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Ashland County, WI. Posted Queries for

Ashland County, WI

Posted Queries

Surnames: ANDERSON
Researcher: Cindy
Email:[email protected]
Date Posted: 09 March 2008

I am trying to research the genealogy of my Grandfather George Julius Anderson. His father was Charles Anderson and his mother was Stina Erickson. Stina died in 1907 and Charles remarried, but I cannot find any information about Charles' second wife. My grandfather has half brothers and sisters by the Anderson name of which one was Ted Anderson who was married to Joy Olby.

Surnames: GERKIE
Researcher: XXXX
Email:[email protected]
Date Posted: 09 March 2008

I am looking for information on my Great Grandfather, Julius Gerkie, who was born abt 1867 and died in 1893, Butternut, WI. shortly after the birth of my Grandmother, Elizabeth Gerkie. His wife, Augustie, born 1870 remarried in 1894 to Joseph Rux.

Where would information on the death of Julius Gerkie be located? No certs of birth, marriage or death listed for him in Ashland. He had a farm in Butternut, WI, so is there a land deed for that period of time for him?

Thank you for any information that is available.

Surnames: THOMS
Researcher: Bob Thoms
Email:[email protected]
Date Posted: 28 November 2007

My Grandparents were Otto and Nora Thoms and lived in Butternut, Wisc. I am trying to find out about Otto's siblings so far know of one a brother known as Charlie?

Researcher: Michael Prosser
Email:[email protected]
Date Posted: 20 January 2007

Searching for John Albert Prosser m. Anna George, 1889 Glidden?

Surnames: Roddis Rail Road/Logging industry
Researcher: Sharon
Email:[email protected]
Date Posted: 14 October 2005

I am looking for history on the Roddis Rail Road/Logging industry. The area that I am interested in is around Buttercup Wi. Ashland county. I was told there is a book written about that rail road but am unable to find any information. Can you help??

Surnames: GREGOR
Researcher: J. Harding
Email:[email protected]
Date Posted: 18 March 2005

Looking for the obituary of Anna Gregor who died Nov 1, 1994 and lived in Amsterdam, OH

Any suggestions appreciated!

Researcher: Christina Svegbo
Email:[email protected]
Date Posted: 20 February 2005

My name is Christina Svegbo and I live up in the North of Sweden in a city called Umea.

I am searching information about my mothers grandfather, who arrived to U.S in 1893.

I know that he traveled with a ship called Alaska from Liverpool to N.Y, I also know that he fore a period of time was working and living in �Ryans Camp�, Odanah, Wis.

His name is Anders Gabriel Andersson and his was born 7. September 1864 in Nysatra, Sweden and most likely died 27 Aug 1920 in Clearwater, Min. (via

Apart from that I also know that he lived in Cambridge, Isanti, Min. (,census 1910).

Now I am looking for more information about this man and his whereabouts during the period 1893-1910.

I have a couple of questions;

Where and how can I get some information about �Ryans Camp�, where exactly was it located and was it driven by a Forestry Company (which)?

How can I proceed to get more information about my great grandfather in the period 1893-1910?

I would be most grateful for any help to get on with my search.

Surnames: MORSE
Researcher: XXXX
Email:[email protected]
Date Posted: 3 Nov 2004

I am looking for in information on my Biological family. My great grandmother and her family especialy. I was born in 1941 and raised in Seattle WA by my mother and step father. I never had any contact with the Morse family. The only thing I know for sure about my great grandmother is that"she was Lake superior Chippewa from Canada". I don't even know her name. MY great grandfather John S.W. Morse was some kind of shop keeper in Ironwood Mi., he came from upstate Newyork. My grandfather Sears Stewert Morse was born 1892 in Ironwood. I believe John Morse and his son Sears lived in Northern Michigan and Wisconsen the 1920 says. Sears and Murtle Hering Morse and Stewart Sears Morse born 5/1915 were living in Superior in 1920, I also believe That John, his wife, Sears and another son lived in and around Odnah Wi in early 1900's. Both Sears and Stweart finished there lives in Cable WI and are buried at a cemetary on Morse Road.

