The Iron River Pioneer Vitals
Vital Records As Published in the Iron River Pioneer

1909-1917 - Bayfield County, Wisconsin

Compliled by Zoe von Ende Lappin, granddaughter of P.J. Savage, editor of the PIONEER from 1898 to 1952

This is a summary of Birth, marriage and death records as printed in this weekly newspaper. More complete information may be obtained by consulting the microfilm of the papers at the Wisconsin State Historical Society, Madison, Wis, 53706.

Copyright - Zoe von Ende Lappin - January 2005. Information very generously donated to the Bayfield County Website by the author.

Vital Statistics as Reported in the Iron River Pioneer, 1925-1943, are available from the author at 1246 Glencoe St., Denver, CO. 80220 for $12.00 postpaid.


Births reported in the Iron River Pioneer, Bayfield County, Wisconsin, 1909-1917. All are to Mr. and Mrs. unless otherwise indicated. No single-mother births were reported. Some names are partially or totally illegible; these are indexed under Illegible.



January 1909

Charles R. Sullivan, girl, Jan. 4

February John Johnson, girl, Jan. 22

Jene Barber, girl, Jan. 27

John Bergstrom, girl, Feb. 16


Victor C. Dakin, boy, Feb. 26

Alfred Averud, boy, March 17

Frank Richter, girl, March 21


Martin Hanson, girl, before April 8 Dolson, boy, April 2

Anderson, girl, April 3

Axel Herbert, girl, April 5

Ole Moxness, boy, April 26

John Kirsch, girl, April 26


John Sayles of Grandview, boy, May 6

James Harkness, girl, May 6

Arthur McLeod of Port Wing, girl, May 12

Raymond Pierce, girl, May 19

Harry H. Butts, girl, May 20


Ora Spangler, girl, May 27

William B. Johnston, boy, June 9


Harry Schachte, girl, June 26 Ole Bersh, girl, June 27


Ernest Hoffein, girl, July 25

Harry S. Kopplin, boy, Aug. 3

F.J. Yeakey, girl, Aug. 11


Bert E. Gibson, girl, Sept. 2

Frank Moulton, girl, Sept. 6

Gordon Bellile, girl, Sept. 23

Mark Roix, girl, Sept. 24


A.C. Luedtke, girl, Sept. 30

Dick Ferguson, girl, Oct. 10 George Rapp, boy, Oct. 10

Ole Knudson, girl, Oct. 18

Louis Mascott, boy, Oct. 25

November Nels Moxness, boy, Sept. 30

Bram Tharge, girl, Oct.28 Oscar Olson, twins, boy and girl, Nov. 16

December No births reported



Al ------nair, girl, Jan. 9

Michael Haley, girl, Jan. 18


Paul Hanson, boy, Feb. 2

Martin Olson, boy, Feb. 2

Martin Covel, boy, Feb. 3

William Kongswert, twin girls, Feb. 5; one died

H.O. Lund, boy named King Hakon, born before Feb. 10

George S. Barnes, girl, Feb. 14


Ernest Sauve, girl, Feb. 27

Alva Coats, boy, March 4

Edward Goulet, boy, March 5

Dell Townsend, boy, March 15

William O’Brien, girl, March 16

Henry Happle, girl, March 21

Frank Herbert, boy, March 28

W.S. McDonald, child born and died March 30


Jorgen Matison, boy, March 14

Martin Hanson, girl, March 24

John Howatt, girl, April 3

William Curry, boy, April 18

Herman Jewett, boy, April 22


Charles Marion, boy, April 26

William Burns, girl, May 11

Alfred Swanson, boy, May 15


H.J. Benoit, girl, June 11

Alfred Overud, boy, June 19

William Thompson, boy, date illegible


Charles (last name illegible), boy, June 23

Harry Kopplin, girl, before July 14

John B. McDonald, girl, July 7

Ben Hilber, boy, July 9


