The Iron River Pioneer Vitals
Vital Records As Published in the Iron River Pioneer

1909-1917 - Bayfield County, Wisconsin

Compliled by Zoe von Ende Lappin, granddaughter of P.J. Savage, editor of the PIONEER from 1898 to 1952

This is a summary of Birth, marriage and death records as printed in this weekly newspaper. More complete information may be obtained by consulting the microfilm of the papers at the Wisconsin State Historical Society, Madison, Wis, 53706.

Copyright - Zoe von Ende Lappin - January 2005. Information very generously donated to the Bayfield County Website by the author.

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Deaths reported in the Iron River Pioneer, Bayfield County, Wisconsin, 1909-1917. There are many lengthy obituaries and/or descriptions of the death, especially those that occurred under extraordinary circumstances or of well-known people. Deaths of children were reported as the child of Mr. and Mrs.; father’s name only given here in most cases.



January 1909

John Parish, about 55, at Cass Lake, MN, Dec. 31, 1908

“Wab” or “Wah” Beauregard at Barnes, Jan. 7

John Robinson, 75, druggist, at Green Bay, before Jan. 14

Nels Carlson, 54, of Brule vicinity, Jan. 21

Michael Sullivan of Muskeg, killed by train Jan. 23

David D. Page of Muskegan, MI, before Jan. 28


Mrs. E.S. Mason at Ashland, Feb. 4

Matt Mullson, fell off bridge at Cusson, before Feb. 11

Mother of Edward Richardson at Flesherton, Ontario, before Feb. 11

Herman Hollister, Feb. 16

Carl Everson, killed by falling tree at Cusson, before Feb. 18


Mother of Joseph Schachte, 80, at Roxbury, Dane County, WI

Caleb V. Hobbs, 76, Feb. 25; burial at Garden Valley, WI

Mrs. F.A. Buol (nee Mayme Murphy), of Washburn, at Las Vegas Feb. 26

Moses Mattonen, near Brule, dynamite explosion, March 12

Mrs. Leonard Hill at Oulu, March 14

Mrs. Thomas McCann, 82, (nee Sarah Johnston), March 15, burial at Chippewa Falls; long obituary

N. Daniel Simpson, 39, at Lake Nebagamon, March 21

Michael J. Hiland at San Bernardino, CA, March 21

Freddie Hanson, 8, son of Elias Hanson, March 23

Pete Hoey, railroad yard accident, March 25


Mary Beaton, mother of Dan Beaton, in Quebec, March 29

Mrs. Joseph Henley at Oshkosh, before April 8; sister of W.R. Grace

Mrs. W.J. Hillman at Ashland before April 8

Dr. N.G.J. Dahlstedt of Port Wing, before April 22

Joseph Yerden, about 50, at Ashland April 28; long article

Former Rep. Joseph W. Babcock, 59, at Washington, DC, April 27


D.R. Johnson, about 55, of Lake Nebagmon, accident in horse-drawn rig, May 13


Infant daughter of R. Pierce, before June 3

Nelson Ferguson, 78, June 8; long article

Charles Hellman of Duluth, suicide after attempted murder of his wife, at LaPointe, Madeline Island, June 14

John J. McGeehan of Ashland, June 21


Melvin Hannum, 8, son of Martin Hannum, June 25

Gustaf Adolph Halone, 19, run over by train, June 29

Son of F.W. French, before July 1

9-year-old daughter of Matt Alto, drowned near Brule July 5

Father of Alex LaLond at Pine City, MN, July 17

Mabel Hamilton, 19 months, before July 22; parents’ names illegible

Otto Pudas, about 20, drowned in Iron River, July 22

Mrs. George Crocker at Ludington, MI, before July 29

Violet Jeannette Rocheleau, 6, daughter of Frank Rocheleau, July 25


Infant son of Harry S. Kopplin, July 8

Mrs. Poitras of Milwaukee, July 30; sister of Mrs. Sol Jones

Henry Boutin of Bayfield, shot at Bayfield by Tony Barker in love triangle; died at Ashland Aug. 2

Infant child of Dennis Sweeney of Washburn, before Aug. 12

Ed Staples, Aug. 12

John Kallgren of Pilsen, accident at bridge project, before Aug. 26


Daughter, 14 months, of Joseph Axelson of Oulu, before Sept. 2

W.R. Grace, 64, Sept 7; long article

Raymond Donald Hubbard, 6 months, son of Alex Hubbard of Chisholm, MN, on train en route to Duluth, before Sept. 9

Mr. Jahn, president of Ironwood, MI, bank, suicide accused of embezzlement, before Sept. 16

Infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Clendenning, Sept. 17

Mrs. G.M. Snyder at Superior Sept. 22; mother of Mrs. M.C. Helmer


Nick Alberka, murdered at Drummond by Louis Carlone, Sept. 25

Frances, 10-month-old daughter of Fred Strege, Sept. 28


Gabriel Carlson, accident on steam shovel, at Merrill, Oct. 17; brother of Charles Bloomquist


Charles Rogers, 13 of Odanah, son of Charles N. Rogers, Nov. 4

Louis Cocheneur of Port Wing, murdered Nov. 6; suspect is hunting partner Thomas Lilystrom

Joseph Mascott, 3 weeks, son of Louis Mascott, Nov. 10

Mrs. Howard Pugmire, 32, (nee Margie Buell), Nov. 11; long obituary

Lena Josephine Hanson, 30, Nov. 12; long obituary

Bert Sheppard at Minneapolis before Nov. 17; brother of Mrs. William J. Bohn

William G. Ruby of Winneboujou, hunting accident near Brule, Nov. 20

Alvah H. Miles, 39, hunting accident Nov. 24; long article and obituary


Mable Riley, 4, daughter of Edward Riley, Nov. 23

John A. Johnston, body found in woods Nov. 27

D.L. Dobbins, 53, Nov. 28

Louis Mitchell, nearly 70, murdered at Eau Claire Lakes Dec. 2; suspect is nephew John Beauregard