I would appreciate any help you can give me. I would also like to know the history of Morse Wi.

Researcher: Lori
Email:[email protected]
Date Posted: 22 June 2004

I am searching the surnames Hopen, Sorensen, Abrahamson, and Johnson. My great-grandmother was Anna Hopen and she gave birth to my grandfather Henri Olai Sorensen 2-3-1891 in High Bridge, Ashland County, WI. Anna died when he was young and he lived with a family by the name Abrahamson also of High Bridge (I think they took in homeless children). In 1941 he legally changed his name to Henry Oscar Johnson. However, he used the name Johnson many years before legally changing it. If you could add these names to your list I would be most grateful. I don't have first names for Sorensen or Abrahamson.

Surnames: STROM
Researcher: Andrew Cohen
Email:[email protected]
Date Posted: 5 June 2004

My great grandfather Gust Strom died in Mellen 1924 and is buried in Mellen Union cemetery. I have been trying to find a volunteer who can photograph his gravestone, but I can find no volunteers for Ashland County! Anyone out there that can help?

Gust Strom
Mellen Union Cemetery
Block 1, Lot 4

Thanks very much in advance for any information you can provide.

Surnames: TURPIN
Researcher: Lucy TURPIN Hill
Email:[email protected]
Date Posted: 4 May 2004

I am looking for any information about my great-grandfather who was in Ashland, Wisconsin in the 1900, 1910 censuses. I also have a copy of a divorce summons dated 1905, so I know he was there at that time. My family lost contact with him when he filed for divorce.

I want to know where he died and where he was buried.

A gentleman answered my query on a message board, stating he thought there was a TURPIN McKnight Funeral Home in Ashland in the 1920�s or 1930�s.

Any information you could provide would be greatly appreciated

Surnames: GORDON
Researcher: Tom Ritchay
Email:[email protected]
Date Posted: 4 May 2004

I am hoping to learn more about Glidden, WI and what part my family played in it in the old days.

My mother was raised in Glidden. Her name was Ellen Gordon. She was born in 1925. She was the daughter of Leslie and Ella Gordon. I am interested to find out more. Can you help?

Surnames: BAUMBACH
Researcher: Pat Baumbach- Tresselle
Email:[email protected]
Date Posted: 26 April 2004

I am looking for any relatives of the Baumbach's who settled in Ashland County from Germany, specifically the town of Mellen between 1890 and 1920. My Great Grandfather would be William A. Baumbach, his wife Anna Marie, and I only know of two children that he brought with him from Germany William H. and Joseph J. - the later is my Grandfather. My Grandfather Joseph married a Ruby Isadore Carter who's family lived in Kimbal, which I think is also in Ashland County. I think my Great Grandparents died and are buried in or around Mellen sometime in the 1920's (?) but I do not know which cemetery. They were Catholic and my Grandfather and Grandmother were married at Holy Rosary Catholic Church in 1906. Any information on William A. or William H. is appreciated.

Surnames: DROTT
Researcher: Monica Schloer
Email:[email protected]
Date Posted: 19 March 2004

I am interested in my great- grandfathers history. Theodore Drott. If you could come up with any information for me that would be great. He lived and died in Butternut Wisconsin. He passed away in 1977.

Can you help me find some family history on him.

Thank You

Surnames: WEIKAL
Researcher: Bert Rivard
Email:[email protected]
Date Posted: 5 March 2004

My wife's great uncle Elmer Ketner Weikal was the football coach at Ashland High School in the 1920's and 1930's. The football field was named after him in the 1960's. Would like any other info available on him or any family members.