Frank Derocher, girl, July 26

Fred Strege, girl, Aug. 15

Alvin A. Finley, girl, Aug. 15

John Irving, girl, Aug. 16

Ed (surname and sex illegible) Aug. 16

James C. Moran, boy, Aug. 19

William Olson, boy, Aug. 21

Dr. and Mrs. E.C. Johnson, boy, Aug. 24


J.H. Hammond of Florida, boy, Aug. 19

George Martell, boy, Aug. 26

Harry Schachte, girl, Sept. 4

William Goetsch, twins, boy and girl, Sept 19


W.J. Barker, girl, Oct. 1

W.B. Follis of Brule, twin boys, Oct. 1

Dougal McLain (McLean), boy, Oct. 18

Henry Enebek, girl, Oct. 18


William (surname illegible), boy, Oct. 28


T. Chevalier, girl, Dec. 12

Levi D’Aoust, girl, Dec. 24



County Clerk N.M. Oscar, girl, Jan. 2

Mike Haley, boy, Jan. 8

Louis Sand, girl, Jan. 9

Peter ---rtenson (possibly Mortenson), before Jan. 19


P.F. McHugh, girl, Feb. 1

George S. Barnes, boy, Feb. 21

George Weir, girl, Feb. 21

Charles Smith, boy, Feb. 22


Fritz Carlson, girl, Feb. 25

Carl Anderson of Oulu, boy, March 4

John --ohnson (possibly Johnson), girl, March 10


Ed ------dans of Hughes, boy, March 29

Ed (illegible) of Cloquet, boy, April 3

Fred Kotke Jr., boy, before April 13

Eugene D’Aoust, boy, April 16

Martin Hennum, boy, April 16

Murray Hobbs, boy, April 19

Bram Tharge, boy, April 20


William Schaffer, boy, May 8

Charles Hanson, girl, May 16


Frank Warbelow, boy, May 28

P.A. Savage of Tripp, girl, May 29

Oral Robeson, girl, June 1

John Little, boy, June 4

Frank Moulton, girl, June 12

Nathan Bartell, girl, June 14

Harvey Nimno, boy, June 19

Paul Stone, girl, June 19

H.O. Lund, boy, June 28


John ---ebster, boy, July 6

Louis Porier of Cusson, girl, July 10

Frank Richter, girl, July 13

Tony Bank, girl, July 13

Jardine of Port Wing, girl, July 18

William Larson of Oulu, boy, July 24


John Knuuttila of Oulu, boy, Aug. 1

Joseph Lindberg, girl, July 19

Joseph Meisbauer, girl, July 23

Hjalmer ------an of Oulu, girl, date illegible

Reinhart Liske, girl, Aug. 14

E.M. (surname and sex illegible) of Brule, Aug. 14

Alex Bellile, boy, Aug. 15

Frank Makki, boy, Aug 16

Gabriel Heg------, girl, Aug. 16


Arthur Fay, girl, Sept. 24


George Armbruster, girl, Oct. 2


John Coffey, girl, unspecified date in October

William Maitland, boy, Nov. 4


Arthur Chantelois, girl, Dec. 15

Alvin A. Finley, girl, Dec. 18

William Burns, gilr, Dec. 18



1912 Thomas O’Toole, girl, Dec. 29

Theodore Gonea, boy, Jan. 1

J.A. LaLond, girl, Jan. 3

George Martell, girl, Jan. 15


Arthur Folger, boy, Jan. 28

Hans Moxness, boy, Jan. 30

J. Rifkin, boy, Feb. 3

William Denver, girl, Feb. 3

Sophus Peterson, boy, Feb. 12

Henry Walin of Oulu, boy, Feb. 17

Jeff Rabideau, girl, Feb. 10

James Deeth, boy, Feb. 14


William Clendenning, boy, March 1

S.J. Darwin of Grandview, girl, March 4

William Thompson, boy, March 17

William Ellis, boy, March 18


William Little, girl, March 28; 16th child in family

William LaMay, boy, April 5

Hoheim Jacobson, boy, April 5

Oliver LaFond, girl, April 6

Marion of Winneboujou, girl, April 8

August Rymesk, girl, April 9

Albert Johnson, girl, April 17

George F. Bouffioux of Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, boy named Omar Kenneth, April 16

