Spiker & Speicher's in America

by Shari & Charles


Welcome to my genealogy research site. There are hundreds of surnames listed here, including but not limited to: Spiker, Speicher (Swiss, German), Seidel (Alsace), Bowes (N. Yorkshire), Jones (Welch), Nicholls (Cornwall), and Smith (Denmark).

This website is primarily devoted to my Spiker family, which includes the Speicher, Spicher, and Spiger spellings, however there are more variations of the name, so they are included to help identify all our family lines as the names change. They are: Speaker, Speicker, Speiker, Spieker, Spycher, and Spyker.

My genealogy partner, Charles Speicher has spent hours of tireless research in countless courthouses going through thousands of documents and interviewing dozens of relatives to find each and every Speicher-Spiker and any spelling variation we have. I have added his work along with the work from “A History of the Speicher, Spicher, Spyker Family” compiled by Paul I. Speicher. Charles’ dedication and work has assisted my research in more ways than I can relate, and it is because of all the work done by Paul I. Speicher, and Charles Speicher that I am able to share this with you all.

I have added a a lot of unconnected family lines, and if anyone looking sees their family and knows who they belong to, please contact me. You are welcome and encouraged to make additions and corrections to the database. I would love to hear from you.

This is a work in progress and I will be adding new data as it becomes available. Please use this data in your research but remember that information is only as accurate as the source. Memories, family bibles and even court records can and do contain errors.

Please note that facts cannot be copyrighted, and facts should be shared freely. Please give credit for where you have obtained the information, so that others may know how to recreate the source information. Please look at my sources, so you can see where I got my facts.

Please do not post my e-mail address on your website, I get enough spam as it is! :-) I use a jpeg picture of my e-mail address on my website for this reason. Please source your data to my webpage, then others can contact me from here.



Navigating the Site

To begin, search the Index for your family. The notes section can be accessed by clicking on the person you want to know more about. In the notes I keep documentation of my research, census data, stories about the person and obits. Photos, where available, can be viewed by clicking on the camera next to the person's name. Tip: if you are looking for your family that married into a Spiker (any variation spellling), look them up first under that name, it will be quicker than going thru all the Spiker names.

Privacy Note:

In this day of privacy concerns it is important to know that public domain information does include names, dates, and places. Privacy law does not apply to public domain information. The 1930 census is available, so a lot of your current family is listed in a census, the 1940 will be out in no time, and even more information will be available. DO NOT use your mother's maiden name for identification. When any financial institution or any other entity asks you for your mother's maiden name for identification purposes, give them a ficticious name or request another method of identification. These companies really don't care if you give them a false name or not. All they want is an easy-to-remember code phrase to identify you. Mother's maiden names are too easy to come by these days to use for identification purposes. ID theft is all too common. Please do not use publicly avalable information as is contained in this website for identification purposes in verifying your identity. This information is too easy to obtain. (Copied, paraphrased and is used by permission from Don & Jeanine Hartman, FamilyHart).

Happy hunting!


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