson, at Oulu, April 17; Oulu pioneer

Thomas C. Patten, 78, of Seal Harbor, ME, April 24; brother of Mrs. Fannie E. Herring

Christian F. Wiehe, 65, lumberman, at Pike Lake home, April 30

Viola Living, 7, daughter of C.W. Living, at Ashland, May 3

Mrs. Charley Blomquist, 58, of Duluth, May 7

Hans Hanson of Allouez, age 40-50, at Winneboujou, May 21

Arthur Mineau, 37, at Miles City, MT, May 27; long article


John Athey at Park Falls, May 1

William S. McDonald, 56, at Ashland before June 5

Wendel A. Connor at Lakin, KS, before June 5; struck by lightning

Father of Mrs. Rollie Mellon at Calumet, MI, before June 19

Mrs. Eleanor Nygaard, 70, at Ashland, June 16

July C.F. Stone, Lake Nebagamon druggist, June 27

D.O. Hall, 69, at Barnes, June 28

Mrs. Emil Ylitalo at Lakeside, Douglas County, before July 10; shot by Billy Buuts in love triangle

Mrs. Sophia Bushnell, 72, body found in Iron River July 13

Waino Kakko and Mr. Newman, at Superior, July 21; drank poisoned alcohol

Mary Beaton (nee Coey, widow McLean), in Mullan, ID, July 23


Chris Olson, on West Coast, Aug. 14; brother of Martin Olson

Mrs. Amelia Niemi, at Cloquet, MN, Aug. 18

John Backstrom of Barnes, at Ashland, Aug. 24

Mr. Williams, in Maine before Aug 28; brother of Joe Williams


John Lulich of Keystone, Sept 7; accidentally shot himself

Mrs. Laura Hanson, 59, at Ashland before Sept. 11; sister of Peter Erickson; in car hit by train

H.B. Eastey of Duluth, at Minneapolis before Sept. 11; son-in-law of Dr. J.A. Cutland

53 people killed in Wisconsin storms on Sept. 21:

Blanche, Frank and Harry Vozera of Westboro; 14-month-old baby at Merrill; Miss Fryk at Medford; Mrs. John Guardowski, Clark; Marcia J. Kolysareek, 65, Thorp district; Mrs. John Thoreson, Clark; infant son of Frank Weaver, Thorp; Rose Graikowski, 15, Thorp; Anton Larenski, 8, east of Thorp; Rose Royenski, 15, near Thorp; Beth Schmidzfranz, 8, of Owen; Mrs. Motyty, Owen; Mrs. Donevant and two children, Withee; unidentified woman on Harry Norris farm, Thorp; Mr. and Mrs. Sam Thorson, Owen; Mrs. Walter Hill and child, Clark; Mr. and Mrs. Monson, north of Owen; Harry Barry, near Owen; Mrs. Hoffman, Thorp; Mr. and Mrs. Peter Magja and two children, Owen; Mary Guardowksi, Clark; Mr. and Mrs. Harry Norris and daughter, Owen; Mrs. Metein, Owen; two children of Joe Batrica, near Couderay; Mr. and Mrs. John Grimes, near Starks; Vincent Zebronski, near Three Lakes; Paul Mills, Milwaukee, drowned at Waukesha; Jerry W. Harrison, Chicago, drowned at Waukesha; Frank Hildebrandt, 45, Madison; Jacob Holms, 40, near Sanborn; Elsie Mateson, 7, south of Ashland; Victor Flanders, 21, of Hancock, MI, killed near Sanborn; Mr. and Mrs. John Hill, both 55, near Sanborn; Willard Anderson, 9, near Sanborn; Ralph Obermeier, Milwaukee; Mr. and Mrs. George Norris and 8-year-old son, Thorp; Mrs. Adolph Olchomski, 50, near Strickland; in Minnesota: Mrs. J. Korkala, Fergus Falls; Mr. and Mrs. Hans Jasperson, Blooming Prairie; Frank Merchert, 35, Eveleth; Joe Richenberg, Mahtomedi; John Nelson, 45, Hibbing; in Michigan: Matthew Slattery, 78, Grand Rapids; James Kane, 59, Grand Rapids; Dewey Shaw, 19, Hart.


William Gaynor, prisoner, at Superior, Sept 22

Albert J. Angus at Superior, Sept. 29; long article

Mrs. Klino at Marshfield, Sept. 30; mother of William Klino and Mrs. Frank L. Moore

Charles Simoneau of Washburn, before Oct. 2; dynamite explosion

5-month-old son of Thomas C. Armstrong, car-train wreck at Superior, Oct. 5

Elmer Armbruster, 34, Oct. 7; long article

Ethel Knapp, at Gary, IN, Oct. 9; sister of P.C. Knapp

Archie McAllister of Ashland, before Oct. 9

Valentine J. Depta, 43, Oct. 16; dynamite explosion

Mrs. Wilcox, at Brule Oct. 23; mother of Nettie Wilcox

Mrs. L.D. Pease, 43, (nee Emily Lewin), at Ashland, Oct. 28


George A. Urquhart, at Duluth, Nov. 5

Henry L. Moreland, 75, at Barnes, Nov. 9; long article

Gus Johnson, about 65, former town of Brule chairman, at Poplar Nov. 17

Frank J. Vocelka of Ashland, a hunter; body found near Spider Lake Nov. 20

John D. Kelly, 30, of Grandview, body found in cabin Nov. 22; accidentally shot

Martha Jane Danger, 60, wife of Walter L. Bradfield, Nov. 25

December Robert Shields Martinson, 73, Nov. 30

Theodore Anderson, about 40-50, body found in bed, Dec. 24

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