Roberts J. Roberts, boy, April 19

William Townsend, boy, April 22


Charles Coats, girl, May 14

June J. Barber, girl, June 8

July No births reported


Frank ----oyal (possibly Joyal), boy, Aug. 24


W.S. McDonald, boy, Sept. 13


M.C. Helmer, girl, Oct. 1

Albert ----orklund, boy, Oct. 10

Peder ----derson (possibly Pederson) of Oulu, boy, on Oct. 14

Garnet Machon, girl, Oct. 26


Martin Stockey, boy, Oct. 27

Frank Moulton, girl, Nov. 8

Mr. and Mrs. Emmanuel Luick, girl, Nov. 12; died Nov. 16

Nathan -----ell, girl, Nov. 15

Charles Marion, girl, Nov. 18

John Webster, girl, Nov. 21

Andrew Nelson, boy, Nov. 23

William O’Brien, boy, Nov. 24


Lester Ferguson, boy, Dec. 9

Harry Schachte, boy, Dec. 9

D.A. Hackett, boy, Dec. 13


January 1913

J.N. Harkness of Portland Ore., boy, Dec. 24

George Schwarz, girl, Dec. 30

Lawrence Johnson, girl, Dec. 31

Melvin Loree of Blueberry, boy, Jan. 3

Albert J. Jolicoeur of Blueberry, girl, Jan. 5

Alfred Swanson, girl, Jan. 14

Bram Tharge, girl, Jan. 21

Isaac Hubbard, girl, Jan. 22

Fritz L. Carlson, girl, Jan. 23

E.S. Pickens, boy, Jan. 24


Dougal McLain (McLean), girl, Feb. 2

Oscar Nelson of Hughes, girl, Feb. 14

P.A. Savage of Tripp, boy, Feb. 18


Anton Overdahl, boy, Feb. 28

Peter Sjodin, girl, March 2

H.H. Jewett of Rice Lake, boy, March 8; died March 10

Dan ----nt of Superior, boy, March 15

Ed Goulet, boy, March 21,


George E. Browning, girl, April 4

Telesphore Chevalier, girl, April 17

B. Worle of Hughes, boy, April 20


Dave Anton, boy, April 24

Jesse Hall, boy, April 27

Robert Roberts of Ashland, boy, May 2

William Fox, boy, May 7

Earl Carrick, girl, May 7

Alex Chevalier, boy, May 8

Albert C. Johnson, boy, May 9

H.S. Barnes of Barnes, boy, May 26

Eugene Barber, boy, May 27


Olvert Michealson, boy, June 2

Martin Hannum, girl, June 5

George Martell, girl, June 5

George Armbruster, girl, June 8

Clarence Bouffioux, twin boys, one died, June 9

Ted Gonia of Port Wing, boy, June 16


Arthur Chantelois, girl, June 29

Harry Volker, girl, July 2

Peter Mortenson, boy, July 6

Harry Dahl, boy, July 7

Gabriel Hegbloom, girl, July 7

Frank Berube, boy, July 14

Martin Olson, boy, July 27


William H. (illegible), girl, Aug. 6


