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Norway Lookup Volunteers and Their Reference Books

  4 Feb. 2013

If you own any books useful for Norwegian genealogy and will do look-ups, please let me know. Volunteers are always needed. Current lookup volunteers: Please keep us apprised of any changes in your email address. Also, if you know that one of our lookup volunteers has passed away, please let me know. Thanks! Linda Schwartz

Feel free to request a look-up from the following books. Please limit your request to ONE ancestor. Also, please put NORWAY LOOKUP in the subject line of your request to insure the message is not overlooked or accidentally deleted.

Important Message from one of the Lookup Volunteers:

" . . . To help me with your research, success is determined by good information you send. To find your ancestors in my parish films or other databases, please include the following information : parents, spouses, children, their brothers, sisters and any dates of immigration, births & christenings of any of the above mentioned relatives. Also all locations of any known residences, birthplaces, are extremely helpful. When the research is in Norway, any known farm names will assist me to help you. By including this information, it will eliminate the need to query you for these details. I am happy to help you with your research, please include your name and where you found my volunteer help. Thanks."

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Reference Book




I can do lookup in Lørenskog bygdebok og gårdshistorie.
Trond Kirkerud 
[email protected]
I have a copy of  Bind I of "Nes På Romerike, Gardhistorie" for farms and occupants in this area of Akershus and would be willing to do lookups.
Florence Jensen 
[email protected]
I have the church-records on microfilm from Hurdal and Feiring, Akershus 1777 -1877
Inger-Lise Hoel-Knai
[email protected]
Bydebøker for Nannestad, Hurdal and Ullensaker and a growing database I have called the Nannestad Family Forest, which currently includes 20,000 people with their roots in the municipality of Nannestad. You may search through it at, and if applicable, plant your own tree or contribute detailed information to the "Nannestad Family Forest"
I would respond to inquiries in both languages (Norwegian and English) about ancestors from Nannestad.
Tore Bjerkek
[email protected]
  Ullensaker Bygdebok and Gjerdrum bygdebok, both in Akershus County Laila N. Christiansen
  Drøbak in Akershus 1865, 1875, 1900 John Strøm
[email protected]
  I have the following books:
Nes #1 from Akershus
[email protected]
  In Akershus county I can do lookup in Fet and Aurskog/Blaker parish.
I have the following books:
Fet Slekts- og bostedshistorie, vol 1-5
Aurskog/Blaker Slekts- og bostedshistorie, vol 1-3

I also have the church records on microfilms for
Fet 1815-1900
Aurskog 1829-1900
Dag Hofsødegård
[email protected]


  Eidsvoll Bygds Historie, vol 3 Jim Christopherson
[email protected]
Aust Agder    
My name is Erik Byrge Kalvehagen, I am a Norwegian American, and currently live in Grimstad, Aust Agder, Norway. I have plenty of books regarding last name history, not only of Kalvehagen, but other last names as well. Erik Byrge

[email protected]

  I can do lookups in Øvrebø, Hægeland , Iveland and Vegusdal - all north of Kristiansand. I can do lookups in all parishes between Kristiansand and Setesdal. That would be around the border of east and vest Agder. Kåre Bakken
[email protected]
Books for Birkenes and Iveland. I don't speak Norwegian, and am learning about the books. 
Shirley J Kunkle
[email protected]
I have "Arendals byes historie" (Frithjof Foss, 1893).  This has history and some genealogy information for families from Arendal.  I cannot read/translate Norwegian very well, but I am happy to provide the Norwegian text.
Susannah Zemke 
[email protected] 
  Seven volumes of Sondeled (Aust-Auger) Karen Amon
[email protected] 
  Bygdebøker for Gjerstad and Søndeled. Can do lookups if the farm name is known. Alan Furchtenicht
[email protected]
  I have a "family" book; "Landvik - ett og odel" I and II. It´s from an area round Grimstad Irene Welle Hørte
[email protected]
  Gards- og Aettesoge Hornnes Sogn in Evje og Hornnes Kommune, Aust Agder.
Slaegtregister for Evje Sogn in Evje og Hronnes Kommune, Aust-Agder.
Stein Owe Haugland
[email protected]
  Bygdebokers for Valle Kommune (III, IV, V, and VI) - Aust Agder Sigrid Tvedten Copton
[email protected]   [Need updated email address]
  Holt Bygdebok (1940) (near Tvedestrand, Risor, and Arendal) Donna Fostveit
[email protected]
  Austad Gard og Folk 1 and II Lois
[email protected]
  Holt book and 2 volumes for Åmli (Tovdal and Gjøvdal)
2013 - I now have v. 3 (Vimsbygde) and v. 4 (Øvrebygda) and 2010 book for Vegårshei.
Alan Furchtenicht
[email protected] 
  I have a book called the Stabell Familie. It contains just about all of the Stabell families from Norway, especially the ones around Bergen. They came from Prussia early, and I have been told that all Stabells from Norway come from the same family that came from Prussia, and so they are all related. I would be more than pleased to help look up anyone interested in the family name Stabel. Includes names from Trondheim also. Melissa O Gualtier
[email protected]

I can do lookups in the Ringerike municipality in Buskerud county in Norway.

I have the family books (slektsbokene) for the municipalities Norderhov, Hole and Tyristrand. Theese books only tells about the farms and the peoples living there, but covers the period from about 1600 – 1920-

I can also do lookups in some churchbooks  for  Hole, Norderhov, Honefoss, and Aadal municipalities for the period 1800- 1926.

Ellen Gilhuus 
<[email protected]>
  I have 210000 people in my database from Telemark, Buskerud and Vestfold

See my homepage:
Øystein Kåsa
[email protected]
I have the Rollag (5 vols) and the Nore-Uvdal (6 vols) bygdebok and would be willing to do lookups for people.  These churches are in the Numedal valley in Buskerud county.
John Anderson
[email protected]  [Need New/updated email address]
  Sandsværs historie, (Gårds- og slektshistorie)
(6 books: Komnes sokn, Efteløt sokn, Hedenstad sokn)
Jan Ivar Stange 
[email protected]
  I have the following books and research magazines:
Gol i Hallingdal # 3-,5-,7a-,7b
Hemsedal (I indexed this book and have 18,000 names in the print out.)
Nes- Flaa Hallingdal Immigration to US 1842-1880
I have Hallingdal Immigration
Index for all the people listed in the Hallingen ( A quarterly magazine that has been published since the late 1800's
[email protected]
  Sandsvær (Hedenstad,Tuft, Efteløt and Komnes) Rune Helland
3155 Åsgårdstrand

[email protected]

  Eggedal-Sigdal, Buskerud: 2 Bygdaboks Diane
[email protected]
  BIRTHS: Alta / Talvik from 1735 to 1875
Kjøllefjord / Lebesby / Tana from 1751 to 1852
Tana from 1848 to 1877

MARRIAGES: Alta / Talvik from 1735 to 1752
Alta / Talvik 1866 to 1875
Tana from 1851 to 1877
Kjøllefjord /Lebesby /Tana from 1751 to 1851

I also have a copy of all the farm names in the parishes in Finnmark

Karen Redd
[email protected]
  Census for Vadsø in Finnmark 1865,1875 and 1900 John Strøm
[email protected]


Bygdebok for Os, all three volumes that came out between 1999 and 2002, traces farms of Os in Østerdalen in Northern Hedmark from the 1500 or 1600's to the current owner.
Greg Hanson

I have a complete set of bygdeboks Sør Odal (8 vols) and Nord Odal (5 vol), Hedmark.

I need a place name to do lookups as there is no person name index.  Please see website for index over place names for each volume on my website

 Odal is divided into 2 communities Nord Odal and Sør Odal (North and South)

Nord Odal bygdebook consists of 5 volumes the Parishes of
Vol 1 2 
Sand vol 3-5

South Odal consists of 8 volumes the Parishes of
vol 1-5
Ullern vol 6-7
Oppstad vol 8

Jean Skar 

[email protected]

  Hof Bygdebok, Bind I, II, & III from Hedmark. Jeffrey Erichson 
[email protected] (Need a new/correct email address)
Hedmark kommune, Brøttumsboka by Niels Moen 1987 
Hedmark kommune, Sollia I by Bjørn Brænd 1989.  Sections for Mogrenda, Ytterdalen, Øverdalen, Kulstadgrenda
Will do lookups.
Colleen Cameron
 [email protected] 
I have the Ytre Rendal gard og ætt (The bygdebok of Ytre Rendal, Hedmark), and can also do Look-ups in Øvre Rendal, both the old book by JB Bull and the updated book.
Oeistein Brennodden
Alvdal, Norway
[email protected]
Bygdeboks for Engerdal and Trysil in Hedmark county, and can be of help if anybody has questions about relatives in these two communities.
Mr Egil Sundet
[email protected]
  Bygdebok for STOR-ELVDAL volume 1     Odd Braathun 
[email protected] 
  I have a complete set of bygdebok for Romedal Parish, Hedmark, and I have the first two volumes of Vang Parish bygdebok, Hedmark. lookups. Derwood Johnson, Waco, Texas, USA Derwood Johnson
[email protected]
  Grue Boka II by Harald Hveberg from Hedmarken
Brandval Boka II Gardshistorie by Gunnar Mandt
Grueboka Finnskogen by Hans marius Trøseid
Grue Boka II 1 Halvbind and 2 Halvbind by Harald Hveberg
Susan Lafo
[email protected]
  Rendalen, av Jacob B. Bull. (kommune of Ovre Rendal Osterdalen, Hedmark) Jerry Larsen
[email protected]
Brandval Finnskog Bosetting (Bråten)
Brandvalboka – Finnskogen (Amundsen & Neskvern)
Brandvalboka II (Mandt)
Eidskog Bygdebok, Volumes 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 (of 5) (Engen)
Grue Finnskog Bosetting (Bråten)
Grueboka Finnskogen (Trøseid)
Grueboka Gardene II, Volumes 1 & 2 (of 2) (Hveberg)
Grueboka Nes (Trøseid)
Grueboka Skara (Trøseid)
Grueboka Svinøre-Fuglerud (Trøseid)
Grueboka Voll-Vollermoen (Rønaasen)
Hof Bygdebok, Volumes 1, 2 & 3 (of 3) (Trøseid)
Vinger Bygdebok, Volume 3 (of 3) (Lillevold)
Other Resources
1801 Grue Census (includes Brandval)
1865 Brandval Census
Brandval: Churchbook indexes 1712-1909: baptisms, confirmations, marriages, deaths
Grue:  Churchbook indexes 1712-1880: baptisms, confirmations, marriages, deaths
Grue Finnksog: Churchbook indexes 1895-1915: baptisms, confirmations, marriages, deaths
Gayle Collins
[email protected] 
  Book "Tolga, farms and family histories, Vol 1" Karen Larson Clemente
[email protected]
  Bygdebøker for: Sør Odal, volumes 1 - Strøm parish & vol. 7 - Ulleren parish
Jim Christopherson
[email protected] 
Bygdebok for Lindås - Band 2. Linda Lygren
[email protected]
  I have available the following books, which may be of interest in a genealogy search:
"Ættebok for nordre Øygarden", covering the following places: Straumøy (Straumoy/Straumoey), Stekken - Eide, Dåvøy (Davoy/Daavoey), Harkestad, Heggøy (Heggoy/Heggoey), Heggholmen, Alvheim, Fjeldstad, Naustdal, Nordvik, Hovden, Nautnes, Nordre Sæle (Sale/Saele), Hjelme, Skjold, Hatten, Stura, Perhusbakken, Knappen, Hellesund, Nakken, Svellingen, Hellesøy (Hellesoy/Hellesoey), Lyngøy (Lyngoy/Lyngoey), Sanden, Hernar, sulen, Nordøy (Nordoy/Nordoey)
"Ættebok for Ulvsøy - Rong - Torsvik - Toftevåg - Toft - Vik"
"Ættebok for Blomvaag", covering the following places: Blomvaagnes, Dale, Knarvik, Nesse.
Author: Jahn Sjursen

I also have available "Gards- og ættesoge frå Dåvøy og Rotevågsøy" by Kjell Terje Dåvøy.