Hattie Luvica Riley, 12, daughter of Edward W. Riley, Dec. 5

Eva Shapiro of St. Paul at Minneapolis auto accident Dec. 5; cousin of Mrs. Jake Segal of Washburn

“Sebe” Miles, 66, at Elsinore, CA, Dec. 8

Bertin Elbert Clyde, 39, killed by falling tree at Hayward, Dec. 9

John Washburn Weir, 76, Dec. 15

Mrs. Sam Kingvald, 28, Dec. 15

Edward W. Riley, Dec. 17

Mrs. Matt Jarvis of Oulu, before Dec. 23


January 1910

David Niemi, 52, at Ashland Jan. 4

Edgar J. Aker, 24, shot himself at Ashland, before Jan. 6

Mrs. Leopold Mitchell, 85 of Marshall, MN, Jan. 17; mother of Charles L. and Joseph Mitchell

Mrs. Sophia Stetler, 75, at Milwaukee, before Jan. 20; mother of J.C. Wills

John Hanson, about 50, suicide at Lake Nebagamon, before Jan. 20

Ole Roe at Lacrosse, before Jan. 27

February 1910

A.J. Burton, 32, engineer in Northern Pacific train wreck on Feb. 1

Infant son of Harry Taylor at Superior, scalded before Feb. 3

Newborn twin daughter of William Kongswert, Feb. 5

18-month-old child of Frank Johnson, before Feb. 10

John Tiensw, about 10, son of Matt Tiensw, gun accident

Jacob Johnson at Rosholt, Portage County, about Feb. 17


Mrs. Timothy Riordan at Leona, OR, Feb. 24

Fred Summerfield at St. Paul Feb. 25; father of Mrs. Joseph Schachte

Wilhelmina Mackmiller, 78, at Ashland Feb. 27. Mother of T.F. Mackmiller

Oliver L. Shepherd, 46, of Bayfield, Feb. 27

Frank H. Ruger of Superior, March 8

Mrs. Peter Saronen, 54, of Clover, March 20


Freddie Strege, 10, son of Fred Stregge, drowned before April 7

Mrs. John Radcliffe, 30, former Grace Kenny of Orienta, at Lacey, WA, March 29

Mrs. Rachel Frances Fowler, 69, (nee Frost), wife of J.W. Fowler, April 15

Harry Parks, about 55, at Ashland, April 23

Louis Gamelian at Wales, WI, April 28


Walter Rounseval, 19, killed at Mason lumber mill, May 4

Joseph Trotechaud, 35, at Coeur d’Alene, ID, May 6

Infant son of Henry Baker, May 8

Ed Fennelly Sr. of Ashland; body found in White River May 13; missing since November

Frank M. Johns and W.E. Young in train wreck at Finlayson, MN, before May 19


Hjalmar Johnson of Port Wing in Texas before June 2

Father, 71, of Alfred Knowles in Ontario June 3

Francis Meyer, 15, electrocuted in lumber yard at Marinette, WI, before June 9. Nephew of Mrs. Frank Berube

Unidentified body found in Pike Lake, June 5

Hannah Little, 78, widow of James Little, at Duluth June 23; long obituary

James Wellington Pierce, 47, at Ashland June 25; long obituary


Martin Olson, about 45, July 8

Son of Mr. and Mrs. Aho, before July 14

Thomas Mills, 78, July 15; long obituary


Dr. Wiley W. Tarter at Ashland Aug. 11 of burns from accident at Mellen; brother of Dr. J.W. Tarter.

Daughter, age 3 weeks, of W.H. Stilwell, Aug. 15

Agnes Olson, 2, daughter of William Olson, before Aug. 25


Joseph Elzear Fancher, 47, before Sept.8

Edna Lucy Stephens, 2, daughter of Ed Stephens of Hughes, scalded, before Sept. 8

Mrs. James Christie of Lake Nebagamon, Sept. 14

Mary E. Mills, 76, widow of Thomas (nee Kelley), Sept. 18

Bert Peterson at Ashland Sept 20; hit himself in the head with a hammer; long article and obituary

King G. Staples, about 60, at Portland, OR, Sept. 21


Mrs. Richard McCue at Ashland Oct. 7


Chandler W. Dodge, 79, Oct. 30; long obituary

Mrs. Con Couture, Oct. 30

Sam Cochran of Portland, OR, at St. Johns, OR, before Nov. 3

William Rusk, about 77, at Superior Nov. 5

Mrs. Peterson, mother of Mrs. J.W. Tarter, at Waupaca before Nov. 10

Father of Mrs. C.S. Hobbs at Lacrosse, before Nov. 17

Louis Olson of Abbotsford, killed in mysterious circumstances while hunting near Mellen, before Nov 17; long article