Francis Deline, boy, Aug. 29

Frank Richter, girl, Aug. 30

George Weir, son, Sept. 19; died Sept. 22

August Carlson, boy, Sept. 19

John Carr, boy, Sept. 20


William Burnes, girl, Oct. 5

Henry Baker, boy, Oct. 8

P.F. McHugh, girl, Oct. 25

Frank Johnson, girl, Oct. 26


G.A. Herman, girl, Nov. 14

A. Jan-----, girl, Nov. 25


P.J. Savage, girl, Nov. 27

Sophus Peterson, girl, Nov. 27

William -----ee, girl, Dec. 10

Walter (illegible), girl, Dec. 13


January 1914

Grant G. (illegible), girl, Dec. 28

William F. Young of Park Falls, sex not reported, Jan. 23


John Vacha of Park Falls, Feb. 7, boy

Harry Olson of Hughes, girl, Feb. 8


Louis Neuman of Barnes, boy, Feb. 25

Charles Coats, girl, March 23


John Little, girl, March 30

A.J. Wallace of Tripp, girl, March 31

T.M. Hobbs, girl, April 7

Con Couture, girl, April 21

Robert Lea of Moline, Ill., girl, before April 23

Joseph Meisbauer, boy, April 27


Paul Hanson, girl, April 29

John Wrobel of Topside, girl, May 6

Louis Miller of Hughes, girl, May 7

Nathan Bartell, girl, May 7

Robert Athey, girl, May 8

James C. Moran, boy, May 12

E.C. Johnson, girl, May 16

Rhinehart Liske, boy, May 27


Matt Jaakola, boy, June 5

John Huntoon, boy, June 23


M.L. Carlson, girl, June 27

Frank Moore of Barnes, boy, July 7

Peter Sarkinen, girl, July 16

Dr. and Mrs. Hofvedt of Port Wing, girl, July 16

Hans Moxness, girl, July 17

William Fox, boy, July 28


Philip O. Lund, boy, Aug. 1

Leo Mitchell, boy, Aug. 2

Richard ------son, boy, Aug. 10

John Miller of Hughes, girl, Aug. 12

Frank Joyal, boy, Aug. 16


H. Wieland, boy in Virginia, Minn., Aug. 29

Ed Shepherd of Hughes, boy, before Sept. 10

William Kongstvedt, girl, Sept. 17

George Martell, boy, Sept. 19


Isaac Hubbard, girl, Sept. 24

George E. Browning, girl, Sept. 27

Clarence Nault, girl, Sept. 30

Lynn D. Hilliar, twins, boy and girl, Oct. 6


Clarence A. Jones of Minneapolis, boy, Oct. 26

John Heffron of Tripp, boy, Oct. 26

Ed P. Peterson of Bayfield, boy, Oct. 31

Joseph Casterline, girl, Oct. 31

Jurgen Matsen/Matson, boy, Nov. 11


Nels Shulstad, boy, Dec. 8

Gust Martin, boy, Dec. 20

Fred Dalbec of Blueberry, boy, Dec. 22


January 1915

Emmanuel Luick at Bayfield, boy, Jan. (day illegible)

