New to Norwegian Genealogy?

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 New to Norwegian genealogy?

      Start your research on the page - Research Tips: Before you Research in Norway. Follow the links there to lots of good information and advice on the best way to find your Norwegian ancestors and their records.  Take time to learn about Norwegian naming practices and farm names. It'll make your search much easier.

      The Norway Research Sources page will lead you to many other research sites for the bygdeboks, census, emigration, history, mail lists, organizations, personal web pages, recipes, and others.  

      Another useful tool is the complete  LDS Family History Research Helps, including the Norwegian Genealogical Word List, Norway Research Outline, and Map of Norway. 

      Finally, join a mail list and post a query there and post a query on the Norway Message Boards. For best results, be sure to read: Writing a Good Norwegian Research Query before you post.

      Researching your ancestors may not be easy, but with enough perseverance, your work will surely pay off. 

Good luck with your search!


Med vennlig hilsen -

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