Elletta Bell Harkness, 3, daughter of James Harkness, Nov. 24

Joe Comeau, about 32, logging accident near Hayward, Nov. 24

Daughter of Mrs. Bert Peterson, 7 months, before Dec. 1

Father of Ole and Willie Olson of Woodville, WI, before Dec. 1

Mary Katherine Cummings, 9, daughter of Michael Cummings, Dec. 10

Daughter, 1˝, of James Harkness, Dec. 11

Edward Crane at Minneapolis, Dec. 15

Frank Eggleston, 60, burning wall fell on him, Dec. 19

Thomas Law at Ashland, Dec. 24


January 1911

Peter Corgan, suicide at Superior, Dec. 29

Mrs. John Hines, at Superior, Jan. 7

January 1911

Jim Bodeen, 24, Jan. 11

Joseph Holmquist, about 23, of Lake Nebagamon, Jan. 11

Dr. Herman Goetsch at South Milwaukee, before Jan. 12

Dan McBeath, former mayor of Washburn, murdered at Springdale, WA, early January

Matilda Johnson, widow of Jacob Johnson, at Oshkosh hospital for the insane, Jan. 19

Mrs. William (Mae) McLaughlin, 29, at Ranchester, WY, Jan. 19

Albert J. McAdams of Superior and John Gordon of Mellen , killed in bar brawl at Mellen, Jan. 21

Henry Vincent, kiilled by logging train at Hayward, before Jan. 26


James Edward, murdered by Henry Niemi near Hayward, Jan. 21; long article

Harry Gilman, about 30, at Ashland, Jan. 26

Fred Strege, 51, Jan. 31; long obituary

T.C. Cross, 83, at Wingard (Wynyard?), Saskatchewan, Feb. 10

15-year-old daughter of Emil Johnson, lifelong invalid, at Oulu Feb. 11

Mrs. J.G. Ingram at Eau Claire, Feb. 15

Samuel Patrick, 85, at Ashland, Feb. 17; father of Mrs. Byron Ripley, long obituary

Thomas Pollock, over 70, at Hughes Feb. 19


Tim Reynolds, about 56, Feb. 25

Zona Hansen, 1 year, daughter of Martin Hansen, March 5

Mrs. Thomas Bates of Lake Nebagamon, at Superior, March 6

Henry A. Oscar, son of T.A. Oscar of Washburn, March 8

Charlotte Moulton, 83, (nee Allger) widow of William E. Moulton, March 16; long obituary

W.H. Mackmiller, 52, of Ashland, March 18; brother of T.F. Mackmiller

Mrs. Peter Anderson, 28, March 21

Fred Harkness, in Florida, before March 22

Son, age 2˝, of Wiliam Goetsch, March 24

Mrs. J.A. Monger at Superior, before March 30


Andrew Antonson, body found in well in Alberta in February

Gunder Erickson, about 45, at Duluth, April 7

William Hilderbrant, 64, of Lake Nebagamon, April 11

Frederick Culberson, about 30, brother of Mrs. Lester Ferguson, April 17

Martin Gudmanson, April 17

Hugo J. Kremer at Duluth, before April 27


John Lemingo of Oulu, April 27

Thomas Doyle, at Washburn, April 28

Jerry Day at Barnes, May 3; long article

Mrs. Rockford, 80, mother of Mrs. William Bailey, May 4

Mrs. Martha Hendrika Dahl, 87, killed in dynamite explosion, before May 4; long article

N. Youmans at Barnes, May 7; father of Myron Youmans

Selina G. Dahl, 79, of Port Wing, May 12


John J. Jenkins, former congressman, at Chippewa Falls, June 11

John Linsky, 32, fell from hotel window, before June 22; long article

John Hefstedt, murdered by James Dysart near Poplar June 27; long article


Frank Webster, drowned at Cusson; July 3; body sent to Millington, MI

Louis Mitchell, 75, father of Charles L. Mitchell, July 5

Mike Mickelson, drowned in Duluth harbor, before July 6

Hamilton H. Hall, father of Postmaster Hall, at Newbury, (Newberg?) OR, July 10

Frank Derosia, mistakenly shot by brother Joe at Blueberry, July 20


Timothy Riordan, July 25

Infant daughter of Victor Mocki of Oulu, Aug. 2

Son, 3, of Peter Forsyth of Cameron, at Iron River, before Aug. 3

(Illegible) Duffy, about 60, at Ashland after being hit by falling tree at Cusson before Aug. 3

Mrs. Joseph Gemash, Aug. 6 Frank Boutin Sr., 79, at Bayfield, before Aug. 10

Mary Alise Savage, 2 months, daughter of P.A. Savage, Aug. 23


Telesfore LaBlanc, Sept. 2

Two nephews (unnamed) of Michael Hopkins, in British Columbia, in June

Judge Joseph F. Atkinson of Bayfield, Sept. 13

Jacob Rankinson, 63, at Oulu, Sept. 27

Arthur Elliott, 44, at Ashland after hunting accident; Sept. 22; long obituary

Three girls in Lake Superior near Washburn Sept. 27: May --- nderson, Rosie ---artin and Ellen Lundberg


James Donnelly, 42, brother of Mrs. John Mulloy, at Chicago Oct. 7

----bert Joyce of Ashland, near Cusson, Oct. 14

Andrew Wilson, 58, at Eau Claire Oct. 22


Mrs. John Schweger, 32 of Oshkosh at Iron River Oct. 29; sister of Mrs. Jay Campbell

Mrs. Edward Wallace, Oct. 30

Joseph Pesch in Minnesota train wreck, before Nov. 2

Isaac Mikkonen of Ashland, hunting accident, before Nov. 23


Mrs. Frank Spalding, murdered at Ashland by Ort Dodge, before Dec. 7; burial at Shell Lake; long article

