The Iron River Pioneer Deaths
Death Notices As Published in the Iron River Pioneer

1894 - 1900 - Bayfield County, Wisconsin

Compiled by Zoe von Ende Lappin, granddaughter of P.J. Savage, editor of the PIONEER from 1898 to 1952

This is a summary of Birth, marriage and death records as printed in this weekly newspaper. More complete information may be obtained by consulting the microfilm of the papers at the Wisconsin State Historical Society, Madison, Wis, 53706.

Copyright - Zoe von Ende Lappin - April 1985. Information very generously donated to the Bayfield County Website by the author.

Deaths reported in the Iron River Pioneer, Bayfield County, Wisconsin, 29 September 1894 through 1908. Paper was known as the Homestead until April 11, 1895.

September 1894
John Langley, before Sept. 26

October 1894
Martha Johnson, 67, Sept. 29

November 1894
George Baldwin of Brule, Nov. 6 in Superior
Judge Henry Textor, before Nov. 10
Infant Son of Mr. & Mrs. Fred Secore of Brule, age six weeks, Nov. 13
Father of Dr. Merrill, before Nov. 24

December 1894
Charles Till, before Dec.1
Mrs. James Stanfield (nee Cochrane) Dec. 4 in Waupaca
Infant child of Mr. & Mrs. J. Sullivan, Dec. 5, at Edith
Mrs. Textor, mother of late Judge Henry Textor, in Milwaukee

January 1895
Infant son of Mr. & Mrs. George H. Lee, Jan. 12, Washburn
Mrs. H. Rhodes, Port Wing, beofre Jan. 26
Mother of Mrs. H.J. McGrade, before Jan. 26

February 1895
Grandmother of Mrs. Edith Marlette in Annandale, Minn., before Feb.2

March 1895
Bruce Owen, logginf accident, before March 2
William Douglass, logging accident, March 7

April 1895
Son of Mr. & Mrs. A.A. Muck, age 14 months, April 16

May 1895
Mrs. Katie Mead, 32, May 6
Newton S. Fuller, professor of Latin at Ripon College, March 16, in Colorado Springs
Hugh Cameron, 21, May 16

June 1895
Mrs. Ole Hoovde, June 9
William Sullivan, shot to death in saloon by Nick Flynn, before June 13
Pete Oleson, drowned, June 11
Amos Disautel, June 24

July 1895
Daniel Williams, shot to death in Ashland
Mrs. Ole Hood and infant, before July 18

August 1895
John Fahey, 26, of Kinross, Iowa, in Iron River Hotel

September 1895
Robert J. McClements, 22 months, son of the Rev. John H. McClements, Sept. 6
Margaret Blanch Doherty, 11 months, daughter of Nellie and James Doherty, second child of theirs to die in two years, before Sept. 12
Edward Proue, before Sept. 19

October 1895
George White, drowned in Washburn, Oct. 15
Child of Mr. & Mrs. Richard Wright, before Oct. 20

November 1895
Infant child of Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Doucette, Nov.8
The Rev. G.W. Nelson of Ashland, in Beloit, before Nov. 14
Edward Stockley, hunting accident at Hurley, before Nov. 14

December 1895
Nellie Walker, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. George A. Walker, age 2, Dec. 1

January 1896
Walter David Scott, age 1 month, son of Mr. & Mrs. R.W. Scott, Jan. 5
Baby of Mr. & Mrs. H. John McClements in South Lake, Linden, Mich., Jan. 16

March 1896
William McGuire, before March 6
Mrs. Olvira Dumbleton in Ruthmore, March 16, buired in Weyauwego
A.L. Drew, before March 19

May 1896
Child of Robert Cochrane of near Brule, before May 7
C.P. Barker, before May 21
Alex Cameron, May 24

June 1896
Mrs. Elza Matthews at West Superior June 10
John J. Anderson, clerk of circuit court, June 20 in Ashland

September 1896
Prof. F.W. Denison, before Sept. 10
Sister of Dan MacDonnell in Madison, before Sept. 10