The municipality of Øygarden came into being in 1964. In older days, possible "municipalities" may have been Hjelme, Herdla or Manger.

Feel free to contact me if anyone seeks information that might be available in these books.

Magnus A. Heggø

[email protected]

  Bygdebok for Modalen Herad, I and II, covers approximately 1600 - 1970, all farms in Modalen community, including middle part of Eksingedalen and some other surrounding farms. The book is quite accurate, only minor errors, mostly regarding dates of birth and death. Knut Moe
[email protected]


I have a book on Leikanger and one on Kvinnherad for Halsnшy in the Hardanger Fjord.  I am also becoming a clearinghouse for those researching the Huseby surname. 
Dean and Dawn Huseby


I have Fjell Bygdebok II (Hordaland)
I have the two bygdebooks from Samnanger, Hordaland and also bygdebook I, II and IV from Bømlo, Sunnhordland in Hordaland.
Kelly Robberstad Petit
[email protected]


I have Volumes 4/1 and 4/2 for Ullensvang Christine Runestad Dierks
[email protected] 


Sveio: gards og ættesoge II by Simon Steinsbø

This covers the following farms:

Åse, Nordskog Færås, Lauvås, Kinn, Emberland, Åsbu, Tjernagel nordre, Tjernagelsholmen, Tjernagel søre, Lokna, Bua, Lier vestre, Bua, Lier vestre Grimstveit, Hovda ytre, Eltravåg, Lyngholm, Rygmyr (Rødmyr), Vandaskog, Mølstre nordre, Mølstrevåg, Mølstre søre, Avløypet, Neset, Skålaskog, Straumen, Straumsvoll, Tveitastøl, Vikse vestre, Vikse austre, Våge nordre, Våge søre, Ekrene, Børkjeland (Birkeland), Tveit ytre, Gilje (Uro), Lindøy, Bjelland
Mike Bridge
[email protected]
I have the following Bygdeboker:  Modalenn and Vossestrand and I am will to do look ups for people.
Dennis R Bergstad 
[email protected]

I can do lookups in ”Vaksdal Bygdebok Band 3; Stamnes sokn – Gards- og ættesoge 1965”

I. Ben. Nordby - Bergen, Norway 
[email protected]
I have a copy of the parish records for Roldal parish in Hordaland listing all the parish farms and who lived on them. Will look up any ancestor you are sure lived in Parish; provide name and date if possible.
Nancy L. Jansen Stensland 
[email protected]
Aettarboks (bygdeboks) for Kvam, Volumes 1,2,3,4.  1&3 are for Vikoy parish.  2 & 4 are for Oystese parish.  I would be glad to look up things for others in them.
Joanne Seymour
[email protected] 
Historie om Udvandringen fra Voss og Vossingerne i Amerika, by K. A. Rene.  This book contains information on immigrants from Voss Hordaland Norway and is indexed by persons "farm" name.
Vossaboki, vol I, II, III, IV, by Lars Kindem.  This book contains farm histories for Voss and is indexed by farm name.
Jinger Mandt


  I will do lookups from a book that I own - Kvinnherad Gards- og aettesoga, Band 3 Hovudsokna, by Anders Havnelid, published 1988 by Kvinnherad Kommune, Hordaland.

Band 3 covers the farms (Gnr. 66-134) of Kvinnherad between AEnes and Husnes along the Hardangerfjorden.
Margaret Hougland
[email protected]
  I have the bygdebok "Jondal i gamal og ny tid" by Olav Kolltveit, 1953, Hordalands fylke
 . . . Indexed only by farm names, not persons names.
Ann Viking Saetre
[email protected]
  I have the Bygdeboks for Bømlo (3 Parishes), Stord, Fitjar, and Valestrand parish in Sveio. Snowden Roberts
[email protected]

Hardanger lookups --
I have the reprint of Aamund K Bu's "Ættarbøker" for Odda, Ullensvang, Ulvik, Kinsarvik and Eidfjord (Øyfjord). They are also on microfilm by LDS, no. 125 9725 and 125 9728 (all 5 volumes on two films). The books were issued first time in the 1930's.

I have got the reprint of the old (issued ca 1950) bygdebok for Varaldsøy and Strandbarm.  They were separate "Kommuner" at that time, but so small that they gave out a joint bygdebok :-). The reference to the farm list of Hordaland must be added here too.

I also have the "Bygdebok for Odda, Ullensvang and Kinsarvik." Author: Olav Kolltveit, issued in the 1970's. An overview over farmnames can be found at DIS Hordaland's site: The upper line is index for the fam names which is registered by now (not complete for all "kommuner"). To get info an each bygdebok, chooose the kommune you found your farm in.

I can also offer lookups in "Røldal bygdebok" by Knut and Alma Dalen, issued in 1960. This can take sometime, because I have to borrow the book at the library. DIS Hordaland has also maps of different parts of the county on their site.

Knut Hildal
[email protected]

Røldalsvegen 132

  Hamre Gards og aettesoge, Bind 1 and 2, by Hakon S. Aasheim. Hordeland Colleen Cameron 
[email protected]
  Volumes 1-3 of the Haus bygdebok (Hordaland) Terry Lysne
[email protected]
  I have Etne Soge I and II from Hordaland Greg Hagen
[email protected]
  Kvam, vol. I and II (Vikøy and Øystese parishes)
Kvinnherad, vol. II (Ølve, Hatlestrand and Ænes parishes)
Kvinnherad, vol. III (Main parish)
Strandebarm / Varaldsøy, vol. II (both parishes)
JONDAL i gamal og ny tid  Bygdebøker
Ættarbok for KVAM bind I VIKØY sokn   Bygdebøker
Ættarbok for KVAM bind II ØYSTESE sokn  Bygdebøker
ÅSANE Bygdebok 
STRANDEBARM og VARALDSØY band II    Bygdebøker

Folketellingen 1865 for KVINNHERAD
BERGEN Bys Historie 1  -Lokalhistorie
BERGEN Bys Historie 2  -Lokalhistorie
BERGEN Bys Historie 3  -Lokalhistorie
BERGEN Bys Historie 4  -Lokalhistorie

Odd Braathun 
[email protected]
  Vossestrand, Hordaland: 1 Bygdabok Diane
[email protected]
  Ættarbok for Kvam Bind I & III Vikøy Sokn by L.H. Torpe (Hordaland) aka Hardanger area
Ættarbok for Kvam Bind II & IV Øystese Sokn by L.H. Torpe (Hordaland) aka Hardanger area
John Kostick
[email protected]
  Kvinnherad Husnes Sokn. I own the Bygdebøk for the Hordaland County ( Søndre Bergenhuus )
Parish, Husnes sub-parish Volume 4
Ginger Dingus
[email protected]
  Vol. I, II, III, IV of the Vossa Boki by L. Kindem dated 1981, Hordaland Evonne Cain
[email protected]
  Fjell in Hordaland 1865 and 1900.
I also have a collection of farm history for most of the farms in Fjell
John Strøm
Need a new email address for John


Vaksdal Bygdebok III - Stamnes Sokn, by Brita & Ivar Skre, pub. 1965, which includes these farms: Brorvik, Bukkstein, Dalseid, Dyvik, Eide, Eikefet, Eikemo, Elvik, Furnes, Fylingslid, Grammersvik, Grosvik, Hesjedal, Kalland, Kallestad, Kallvik, Kvamme, Kvastad, Leiro, Mellesdal, Mo, Myster Simenes, Stamnes, Stamnesleiro, Straume, Toskedal, Veo, Verpelstad, Vik and Oyo.
Vaksdal Bygdebook II - Dale Sokn, by Brita Skre, pub. 1974, which includes these farms: Borsli, Blodal, Blomdal, Hesjedal, Grota, Fokstad, Fossmark, Stanghelle, Helle and Dale.

Vaksdal Bygdebok I – Bruvik sokn, with these farms: on Osterøy: Stokke, Vik, Skaftå, Hekland, Ytre-Bruvik, Kyrkje-Bruvik og Seilæ, Indre-Bruvik, Olsnes, Kyrkjeteigen, Løtveit, Vassdal,  and these Vaksdal farms: Rødverg, Hana, Stavenes, Sandvik, Langhelle, Ytre-Boge, Indre-Boge, Vaksdal, Herfindalen, Sedalen, Jamne, and Skreiæ.

Roberta K. Morrow
[email protected]
Møre Og Romsdal    

I have complete set of Bygdebok 11 volumes for Nesset Kommune in More og Romsdal. I would do lookups. Paul Hanson
[email protected] 


Also have Heroyboka from Mor-Ramsdal.  This book is not as well done and difficult to trace lineage.

Will be glad to share or volunteer information.

Howard Olivers
[email protected]


I have bygdebøker for Sunndal, Tingvoll, Eide and Gjemnes  from Møre & Romsdal Olav Sjømæling
[email protected]
Stranda Bygdebok - Volumes II & III
Ørskog Gjennom Tidene - Volumes I, II, & III
Gards- og Slektshitorie for Vestnes- Tresfjord  -- Tresfjord I
Leif C. Hatlen
[email protected]
  HJØRUNDFJORDboka Band III    Bygdebøker
HJØRUNDFJORDboka Band IV    Bygdebøker
HJØRUNDFJORDboka Band V    Bygdebøker
Mot nye heimland 
Odd Braathun 
[email protected]
I have G & A for Straumsnes Bind II and Bind III and am willing to do lookups.  [I know minimal Norsk]
Doug Foxvog
[email protected]
Bygdeboker from VESTNES
Kommune in Møre og Romsdal: Tresfjord I ; Fiksdal og Rekdal ; Tomrefjord, Øverås, Nerås. 
Sunndalsboka, Vol.1-5 for SUNNDAL Kommune in Møre og Romsdal. 
Holly Tomren
[email protected] / Need updated email address
  Gards for Rindal Band III, by Hans Hyldbakk, Møre og Romsdal Evonne Cain
[email protected]
  Vartdals Soga- Covers Vartdal district of More og Romsdal
Orsta-Bygdebok from Ørsta district of More og Romsdal
Nordmaendene i Amerika- Male Norwegian immigrants in the U.S. in 1907.
Janet Smith
[email protected] / Need updated email address
  I have the complete 1865 census for Kvernes Parish (Today: Averoya), which is located between Molde and Kristiansund in Nord-More. I have also the book: Norsk Lutherske Prester i Amerika (Norwegian Lutheran pastors in America 1843-1914), with information of 1,800 Norwegians who became pastors/ministers in America. Haakon Bjerke
[email protected]
Nord Trøndelag    

2011: My database has been updated with family information(births/marriages) from all probates available for Krødsherad between 1677 and 1820. The database contains family information from probates for a lesser number of farms/families in Sigdal. Over time(post 2011), it will be updated with records through 1900 with more records from Sigdal included, though there are some families from the 1820-1900 time currently in the database. Families from Eggedal are not included.

I can look up information from Snåsaboka IV(no direct translations). Snåsaboka Volume IV contains a fairly detailed history of landowners/users and their families of the various farms from as early as the mid 1500's to the early 1900's. Beyond 1820 the information concerns the main users and usually does not include children. I have made additions and included exact dates(Snåsaboka only includes the year of birth/marriage/death) and updated the information from the book using Snåsa parish records. I added spouses using 1645 tax records that Snåsaboka did not include as well. My database contains all individuals form Nordli and Sørli (Lierne) using parish records after 1780 and using census and land records prior to that time. Most Lierne individual's ancestry goes back to 1700-1720 when records for that area were not as complete. I have been able to get a number of families' ancestry back to the mid-1600's with a couple ancestors born prior to that.