Margaret Coey, widow of Joseph, Dec. 8; long obituary

Jim Root, hero of Hinckley, MN, fire of 1893, at New York Dec. 12; long obituary

Casper Broman, fell into quarry, Dec. 23

Matilda Harrington (nee Priebe), 64, Dec. 26


January 1912

Emil Niemi, 31, of Maple, Jan. 3

Andrew Niemi, about 70, fell down hotel stairs, Jan. 4

Henry Jonas, about 80, of Hughes, Jan. 5

George Bousley, 71, at Ashland Jan. 5; long obituary

8-year-old sister of Frank Brabant, at Marinette, before Jan. 11

Mary Richards, 3, daughter of Phileas Richards of Bayfield, burned to death Jan. 11

Inno Maki, 4, son of John Orvid Maki, Jan. 14

Jerome H. Gallaher, 78, of Hughes, Jan. 14; long obituary


Frank Sharp at Ely, MN, Jan. 23

Alexander Cameron, 77, at Seattle Jan. 28; buried at Iron River

Infant daughter of Gabriel Hegbloom, Jan. 26

Andrew Gunderson, 48, Jan. 28; long obituary

Margoria M. Clausen at Washburn, Feb. 5

4-month-old son of John Knuuttila of Oulu, Feb. 7

Mrs. Thomas Kinney of Port Wing, before Feb. 8

W.J. Vrooman of Hughes, 51, at Ashland Feb.8

Mrs. William McMillan (nee Beth Whiting) at Portland, OR, Feb. 8

Joseph Arseneau, logging accident, Feb. 16


Henry Benson, coal dock accident at Superior, before March 21

Fred Olson, about 30, of Oulu, at Ashland March 21

April Beatrice Bell, daughter of John Boyd, before April 18

John Hudasack of Moquah, hunting accident before April 18


Mrs. Isaac Hubbard (nee Burns), at Ashland, May 2; burial at Rice Lake

Mrs. Bernard, about 70, mother of Emil Bernard, at Prairie du Chien, before May 9

John Anderson of Benoit, hit by train, before May 9

John McDairmid, 74, at Ashland, May 13

Mrs. F.J. Page, murdered at Brainerd, MN, before May 16

Arthur Lauri, about 25, of Oulu drowned in Muskeg River before May 30


Brother of Mrs. Frank Berube at Marinette, June 7

George Richards and Herman Kurcheski of Ashland, drowned at Topside, June 9

Jimmy Sutton, 52, at Superior June 11

Mrs. David H. Lee, daughter of Mrs. Geroge S. Barnes, at Eau Claire, June 21

Dr. James Alec Patterson, 47, June 23; long obituary

Alfred Anderson, killed at Duluth, June 24


Nora Tholena Lee, 19, and Peter Julius Olson, 20, hit by train near Drummond July 3

August Carlson, about 30, hit by car, July 5; long article

Michael Haley at Duluth, July 8

Mother of Mrs. James Doherty at Green Bay, July 15

Charles S. Hobbs, 52, former Iron River town chairman, at Ashland July 21; long article

Chester Mott of Highland, Douglas County, July 21; buried at Hughes


Freddie Clark, 16, son of L.H. Clark of Port Wing; drowned, July 29

George Young, Park Falls editor, drowned at Butternut before Aug. 15


Mrs. Clara Strege at Cooperstown, WI, Sept. 4

Charles Beauregard, prisoner in Ashland, before Sept. 5

George Myers, about 26, trying to hop a freight at Bibon, Sept. 17

Mrs. O.F. Harkness in Washington state, before Sept 19


Joseph Alexson of Waino, dynamite accident, Sept. 30

Fred Beausoliel, fell off ladder at Washburn, Oct. 14

2-year-old daughter of John Erickson of Oulu, brush fire Oct. 18

Charley Hall, uncle of Frank Moulton, at Onalaska, WI, Oct. 20


Adolph Fourtier at Lindsay, Ontario, before Nov. 7

Frank T. Ruhleman of Bell while hunting, Nov. 11

August Osterberg, hunting accident near Conover, WI, Nov. 11

Nick Flynn at Ashland, Nov. 11

Daughter, 4 days old, of Emmanuel Luick, Nov. 16


Mrs. Wenzel Fox (nee Marguerite Catherine Schimmel), 58, Dec. 4

Alfred T. Bjorklund, shot himself, Dec. 5

Leo Balduc, at Hibbing, MN, Dec. 17

Dan Hatch, 49, accident in woods, before Dec. 19; burial in New Brunswick

Charles Berger, run over by train, Dec. 26

January 1913

Harriet Joyal, at Bloomer, Dec. 10

John Ohman at Minneapolis, Dec. 28

Son, 6 weeks, of Andrew Nelson, Jan. 4

Clarabelle Bondy, 4, daughter of Frank Bondy, Jan. 6

Mary E. Leslin, 80, mother of Mrs. Harry S. Kopplin and

Mrs. James C. Moran, at Wabasha, MN, Jan. 7

N.B. Beedon of Ashland, Jan. 11

Francis Lore, found dead in woods, Jan. 19; long article

L. Baxter, Jan. 21

Mrs. Okerstrom, 82, of Port Wing, mother of T.N. and John Okerstrom, before Jan. 23

Axel Williams, at Sandpoint, ID, before Jan. 23


Mrs. A. Oslund, Feb. 12

Infant of Roy French at Ashland, Feb. 23


Mrs. William Miller of Lake Nebagamon, Feb. 28

Dr. P.B. Stewart, 43, at Chetek, March 1

Andrew Lamppi, about 30, of Tripp at Ashland, March 3

2-day-old son of H.H. Jewett of Rice Lake, March 10

Gary McNair, 30, at Upper Charlo, New Brunswick, before

March 13

James Wright, about 50, at Duluth, before March 20

Arne Lund, 71, at Eau Claire, March 24; long obituary

Mrs. Nicholson, sister of the late Dr. J.A. Paterson, at Regina, Saskatchewan, before March 27