Surnames: NORDELL
Researcher: Julie Brewer
Email:[email protected]
Date Posted: 08 October 2003

I have been trying to find out a couple of facts. My grandmother's brother George Nordell was born and died in Mellen,Wi. In November 19, 1948 he married his wife while he was over seas in Germany, Munich. What I was needing to know was if you could find out what her maidname was. Uncle george was born in december of 1900? And he died in december of 1966. Aunt Gert remained in Mellen. She even had a tavern there I think it was called Gerts Place or tavern. I remember that daddy always went there when we would come to spend a couple of weeks during the summer at grandma's house(Martha R. Nordell) Nelson, Adami.I know they never had children. But Aunt Gert's mother married my other uncle Earnest Nordell. I haven't been able to find out anything on him, except birth and death dates. So her maiden name could find out what is left on my family blanks. I sure would be so appreciated of ANY help you can donate. Thanks for any help you can give.

Surnames: ENGLAND
Researcher: Dixie Lee English
Email:[email protected]
Date Posted: 05 October 2003

William ENGLISH B 07/01/1822 Bytown/Ottawa, Ontario, CAN.
D 06/09/05 Ashland, Ashland CO., WI.

William and his wife, Christina lived in Ashland for many years with their family of twelve. Five of the children were B in Ashland for many years, leaving in late 1885 to early 1886 to Brainerd, Crow Wing CO., MN. where they lived until Christina died in March of 1905. Christina is buried in Brainerd and I have been unable to locate an obit for her.

Apparently William went back to Ashland when his wife and was at their home on 804 Vaughn Avenue when he died. I have a three line obit for him and it states the services were held at his sons ,(Chris's) home and the M.E. church. I have been unable to locate where he was buried.

Could you possibly give me some suggestions and is the old M.E. church still there to write for church records?

Many Thanks,

Researcher: Diane Youngell
Email:[email protected]
Date Posted: 26 June 2003

How do I find out when my great grandfathers 120 acres on Madeline Island in La Pointe, WI was sold and when?

He received the land in 1901. I have the land patent records, the applications for the homestead in 1893, and the legal description of the land. I contacted the Ashland Co. Register of Deeds but they do not have the staff to research the deed books. I live in Milwaukee. Can anyone in Ashland help me? I would appreciate any suggestions on what I should do next.


Researcher: Allison Stephens
Email:[email protected]
Date Posted: 17 June 2003

I wonder if any one could help me locate relations of Edmund R Walczewski. He is my Mothers' birth father and she would love to full in the blanks on her family history.

He served in the Navy during WWII as a corporal and was killed in action on 20 November 1943. His next-of-kin is listed as Max Walczewski, RT1 Butternut, Ashland. Unfortunately, I do not have Edmund birth date (believe he was 20-22 when he was killed), nor do I know where he was born. I have located a death record for both Max and Edmund but nothing about any other family members.

I would really appreciate if someone could give me a couple of pointers as to where to look next.

Thanks and kind regards

Surnames: ERICKSON
Researcher: Kathy, Marsh
Email:[email protected]
Date Posted: 17 June 2003

I am looking for information on the siblings or parents of:
John Bertram Erickson b 20 Mar 1848 Sweden d 23 June 1922 Ashland
Marie Olson (his wife) b 1856 Christiana, Norway d 1920 Ashland

They emigrated to the US around 1870-75 and lived in Ashland till they died. Their children were Anna, Axel, Ernest and Oscar.

Could you direct me to obituary information or death certificates?

Researcher: Mary
Email:[email protected]
Date Posted: 14 June 2003

I have a Henry Fitzgerald b 1853 (Canada) married to a Nora Couglin b 1854 Ireland. They were believed married in Michigan. They moved to Ashland, Wis in 1890. They had four children Nora who married John Charters in Ashland, William b 1874, John P b 1875 and Nora born 1889. All the children were born in Michigan. Henry and Nora were in the 1930 Ashland, WI Census.

Is there anyway to find there obits? I don't know when they died. I know it was after 1930. I know nothing about who the other children married or there whereabouts. John and Nora Chartes eventually moved to Chicago with the railroad.

