1905 Bayfield County Census Portion
1905 Bayfield County Census Portion

Town of Washburn - Sheet #18 1st day of JuneA.D. 1905.

(Name, Relationship, color/race, sex, birthplace, birthplace of parents, occupation)

Roach, George MW 21 Mich/Mich------woods
Cameron, Duncan MW 46 New Brunswick/NewBrunswick wood butcher
Gallagher, Edward MW 34 Canada/Ireland - cook
Clifford, David MW 41m Canada/Ireland - Chore oy
Heglund, John MW ?? Finland/Finland - ---??
Brick, John MW 25 Wisc/Ohio/Wisc cook
Grodnee, Joseph MW 23 Poland/Poland Cooker?
McKey, Robert MW 47 Canada/Scotland Cook
Gallignee, Edward MW 35 Wis/Ireland
Gallignee, George MW 8 Wisc/Wisc/Canada
Gallignee, Marie FW 6 Wisc/Wisc/Canada
Gallignee, Lucile FW 4 Wisc/Wisc/Canada
Gallignee, Bessy FW 3 Wisc/Wisc/Canada
Gallignee, Welles MW 1 Wisc/Wisc/Canada
Sisco, Fred WM 32 Mich/Canada Foreman of Camp
Sisco, Tesse FW 29 Canada/Ireland/Canada
Sisco, Irene FW 4 Mich/Canada
Blay, Godfrey WM 35 Canada/Canada Common Laborer
Blay, Delma WF 23 Canada/Canada
Bllma, May WF 47 Canada/Canada
Blay, Godfrey WM 3 Washburn/Canada
Blay Adamade WF 1 Washburn/Canada
Rennel, Joseph WM 26 Lubiesberg/Canada Teamster
Maluski, Bert WM 22 Russia/Russia Teamster
Burke, Charles WM 35 Russia/Russia Teamster
Delaurier, Louis WM 36 Canada/Canada Teamster
Huskie, John WM 24 Poland/Poland Teamster
Sullivan, R.W. WM 45 New York/Ireland Teamster
Gripman, Walter MW 21 Michigan/Germany Teamster
Dickerson, H.M. WM 45 Maine/Canada Teamster
Trombly, Frank MW 52 Canada/Canada Teamster
Lundquist, John WM 44 West India/Germany/Sweden Teamster
Redy, Nickelous WM 40 Russia/Russia Teamster
Walsh, John WM 54 Canada/Ireland Teamster
Grondon, JOhn WM 42 Canada/Canada Teamster
Olson, Ole WM 28 Norway/Norway Teamster
Johnson, Henry WM 50 Finland/Finland Teamster
Psuski, William WM 29 Finland/ --- Teamster
West, Gustave WM 26 Finland/---- Teamster
Olson, Henry WM 43 Wisconsin/Norway Teamster
Maliski, John WM 18 Poland/----- Teamster
Degacy, Shell WM 53 Canada/Canada Woodsman
Barker, Joseph WM 27 Russia/Russia Woodsman
Yaski, B.L. WM 43 Finland/Finland Woodsman
McPhee, Neil WM 37 Nova Scotia/Nova Scotia Woodsman
Wallace, Edward WM 39 New York/New York/Canada Woodsman
Roach, Briggs WM 23 Michigan/Michigan Woodsman
Brinnen, John WM 38 Michigan/Canada Woodsman
Lydla, John WM 23 Finland/Finland Woodsman
Anders, Andrew WM 34 Finland/Finland Woodsman