April Johnny Callaghan, 23 of Oulu, at Ashland, April 3

William Makki at Oulu, April 3

Ole Sorum, 34, April 10

Leander Johnson, about 58, April 12

William Taylor, 77, at Pratt, April 14; burial at Grandview

Thomas J. McNulty, engineer in train wreck near Myers on Michigan border, April 16


Mrs. Lee Reder, 30, (nee Cora Cochran) at Oympia, WA, April 25

Alfred Bernard at Des Moines, IA, May 15

Eddie Foras, about 30, suicide by jumping in front of train, May 19; long article

Foley (no first name), about 70, suicide by shooting near Spider Lake, before May 29


J. Herbert Tobey, 22, of Cable, June 8

Mary Russell, daughter of Roy Russell of Iowa, burned to death, before June 12

Mrs. Anna Samuels, about 75, mother of Mrs. George L. Pettingill, at Minneapolis, before June 26

Mrs. A.G. Searling of Ashland Junction, killed by mad bull, June 20


Thomas Schram at Ashland, June 30

John Raymond Savage, 4 months, son of P.A. Savage, June 30

Infant daughter of Arthur Chantelois, July 6

W.B. Duffy at Rochester, MN, before July 10

Mrs. L. Pease of Cable, before July 10

John Thompson, 70, July 23; long obituary

Roy Letorneau, 25, drowned near Remer, MN, July 12; husband of Marilda Clucky, formerly of Iron River

Dan Ward, 67, at Cornucopia, July 11; burial at Lake Nebagamon

Dr. J. Ray Paterson, 76, at Port Elgin, Ontario, July 28

William Simpson at Chippewa Falls, before Aug. 7; long obituary

Mrs. Fred Moreau (nee Sophie Violett), 40, Aug. 12

Sylvan Crocker of Spooner, drowned, Aug. 9

Lee Wren, 27, stabbed in bar fight, Aug. 15

Mrs. George Bousley (nee Adeline Serrell), 68, Aug. 22; long obituary

Daughter, 3, of Seth Bergstrom at Lake Nebagamon, Aug. 24

Carl W. Groth, about 45, suicide Aug. 26


Ada Marie Johnson, 15, daughter of Emil Johnson, Aug. 29

Dan McIntosh, 57, drowned before Sept.4; long article

John McDougall, 42, at Ashland, before Sept. 11

Son, age 3 days, of George Weir, Sept. 22


Will LaChapelle, 32, at Wilbur Springs, CA, before Oct. 2; long article

Thomas Hughes, 74, Oct. 10; long obituary

Mrs. Mary Kate Whiting, 58, at Portland, OR, Oct. 14

Fred Marx and Dave Doherty of Ashland, drowned in Lake Superior, before Oct. 23

Mrs. Merle Helmer, 63, at Washburn, Oct. 24


Audrey Severson (nee Springer) at Tacoma, WA, Oct. 25

Peter Peterson, uncle of H.O. Lund, at Eau Claire, before Nov. 13

Bradford Mitchell, 55, Nov. 15

Victor Achren, 22, at Kalispell, MT, before Nov. 27


George Simpson of Huron, SD, Dec. 9

-----en McPhee (a woman) of Lake Nebagamon, before Dec. 11

Mrs. R. McKenna, 68, at Chippewa Falls, before Dec. 11

Ernest Neros, 9, son of Peter Neros, drowned at Lake Nebagamon, Dec. 14


January 1914

M.J. Hayden, conductor on Omaha Road, at Ashland, Jan. 2

Mrs. Anna Doucette, 54, at Barnes, Jan. 9

Son, 1 year, of Matt Nahri, before Jan. 15


Anton P. Haagenson, former Ashland County district attorney, at Ashland, Feb. 7

John McCue at Duluth, before Feb. 12

Mrs. T. L. Herbert of Barnum, MN, at Duluth, Feb. 15

George Stockman, about 53, shot to death by former trapping partner of John Beohmer, in Washburn County, before Feb. 26


Mrs. Elizabeth Miller, 76, at Desboro, Ontario, before March 9; mother of John and Charles Miller

Mrs. James Duncan of Dalhousie, New Brunsick, before March 19; mother of Mrs. W.H. Hamilton


Daughter, 9 months, of Francis Deline, April 7

John Nicoll, at Cedar Rapids, IA, April 13

Thomas Hellum, 56, electrocuted at Duluth, April 20

John P. Olson, 55, April 21

Mrs. Edward Norwald, April 21

Sam Burnier, 82, hotel fire, April 24 Ellicott Wilson, 74, at Ashland, April 26


Milton T. D. Bellile, 2, son of Mrs. Gordon Bellile, May 1

C.F. Wright at Ashland, May 5 Mrs. Henry Kitzrow of Hill City, MN, May 15

Chet Wick, about 60, at Barnes, May 18

Ben Roe, suicide at Barnes after trying to kill wife, before May 21; long article

James Fitzpatrick at Alpena, MI, before May 21


Mary Nolan of Superior, drowned, June 11

Dr. Snowdon Fairall at Deer River, MN, before June 18

Son, 3, of Robert Jennings, drowned, June 19


Andrew Anderson, about 30, at Ashland, June 26

Son, 6, of Hammond Johnson, drowned, June 28

Andrew Maki, 40, at Oulu, July 3

Dr. W.T. Rinehart, 58, at Chicago, July 8

Carl Bystrum, 22, of Port Wing, July 15

Andrew Duffie, about 55, body found at Barnes, before July 16

Son, 11, of Phil O’Leary of Odanah, drowned, before July 23

Mrs. Alvin A. Finley at Cumberland, July 24

John “Jack” McCue at Allouez, July 26

Elmer Peterson, 28, of Superior, and Peter Bjork, 25, of Duluth, drowned at Lake Nebagamon, July 26