I would appreciate any help.
Thank you,

Surnames: ERICKSON
Researcher: Kathy Burow Marsh
Email:[email protected]
Date Posted: 17 April 2003

I'm looking for information (death record or obituary) for John Bertram Erickson (b 20 Mar 1848 Stockholm, d 23 Jun 1922 Ashland) and his wife Marie Olson (b1856 Christiana, Norway, d 1920 Ashland).

Thanks for any help.

Researcher: Jim Bailey
Email:[email protected]
Date Posted: 1 March 2003

SANDSTROM, Edward Martin (baptized Edward Amatus), 1880 - 1956, married on December 14, 1906, to Hilda Sofia NYLUND (changed to NEILUND after arrival in the US), (1885 - 1959). Last residence: 700 18th Avenue West, Ashland.

Hilda Sofia came with her mother Anna Sofia Mattsdotter PETTIL in mid-1892 from K�llby, Peders�re parish, Vasa, Finland, to Metropolitan, MI. where they lived for several. years before moving to Ashland. Hilda Sofia's father was Matts NYLUND (changed to NEILUND after arrival in the US) who came from Finland in early 1892. Anna Sofia died of throat cancer in the early 1930s in Ashland, and Matts died about 1939 in Ashland.

Edward Martin SANDSTROM emigrated from Hango, Finland, to Sault Sainte Marie, MI, in 1902, and moved to Ashland some time later. His father was Adolf Fredrik SANDSTROM (1839 - 1918) and his mother was Engla Agatha WINSTEN (1844 - 1908). Both remained in Finland when Edward emigrated to the US.

Edward and Hilda's children, all born and raised in Ashland, were Edith Aurora (my mother, 1908 - 1992), lived in Ann Arbor, MI, 1949 till her death; Frederick William (1911-1977), lived on 17th Ave. West, Ashland; Mildred Sofia (1914-1958), very active in Saron Lutheran Church in Ashland, married to Lester SEEMUTH, a postal carrier in Ashland, lived on McArthur Avenue; and Arthur Gordon (1917-1981), lived in or near Ann Arbor, MI, from 1953 till his death.


I retire as of June 30, 2003, and will have a lot more time for researching my family. I already have a great deal of genealogical data, stored in Family Tree Maker 7.0, and would be happy to share with interested parties.

Very cordially,

Researcher: Krysta
Email:[email protected]
Date Posted: 16 February 2003

I'm looking for more information on my grandfather's family. He was born in Ashland, WI June 6, 1897. Thanks!

Researcher: Cecilia
Email:[email protected]
Date Posted: 14 February 2003

I'm looking for a marriage date for Karl W. MOHR and Dorothy GOODIN around 1929-1930 in Ashland County . Would anyone be able to take a look at the marriage INDEX at either the courthouse or at the library if there is a copy there. Your help would be very much appreciated. Thanks.

Surnames: LANHART
Researcher: Ron Amick
Email:[email protected]
Date Posted: 25 January 2003

Is there a kind hearted genealogist that would do a death record check for me at the Ashland County Courthouse? Just a one time look up is requested.

Seeking a check for death record of HENRY K. LANHART. He died between 1920 when he & wife, Caroline where living at Chicog in Washburn County and 1930 when his widow, Caroline was living at Mellen with their son, ROY LANHART, in Ashland County. There is no death record found at Washburn County & thus believe he must have died in Ashland County.

Have been searching this lineage for over 10 years and frustrated from lack of records to determine the parents for Henry Lanhart/Lenhart. Henry and his siblings, Mary Ann and George Lanhart/Lenhart are with their mother, Phebe on the 1850 census at Dunn County. Phebe then married a Elisha Brown & moved to MN. I have checked the marriage and death records for Henry, George & Mary Ann Lanhart and come up empty. All their records occurred too early to have parents info on them or no records on file.

This HENRY K (King) LANHART is about the last record that may have the parentage noted. Lanhart is at times spelled as Lenhart.