My database now includes individuals form 31 parishes in Nord-Trøndelag. Parishes with a greater number of indivduals: Beitstad(5,000), Grong(300), Inderøy(5300, updated using 1755 census as well), Kolvereid(150), Nærøy(175), Overhalla(500), Sparbu(300), Stod(300), Verdal(275), and Ytterøy(200). Outside of Nord-Trøndelag, my database contains individuals from many more parishes across Norway. Usually these parishes only have a few families, though. The most significant parish outside of Nord-Trøndelag is Brønø, Nordland with 2000 individuals. All individuals that married spouses from Snåsa and Lierne are included, and in many cases the ancestry of these individuals along with families of any siblings is included as well. Regarding Lierne, the parishes of Föllinge(Hotagen) and Frostviken, Jamtland, Sweden have a strong connection with Lierne as early as records are kept. This probably began much earlier than any records, as there are several individuals from Jamtland recorded during the 1666 census of Snåsa I believe I have found most individuals born in Nordli or Sørli that married individuals from Jamtland or moved to Föllinge or Frostviken from 1750 to 1900. My database includes all individuals (and descendants) that moved between Lierne and parishes in Jamtland. In several instances those that settled in Jamtland had children or grandchildren who returned to Lierne.

Parish Records
Births 1733-1900, Partial Births 1900-1930
Marriages 1733-1900, 1924-1940
Deaths 1733-1930(parish records do not include exact dates until after 1760)

Nordli and Sørli(Lierne)
Births 1780-1900, Partial Births 1900-1930
Marriages 1752-1755, 1780-1930
Deaths 1780-1930

Partial Births/Partial Marriages/Few Deaths 1750-1900

Partial Births/Partial Marriages/Few Deaths 1750-1900

Brønø, Nordland
Partial Births/Partial Marriages 1820-1900

John Cyrus 
<[email protected]>


Verdals Boka:
Heimer og Folk Leksdalen 1800 - 1940 (published in 2002)
Heimer og Folk Stiklestad 1800 - 1940 (published in 2005)
These two volumes do not cover the entire Verdal area, but from what I understand, the goal is to eventually cover the entire area in phases, to supplement the 1930's Einer Musum books which do not contain a great deal of genealogical information.
Greg Hanson


Erik Fredriksen Bøl og hans etterkommerer (bind 1 av 2) (a lot of names from Inderøy and surrounding areas)
Frostaboka bind 1 and 2( from the 1960's and 70's)
Frostaboka bind 5 and 6( from these days, updated)
Frostaboka, bind 7 (click to see list of farms)
Åsenboka bind 1 to 5
Inderøyboka Husmannsoga (about the cotters places in Inderøy)
Lånkeboka bind 1 and 2(concerning people in Lånke from ca. 1880 until today)
Stjørdal bind 2.1 and 2.2 (concerning Stjørdal, not
Husmannsplasser i Skatval (cotters places in Skatval)
Lånkeboka( before 1920) -  a database concerning 7000 people and counting...
Thor Erik Johansen 
[email protected]
Nærøy Bygdebooks all volumes. covering Nærøy, Foldereid and Kolvereid
Høylandet Bygdebooks
Grong Bygdebooks
Namdalseid Bygdebook
Øyfolket i Flatanger
Inderøy volume III the story of the Cotters families.
Namsskogan covering Bjørhusdal-Finvold and Flaattedahl slektene (families)
Skogn Bygdebooks volume VI covering Frol I and II

Family books:
Berre i Bangdalen
John Olsen Hovde (Johnsen- Sævik slekta(family)
Bindal, Bygdebok volume I and II
Fastlandsfolket i Flatanger, Nord for Jøssundfjorden(North of the Jøssundfjord)
Folket i Flatanger, Sør for Jøssundfjorden(South of the Jøssundfjord)
Vikna Bygdebøker, Volume I,II and III
Lierne Bygdebøker, Nordli and Sørli
Snåsa bygdebok Volume III and IV
Namdalsslekter, Spillum-Strand-slektene(The Spillum-Strand families)
Beitstad bygdebok, Volume I, II and III
Namsskogan bygdebøker,
        Mellingen slekten(The Mellingen family)
        Håpnes slekten(The Håpnes family)
Røyrvik bygdebøker, Volume I and II
Anne Hildrum
[email protected] 


  I own all three volumes of Viknaboka in Nord Trøndelag. I don't read/speak Norsk, however I can wend my way through the volumes enough to find farms and names. -- Kermit Roger (KR) Lund • Gilroy CA USA • Kermit Roger (KR) Lund
[email protected]
  I have VERDAL (Nørd Trøndelag) bygdebok volumes 3, 4, 5. I will do lookups for my wonderful fellow Norwegian genealogists! Debbie Cole - Spokane, WA

Debbie Cole 
[email protected]

  Overhalla in Nord-Trøndelag.
I also have the book about the Sellæg familywhich is the descendants of Peder Halvorsen Sellæg. He was from Overhalla, but the family is spread all over Norway as well as Sweden and the USA
Anne Hildrum 
[email protected]
  I have the Nærøy bygdeboks volumes IV and V and parts of Vol I and III, covering a good part of Nord-Trondelog. They are listed as containing Brukerhistoie. Gard og Slekter i Nærøy 1600-1964. Howard Bauer
[email protected]
  1875 census for Verdal in Nord-Trøndelag Kirsti Lyng Huse
[email protected]
  Inderøy, North Trondelag: 2 family books on the Vist-Sakshaug family Diane
[email protected]


“Bodin Bygdebok, bind II.1, Væren." Terje Gudbrandson, 1978, Utgitt av Bodø Kommune Bygdebokkomitøen. Includes farms located on the Helligvær, Givær, Briksvær, and Landego island groups in the Bodin area.

“Bodin Bygdebok, bind II.2, Nordstranda." Terje Gudbrandson, 1983, Utgitt av Bodø Kommune Bygdebokkomitøen. Includes the Festvåg, Neverelva, Storvika, Stordalen, Steigtind, Mjelle, Mulstranda, Valvika, Skau, Kløkstad, Skjelstad, Myklebostad, Vågøya, Løp, Løpsmarka farms in the Bodin area.

“Bodin Bygdebok, bind II.3, Kirkegrenda." Terje Gudbrandson, 1989, Utgitt av Bodø Kommune Bygdebokkomitøen. Includes the Vollen, Rønvika, Hjartøya, Hundholmen, Hørnes, Bodin, Bodøgård, Prestgården, Alstad, and Jensvoll farms in the Bodin area.

“Bodin Bygdebok, bind 2.4, Innstranda." Terje Gudbrandson, 1992, Utgitt av Bodø Kommune Bygdebokkomitøen. Includes the Hunstad, Mørkved, Bertnes, Fenes, Mjåvasslia, Svartnes, Skarmoen, Steinmoen, Mosti, Soløya, Sandjorda, Kolhus, Tussvatnet, Bagglia, Støver, Åsen, Valle og Systad, Kvalvåg, and Vikan farms in the Bodin area.

“Slektsbok for Kjerringøy, Nordfold, and Sørfold”. Asbjørn P. Lind, 2000, Valnesfjord. Covers families located in the Kjerringøy, Nordfold, and Sørfold areas.

“Slektsbok for Nordfold." Asbjorn P. Lind, 1982. Records from the Nordfold area of Nordland, Norway, back to mid 1500's with family groupings and links.

“Slektsbok for Sorfold" Asbjorn P. Lind, 1980, Bodo, Norway Family groupings from the Sorfold and Folda areas of Nordland, Norway. North of Fauske, East of Bodo.


Heidi Ann Girton 
<[email protected]>


Gardshistorie For Hattfjelldal” Vesfn Bygdsbok. I would be more than happy to try and find some folk if anyone is searching.

Sonja Peterson
[email protected]
  'Øyfoket' - bygdebok (2 volumes) for Værøy
Anders Torp  
[email protected]
  Two volumes of: "Hemnes Gard og slekt," by Erling Nordli. It was published in 1992, by Hemnes Kommune. Julie Kidd 
[email protected]
  I have the following books and will do volunteer lookup:

Sømna : gård og slekt, Bind 4.
Sømna : gård og slekt, - Personregister Sømna bygdebok : gård og slekt I-IV.
Sømna : gård og slekt, - Kartnavn : (bind I, II, III og IV) : Sømna bygdebok.
Sømna : gård og slekt, - Slekt I-IV
Beskrivelse over Brønøe hovedsogn

Arne Trelvik
[email protected]
  Mo I Rana , Nordland [email protected]
  2 volume book SLEKTEN ELLINGSEN by Charles ELLINGSEN containing many generations of descendants of Elling CHRISTOPHERSEN and Karen JENSDATTER. Elling was born in 1676 in Nedre Valle in Meløy. Most of the family is in Nordland, but it also extends now throughout the world. Ed Scriven
[email protected]
  Skjerstad-Fauske, Nordland: 4 Bygdaboks
Mo i Rana, Nordland: 1 Bygdabok
[email protected]
  Tjøtta church, Nordland records for birth, death and marriage for 1714-1800.
Hol, (Lofoten), Nordland Bygdebok.
Marilyn Myers
[email protected]
  I can do look-ups in "Folketelling for Lurøy" 1900 and 1865. This is official countings of everybody living in this community in Northern Norway in these two years. Torbjørn Uhre
Need correct e-mail address here -this is wrong
  Bygdebøker for: Rana Bygdebok (Mo Presegjeld) [email protected]
Gaardar og Slekter i Vestre Slidre and Hemsedal Tom Standal
[email protected]
Bygdabok for Lom 3
and also Lom 4 by Jon Kolden
Janni Belgum in Canada
[email protected]
  Valdres: Vang og Slire by Tore Ey- in Norwegian which I don’t read too well but would try my best.
Valdres bygdeboks: Vestre Slidre books A and B, Oystre Slidre books A and B and Etnedal. These are also in Norwegian.
Janni Belgum in Canada
[email protected]
  Boka om Land, IX and X, Torpa A and B, covers approximately 1580 - 2000, all farms in Torpa, Nordre Land community. Torpa was the community in Norway which had the largest percentage of emigrants to the US and Canada. The books are very accurate. Knut Moe
[email protected]


Ringebu, Ministerialbok for Ringebu Church book 12, 1872-1877, A transcription of Baptism, Confirmation, Marriage, Death, Stillborn, Those Moving In and Moving Out 

Ringebu, Nedlagde Heimar I Ringebu—og folket som budde der, Ringebu Historielag

Clark Pederson
[email protected]



I have been working on families in both Nord Fron and Sør Fron and have Garder og Slekter i Fron I and II by Einar Hovdhaugen. Would be willing to do lookups.

Scott Seilstad
[email protected]


I can do lookups for the community of Skjåk, Oppland county.  I’ve got the family books (I and II - included most corrections); Hans P. Hosar’s “Skjåk bygdebok” (three volumes), the farm books (Ed. I and 2); “Skjåk 1966” (The “Jubilee Book” 100 years after Skjåk became a community of its own, separated from the community of Lom), books about the churches (Skjåk and Nordberg, rep.), and many more. NOTE: You can find a Skjak-America group at:

Torgeir Dagfinn Teigum
[email protected]  

  I have the Bygdabok for Lom Vol. 2 (Oppland) and would be willing to do look ups. It is not all inclusive at this time, but I am also expecting Vol. 3 and 4 when they are printed.  I also have access to film on ancestry for those interested in Lom/Skjak from 1733 to 1900, plus census records for Lom 1875, Skjak/Lom census 1865. Patricia Wallace
[email protected]

NOTE: If you were waiting for information from Pat and have not received it, please contact her again at her new email.


Valdres -
Wilderness Home 1854 by Joseph S Nelson
published in 1958. It is about their history in Valdres and immigration to USA circa 1850 some 9 children
lists all names of who married who and their siblings. Most residing in the USA. very detailed.
Nels Rovang-olson
Oliver Nelson
Ole Nelson
Anna Sophia Nelson
Nels Nelson Rovang
Rovang Christian Nelson
Sarah Nelson
Arnold Edward Nelson
Neelse Nelson
I can do look ups pertaining to the Nelsons from this Location, ie: Valdres
Brian Stephens
[email protected]


Bygdebøker from Gausdal Gudbransdalen with a list of people that immigrated from that area between 1845 and 1870; that also includes Follebu which is part of Gausdal.  I will be glad to do some look up for people.  
Gerd Aasen
[email protected]

I have Vol 3 of the Bygdebok for Lesja, and will do lookups. Also have v1, 2, & 3 of the Lom books
John Ulteig 
[email protected]
I have the book "The emigration to America from Biri, Snertingdal, Vardal and Gjøvik 1846-1915" (Oppland, Norway). Can do lookups in this book.
Torunn Bakke 
[email protected]
  The three volumes of Etnedal A-B-C
Vestre Slidre Valdres
Valdres Samband 1899-1974
Sør Aurdal and Etnedalen (I Indexed)
[email protected]
  1865 census of JEVNAKER 0532 in the OPPLAND fylke.