October 1896
Infant child of Mr. & Mrs. Ole Everson, Sept. 29
Mrs. Hickey of Delta, Sept. 29, hit by falling tree

November 1896
Mrs. Emil Bernard, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. John Thibedeau, in Washburn, Nov. 4
Capt. E.H. Reed, 83, Nov. 23
Charles King, about 12, son of Mr. & Mrs. Charles A. King, Dec. 23 at Muskeg

January 1897
A.R. Osborne of Ashland, Dec. 31
Two children of Dimond family, Jan. 9, Jan. 11

February 1897
Mrs. Louis Aldrich, 73, Feb. 1, buried in Belmont, Iowa
"Mother" of Mr. & Mrs. J.O. Grout, before Feb. 18
Mrs. Samuel Patrick, mother of Mrs. Byron Ripley, Feb. 22, in Port Austin, Mich>

March 1897
Baby of Mr. & Mrs. Chapple of Ashland, before March 11
Major Belanger in Ashland, before March 25

May 1897
Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Frank Lyons, age 3, May 20

June 1897
Mr. St. John, June 3
Philip Riley, suicide June 10, in St. Paul
Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Tracy, in Duluth, before June 24

July 1897
Dan McDonald, 19; Mamie McDonald, 19; Christie McDonald, 16; Burton McCreary, 17; All of Itasca; drowned in Superior Bay July 6
Angus McDonald, formerly of Iron River, at Mullen, before July 15
Mrs. McNeil in Duluth, before July 22
Infant son of Mr. & Mrs. John Mulloy, buried in Milwaukee, July 29

August 1897
Mr. Ellerman, brother of Harvey Ellerman, before Aug. 5

November 1897
William LaForge, logging accident at Port Wing, buried at Port Wing, before Nov. 11
Dan Roach, fell down stairs, Nov. 6

December 1897
Mr. Broderick, loging accident, unclear whether he died or broke his leg, at Winne Boujoun, before Dec. 7
Charles Johnson, Dec. 15
Rudolph M. Voll, editor of Ashland Herald, on train of injuries, Dec. 15
Mrs. W.H. Chapple of Phoenix, Ariz., Nov. 19
Wife and two daughters of C.G. Town of Winne Boujoun, before Dec. 30

January 1898
Mrs. H. J. McGrade, Jan. 3
R.D. Kramer, formerly of Iron River, in Tennessee, before Jan. 6

March 1898
Peter Jacobson of Ashland, murdered at Nash, before March 3
Mrs. L. Ziedler at Lomira, Wis., sister of Mrs. B.F. Runkle, before March 3
James W. Williams, adopted son of Postmaster Williams, early 20's, at Havre, Mont., before March 10
Nels Nelson, March 6
Mrs. Nicol, sister of Dr. Paterson, at Wingham, Ontario, before March 10
Mr. Larsen, killed by fallingtree at White River, before March 17
9 month old child of Mr. & Mrs. Chris Olson, March 14
Infant daughter of Mr. & Mrs. C.A. Campbell, March 16
Infant of Mr. & Mrs. Charles Helmer, March 17

April 1898
Irene Gertrude Schachte, 5 month old daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Jos. Schachter, before April 7
2 year old daughter of Mr. & Mrs. C.C. Brooks of Brule, before April 21
George Singer, assaulted by Mike Keefe, April 21

May 1898
Albin, 22 months, son of Mr. & Mrs. Thos. Jorgenson, May 2
Rev. T.G. Grassie, 65 formerly of Iron River, in Ashland April 28

June 1898
James Kirk, railroad accident at Washburn, June 1
James Denny, 23 logging accident, before June 16
Edwin S. Snow of West Superior, formerly of Iron River, before June 16
Mrs. Joshua Wright, formerly Kate Pregal, age 28, June 27
AlDarwin in Ashland, June 25