Thank you so much for any considerations in this request.

Surnames: LANHART
Researcher: Marge
Email:[email protected]
Date Posted: 17 January 2003

I am wondering if someone could look up a death record.

The name of the person is Henry King LANHART. He died between the 1920 census when he lived in Washburn Co. & 1930 when his widow lived in Ashland Co. We had someone check the Washburn Co. records for Henry's death and it is not recorded there so he must have died in Ashland Co.

Thank you!

Researcher: Colleen
Email:[email protected]
Date Posted: 11 November 2002

I need to know the name of the Catholic Cemetery in Butternut. If there's anyone I can contact to get info from the cemetery. Any help would be appreciated!

Surnames: GRAF
Researcher: Bill Moore
Email:[email protected]
Date Posted: 7 October 2002

Looking for desc. of William B. Graf, b. 1870, m. 1896, Amanda Bach, b. 1875. Res. Butternut, Ashland Co. Children incl. Willard, 1901-1984 and prob. Karl, 1907-1999.

Researcher: Mary Farrell
Email:[email protected]
Date Posted: 15 July 2002

I am trying to discovered the date of death of Henry Fitzgerald. He was born May 1853 in Canada. Moved to Ashland, WI in 1890. He was married to (Nora Couglin b 1854 in Ireland)in Michigan. They had four children born in Michigan: John P. Fitzgerald b 1875, worked at the newspaper; William C Fitzgerald b 1874 ; Nora Fitzgerald b 1889 and Anne Fitzgerald b 1883 married John Charters in Ashland. I have hit a brick wall with Henry not to mention his wife Nora. If I had the date of death maybe I could discover the town he was born in or his parents name. Both he and Nora were still alive living in Ashland in 1920 census. Thank you,

Surnames: ROSS BAR & HOTEL
Researcher: Darla Ross Matchett
Email:[email protected]
Date Posted: 14 July 2002

Is there any information on the Ross Bar & Hotel (maybe called the Ottawa House) about 1900? My grandparents (Edward & Josephine Ross) owned it before it burned down about 1900 or 1901.

Surnames: BURNS
Researcher: Georgina
Email:[email protected]
Date Posted: 14 July 2002

Once when I was on a free trial with Ancestry I found Mary A. Burns Ashland, WI. directories 1888-93. I know some counties in other states have indexes that tell when a person died, if that is the case there, would you please look for Mary Burns. Then if that leads to finding an obit, I will be very happy.

Surnames: LINDEN
Researcher: Carol Peterson
Email:[email protected]
Date Posted: 14 July 2002

I'm trying to locate the John Axel Linden family. They lived in Ashland in the early 1900s. John, wife Hanny Peterson, daughter Hanny Carlyle (b 1905 in Ashland Cty). Mrs. Linden's mother and sister, Johanna Peterson and Maria Peterson, listed John Linden's address as their final destination on their arrival at Ellis Island. Some time around 1910 the family moved to Duluth, however I have not located them on the 1910 census there. I'm thinking perhaps they were still in Ashland. If anyone has a directory for the area, I'd appreciate a look-up or any other kind of help. Thanks.

Researcher: Jean Miller
Email:[email protected]
Date Posted: 3 May 2002

I have been doing research for my mother-in-law on her family this past year and have made some great progress.
I do have a have a question though - did the city of Ashland change enumeration district numbers between the 1900 census and the 1910 census? The reason why I ask - her grandparents lived in the same house for 1910 and 1920. They did move from Kansas between 1887 and 1889 (Her grandfather was born on a wagon train 1887-so he said many moons ago- and his sister was born in Wisconsin in 1889. What I also noticed is that the street address was not in the same ED# as 1910 and 1920. We do know that the house was older than 1900.
Any information would be great!!
In search of the Sally Gregg family.