(Registreringssentral for historiske data Folktellinga 1865 )

Barry Hovelson 
[email protected] 
  Gardar og Slekter i Fron (has only Nord Fron) by Einar Hovdhaugen Susan Lafo 
[email protected]
  "Norske Gardsbruk, Oppland Fylke I: Valdres", copyright 1950 Shirley Bawden
[email protected]
  Church records for 1842-1872 for the parishes of Sel,Vaage, & Heidal in Oppland
Vagge [Vågå], Sel, Heidal in Oppland Parish (Christians) 1741-1872
Curt Paulson 
[email protected]
  I have a copy of the Kjos-Eggebraaten Family History Book (1707-1981), Edition No. 3, commonly referred to as the "Red Book." My husband's great-grandfather married into this family. Most, if not all, of these family members emigrated from Hadeland.

There is narrative information on the first 2 or 3 generations of emigrants and the remaining generations only have the family tree information such as birth, death, marriage.
Judy Smerud
[email protected]
  I have the Bygdeboks (3 volumes ) + index for Askim, Ostfold. I will be glad to help with lookups. Snowden Roberts
[email protected] 
  Glemmen bygdebook
Gårder og Slekter i Borge og Torsnes, volume I and II, (farm and families in Borge and Torsnes).       

Bygdebooks from Hvaler In Østfold

Anne Hildrum
[email protected] 
Rogaland books:

Bjerkreim (3 volumes, pub. 2001-2003)
Gjesdal (1939 ed.)
Time (1972 ed.)
Ølen 1a and 1b

What I am looking for: Tysvaer #4 and Skjold and Varhaug

Katherine Barnett
[email protected]



Skåre, gard og folk I and II, 1999, Haugesund: by Arne Langhelle og Svein Ivar Langhelle og Nils Olav Østrem

Farm Included: Vassbrekkå, Ørpetveit, Fedjedal,Tømmerdal, Skastad, Halseid, Kalland, Skokland, Storstein, Saltveit, Søra Vikse, Bakken, Støle, Hagland litle/austre, Hagland store/vestre, Bergstøl, Bleivik, Grønhidler, Førland, Årabrot, Tornes, Kvala, Steinsnes, Austrheim, Vestre, Gardå, Røvær, Haugå, Grønhaug, Sørhaug, Litlasund, Saltveit (Øydegarden), Storasund, Hemmingstad, Rossabø, Sakkestad, Vibrandsøy, Hasseløy, Risøy

Tysvær gard og ætt 4 - Farms: Svinali nedra, Svinali øvra, Romsaland, Apalvik, Klubben, Straum, Dueland, Gaupås, Erland, Bjoaland, Sponavik, Saga, Ikdal, Munkhus, Øygarden, Finshus, Mehus, Håland, Østenstad, Bådsvik, Hesthammar, Lindanger, Kreppene nordre, Kreppene midtre, Kreppene søre, Yrkje, Yrkjevågen, Austerli, Stølsvik, Breidal
Tysvær gard og ætt 5 -  Farms: Vårå, Nes, Nesheim, Fikstveit, Steinbru, Vatland, Stakland, Aukland, Brattestø, Søvik, Ådnanes, Bakken (Vaggli), Litlaskog, Grinde, Halleland, Kringeland, Kvitanes, Årek, Aursland, Våg, Tveit, Indra, Sundfør, Lilland
Skjold I in Vindafjord

, Gard og ått, Bd I -  Farms: Amdal, Asbjørnshaug, Dagsland, Dalen, Ersland, Fjellheim, Haga, Haganes, Haraldseid, Håvik, Hokel, Kalstveit, Kalvaland, Li, Malasete, Meland, Mortveit, Risanger,. Svinakleiv, Tosvoll, Vågen søre (Vågane), Vestrå

Skjold II in Vindafjord

, Gard og ått, Bd II -  Farms: Austrheim nedra, Austrheim øvra, Bjerga, Eggja, Elleflot, Frøvik Skogen nordre, Hamn, Hatlastad,. Haugen, Kyrkjeteig, Longaland, Longalandsvik, Rossabø, Skjold prestegard, Skogen søre, Smedscik (Beitå), Solheim, Sørhus, Tveit, Vikjå

Rolene Britson



I own the following bygdebøker volumes which include farms in Rogaland County and would be happy to do lookups:
Tysvær gard og ætt 1 - Farms: Odland, Hetland, Vatneim, Apeland, Rønnevik (Ronvik), Eikeskog, Krabbatveit, Amdal, Brekke, Dal, Nordre Askeland, Lia, Øvre Førland, Nedre Førland, Skogen, Søndenå, Nes, Klovning, Høyvik, Gjerde, Gummedal, Erland, Lundervoll, Tysvær, Håland, Lønning, Bringedal, Bjørk, Heskja, Sætra, Tordal
Tysvær gard og ætt 2 - Farms: Vågen, Slogvik, Hundsnes, Kallakot, Steinsvik, Narravik, Hettervik (Hattarvåg), Voll, Hervik, Sand (Ytre Sand), Evje, Rabben, Rosendal, Nordre Åsen, Hersdal, Søre Askeland, Søre Åsen, Storhaug, Falkeid, Hesthammar, Årvik, Sandvik, Susort, Lervik, Eikje (Rødeseike), Øvre Kvinnesland, Nedre Kvinnesland

Tysvær gard og ætt 3  - Farms: Gismarvik, Håstø, Hålå, Høye (Høie), Nordtveit, Kallevik, Våga (Vågabøen), Stegaberg, Sørvåg, Staua (Stava), Skeiseid, Frakkagjerd, Aksdal, Helgeland, Fjellet, Stakkestad, Nesheim, Nodland (Nådland), Veim, Førre (Førde), Bratthammar

Tysvær gard og ætt 6 - Farms: Stølsvik, Sandvik, Borgøy, Espevik, Ringstveit, Borgenvik, Ytre Amdal, Bakkevik, Toftøysund, Toftøy, Ytre Li, Topnes, Vik, Sørtveit, Nordtveit, Smørdal, Klungtveit, Hustoft, Silgjerd, Leiranger, Djursvoll, Landråk, Musland, Store Bjelland, Litle Bjelland, Seldal, Tendeland, Selvik, Alstveit, Skorpe, Øvre Helle, Nedre Helle, Tveit, Prestegarden Hinderå, Vassenden

Tysvær gard og ætt 7 - Farms: Elfarvik, Helgeland, Vassvåg, Øvre Amdal, Øvre Li, Hetland, Baustad, Kaggestad, Aksland, Gurigjerd, Frøland med Brattetveit, Øygarden, Maurland, Sandsgård (Sand), Stuvik, Nedstrand strandstad:<Strannå>, Kleiberg, Kalsheim, Dalva, Øverland, Store Nessa, Indre Nessa, Ytre Kvam, Øvrabø, Indre Kvam, Indre Amdal, Ringja, Haukali, Solheim, Dokkskar, Hapnes

Rolene Britson



Lund Garden og Slekten by I. Melhus. Farms include: Elve, Gjersdal, Nedre Drivdal, Ovre Drivdal, Kvelland, Navrestd, Ovedal (Åvedal), Solbjorg, Royland, Djupedal, Hellesmark, Eike, Tjellesvik, Litlehei, Liland, Gursli, Skaland, Bringedal, Tronvik, Hamre, Linland, Skar, Overland (Aueland), Haukland, Lund Prestegarden, Eikeland, Moi, Osen, Skjeggestad, Lagestrand, Handeland, Hove, Surdal, Hovsmo, Eik, Kjorberg, Kjormo, Steinberg, Nedre Skardal, Ovre Skardal, Flatestol, Austreim, Mageland, Setra, Ytre Sandstol, Takholt, Solli, Espelistol, Indre Sandstol, Kvitingen, Rusdal Vivian Moulder
[email protected]


Skåre: Gard og Folk I and II by Langhelle, Langhelle and Østrem
Book I covers:
Vassbrekkå, Ørpetveit, Fedjedal, Tømmerdal, Skastad, Halseid, Kalland, Skokland, Storstein, Saltveit, Søra Vikse, Bakken, Støle, Hagland litle/austre, Hagland store/vestre, Bergstøl, Bleivik, Grønhidler, Førland, Årabrot, Tornes, Kvala, Steinsnes, Austrheim, Vestre
Book II covers:
Gardå, Røvær, Haugå, Grønhaug, Sørhaug, Litlasund, Saltveit (Øydegarden), Storasund, Hemmingstad, Rossabø, Sakkestad, Vibrandsøy, Hasseløy, Risøy
Mike Bridge
[email protected]
  I have the Rennesoy books and will do lookups. Nancy Stensland
[email protected]


Rogaland--Hjelmeland Bygdebøker Vol. 2

Farms included:
Vormelandsvik(Tøtlandsvik), Vormeland, Fundingsland, Rødlende, Tøtland, Tveita, Meland, Kleivaland, Ritland, Helgaland, Laugaland, Breiland, Bjelland, Heggland, Hetland, Jørmeland, Husstøl, Einervoll, Fevoll, Øvre Fevoll, Nedre Fevoll, Steinsland, Kvame, Hagalid, Sæbø, Hjelmelandsvågen, Prestegarden, Tuntland, Røgelstad, Sande, Pundsnes, Kleppa, Askvik, Kro, Lerstøl, Espeland, Hauske, Mjølhus, Viga.

Clark Pederson 
[email protected] 
I have the Gards og Ættesoga for Haa - Volume III - Ogna.  Farms in this book are Vatnamot, Kalvehagen, Vatnamotholmane, Stølen, Kindervag, Haver, Nygård, Sirevåg, Sørskog, Hølland, Søre-Hetland, Ogna, Lintjørn, Mjølhus, Bogsdalen, Veggeberg, Varden, Bru, Kvalbein, Kvasheim, Kvasheimheien, Friestad, Roligheden, Stokkeland, Kverme med Brusand, Sandve, Bø, Fuglestad, Hadland, Haugseng, Egren, Hetland, Vetteland, Herredsvela, Matingsdale, Tovdal, Risnes, Eikeland, Homse Ueland, Øvabø.
I don't have a great understanding of the Norwegian language, but can understand births, deaths, marriages and children.  I am willing to do lookups
Jenny Gray
[email protected]
  Soga om Sauda volumes I & II and Sand - Garar og folk, volumes I, II, & III Karen Amon
[email protected] 
Bydegbok, Gamle Suldal by Hallvard M. Hoftun.
Dave Peterson
[email protected]
  Book "Gards- Og Aettesoga for Haa" by Torgeir Edland. I have taught myself enough Norwegian to look up births, deaths, marriages, and children. I am willing to do this for those interested in Naerbo. Barbara Amburgey
[email protected]
  "Gards- og Aettesoga for Haa" by Torgeir Edland. This book includes Rimestad, Soyland, Hoyland, Bekkeheien, Refsnes, Naerland, Njaerheim, Haavags Laksefiskeri, Haa Prestegard, Obrestad, Reime, Sor-Reime, Grodaland, Vigre, Naesheim, Lode, Odemotland, Kvia, Motland, Skjaerpe, Naerbo, Bjorland, Torland, Bjorhaug, Bo, Grotheim, Gudmestad, Gausland, Njolstad, Risa, Valand, Lindal, Opstad, Lage-Haland, Store-Haland.
Barbara Amburgey
1721 Olivewood NE
Massillon, OH 44646
[email protected]
Barbara Amburgey
[email protected]
  Årdal, Folk i Strand (3 vols), Rennesøy (3 vols), Hjelmeland (3 vols), Sjernarøy, Finnøy (vols 2 and 3) and Vats.