Evelyn Wallace, 7, daughter of A.J. Wallace, at Tripp, July 31

Mrs. John B. Johnson (nee Olina Olson), 56, of Oulu, Aug. 8

Alfreda Hanson, 14, daughter of Gust Hanson, at Hughes, Aug. 12

Frank Bergquist, burned to death at Mason, before Aug. 27

Samuel Elliott of Spooner, before Aug. 27


John Door, alias John Smith, hermit, burned to death Aug. 30

Carla Mortenson, 9 daughter of Michael Mortenson, at Oulu Aug. 30

Theodore Brakke of Mason, car wreck, Aug 30

Mrs. Iver O. Moe, 79, at Washburn, Sept. 5; mother of Andrew K. Swanson

Fred Brown, 38, at Barnes, Sept. 11

Mrs. Taylor, 58, Sept. 18; mother of Mrs. Ed Goulet


George Gasper killed Burt Walczak and himself at Pilsen, Oct. 11

Three children, age 6 months, 3 and 4 years, of Peter Chulmovich of Benoit, fire, Oct. 15

Frank S. Dunbar, ex-Washburn newspaperman, at Minneapolis, Oct. 15


Week-old son of Jurgen Matsen/Matson, Nov. 18

John LaChapelle, 91, at Orienta, Nov. 23

William Douglas Little, 80, Ashland, Nov.19

Edward Wallace, 41, Nov. 21

Mrs. Jurgen Matsen, Nov. 24

Long article about Little, Wallace and Matsen deaths

James McDonald of Chicago, murdered in Forest County, before Nov. 26


Mrs. Victor Myyki, 26, at Oulu, Dec. 6

Ole Sigstad, funeral at Rice Lake, before Dec. 10

Oscar Knutson, 12, son of Ole Knutson, drowned, Dec. 10; long article

Michael O’Malley, 55, murdered at Cadott, WI, Dec. 15 Mrs. Thomas Hughes, 67, at Everett, WA, Dec. 15

John Pauly, 90, Dec. 23; father of Mrs. F.J. Kopplin

Fred Dickinson, murdered at Solon Springs, Dec. 24

Bernard Hanson, son of Mayme Hanson, Dec. 26

Mildred Carver, widow of Nelson Carver, at Barnes, Dec. 28


January 1915 No deaths reported


John W. Hall, 50, at Waukesha, WI, Feb. 5; long obituary

Mrs. Anna Steckbauer (nee Plashko), 83, widow of Louis Steckbauer, Feb. 11; long obituary

J.B. Chandler at Hughes, Feb. 10

Mrs. Sewell A. Petersen, 54, at Rice Lake, Feb. 12; aunt of H.O. Lund

Thomas Kinney at Minneapolis, Feb. 15; buried at Port Wing

Mrs. Roy M. French (nee Cecile Blanche Ingle), 21, in Saskatchewan, Feb. 17

Sam S. Fifield, 75, Ashland postmaster and former lieutenant governor, Feb. 17


John Calligan, 5, son of Frank (?) Calligan, accident in Iron River, MI, Feb.16

LeRoy Brown, 62, at International Falls, MN, Feb. 27

Mrs. Christina Linderholm, 82, March 6; mother of Mrs. J.P. Jacobson

Mrs. Olscar Kalin (nee Kundberg), 34, March 16

Lafayette Reuter, 25, of Washburn, before March 18

W.H. Johnson at Superior, March 18

Mrs. Russell, 86, at Chippewa Falls, March 19; mother of Mrs. Emil Bernard


Alexander Dunlap, 57, at Plummer, ID, March 26; long article

Ed Landry at Duluth, before April 8

Jay Pettingill, 76, at West Salem, WI, April 4; brother of John A. Pettingill

Mrs. Philip Quiggle, Pettingill relative, at West Salem, WI

Nels Tiegen Sr., Laurence Wright and Charles Russell, all of LaPointe, drowned in Chequamegon Bay, April 12

Mrs. Syrena Jackson, 82, at Galloway, WI, April 18; mother of Grace Wells

Frank Patrick at Omaha, April 18; brother of Mrs. Byron Ripley

Karl Oscar Suominen, 30-35, suicide, body found April 24

T.L. Herbert at Duluth, April 25

Mr. Johnson, at Bayfield, April 27; brother of Mrs. Chris Olson


Chris Olson, hermit, near Lake Negabamon, May 17


William E. Galligan, 42, lumber mill accident at Scotia, CA, May 21

Andrew Farrow, dynamite explosion at Bayfield, May 28

Mrs. George Welty of Mason, at Washburn, before June 3

Mrs. Fitzpatrick, 83, at Alpena, MI, June 5; mother of John H. Fitzpatrick

Lillian E. Jacobus (nee Lillian Dippell), 55, widow of Phil Jacobus, June 22; long article


Nels Olson, 52, of Herbster, at Ashland, July 19

Mrs. J.L. Jones at Grantsburg, WI, before July 22

August Allan Erickson, 18, son of John E. Erickson of Oulu, drowned before Aug. 12

Phillip Franks, 74, at Highland, Aug. 15

Two sons (unnamed in story) of Earl Phelps of Solon Springs in dynamite accident, before Aug. 19