Researcher: Georgia Hill
Email:[email protected]
Date Posted: 3 May 2002

I hope you can help me find some information about two of my uncles who were born in Ashland, Wisconsin.
Robert William (or William Robert) born Feb. 15, 1896
Charles Francis (or Francis Charles) born Dec.20 ,1897
at least these are the dates I have and I believe them to be correct
Fathers name: William Henry Hainsworth
Mothers name: Catharine McAuillin Hainsworth
I would appreciate any help you can possibly give me as I'm researching my family without much success. Thank you for any help you can give.

Researcher: Julie
Email:[email protected]
Date Posted: 20 April 2002

I am looking for gr/grandparents Frank and Mary(Jensen)Nelson. And Antone (T.L) and Emma(Rosenbaum)Nordell. Frank and Mary had 12 children. One which was my grandmother Martha Rose Nordell. She married Oscar Nelson. They had 5 children Margerite, Marion Rose, Jack Antone,Geraldine, Gloria. Oscar died in 1956 in Mellen from smoke inhalation from a few months earlier of a part of there house burning.Their house use to stand on Iron Street. right across from Art Segal's house. There is alot of family in that area yet. Some in Upson, Ashland to Wausu,Wis. Alot of them were burried in Mellen Union Cenetery. I am going to try to get up there later this year. What i really need is birth and death dates of gr/grandparents so i can do some more work on my family tree. Can you help me?? Thanks

Researcher: Jill
Email:[email protected]
Date Posted: 19 April 2002

I am searching for information on my great-great grandfather, Joseph Sicard (sometimes spelled Secord). All I know of him is that he was born in Canada (possibly Quebec) and died sometime around October 1912 after being crushed in a lumber mill accident. He married Caroline (Flageole) Sicard (my great-great grandmother) and had 3 children with her. I have been lead to believe that all the chiildren were born in Cloquet, MN.

I recently came across some information that he and his wife, Caroline, are buried in Asland, WI., even though Caroline died in Duluth, MN. on January 22, 1948. On top of their tombstone reads "Woodman of the World Memorial". I am curious as to why they are both buried there and am wondering if that happens to be the place where they lived.

If you could tell me whether or not Joseph Sicard/Secord lived and/or died there, I would greatly appreciate it. Any information at all could be useful. Thanks so much!

Surnames: GRAHAM
Researcher: Mike Traczyk
Email:[email protected]
Date Posted: 2 April 2002

I am looking for a person by the name of John Graham-lived in the Ashland area (Sanborn)in 1920's. His brother was supposed to be a Ashland county sheriff and the family farmed in the area.

Researcher: Phyllis Goff
Email:[email protected]
Date Posted: 29 March 2002

I would appreciate if someone could do a look up for me. On the Wisconsin Marriages - Pre 1907 Index there is an entry for Louis P. Johnson married to Astri Peterson. The event took place in Ashland County on 15 Mar 1902. volume 02 Page 230. I believe this to be my Great Uncle. The only doubt is we thought her name was Ester, not Astri. Astri might be an old Norwegian spelling. If this turns out to be our ancestor I would want to order the certificate. Thank you for turning my doubt into fact.

Researcher: Peg Currie
Email:[email protected]
Date Posted: 3 March 2002

Is there anyone there who has any information on the Ricker family of Ashland? Leonard died in 1888 and was buried Mt. Hope. Nancy was several years younger and may have remarried. Fred was living at home and working in 1890. Any hints would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Researcher:Jack Jensen
Email:[email protected]
Date Posted: 3 March 2002

I am looking for information on my grandfather, John Poirier. I believe John was born in South Indian, Ontario on February 24, 1862. He married Pauline Knauf (born April 30, 1874) in Ashland Wisconsin sometime around 1888-1895. I believe it was a Catholic wedding. I also believe their son Arthur was born on May 25, 1895. They may have left Ashland prior to that time. I would sure appreciate any information that could be provided about John Poirier. Thanks.