July 1898
Thomas Neil, 52, June 25
Infant child of Mr. & Mrs. M. Morris, July 18

August 1898
Pat Haley of Ashland in Santiago, Cuba, before Aug. 11
Frank Johnson in Ashland, Aug 12
John T. Orr in Clarendon, Ark., murdered by his wife, daughter of former Iron River resident W.A. Barker
2 year old son of Mr. & Mrs. E.F. Morgan of Cumberland, drowned Aug. 20
George Johnson, suicide by hanging, Aug. 24

September 1898
Ex-Sen. John T. Kingston in Puerto Rico, Sept. 9
2 week old baby of Mr. & Mrs. William Little
Prof. G.G. Williams at Ashland, buried at Prescott, Wis., Died Sept. 18

October 1898
James O'Malley in Wausau, brother of Martin O'Malley of Iron River, before Oct. 6
Hans Knuteson of LaCrosse, lumbering accident, before Oct. 27

November 1898
Jos. Kratt, railroad accident at Nash, before Nov. 3
3 week old son of Mr. & Mrs. George Beams, Nov. 18

December 1898
Mrs. Solberg of Marengo, murdered by her sons, age 8 and 10
Little daughter of Bob Boyd at Brule, Dec. 8. Buried at Odanah

January 1899
Gus Peterson of Iron River, Dec. 31, 1898, in Eau Claire
Mrs. C.P. Thompson, between Jan. 18 & 26
Chas. Rogan, logger, about 50, no date

February 1899
Infant child of Mr. & Mrs. Frank Basham of Ino, no date
Mrs. Andrew Olson, Feb. 11

March 1899
Arthur Geisert, son of Louis Geisert, March 27
Sam Noble, in Ashland, March 27

April 1899
Judge William H. Packard, in Washburn, April 18
Jennie Holton, 18, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. James M. Holton (long obituary), April 20

May 1899
Nina Christopherson, 6, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. John Christopherson of Iron River, May 16

June 1899
Laura Prone, 14, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. George Arseneau, May 25
August Abramson, 28 killed in farm accident. No date
Edward LaChappelle, 38, in Lake Nebagamon, June 15
C.A. Pettingill, son of J.L. Pettingill of LaCrosse, age 32, June 18 in St. Paul

July 1899
Wallace I. O'Connell, 3, son of Daniel and Katie B. O'Connell, July 15
Mary Ellen Murphy, 16, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. M. Murphy, in Iron River, July 19 or 20

August 1899
John P. Savage, 70 near Spooner, Aug. 2, Long obituary
Nellie Boyton, drowned in Lake Superior, July 27
Mrs. Boyton, drowned in Lake Superior, July 27
W.C. Ott of Chicago, drowned in Lake Superior, July 27
Infant son of Mr. & Mrs. John Brady, Aug. 25
Nellie Little, 7-1/2 months, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Robert Little, Aug. 30

September 1899
Tom Jordan, logging accident, no date
Laurence Gavin, logging accident, no date
Thomas W. Starr, son of John Starr of Washburn, Sept. 4, suicide by shooting
Grandmother of John Brady in Hartland, Wis., No date
Prosper John White, 3, son of Mr. & Mrs. William White, Sept. 19
October 1899
Hazel Goulet, 6, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Ed Goulet, Oct. 9, in Iron River
Nels G. Johnson, 14, son of Mr. & Mrs. George Johnson, Oct. 16, in Iron River
Christiana Gertrude, infant daughter of Bradford & Louisa Mitchell, Oct. 14. (Four months old)
2 year old son of Mr. & Mrs. John Toomey, before Oct. 26

November 1899
George Roix, drowned in Antigo before Nov. 9
John O'Brien of Hornerville, age 80, Nov. 11
Thomas B. Walsh, age 38, Nov. 17 in Ashland, (Long Obituary)

January 1900
Sam Kane, 45, Jan. 2. Mother lives in Sault Ste. Marie, Mich.
Grace Leotta Feldsmith, 4, daughter of Mrs. M.D. Feldsmith, Jan. 2
Guy Warbelow, 5, son of Mr. & Mrs. Charles Warbelow, Dec. 27, 1899
Son of Mr. & Mrs. Howard Mason (scarlet fever)
Mrs. Ole Berg, 36, before Jan. 11
Thor Thorson, 25, logger, before Jan. 11
John Starr, of Washburn, Jan. 11, at Eau Claire
Mrs. Oleson, before Jan. 18