Mrs. W.C. Fletcher, 50, of Brule, at Eau Claire Lakes, Aug. 29

Clifford Ferguson, 5 months, son of Thomas Ferguson, Sept. 3

Mrs. George Martell (nee Emma Valshek), 29, of Tripp, Sept. 7

Sewell A. Peterson, 66, hunting accident at Rice Lake, Sept. 20

Mrs. Albert Kennedy at Ashland, Sept. 20


Daughter, 17 months, of Louis Miller, at Hughes, Oct. 3

Mrs. John Miesbauer, 72, Oct. 11; mother of Joseph Miesbauer Magdalena Pauly, 91, Oct. 23; mother of Mrs. Fred Kopplin


Mrs. Patrick Morris at Chippewa Falls, Nov. 5

Mrs. Frank Derocher of Barnes, Nov. 8

E.L. Gregg at Minneapolis, Nov. 9

Q.W. Frost of Washburn, before Nov. 11

Mrs. T.D. Phillips, 74, at Superior, Nov. 13; mother of Mrs. Ella Reed

James Tyndall of Coria, Ashland County, murdered Nov. 14; long article

Victor E. Linley, former mayor of Superior, at Cincinnati, Nov. 20


S.F. Pierce of Chicago, Dec 6; brother of William Pierce

Edgar B. Foss of Bay City, MI, and Joseph Miksak of Chicago, lumber barons, in auto accident at Bay City, Dec. 9

Son, 20 months, of Paul Hanson, Dec. 14

Newborn son of Charles Miller of Hughes, Dec. 22


January 1916

Infant son of Louis Miller, Dec. 24

Mrs. L.S. Wells, Dec. 31, and L.S. Wells, Jan. 3, both at Fifield; parents-in-law of Grace Wells

David L. Snyder, 75, Jan. 12

Mrs. James Howstrawser, 79, at Black River Falls, Jan. 14

George W. Barnes, about 80, at Spokane, WA, Jan. 14; father of George S. Barnes

Mr. Porter, father of R.D. Porter, at Clinton, IN, before Jan. 20


Miss Margaret Gamelien, about 21, in Michigan, Jan. 10

Hazel Marion Wiehe, daughter of Christian F. Wiehe, Jan. 20

James R. Parham, about 70, at Barrows, MN, Jan. 28

John Hellum, 55, at Park Falls, Feb. 17

Harold Bergeson, 5, son of V.E. Bergeson, Port Wing, Feb.22


Mrs. Gidmark of Port Wing, Feb. 23; mother of John A. Gidmark

John Keltz, 78, March 25

Sister of Father Goncar, 16, in convent at Joliet, IL, March 29


Adopted daughter of M.B. Morris, April 9

Daughter, 7, of Victor Myykki of Oulu, at Ashland, April 14

Son, 4 months, of Einar Amundson of Benoit, before April 6

Quizz, an Indian woman, at Barnes, April 20

Emma Annette Ostby (nee Konstad), about 27, of Superior, before April 27

W.H. Holmes at Concord, MI, April 27

May 1916

Lager Jensen at Bessemer, MI, April 30; brother of Torvel Jensen

19 on steamer S.R. Kirby out of Ashland in Lake Superior storm:

D. Girardin of Detroit E.M. Douglas of Detroit

John Weston of Chicago Robert Powers of Detroit

Louis Fondine of Pennsylvania Lyal Blasdell of Detroit

Ansel Peterson of Erie, PA Elmer Rydolph of Superior

Robert Thorp of Superior William Winger of Duluth

Frank Casey of Chicago Sylvester Smith, Marine City, MI

Ralph B. Smith of Marine City Anthony Ripple of Marine City

Henry Bollhead of Marine City Burt Heath of Marine City

Herman Ziegler of Hoboken, NJ Harry Martin of Harrow, Ontario

Alf Anderson of Superior

Zell Carver, 76, at Reedsburg, May 8; uncle of George S. Barnes

Hector McMezin, 49, John Belting, 35, killed by train at Saxon, May 17

Verne Newman, 20, murdered at Saxon, May 17

Mrs. Jordan J. McCann, (nee Catherine Sweeney), 59, of Lake Nebagamon, May 17; mother of Mrs. Ben Upton

Mrs. Moran, mother of James C. Moran, in southern Minnesota before May 25

Charles Torgenson at Thomaston, MI, early May

June Mrs. Edward Goulet (nee Viola Taylor), 40, at Ashland June 5; long obituary

Ed E. Jarvis at Cloquet, MN, May 27


August Rymesk at Ashland, July 2

John J. Rhodes at Duluth, before July 6

Mrs. A.E. Neff at Sandstone, MN, before July 13; sister of A.S. Robertson

Father of William Schaefer, at Menomonie, WI, before July 13


Emma Louise Mollenhoff (nee Wahlgren), 71, widow of John Mollenhoff, Aug. 9; long obituary

Stanley McNeil, 12, drowned, Aug 13; burial at Marquette, MI

Ike Hill, 32 of Eveleth, MN, and Sam Polkinghorn, 30, of Hibbing, MN, auto wreck at Eveleth, Aug. 10

David Michaud of Hayward and Henry Ebner of Ishpeming, MI, accident at Barksdale dynamite plant, Aug. 21

C.C. Rippentroop of Buffalo Center, IA, Aug. 20 or 21; brother of Mrs. C.W. Stagg

Percy Thick, Canadian soldier killed in battle in France before Aug. 31; son-in-law of Mr. and Mrs. Larry Brennan


Leo Deschamp, 35, Sept. 4

Lucile Silbersack, 2˝, daughter of Rudolph Silbersack, at Tripp Sept. 11

Mrs. Henry Englehart, Sept. 25


John Harpster, 50, Oct. 4

Adeline Henderson (nee DuMont,) 39, wife of John L. Henderson, at Ashland, Oct. 5; long obituary

George Bergeson, 19, son of V.R. Bergeson of Port Wing, at Duluth Oct. 9

Mrs. John Petteys, 75, at Barnes, Oct. 17

Burt Augusta of Shellbrook, Saskatechewan, a Canadian soldier killed in Europe, before Oct. 19. He was a former Iron River resident, and the Pioneer had carried his war dispatches for about a year.