Ed C. Dahl of Superior, boy, Jan 10

Charles Reynolds of Tripp, boy, Jan. 11

William Burns, girl, Jan. 11

Dan Daoust of Superior, boy, Jan. 13

Isaac Guimond, boy, Jan. 14

Martin Hanson, girl, Jan. 14

Charles Erickson of Hughes, girl, Jan. 16


O.W. Bortner, girl, Feb. 17

C.F. Morris, girl, Feb. 18

March W.E. Tharp, girl, Feb. 27

Harry L. Dahl, girl, March 1


Oscar Nelson of Hughes, boy, March 30

Thomas Ferguson, boy, April 12

Garnet Machon of Superior, girl, April 13

Ed Mar-----, boy, April 27

May No births reported


C.W. (illegible), boy, May 23

Jesse (illegible), girl, June 1

Dougal McLain (McLean), boy, June 4

Paul Hanson, girl, June 6


Prof. and Mrs. W.R. Rood of Neillsville, boy, June 24

William Goetsch, boy, June 27

P.A. Savage of Triupp, girl, July 2

Fred Antonson of Orienta, boy, July 3

Francis Deline, boy, July 5

Nels Nelson, girl, July 10

Andrew Johnson of Port Wing, girl, July 14

Sam Raivala, boy, July 20

Leo Mitchell, girl, July 23

James A. Fisher, boy, July 28

August Andrus Jenson, boy, Aug. 22


William Thiele, girl, Aug. 26

Martin Olson, twins, boy and girl, Aug. 31

Albert -----dlen, girl, Sept. 2

Elmer Warbalow of Wilson, Ark., girl, before Sept. 9

John Huntoon, girl, Sept.5

Isaac Hubbard, girl, Sept. 14

John -------s, girl, Sept. 17


Gus Vock of Chicago, girl, before Oct. 14. Mrs. Vock is the former Lulu Chambers


Thomas Lavin, boy, Nov. 8

P.W. Grau, girl, Nov. 10

Christ Miller, boy, Nov. 16


Frank P. Hicks, boy, Dec. 6

Bram Tharge, girl, Dec. 6

Zenas (illegible, possibly Cole), boy, Dec. 13

Charles Brown, girl, Dec. 22

Charles Miller of Hughes, boy, Dec. 22; died

Clarence Bouffioux, girl, Dec. 25


January 1916 Peter Sarkinen of Oulu, boy, Jan. 6

Rev. and Mrs. A.A. Krug of Monroe, son, Jan. 8; died

John Little, girl, Jan. 17

Harvey Fox, girl, Jan. 22

Peter -----chaud, sex not given, before Jan. 27

February No births reported

March G.A. ----etman, girl, Feb. 29

Howard Barnes of Barnes, girl, March 1

Richard Feilenz of Chippewa Falls, sex not reported, Feb. 25

Charles B. Sullivan, boy, March 13

C.M. Helmer, girl, March 14


Sophus Petersen of Tripp, boy, March 31

Orrin Dodge, boy, April 12

May William J. Little of West Mason, girl, May 13

June Carl Anderson, girl, June 23

Andrew Peterson of Oulu, girl, June 19


John Vacha, boy, July 5

Pat Chantelois, boy, July 24

Martin Stockey of Virginia, Minn., girl, July 21


Tribou of Hughes, girl, July 29

William J. Mulloy in Terry, Mont., girl, Aug. 6


Charles Coats, boy, before Sept. 21

Thomas Ferguson, girl, Sept. 20


P.J. Savage, girl, Sept. 25

John Boyd of Hughes, boy, Sept. 27

Newell Smith, girl, Oct. 1

John Barton of Superior, girl, before Oct. 5

Peder Pedersen of Oulu, boy, Oct. 15

William Ellis of Tripp, boy, Oct. 19

William Fox, boy, Oct. 22


Leo Mitchell, boy, Oct. 31

P.A. Savage of Tripp, girl, Nov. 3

Perry Knapp of Orienta, boy, Nov. 12

George Armbruster, girl, Nov. 17

Charles Jacobson of West Mason, girl, Nov. 16


John Miller of Hughes, girl, Dec. 14

Michael Costello of Superior, boy, Dec. 17


January 1917

Frank Warbalow, girl, Jan. 3

Harry H. Butts of Park Falls, boy, Jan. 24

Frank Rivers of Oulu, girl, Jan. 17; died Jan. 19


Earl F. Lindsley, boy, Jan. 23


Anton Vojacek, girl, March 28


Louis Miller of Hughes, girl, April 6

John Johnson of Orienta, girl, April 6

Irvin Warner, girl, April 17


J. Dickinson, girl, April 27

Hjalmer Frostman, girl, May 5

Fred Weir of Oulu, girl, May 26

June Harvey Fox, boy, June 2

William Thiele, girl, June 17

Peter Mortenson of Barnes, girl, June 17


John Little, boy, June 27

Gabriel Hegbloom of Tripp, girl, June 29

Miles McNeil, boy, July 5

William Little of West Mason, boy, July 5

O.E. Swanson, boy, July 11

Walter Hilber, girl, before July 12

Ted Gonia, boy, July 13


George (illegible), sex illegible, Aug. 13

Orin C. (illegible), girl, Aug. 21

Edward (illegible), girl, Aug. 20

W.J. Barker, boy, Aug. 28


Willis Engle, girl, Sept. 6

Rev. and Mrs. W.W. Krueger, boy, Sept. 7


Earl Carrick, boy, Sept. 30

Charles (illegible), boy, Oct. 15


John (illegible), girl, Nov. 16


S.N. (illegible), boy, Dec. 2

John (illegible), girl, Dec. 10

William (illegible) of Oulu, girl, before Dec. 20

H.O. Lund, girl, Dec. 25

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