In addition, I have a copy of Sukka-ætta, the 1664/66 Manntall, 1701, 1758 and 1801 censuses and a large collection of articles from Ætt-og Heim.
Greg Hagen 
[email protected]

New address is needed for Greg

  Bygdebok for Rennesøy. Ted Ahre
[email protected]
  3 bind VIKNABOKA and the new BJERKREIMBOKA that came out last fall from Bjerkreim, Rogaland. I also have city directories from Minneapolis, Minnesota for 1925 and 1942.

I also have # 2 Bjerkeimboka now

Kathy Anderson
  Hetland Skipreide 1 and 11 (from the Rogaland area) and Lesja Books 1, 11 and 12 (from Gubrandsdal area) Bette Minehart 
[email protected]  
  Gards- og Ættesoge Klepp Kommune, Rogaland
Gards- og Aettesoge Time Kommune, Rogaland
Stein Owe Haugland
[email protected]
  Ofoten Censuses 1865 and 1875.
Folk i Strand (bygdebok Strand i Rogaland)
Siri Hagen
[email protected]
  Bygdebok for Stangaland og Kopervik, Karmøy, Rogaland - 1985. Delores I. Waller Schattler
[email protected]

Hjelmeland, Finnøy, Rennesøy, Jelsa, Årdal, Erfjord, Fister, and Sjernarøy in Rogaland Co. - Bygdeboker and Parish Records. 1701 and 1758 census records for those parishes in Rogaland Co. Christine Runestad Dierks
[email protected] 
  Two bygdeboks for Tysvær. Russ Askland
[email protected]
  Vats Bygdebok (1 volume) and the Tysvær Bygdebok (3 volumes) Scott G. Fossel 
[email protected]
  I have a copy of the Ikdal Family History (1947). 301 pages, Family trees, description of life in Norway, emigration and the settling in the US. Covers an area from Haugesund to Nerstrand. Major Family names are: Ikdal, Erland, Musland, Sandvik, Kallecod, and Hundsnes. But there are hundreds of other names. It also includes a map of family farm locations. [Includes Rogaland and Hordaland families] Scott G. Fossel 
[email protected]
Sogn og Fjordane    


I have Naustdal bygdabok--Band I-II and III  by Geir Kleiveland
Forde bygdabok Band I and II by Finn Borgen Forsund

Jolster bygdebok 1801-1974  by Anders Klakegg

Also have some data not in the bygdaboks and have traced some information into the late 1400's   Have some data from same 3 parishes making references to 1300 but unable to verify that.   The Naustdal bygdaboks are by far the best of the 3 and seem to be much more accurate.

Will be glad to share or volunteer information.

Howard Olivers
[email protected]
Årdal Bygebok
Lærdal Bygdebok

The Årdal database now has 28,458 individuals in it and I continue to add emigrant descendants as I find them.  I have just completed loading the 4 existing volumes of the Lærdal bygdebok into a new database.  The fifth and final volume won't be out for a couple of years.  I will add that as well.  So far their are 23,015 individuals, including a couple of thousand descendants I have already found.

Neil Hofland
[email protected]
I have Geir Kleiveland's Naustdal bygdebok,
vol I, 1995 (Farm and family) vol. II, 1997 (farm and family)
Susannah Zemke
[email protected]
I have Bygdeboks for Sogn og Fjordane:
Årdal, Book3.
Gaular (Indre Holmedal), Books; 4, 5, 6a & 6b covering sub parishes;
Bygstad, Sande & Viksdalen.
Luster, Books 1-5, covering sub parishes; Fortun, Dale, Nes, Gaupne & Jostedal.
Bob Anderson

  Need updated email address

I have the Bygdebok's from Brekke and Gulen (3) in the Gulen kommune and also the Aetebok for Lavik in the Hoyanger kommune.
My father and grandmother came to America from Brekke in the Gulen kommune.  My father was Rasmus Johan Ivarson Botnen born in 1880 and my grandmother was Sigrid Saetre born in 1852.  My grandfather was Ole Bruaas from Lavik in the Hoyanger kommne.  I have traced them back through the use of the local Bygdebok's.  If there are any queries regarding the Botnen, Saetre or Bruaas or Bruas names I may be able to help.
Stanley M. Iverson
[email protected]
6203 Magnolia Lane
Maple Grove, MN  55369

Ættebok for Kyrkjebø by A. Førsund
Ættebok for Lavik by Anders O. Torvund
Mamie Tate 
[email protected] /Need updated email address
I have the genealogy book called "Aurland II" and will look for your ancestor from there.   This book is now out of print, it is being worked on and will be reprinted.   We have a new publication called "Aurland Newsletter - Past & Present".
I am interested in finding descendants of emigrants
 from the Aurland Commune located on the Sognefjord
Millie Ohnstad
[email protected]
I am willing to do lookups in the following books:
Leikanger - Ættesoga, by Roald Lyngvær. Includes farms of: Berdal, Bergheim, Bjørnetun, Borlaug (Indre and Ytre), Breili (Nedre and Øvre), Buene, Bøtun, Dale, Dalen, Djupevik, Drege, Eggum, Engesæter, Feidje, Flete, Fosse, Fosshage, Frekaland, Frønningen (Indre and Ytre), Gjerde,
Grinde, Grindedal, Grundeland, Halland, Hamre, Hamre (Indre and Ytre), Hanehaug, Haukanes, Hatleli (Øvre and Nedre), Helland, Henjum, Holen, Holum (Hauglum), Holum (Fresvik), Hov, Huke, Husabø, Høgheim, Håum,
Kolåsen, Kvålen, Lagmannsvik, Lagmannsås, Leikanger (prestegarden), Lunde, Njøs, Nyborg, Nybø, Osen, Otrehjell, Prestar i Leikanger, Rinde, Røysum, Simlenes, Skau, Smidje, Snytten, Stjernegjerd, Straumsnes,
Stølas, Suphammer, Svien, Systad, Sætre, Sætrelien, Tingestad, Tjønn, Tretteteig, Tveiten, Ulriksborg, Vigdal, Øyri, and Åfet.
Hyllestad Bygdebok - Soga om Folket, Volumes 1 and 2, by Inger Kellmer and Finn Børgen Førsund. Includes farms of: Akse, Alefjellet, Atterås, Berge, Bjørnestad, Bordvika, Borsholmen, Brensdalen, Bråstad, Buvika, Byrkjeland, Bø (Indre and Ytre), Dale (Indre and Ytre), Djupevika, Eide,
Einevollen, Espeland, Foss, Gil (Indre and Ytre), Gjerde, Handalen, Hatlem (Indre and Ytre), Hatløyna, Haukåsen, Hellem, Heggebøen, Horne, Hovland, Hovlandsvågen, Hydalen, Hyllestad, Indrefjorden, Kjøpstad, Kleive, Kolgrov, Laberget, Leirpollen, Leirvik. Lekva, Lia, Liane,
Lireid, Lonebotnen, Løvåsen, Lundeland, Lybakken, Løland (Indre and Ytre), Markhus, Midttun, Myklebust, Nes, Nesje, Porten, Ramsgrø, Rindane, Risnes, Rutle, Rysjedalen, Rønset, Røstenskar, Sagosen, Salbu,
Sandnes, Sellevoll, Skiveneset, Skivenesvågen, Skor, Skorpa (Indre and Ytre),  Smilla, Solåsen, Stigestrand, Storakjen, Sundbotnen, Systad, Sæsol, Sætevika, Sætre, Sørbø, Sørefjorden, Sågnes, Tauning, Teige, Teigeneset, Trausdalen, Tveita, Ulvika, Varlia, Vassenden, Våge,
Ytrefjorden, Øn, Øvrås, Ås, and Åsmul.
Balestrand, Volumes 1 and 2, by Jon Laberg, Olav Hoprekstad, Olav Lunden and Gunnar Urtegard. Includes farms of: Askelund, Bale, Berge, Bjåstad, Bolstad, Brekke, Bruhjell, Bøyum, Dale, Distad, Eiken, Engum, Ese (Indre
and Ytre), Farnes (Indre and Ytre), Feten, Fjærestad, Flesje, Gjerde, Grøneng, Hammarsnes, Hamrum, Hanevik, Hanken, Hatlestad, Hjelseng, Horpedal, Jordal, Knurren, Kollangsnes (Koldingsnes), Kvalheim, Kvamme,
Kvamsøy, Kvist, Langedalen, Langeteig, Lidal, Linde, Lunde, Lønne, Menes, Mundal (Nedre and Øvre), Mæl, Mæland, Målsnes, Nauteskreda, Nesse (Indre and Ytre), Nokken, Ramsnes, Rauboti, Rennedal, Romøyri, Rødsæter
(Øygarden), Sagi, Sande, Sjøtun, Skarestad, Skeie, Skrenes, Skåsheim, Stokkebø, Stølen, Supphellen, Sværen, Sæle, Tennefoss (Indre and Ytre), Tenningen, Tenningåsen, Tjugum, Torsnes, Tue, Tuftedal, Tusvik, Ulvestad, Viki, Våtevik, and Øyjordi.
Bygdabok for Vik i Sogn, Volumes 1 and 2, by Olav Hoprekstad. Includes farms of: Alrek, Arnafjord, Bolstad, Brekke, Bruavoll, Bungum, Bø, Dale, Dalsvær, Djuvvik (Djupvik), Engum (Engjum), Espesete, Finden (Finnen),
Finnabotn, Fjerestad (Fjerstad), Flete, Fosse, Fretheim, Fyli, Geithus, Gotevik, Grov, Grønsberg, Gulteig, Hallrynjo, Hallsete, Hanavik (Hanevik), Hellen, Holstad, Holum (Hauglum), Hoprekstad (Hoprestad, Hopperstad), Hove, Hønsi, Kallestad, Karevoll, Kinn, Kjelven, Kollangsnes (Koldingsnes), Kvamme, Kvamsøy, Kvist, Kyrkjeteig, Le,
Lillesand, Limmesand, Linde, Lyktvor, Lønne (Låne), Lånefjorden, Midlang, Myrkaskog, Målsnes, Naustvoll (Livden), Nese, Nesse (Indre and Ytre), Nistad (Nissestad), Nokken, Nummedal (Store and Vetle), Orvedal, Otterskred, Ovri, Refsdal, Rislåg, Rosheim, Røyrvik, Sagi (Sagen),
Sandbakken, Seim, Seimsøyri, Seljestø, Sjøtun, Skørvo (Skjervum, Skjerven), Stadheim, Stedje, Stokkabø (Stokkebø), Svardal, Svolsvik, Sylvarnes, Sæbø, Sæle, Tennefoss (Indre and Ytre), Tenål, Tistel, Tryti,
Turvoll, Tusvik, Undi, Vange, Vetlesand, Vikøyri, Voll, Vollevik, Øvstedal, Ådlane (Årlaam), and Åse.
Ein Stad Skal Ein Vera, Emigration from Vik in Sogn, by Rasmus Sunde. Includes people/farms: Aasberg, Aase, Alrek, Askeland, Atterås, Aven, Balvoll, Berdal, Berge, Berven, Birkeland, Bjergum, Bjordal, Bleie, Bolstad, Borlaug, Botnen, Brekke, Brennene, Brudevoll, Bruhjell,
Brændsdal, Bungum, Bø, Dahl, Dale, Dalsvær, Djupvik, Djuvvik, Dyrdal, Eikås, Ekstrøm, Engum, Espesete, Finden, Finnebotn, Fjærestad, Flete, Foss, Fosse, Fretheim, Furehaug, Furrevik, Føli, Geithus, Gildhus, Gjøstein, Gotevik, Gravdal, Grindheim, Grov, Grønsberg, Gulteig, Hagen, Hallrynjo, Hallsete, Hamre, Hanekamb, Hanevik, Hartmann, Hatleli, Hatlem, Hauglum, Heggenes, Helland, Helleland, Hellen, Helsing, Holen, Holstad, Hopperstad, Hov, Hove, Hovland, Huglagjerde, Husabø, Høvik,
Høyum, Kallestad, Karevoll, Kirkebø, Kirketeig, Kjelven, Koldingsnes, Kringlen, Kroken, Kvalheim, Kvamme, Kvamsøy, Kvist, Kyrkjeteig, Larsen, Lavik, Lee, Lefdal, Ligtvor, Liljedahl, Lilleøren, Limmesand, Linde, Lindehagen, Livden, Lunde, Lyche, Lønne, Løvås, Midlang, Midtun, Mo, Moane, Moe, Mundal, Muri, Myrkaskog, Målsnes, Måren, Natvik, Nedrevik, Nese, Nesse, Nessestrand, Nistad, Nitter, Nokken, Normann, Nummedal, Ohnstad, Olderkalv, Olsen, Orvedal, Osen, Otterskred, Notaberget, Ovri, Parelius, Prestteigen, Ramsøy, Raudboti, Refsdal, Reutz, Rise, Rislåg,
Romøren, Rosheim, Røyrvik, Røysane, Råsberg, Sagi, Sandbakken, Sande, Seim, Seimsøren, Sellevoll, Setane, Skagen, Skjeberg, Skjellestad, Skjerven, Skjervheim, Skrenes, Slettemark, Slinde, Stadheim, Stavedal,
Stedje, Steenes, Steinsland, Stokkebø, Straume, Stueflat, Svardal, Svendsen, Svolsvik, Sylvarnes, Sæbø, Sæle, Teigum, Tennefoss, Tenold, Thune, Thorsen, Tistel, Tryti, Turvoll, Tveit, Tønjum, Ullebø, Undi, Ulvik, Valsvik, Vange, Vangsnes, Underdal, Vellene, Vetlesand, Vikøren, Vold, Voll, Vollevik, Walnum, Wise, Wulf, Ylvisaker, Ytredal, Øksdal, Ølnes, Øren, Øvstedal, and Ådlane.
Gordon A. Berdahl 
[email protected]
  I have the Bygdeboks for Gulen i gammal og ny tid Volumes 1, 2, and 3. Gulen Kommune is located in SW Sogn og Fjordane Fylke, and includes information from Eivindvik Parish. 
Gulen Book 1:
Strengklauv (Juvik), Losnedal, Netteland, Losnegard, Rutledal, Kirkøy, Kyrkjeøy, Rutle, Brosvik, Sygnefestberget, Sygnefest, Vatne, Rise, Risen, Fallebø, Dingja, Dingen, Eivindvik, Fonnevik, Fonna, Gryta, Gryten, Ytre Midttun, Indre Midttun, Henriksbø, Undertun, Floli, Flolid, Svaberg, Nordgulen, Tveit, Haveland,  Nese, Nesse, Hantveit, Hauge, Austgulen øvre, Austgulen nedre, Kløvtveit, Opdal øvre, Kjellby, Kjelby, Krossvoll, Opdal nedre, Dyregrov, Glosvik, Åmdalsvik, Åmdal, Undal
Gulen Book 2
Lund, Berge, Myre, Kjellevoll, Nerdal, Halland, Store Norddal, Litle Norddal, Stegane, Slengsol, Dale, Vyrkjesdal, Molde, Heggelund, Galten, Grinde øvre, Grinde nedre, Knarvik, Orknes, Høyvik nordre, Høyvik søre, Eide, Steine, Halsvik, Glenja, Merkesdal, Svardal, Brandsdal, Vestervik, Vedvik, Vikane, Klokkeide, Neverdal, Vesetvik, Hausevika, Kjeøy, Kidøy, Sætenes, Brandanger, Selevåg, Furenes, Furnes, Fivelsdal, Sande, Storenes, Røyrtveit, Rørtveit, Li
Gulen Book 3:
Vatsvik, Bjorøy, Skjerjehamn, Blidensol, Randal, Midtbø, Tunsberg, Ånneland, Unneland, Kitilsvik, Kittelsvik, Mjømna, Nappen, Vikingvåg, Bremnes, Byrknes, Børholm, Kversøy, Blomholm, Grima, Grimen, Koksøy, Bårøy,  Risøy, Store Kvernøy, Litle Kvernøy, Hille, Glavær nordre, Glavær søre, Vatnøy, Litle Vatnøy, Vatsøy, Store Vatsøy, Rød, Vilsvik, Villesvik, Grimstad, Stemnebø, Stevnebø, Nyhamar,Nyhammar, Hjartås, Hjertås, Straume, Strømme