Joseph Emmanuel Peterson, 33, at Hughes Oct. 23

Christian Thiese, 79, Nov. 1; long obituary

Mrs. George Hufnail, 80-plus, at Barnes Nov. 7; burial at Reedsburg

John A. Aylward, federal attorney, at Madison Nov. 11

Frederick, 4 months, son of Fred Schiesser of Winneboujou, Nov. 14

A.T. Fox, suicide at Maple, before Nov. 23

Charles Sundell of Ashland, froze to death near Turtle Lake, Nov. 23

Richard Estey, 68, of Lake Nebagamon, at Superior Nov. 26

Mrs. P.J. Duffy, at Moquah Nov. 27


A.J. Fox of Appleton, between Nov. 3 and Dec. 7

Assemblyman H.M. Laursen of Shell Lake, car hit by train, Dec. 8

Catherine Martha Bouffioux, 1, daughter of Clarence Bouffioux, Dec. 11

George Rapchuck, 25, of Moquah, murdered at Ironwood, MI, Dec. 14

J.W. Fowler at Hill City, MN, Dec. 18

Hollon Richardson, 81, of Keyport, WA, before Dec. 28


January 1917

Marie Olson, 69, at Bellingham, WA, Dec. 25; mother of Harry Olson

Unidentified man walked into train’s way at Marengo, Jan. 5

Edward Faille, 49, at Ashland after being hit by train, before Jan. 11

Louis Eowman, 68, Jan. 23

August F. Borchart, train accident at Soo Junction, before Jan. 25


Charles Cameron, 44, Feb. 1; long obituary

Mrs. Sarah Reilly, 86, at Superior, Feb. 1; mother of Thomas O’Toole; long obituary

Mrs. Catherine Day, 63, at Superior, Feb. 4; widow of Jerrry Day; long obituary

Mrs. Patrick Holden, 51, (nee Mary Weir), Feb. 5; long obituary

Fred F. Hoene of Duluth, before Feb. 15

Anton Miller of Bayfield, died in fire, Feb. 18


Mrs. William Englehart (nee Verma Latourell) at Park Falls, Feb. 26

Harvey Ellerman, 58, March 3; long obituary

Charles Henry Traxel, 35, March 3

William O’Neil, 68, former Washburn mayor, at Cass Lake, MN, March 3; long obituary

Charley Swanson, 57, of Orienta, suicide, March 4

Mrs. Larry Brennan, at Minneapolis, March 9

Two unidentified woodsmen killed by train, before March 22

Shirley Irvine, 7, daughter of Harvey C. Irvine, granddaughter of E.G. Hedquist, at Hoquiam, WA, before March 22

Bertha Swanson, 59, at Superior March 16; sister of Swan Swanson


John Connors, about 60, suicide at Superior, April 13

Alexis Bernard, 80, at Prairie du Chien, about April 16; father of Emil Bernard

Ferdinand E. Tripp, 78, of Goodwins Mills, ME, before April 19; brother of Winfield E. Tripp


Carl Backstrom, 45, of Barnes, at Ashland, April 28

Sam Grauland of Oulu, at Ashland, April 30

Mrs. John LaChapelle, 80, at Duluth, May 10

Rev. John Gibson at Washburn, May 11; long obituary

Julius G. Ingram at Eau Claire, May 13; long obituary

Thadeus Russell, 19, son of John Russell, at Virginia, MN, May 13

Louis Luick, 86, at Bayfield May 17

Joseph Sullivan, 71, in fire at Eau Claire Lakes, before May 24


Oscar Swanson, 18, electrocuted at Washburn, May 30

Ruth Catherine Warbalow, 1 year, daughter of Elmer Warbalow, June 10

Mrs. James Long and two children in house fire at Park Falls, June 15

Mrs. DeBriae, 74, of Bayfield, before June 28; mother of Nelson and Loretta DeBriae


Delmar Jay Nelson, 5 months, son of John Nelson of Blueberry, July 6

Michael R. McNamara, 43, at Hughes July 16

John M. Walker, 60, at Barnes July 20

August Fred Simons, 58, suicide by drowning, Aug. 8

Oscar Maki, about 40, drowned, Aug. 14

John Erickson before Aug. 30; funeral at Washburn,


Robert Joseph Georges, Canadian soldier, in Europe, June 6

Son, 3 weeks, of George Schwarz, Sept. 4

Frank V. Schumacher, Sept 6; burial at Weyauwega, WI


Myrtle Wallace, 13, daughter of Andrew Wallace of Tripp, Sept. 26

Fred Sandberg, at Ashland, Oct. 5

Julis C. Helmer at Chicago, Oct. 10; brother of M.C. Helmer

Thomas M. Custer, 36, street car crash at Superior, Oct. 13

Mrs. Nellie A. Johnson, 71, wife of Nathaniel S. Johnson, Oct. 17

Paul O. Husting, U.S. senator from Wisconsin, before Oct. 25


Henry Ward, 85, at Toronto, Ontario, Nov. 5

Mrs. Hester L. Howe, 82, at Ashland, Nov. 27


Byron Jacobson, soldier, at Camp McArthur, Waco, Texas, Dec. 17

Mrs. John Webster (nee Nellie Mills), 45, Dec. 20

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