Researcher:Margaret Johnson
Email:[email protected]
Date Posted: 22 February 2002

I am looking for information on John Mika, Born 02-25-1876 in Wietrzychowice, Poland, Died 09-28-1956 in Marengo, WI. Wife: Katherine. Children: John, Mary, Sophie, Joe, Frank, & Ann. John & Katherine are my Great-Grandparents

Researcher:Bjorn Petterson
Email:[email protected]
Date Posted: 8 February 2002

Hello i wonder if you can help me with a problem.I sitting her in Norway and trying to find my mom.Named her in Norway was J�rgine Kristine Hafnor born 8/9-1869.She emigrated in 1894 and she was married with a Swedish sailer named Johan Anderson,they get four children named Johanna,Emil,John and Mary.Jorgines first man Named Ole Christiansen born 16 feb 1870 daid in thyphus fever and with him she got tree children Ingvald and Martin born her in Norway 1891 and 1893 and Ida born in US.In the circhbook her in Norway when they christned Martin in 1894.He worked with railwayI cant find him but i am shure they are in the area.Can you please help me with that problem.

Email:[email protected]
Date Posted: e February 2002

I am looking for Fred Cyes death record. He died on 11/24/1900 in Ashland County. Can you help me? ThanKs so much for your time!

Researcher:Bonnie Hillmann
Email:[email protected]
Date Posted: 23 January 2002

I am looking for information on the Abraham family. They lived in Butternut and Park Falls, WI. in the early 1900s till William moved to Milwaukee with his family in the early 1940s. I am his daughter Bonnie Hillmann nee Abraham

Researcher:Bill Staley
Email:[email protected]
Date Posted: 14 December 2001

I am trying to date historical photos from Ashland. I am wondering if anyone has compiled a list of photographers and dates they did business in Ashland.

I have the following photographers from Ashland
Bailey (about 1895)
C. C. Deming (about 1893 - 1895)
H Johnson (about 1898) (a similar print back but no name about 1903)
Raven (about 1905)

I am basing my years on estimates of the age of people in the photographs. It would be very useful if anyone has compiled a list of photographers and dates of working in Ashland. I also have various unidentified pictures that it might help in identifying.

Any help would be appreciated

Researcher:Jo Ellyn Baker
Email:[email protected]
Date Posted: 28 October 2001

Seeking obit for Olaf Westlund. died January 1981 in Ashland County. Thanks.

Email:[email protected]
Date Posted: 25 October 2001

I was born in Ashland Wisconsin May 3, l933 and also had relatives in Mellen Wisconsin, Wakefield Michigan and Ironwood Michigan. The family names would be: COOLE, SCHATZ and McDONALD. Any help in locating my cousins would be greatly appreciated. Thank you again.

Researcher:Rita Cavallaro
Email:[email protected]
Date Posted: 24 October 2001

Can you tell me if there are any people in Ashland who might be related to Stanley Bonk married to Rose "Myrotek" Bonk. My grandmother Francis Bonk was born there. She also had a brother by the name of Jerome Bonk who became a priest at St Anthony of Padue in Indiana. My great grandfather Stanley Edward Bonk came to Ashland in about 1850's and married Rose who I believe was born in Ashland. Thanks for any help.

Researcher:Lori Ricke
Email:[email protected]
Date Posted: 11 September 2001

I'm interested in information about Nostrand Erickson and a Mrs John Peterson, both living in Ashland in 1914. They are siblings of my gg grandfather who lived in Sioux City, Iowa.

Researcher:Colleen Adkins
Email:[email protected]
Date Posted: 20 August 2001

. I am trying to locate info regarding the O'Connell family in butternut. I know my grandfather is buried there. He was Catholic. So I'm assuming he would have been Baptized in a local church. If you have any info on local Catholic churches or their baptismal records please email me at colleenadkins63@aol Thank You!