There is also a website of Gulen and Masfjord emigration that lists the names of many emigrants from that area.

This was developed by a man named Magne Opdal. It is also an information center for those two areas.

Taryn Nelson Flolid
[email protected]
[email protected]
  I have the bygdebok by Per Sandal, Soga om Gloppen og Breim, Vol. III Gardar og aetter Vereide sokn for Sogn og Fjordane, and will do look-ups. Gail Frein
[email protected]
  Volumes 1, 2 and 3 of the Lærdal bygdebok Terry Lysne
[email protected]
  I have the book for Vik, Sognfjord. It is the one with most of the farms. Elaine Hamm
[email protected]
  Leikanger Bygdebok Steven Moen
[email protected]
  Askvoll bygdebøk's from SOGN OG FJORDANE. (both volumes)
Solund bygdebøk's from SOGN OG FJORDANE
Ginger Dingus
[email protected]
  Lærdal Bygdebok I for the Borgund Sokn, dated 1987, Sogn of Fjordane Evonne Cain
[email protected]
  Årdal Bygdebok, Band 3, dated 1985, Sogn of Fjordane Evonne Cain
[email protected]
  I have the bygdebøker for Leikanger, Sogn og Fjordane - Ættesoga - 1979 Delores I. Waller Schattler
[email protected]
  Vik i Sogn: 1 Bygdabok
Utvandringa Fra Vik i Sogn: 1 book Ein Stad Skal Ein Vera by Rasmus Sunde
[email protected]
  5 bands of Lars Øyan's books for Luster County, Norway. I can't read Norwegian very well but can give dates and farm names. Karain Ayres
[email protected]  
  Bygdeboks for Leikanger and Aurland. I also subscribe to the Aurland Chronicle , a sporadic newsletter for Aurland descendents. There also is an Aurlander reunion every summer in Cannon Falls, Mn. near Minneapolis. Linda Mona
[email protected]
  Bygdebok Aurland Volume II. David Beaudoin
[email protected]
Selbu area: "Draxen Folket" 1716-1988. It has many last names and about 10,000 people in it. Jared Alexander
[email protected]


All 4 Soknedal books+ the Supplement. My name is Ingulf Presthus and find my  ancester from 1640 Tor paa Presthus in bygdebok for farmes with chapter Presthus. My oldgranddad Andreas Presthus came from Soknedal. The house is still in use with the mainroad E6 and will be taken care of as a peaced for ever.
Ingulf Tore Presthus 
<[email protected]>


Hitraboka, Sandstad   - Sør Trøndelag Thor Erik Johansen
[email protected]
  Røros Bygdeboks
Lars Christiansen
new address?
I have the entire Byneset Bygdebok on my database and can send GEDCOM files.
Delphine Overfield 
[email protected]
Churchbooks for Meldal, Rennebu, Orkdal.  

Bygdebooks for Meldal, Rennebu, Orkdal, Orkland, Hølonda, Soknedal, Innset, Kvikne.

Inger Bjørnaas
  I can do lookups in the following Bygdeboks.  I have all volumes of each:


Also Lookups in:
The 1904 Compendium of History of Central and Northern Minnesota

The History of the Minnesota Valley, including the Explorers and Pioneers of the State of Minnesota by Rec. Edward D. Neill
History of the Sioux Massacre by Charles S. Bryant. Published in 1882
Counties in Minnesota: Lac qui Parle (2), Chippewa (2), Yellow Medicine, Lyon (2), Big Stone, and Lincoln.
Counties in South Dakota: Deuel, Grant, Clay, Minnehaha Norwegians, Hamlin, Codington, Brookings, Lincoln, and Turner. Some books have very limited information
Towns and cities of MN: Moose Lake, Ortonville, Watson. Nassau, Bellingham, Canby, Louisburg, Milan, Kettle River, Dawson, Madison, Odessa, Hendricks, Clarkfield, Clinton, Hazel Run and many church histories of surrounding areas
Towns and cities of SD: Irene, Centerville, Hurley, White, Elk Point, Sisseton (Roberts County), Volga, Summit, LaBolt, Revillo, Milbank (Grant), Gary, Toronto, Astoria, Sinai, Clear Lake, and many church histories of surrounding areas.
Ardell Sortomme Drube 
Mail to - 1954 46th Ave
Greeley, CO 80634

Books I have:
Bygdebok for Tydal - #3 & #4
Gards og slektshistorie 

Haltdalen og Haltdalingen - Bind 1 & 2

Ålen books:
Bind I 1989  Ålen og Ålbyggen Gård og Slegt
Bind II 1989 Ålen og Ålbyggen Gård og Slegt
Bind III 1989 Ålen og Ålbyggen Allmenn bygdehistorie

Røros Books

Vol III,   1957. Jon O. Indset - Oliver Moen - Olav Kvikne: Røros
landsogn - Brekken gårds- og slektshistorie
Vol IV,   1974. Røros bergstad,
Vol V,    1974. Glåmos - gårds- og slektshistorie
Margit Bakke
[email protected]
I would be willing to do lookups in Malvik kommune. I also have the bygdebok for that part of Selbu known as Selbustrand. Farm names included: Dragsten, Amdal, Solem, Grøtem, Fuglem, Bellet, Engan, Mean, Sandvik, Svinås, Stamnes, Moen, Setsås, Garberg, Størset, Langset, Sletnan, Langli, Kjelstad, Alset, Aunet, Uglan, Eidem, Flønes, Bell, Hårstad, Nesta, Hove, Morset & Hoem

Busetnad og Folkeliv i Horg, Gard og Grend, vol. 2.

Melhusboka, Slekts- og Gårdshistorie, vols. 1 and 2.

Olaf Kringhaug /DECEASED
Lookups no longer available
  Busetnad og folkeliv i Soknedal, Book 1 (farms: Aspeggen, Solem, Ljøsegga, Sveum, Bordal, Lillebordal, Bræk, Gynnild, Sor-Kåsen, Berg, Nyhus, Fossum, Flåtten)

Busetnad og folkeliv i Soknedal, Book 2 (farms: Fossum, Bjørgen, Dragset, Bjerke (Lia), Gullvåg, Haugen, Laukli, Vollum, Garli,, Merket, Lium, Bjørnli, Trøen, Klokkarhaugen, Vagnild, Aarhaugen, Østhus, Gilset, Indset, Øfsthusløkkja)

Busetnad og folkeliv i Soknedal, Book 3 (farms: Foss, Stensås, Grønset, Fagerbæk, Sommervold, Moen, Holm, Kjønnan, Eggen, Fløttum, Lilleholte, Holtan, Løkken, Aasen, Børset, Bjerkset, Hagen, Sundli, Solberg, Frøset, Hord-Solberg, Skain, Hugås, Aasenhus)

Busetnad og folkeliv i Soknedal, Book 4 (farms: Anshus, Hanshus, Ertshus, Hov/Hof, Presthus, Støver, Hasselbraut, Solum, Kjøtrød, Hustøft, Haukås/Sæter, Lien- Nordlia, Støverløkken, Wang, Halset, Stenbroen, Hage, Høgsteggen, Lilleøkdal, Sæter, Vollan, Lyset, Kvernvold, Flatåsen, Midtli-Råa, Heggvolden, Sundlisæter, Skainsæter, Rise, Rimseth, Bjørkåsen, Sundset, Gorset)

Bygdefolk og bygdeliv i Støren, Gard og Grend, Book 1 (farms: Voll, Frøset, Folstad, Bjørgen, Tilset, Røttum, Rognes, Bjerkly, Røsbjørgen, and Storrø)

Bygdefolk og bygdeliv i Støren, Gard og Grend, Book 2 (farms: Solem, Haugen, Bones og Bonesvollen, Refset, Aune, Rogstad, and Mo)

Bygdefolk og bygdeliv i Støren, Gard og Grend, Book 3 (farms: Skalvoll og Nygarden, Støren, Soknes, Øyan, Skjerli, Snøan, Gaustad, Haukdalen, Hallgutu, Amdal, Hongrø, Moan,Tømmeråsen, Ramstad)