February 1900
Charles Tuthill, engineer at sawmill, before Feb. 8
Mrs. Ben Namstad, Feb. 13
___________Theriault, lumber worker, Feb. 13

March 1900
Charles Johnson, timbering accident, Feb. 28
Mary Kinney, 14, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Kinney of Orienta, Feb. 22
Leon Grimm, foot ripped off in accident; died between Feb. 24 and March 1
Joseph Pechette, 50, March 10, timbering accident. Brother in Hull, Canada
L.O. Johnson, Washburn town treasurer, March 16
Mrs. Hankkama, March 27
Morris Jenson, logging accident, March 26

April 1900
Mr. Evenson, 62, in St. Paul, father of Fred Evenson, before April 12
Hod Ordway, son of M.F. Ordway, of Grantsburg, logging accident, before April 19
Iver Anderson at Rhinelander, a journalist, before April 19

May 1900
Dr. Brady, May 21, at Ashland
Adopted daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Jos. St. Germaine, May 23
Alice O'Toole, 29, wife of James O'Toole, May 25. Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. James Barret (long obituary)

June 1900
2 month old daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Sample of Brule
Belle Boyd, Confederate spy and lecturer, June 11, in Kilbourn, Wis
Cpl. T. George Day, son of Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Day of Iron River, killed in skirmish with insurgents in Luzon, Phillipines, May 7, Age 22.
Charley Scott, 28, June 26, logging accident. Parents in Calkinsville, Isabella County, MI.

July 1900
Emerson Lorenzo Freeman, 57, July 23

August 1900
10 month old daughter of Mr. & Mrs. F.S. Herbert, Aug. 1
Alba Bertina Namstead, 14 months, before Aug. 9
Isaac Edwin Webster, 24, in Ashland, before Aug. 16. Family in Tyre, Sanilac County, Mich.
Infant of Mr. & Mrs. Charles Helmer, Aug. 11
9 month old daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Charles Secore of Brule, Aug. 10
Alma Mascotte, 2 years, 5 months, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. L. Mascotte, Aug. 18

September 1900
Nora Schelvan, 4 months, daughter of Laurits H. Schelvan and Helena A. Jorgenson, before Sept. 6
Alfred Koski, 11 years, before Sept. 6
John Hartong, Aug 31
Acel Rena, 10-day old daughter of John W. & Isable Morris, Sept. 3
Mary Vera, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. John Toomey, 1 year, 10 months, in Ashland, Sept. 10

October 1900
Alex Michaud, Sept. 28, Iron River
Mrs. Chris Olson, Sept. 30, Iron River
Anna Husby, before Oct. 4, at Ashland
Mary Vashaw, 25, Sept. 28, wife of Victor Vashaw, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Mike Lacosse
Mrs. Frank Brown in Colfax, Wis. Oct. 19
Will Cochrane in Superior, Oct. 13

November 1900

Mrs. L.J. Prengle, Nov. 5
George Howlette of Wausau, formerly of Iron River, at Iola, Oct. 30, age 65. (Long obituary)
Belle Hubbard, 27, wife of Isaac Hubbard, Nov. 21 in Iron River. Daughter of Joseph Mudica of Marshall.
Mrs. Agnes Deloa, at Washburn, small pox, before Nov. 22
Mrs. George Murray, at Washburn, small pox, before Nov. 22
William A. Sec of Ashland, shot at Ino, before Nov. 22
Judge Joseph McCloud in Bayfield Nov. 27

December 1900
Isaac Schneider, 55, Dec. 5, at Iron River. Father of Emil & Ben Schneider
Edward Driscoll, 48, in Ashland, Dec. 10, born Canada
Ingham Hoimo, 22, in Iron River, Dec. 15. Family in Woodville, Wis.
Mike Golemboske, 24, before Dec. 20, parents in Little Falls, Minn.

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