Researcher:Kathryn Bryan
Email:[email protected]
Date Posted: 19 May 2001

Searching for birthplace of Eleanor BRYAN b. 1874, WI. Two known brothers George Adelbert BRYAN and William Clark BRYAN. This family was found in Rockland, MI in 1899 and ASHLAND, WI in 1905. Several children were born to William Clark BRYAN there (he married Florence Watt). Need to find out who parents of Eleanor, William and George were. Any assistance you can offer will be greatly appreciated.

Researcher:Lawrence Hughes
Email:[email protected]
Date Posted: 15 May 2001

I am looking for my grandfather, Joseph Hughes, also known as H. J. Hughs, who was working in a logging camp when he went to the post office in Glidden to post his pay home to his family in Casco, Wisconsin. On his way back to camp he died suddenly of unknown causes. That was December of 1902. By family tradition he was murdered in a payroll holdup but apparently that was not true. I have recently come across a short newspaper article published in the Ahnapee (Algoma) Wisconsin newspaper referring to his obituaries published in Northern Wisconsin papers. I have written to the Ashland County Historical Society but the letter was returned undelivered. I also wrote to the Ashland Paper but have had no response. Do you have any suggestions as to how I might trace an obituary that I know was published in 1902? I will appreciate any advice you may be able to furnish me.

Researcher:Kenee Kaye Campo
Email:[email protected]
Date Posted: 21 April 2001

Looking for any info on Frank Frederick m. to Anna M. Haupt, having daughter (my son's grandmother) Loretta Edith Frederick b. 31 Oct 1906 in Ashland, d. 1976. If you could give me a clue to search on, or URLs to go to, it would be greatly appreciated. Unfortunately, I have never been to Wisconsin, so don't know the territory! Kenee on the Monterey Peninsula, California

Researcher:Kathryn Berg
Email:[email protected]
Date Posted: 21 April 2001

Searching for William Clark BRYAN and brother George Adelbert BRYAN who lived in Ashland Co. WI in late 1800's early 1900's. William married Celeste GILBERT and George married Rebecca EARLY. Have found bits and pieces of them in that area but am especially trying to locate County in New York where the 2 BRYAN brothers were born. I have located one death record on an Adelbert BRYAN in Ashland and a birth of a baby in Superior, WI from my line. Am looking for parents of these 2 brothers, who possibly are buried in Ashland. Mother may be Samantha (not proven) and father may have been Adelbert or William. Any assistance you may be able to lend would be greatly appreciated. Cannot trace this family in New York because I don't know who father was or WHERE they were born. Think somehwere in Ashland records there must be listed place of birth for these 2 boys. MANY THANKS!!!!

Researcher:Sheri Stuve
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Date Posted: 1 March 2001

I am trying to locate a death certificate or cemetery record for a relative. There was a small (few sentences) in the Ashland paper after the death, but nothing more...wife left the area so we are assuming he was buried in Ashland (lived on 11th Ave. West.) Do you have someone who looks up at the ARC or at the court house?

His name was Amasa S. Pickett who died 16 Dec. 1887...about 38 yrs old...don't know parents or exact birth date. He was married to Catherine A. Tallman. I'm not sure in this county how detailed the death records were at this date, but since he was young, his wife should have been able to give all the information since she was still living.

Surnames:MONIAN - Children's Home/Orphanage
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Date Posted: 9 February 2001

I hope that you can help me. I have searched the various Wisconsin Historical sites, the USGENWEB sites and have not been successful in my quest.

I am trying to locate a Childrens Home/Orphanage in Ashland on Lake Superior where my Grandfather was supposely placed by his father. I do not know the name of the place, but I am trying to trace my Grandfathers history and have been unsuccessful in locating his brother or sister.

Do you know of any places that may have existed back in the early 1900's? My Grandfather (Frank Monian) was born in October 1907. I do not know when he was placed in the home, but my Aunt tells me he was placed with a family/farm, which he ran away from when he was 16. So, that narrows it down from 1907 - 1923.

Thank you for any assistance you can provide in helping me to track down this home/Orphanage.


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