Linda Schwartz
skarvold @ (remove spaces around @)
  Selbu Bygdebooks Anne Hildrum
[email protected]
  Bydeboks: Bergsdalen, Buvikboka, Bynesboka, Børsaboka, Gardtales i Orkdal, Geitastrandboka, Hemneboka, Østre Heim, Hølondboka, Ingdalsboka, Lensvikboka, Melhusboka, Orkdalsboka, Rissaboka-Hasselvika, Sellægslekta, Skaunaboka, Stadsbygdboka, Ørlandsboka and NAFs Veibok, Norges bebyggelse, Fra familie til slekt. You'll find more information at "My Bygdebok Library" Egil Øyangen
[email protected]


  Singsås Parish, Sør Trøndelag County. I have Singsåsboka, Volumes I-IV and the church parish records from 1748-1915 on permanent loan at the local Mormon FHC. Eugene Singsaas
[email protected]
  Opdal/Oppdal. I have records from census and church books connected into family trees on families at Oppdal Sør-Trøndelag. Tim Mjoen
[email protected]
  Information about relatives from Selbu and Tydal. I have written down the church book from 1816 - 1939 with persons who left and came from/to Selbu and Tydal. Terje Erik Garberg
[email protected]
  Four volumes of the Stadsbygd bygdebøker. I have a large percentage of the people in those bygdebøker in a 9,000+ person database. Dennis Haarsager
[email protected]
  Hemneboka, bind I, II and III from Hemne, Sør-Trøndelag. I also have the 1865, 1875 and 1900 censuses from Hemne. Tove M Lervik
[email protected]
  Bygdebøker for Orkdal and Melhus
I have been the editor of the book in English and Norw.:"The emigration from Orkdal to America".(1999) Orkdal Historielag.
Olav Sjømæling  
[email protected]
7320 Fannrem-Norway
  Parish Registers for Ålen, Singsås, & Holtålen
Holtålen Parish 1740-1859
[email protected]
  Melhus Boka vol. 2
Jim Christopherson
[email protected]

I have the 5 volume Sauherad Telemark Bygdebok and am willing to do lookups. I also have a database i created of the parish record from 1650 to 1722 done in MS Access which I am willing to share. I can burn copies of it on a CD and mail it. Or I can do look ups in it. Suzi Waag Smith
[email protected]


Mo Bygdebok, Vol. 1 Mo sokn and Vol. 2 Skafså sokn

Clark Pederson
[email protected]


Seljord, Telemark.  I have volumes IV
and V,  from 2003.  This is Seljord, Flatdal and Amotsdal
Jane Carlson
[email protected]
  I have 210000 people in my database from Telemark, Buskerud and Vestfold

See my homepage:
Øystein Kåsa
[email protected]

I have ”Bygdebok for Modalen herad; Mo sokn og Eksingedalen sokn. Band 1 – Gards- og ættesoga. 2. utgave 1984”. ISBN 82-7101-116-2 

I. Ben. Nordby,  Bergen, Norway 
[email protected]
I can do look-ups in the Drangedal (Telemark) bygdebok.
Alan Furchtenicht 
[email protected] 
I have the following 3 Bygdeboks for the Telemark region - but I do not read Norwegian so really need people too be very specific and I will give them what I can figure out.
Hjartdal (Hjartdal Gvammen, Band III B)

Sauland and for Hjartdal can you add that it is the book Hjartdal Gvammen, Band III B

Please put "Lookup" as the Subject line and indicate which area.
Jackie Hufschmid


  Sannidal bygdebøka and am willing to do lookups, but I don't actually own it so this will not be a permanent thing. I plan on renewing it as long as I can - I probably will have it
through April anyway. 
Andrea Sivertson
[email protected]
  I have the "Bygdebooks" of Bamble, Telemark. These are from the 1950's and include farms and family names from the 1600's till the beginning of this century. Mrs. Vibeke Abrahamsen
[email protected]  

  Heddal (Hitterdal) Rune Helland
3155 Åsgårdstrand
[email protected]
  I have a substantial database and source materials (censuses, church records) for GJERPEN parish, Telemark. Mike Enerson 
[email protected]
  Mo, Telemark Bygdebok -I Mo sokn and II Skafsa sokn. 1600 - 1900s. [email protected]
  Bygdebooks for Laardal parish in the Telemark Larry Rued
[email protected]
  Bygdebok for Tuddal, Telemark Mary Farrell
[email protected]
  Have 1865 census for these two parishes: Rauland and Vinje parishes -Telemark Doris Johnson
[email protected]
  Drangedal, Telemark, bygdebøk, written in the early 1920s. The book includes farms in the Tørdal sub-parish. Tammy Oseid
[email protected]
  Bygdeboker for Tinn and Hovin parishes Chris Dierks  
[email protected] 
  Vinje (Bratsberg Amt -Telemark)
Telemark, Vinje Parish 1740-1859
[email protected]
  Bendik Veum, FYRESDAL 1 - Ættebok 1943
Molan Parish , The county of Telemark

I have had some of this book translated into English. This is what the introduction page says (in part, there is more) - Fyresdal, Family Records edited by Bendik Veum. p.7 Introduction and Remarks.

This family record book, which after the plan is meant as the first volume of a larger community history for Fyresdal, which will include more or less complete details of all the ancestery in the valley, as far as the documents now at hand can give direction. There is a Ætteregister, an index of all the families, and quite a few pictures also. For anyone searching in this area, this book is a goldmine.

Mable McRae
[email protected]
  Bygdebok for Karlsøy og Helgøy (in Troms) (3 volumes) Anders Torp  
[email protected]
Troms                        1787-1795
Lenvik / Troms            1784-1820
Lenvik / Troms            1821-1841
Lenvik / Troms            1842-1853

Lenvik / Troms             1784-1853

Karen Redd
[email protected]
  Jeg vil bare fortelle at det i dag er lagt ut ytterligere 6 kirkebøker fra Tromsø og Karlsøy (Troms Norway) på Internett. Det betyr at du på adressen finner tilsammen 12 gamle kirkebøker fra Troms.

De 6 nye er:
Dag Erik Salsten
[email protected]
  I have lots on information on Karlsøy, Troms. I got 10.000 names from this area on my computer. Mrs. Vibeke Abrahamsen
[email protected] 

  I have some very good books named "Folk og slekt i Trondenes". This books includes 30300 persons, 8200 families (1950 pages).

I also have a book named "Etterkommere av Johannes Paulsen
(f. 1743-d. 1797) og Marit Nilsdatter (f. 1759)
". This book includes 3500 persons from 1743 to 1999.

I can do lookups in this books for people outside Norway.
Werner Eriksen 
[email protected]
  Bygdeboks, Bind I and Bind II for Bardu in Troms fylke. Marilyn Nysted
[email protected]
  Brox, Arthur. Berg og Torsken Bygdebok. Tromsø: Berg og Torsken Kommunar, 1959-1961.
Bd. I - Gardshistoria
Bd. II - Bygdehistoria

It is covering the Berg and Torsken municipalities (kommuner) on the western part of Senja island in Tromsø county (fylke).
Jan S. Krogh
[email protected]

We need a new email address for Jan

  I own parish registers for births and marriages in the parish of Lenvik/Hillsø, Troms, Norway 1753 to 1853. I also own the 1770 census for Lenvik. I would like to be contacted by any one doing research in the Lenvik/Hillsoe area. Tami Jenson
[email protected]
  Kvæfjord area in Troms: Kvæfjordboka Bind I & II

I also can do lookup's in the Harstad (Trondenes) area in Troms. "Folk og slekt i gamle Trondenes". This means something like People and families in old Trondenes. These books covers Trondenes, Harstad, Sandtorg, Skånland and Sørrollnes area from about 1600 up to 1900 (2 books, each 600 pages, with about 8300 families)

Per-Sverre Budahl
[email protected] 

Vest Agder    

I have the bygdeboks 1&2 for Åseral i Vest Agder,I can do look ups,I have familytree Tveit from Åseral with a lot of surnames.
Els Tveit
[email protected]
  I will do lookups in Vest Agder bygdeboks:  Lyngdal Gard Og Folk Volumes 1, 2, 3..  Austad Gard Og Folk Volumes 1 & 2 Kvos Gard Og Folk. Lois Gustafson Wullenweber
[email protected]
  Lyngdal Books I-III
Austad Books I-II
Fjotland Book I-III
Arlene Skoland Caffrey
[email protected]
I have the bygdebok of Aaseral, Norway.  If I can be at any help, finding information in that bygdebook, I'd be happy to.
Tommy Dale
[email protected]

  Lyngdal Gard og Folk I, II, III Lois
[email protected]
I have the books for Feda and Kvinesdal, Vest Agder  I would be willing to do lookups. 
Phyllis Peterson
[email protected] 
I have recently obtained a copy of the "Bygdebok for Gyland" by Lars F. Nuland, and published in 1960. It has been out of print for many years.  I do not read Norwegian fluently, but have learned to pick out most applicable information for Genealogy. The book is about 600 pages, with over half devoted to detailed farm histories for Gyland Sokn, Bakke Parish, Vest Agder

"Bakke Bygdebok" by Lars Ramsli which was published by the Flekkefjord Historielag in 2002.  It is a 2 volume set which covers the Bakke Parish, Bakke Prestegjeld, Vest Agder, Norway.  It covers 134 farms from approximately the 1500's to the 1900's. 

Bygdeboks: Bakke, Vest Agder
Fjotland, VA
Gyland, VA
Herred, VA
Listabok I and II, VA
Spind, VA
Sor Aurdal
Sør Audnedal, VA

I have recently completed putting all the "Gards og Aettesorge" section into a large FTW and also a Gedcom file, which is searchable and could find several generations in minutes if one has a specific starting point.  I have also documented this from the Digitalarkivet Censuses and Emigration lists wherever I have some assurance of accurate identification.  This expands the file to neighboring Sogns such as Bakke, Fjotland, Kvinesdal or Flekkefjord, for example.  The file contains over 50,000 people (Including some American descendants from my family).  A CD of the file could easily be made available for just the cost of CD and shipping. 

I also have a "virtual Bygdebok" for the parish of Sokendal in Rogaland.  It is not complete, and is unpublished, but the best source I know of for this parish which is without a formal Bygdebok. 

Richard Peterson


I have the following bygdeboks on Norway and would be happy to help in doing volunteer lookups for anyone needing help:
             Lyngdal - Books I, II, III  (Vest-Agder)
             Austad - Books I, II       (Vest Agder)
             Spangereid                  (Vest Agder)
Arlene Caffrey
[email protected]
  Bygdeboks: Austad, Vest Agder
Bjelland, VA
Flekkefjord, VA
Kvas, VA
Kvinesdal (Liknes), VA
Lyngdal, VA
Spangereid, VA
Lunde, Rogaland
(Also access to Fjotland, Herred, Lista, Spind and Sør Audnedal as well as the Will Protocols)
FEDA by Anen Arli

KONSMO by Tore Bergstol
LAUDAL by Tomas Birkeland 

Vivian Moulder
[email protected]
  Bygdeboks from:
Austad I & II
Kvinesdal I & II
Lista I & II
Lyngdal I-III
Bob Springston
[email protected]
  I have the bygdebok for Lista - Vest Agder by A. Berge in 1926 Sue Sinclair
[email protected]
  Bygdebøker for Agder (Kristiansand-area) --
Vennesla, Oddernes, Søgne, Greipstad, Randesund, Tveit, Holum, Øyslebø
Jarl E. Berge
[email protected]
  I have Volumes I and II of the Bygdebok from Kvinesdal. Irene Mast
[email protected]
  I can do lookups in Øvrebø, Hægeland , Iveland and Vegusdal - all north of Kristiansand. I can do lookups in all parishes between Kristiansand and Setesdal. That would be around the border of east and vest Agder. Kåre Bakken
[email protected]

We need a new email address for Kåre


I have the Tjølling, Vestfold bygdebok by Jan W. Krohn-Holm and would be willing to look-ups.  I'm not conversant in Norwegian but can figure out enough to get the important information and am also willing to either send the information as written or send copies.
Ginny Arveson
[email protected]
  I have 210000 people in my database from Telemark, Buskerud and Vestfold

See my homepage:
Øystein Kåsa
[email protected]
  I live in the township of Andebu, Vestfold "fylke". I have the bygdebøker for Andebu, and I have access to most of Vestfolds bygdebøker. I would be glad to help find family if I can.
Gunnar Gallis
3158 Andebu
[email protected] 
We need a new email address for Gunnar
2 volume Hof Bygdebok by Sigurd Unneberg.  Will scan pages and e-mail them. 
Holly Thorstad Tomlinson
[email protected] 
We need a new email address for Holly
  VESTFOLD: Ramnes bygdebok,(Gårds- og slektshistorie)
VESTFOLD: Nøtterøy bygdebok, (Gårds- og slektshistorie)
Jan Ivar Stange
[email protected]
  The Slagen Bygdebok
The Hedrum Bygdebok: Bd. II - Gårder og slekter i Hedrum sogn/Bd. III -
Gårder og slekter i Kvelde og Hvarnes sogn

The "Slagen Sogn Bygdebok" , the "Hedrum Bygdebok:  Bd. II - Garder og Slekter i Hedrum sogn/Bd. III  Garder og slekter i Kvelde og Hvarnes sogn."  "Nøtterøy, En  Bygedebok" by Lorens Berg 1922 and "Nøtterøy, Gard og Slektshistorie, Vol  1&2" by Sigurd Unneberg, 1971.  I also have 2 books on the history of  Horten:  "Horten, Fergestedet som ble Marinestasjon og By", by Rolf  Baggathun and "Horten, Kort omrids af Stedets Historie" by Joh. Beck.   I  would be happy to look up information  in them for you. 

Elise Skalwold
[email protected]
  Sem and Slagen parishes
Lardal (Svarstad, Hem and Styrvold parishes)
Rune Helland
3155 Åsgårdstrand
[email protected]
  I have the book Tjømø-en bygdebok by Laurens Berg, covering the families on Tjøme island in Vestfold amt. I also have the book 8 Tjømø-Slekter by Th. Engø, a history of the families on the following farms: Engø, Hønsø, Burø, Holtan, Holtekjær, Mo, Sundane, Treidane. Additionally, I have portions of the Nøtterøy bygdebok, also in Vestfold. Dawn Sundene Johnson
[email protected]
  Bygdebooks from Sem and Slagen, Vestfold and Nøtterøy also Vestfold. John Strøm
[email protected]
  Christenings or marriages in the church records for Skoger parish in Vestfold for the years 1814-1872 and for Sande parish in Vestfold for the years 1814-1847. Elizabeth Schmitt
[email protected]

I frequently use the computer program "STATENS KARTVERK Norgesglasset" to look up ancestral farms and have become quite proficient at it. Although the site is on the web I frequently get requests from people to help them
locate their ancestral farms or city addresses.

I would be willing to look up farms or city addresses and send a map showing the location to anyone requesting it. All I would need is the farm name and optionally the Municipality nearest to it. Although full blooded
Norwegian I do not read or speak Norwegian with any fluency.

Dr. Don Pierson
8405 Oakdale
Waco, Texas 76712

[email protected]

Bicentennial History of Polk County, Minnesota

Compendium of History and Biography of Polk County,  Minnesota

Centennial History of the Thirteen Towns (Polk County)
The First One Hundred Years (Fosston, Polk County)
This is Our Story, Shelly Minnesota (Polk County)
A Meeting of the Reds, East Grand Forks (Polk County)

Lake of the Woods County (Minnesota), 2 books

Walsh Heritage (North Dakota), 4 volume set

Norman County, Minnesota

Marshall County, Minnesota

The Rural Municipality of Cartier, 1914-1984 (Manitoba, Canada)

History of the Sorkness-Wold Families of Solør, Norway and America

Plat Book of Minnesota (listing of counties and townships with range/township numbers)

Jon Raymond

[email protected]

I live in London and can do look-ups for 1881 Census for the whole of the UK - I have a complete set of CDs. I will call in at the Central Archives (Family Records Centre) for anyone who needs certificates (death, birth & marriage) in England and Wales.
I could do look-ups for church records - I use the central LDS Family History Centre in Hyde Park London where there are a wide variety of films of church records.

[email protected]

  Rogeberg - Strom/Slekten

I have this genealogical book for my grandmother's family (Rogeberg).  It was published in 1956.  Would be happy to look up ancestors, however, the book is
in Norwegian, and I cannot read all.  If you have a name and info, I can have a Norwegian friend translate.  
Diane Haagensen
[email protected] 
  SPANNING THE CENTURY, The History of Ulen, MN, 1886-1986 and will do lookups.
Judy Holter
[email protected]
  I have HOYLAND GARDS-OG AETTESOGE                           GJENNOM 400 AR  1500-1900

The other is a Family tree dating back to the early 1500s. It is titled: LITT  GARDSHISTORIE.

I inherited these from my grandfather they are both written in Norwegian. I do not speak or read Norwegian but I could copy these and send them or look up names. The primary Surname is Hetland, however there are plenty of other names mentioned.
Julie R. Hetland
[email protected] 
North Dakota:
I can do searches for the Adams and Fairdale, North Dakota cemeteries.  I have the 100th anniversary edition of Mountain Lutheran Church, Adams, ND 1886-1986.  I also have the four volumes of Walsh County Heritage North Dakota.  I also have the church history book from Ray, North Dakota. 
       I also have telephone books which covers most of North Dakota (if not all) and I also have the addresses, telephone numbers, and fax numbers of all the North Dakota and Minnesota courthouses.  I would also be willing to visit cemeteries and/or photograph tombstones (summers only and only in the northeastern corner of North Dakota).
Vickie Mahnke
[email protected] 


Koshkonong Prairie, Dane County, Wisconsin Cemeteries:

East Koshkonong Lutheran Cemetery, Christiana Wis.
West Koshkonong Lutheran Cemetery, Pleasant Springs Wis.
Western Koshkonong Lutheran Cemetery, Pleasant Springs Wis.
Deerfield Lutheran Cemetery, Deerfield Wis.
St Paul Liberty Lutheran Cemetery, Deerfield Wis.
Liberty Prairie Cemetery, Cottage Grove Wis.
Hauge Cemetery, Deerfield Wis
Lake Ripley Cemetery, Cambridge Wis.
Willerup Scandinavian Methodist Cemetery, Cambridge Wis.
McFarland Cemetery, McFarland, Wis.
McFarland Lutheran Cemetery, McFarland, Wis.
Skaalen Cemetery, Stoughton Wis
Riverside Cemetery, Stoughton Wis.
East Side Cemetery, Stoughton Wis.
Albion Cemetery, Albion Wis.
Rockdale Lutheran Cemetery, Rockdale Wis.
Bovre Cemetery, Pleasant Springs Wis.

Jinger Mandt

Ulen, Minnesota
Spanning the Century
Lot's of people from Hallingdal area in this book.

Norman County, Minnesota
In The World War 1917-1919
Pictures and write ups on all men who served from Norman County in WW I.

Margit Bakke
[email protected] 
Family tree chart which was hand made covering ten generations of von Kroghs descendant from one Bernhardus von Krogh and his 2nd wife Alida
von Bolton. This chart has; literally over a thousand(s) names et al.( and a number of "added on" names and data). The von Krogh family moved to Norway about 1676, from Denmark.

Title of Chart : Den norske gren av slekten von KROGH, Note on Chart: Utarbeidet pa grunnlag av den i 1898 utgitte slektsbok, som er samlet av kammerherre C.C.von Krogh i Kjobenhavn og konsul Adam von Krogh i Kristiania. A jourfort og tegnet 1844 av forstkandidat Gunnar von

Krogh i Oslo. Tall i parentes efter navnene henviser til side i slektsboken.

I am willing to help others seeking data about their von Krogh history if they will e-mail me or write to me at Ted Knudson, 3342 Bayside Court, La Crosse, WI 54601.

Ted Knudson
[email protected]  
  Slekten Orbak
I have a book on the Orbak family which goes back to 1540.  Some of the names include Opprinnelsen, Gundersen, Halversen. The areas in Norway are Linje, Tilleg, Ulvin, Korslund, Dillerud.  It is written in Norwegian so I may not be able to read some but I can figure out most.
Fran Nelson
[email protected]
"Coon Prairie" by Hjalmer Holand written in 1927 and translated by Oivend Hovde of Luther College in Dacorah, Ia  (Deceased and I believe Out of Print).  This is an American Kirkebokker for the Coon Prairie Church in Vernon Co, Wi. This was a major immigration area in the 1850's and 1860's, and a stop off for people who later went to Mn, the Dakotas and further. 

The book has 1-2 paragraph profiles of the church members, especially males, names of spouses, children, places of origin, and often where the people or their children moved. I have corresponded with people in Norway (via e-mail) and have found it useful in finding people once in America, or even finding the general area of origin. 

Richard Peterson
[email protected]
"Who's Who Among Pastors in all the Norwegian Lutheran Synods of America, 1843-1927" -- the 3rd edition of the "Norsk Lutherske Prester i Amerika" by Rasmus Malmin, O. Norlie, and O.A. Tingelstad. 

It has hundreds of short biographies on every Norwegian (Norwegian-American) Lutheran pastor in the United States.

Stefanie Richardson
[email protected]
  I have a book of the Borseth Family (Erick Borseth and Mari Erickson Borseth) and their offspring since their emigration to the United States in the year 1882. This book also has information pertaining to the offspring of Dorde Borseth, whom married Alse Hagen. Dorde's parents were Ole Borseth and Marie Sjolseth Borseth. 

I would be happy to do any research that I could, and if anyone can help me research my family history prior to 1882 (especially relatives still living in Norway), this would be greatly appreciated. 

[email protected] 
  I'm a member of the Slooper Society and have a copy of Rosdail's "The Sloopers..Their Ancestry and Posterity" The book contains the family histories and genealogies of the 52 Norwegian "Sloopers" who emigrated to the US on the sloop Restoration in 1825. There are also several
thousand names (with addresses) of descendants of these first Norwegians. I'd be happy to do volunteer lookups for people provided there is some basis for the request. 
Darryl Olson
[email protected] 
Illinois I have a book which is a wonderful genealogical resource for those tracing their Norwegian ancestors in the state of Illinois:

"A History of the Norwegians of Illinois." (Compiled and edited by A.E. Strand, published by John Anderson Publishing Co., Chicago in 1905.) It contains hundreds of biographies of prominent Norwegians living in Illinois in the early 1900's. It also has information on Norwegian settlments and churches in Illinois.

Stefanie Richardson
[email protected]
South Dakota
Here are some South Dakota history books that I have:
Counties of  Day, Grant, Deuel, Turner, Brookings, Tripp, Clay, Minnehaha, Codington, Hamlin, Brown, along with Sisseton, New Effington (excerpts), Centerville, Hay Country (Fullerville, Gayville, Meckling), Hurley, Clear Lake, Pierpoint, Elk Point, Gary, Brandt, Stockholm, Toronto, Astoria, LaBolt, Revillo, Volga (Newspaper) Tulare, Akron (Iowa), White, and many church histories, such as the Trondheim and Zion Lutheran Churches.
Ardell Sortomme Drube 
Mail to - 1954 46th Ave
Greeley, CO 80634

I will do look ups in The Historic Perry Norwegian Settlement; covers residents of Town of Perry in Dane County, Wisconsin from about 1850 to present. The book is still available from the Perry Historical Center. Also the Sixty Years in Perry, published ca. 1915. This book is no longer available, but I will do look ups.

Kristin Brue ( Perry Historical Center) 400 Blue View Dr. Mt. Horeb, WI 53572

Kristin Brue
[email protected]
North Dakota

Lookups Currently Unavailable

I have all 4 volumes of the Walsh Heritage (Vol 3, 4 are Centennials). These are compilations, anecdotes, photos, of the early settlers to Walsh County, North Dakota, including the town of Park River (lots of photos of the town), North Dakota. My ggrandfather, Henry S. Anderson (who was Andreas Anderson Skavelden in Norway) is there, as well as Flatens, Dahlens, et al. It is a wonderful resource and I will be happy to look up any names for those who believe their family settled there in the 1800's. Sandra Everson-Jones
1044 East Hickory Street
Kankakee, IL 60901

[email protected]

  Family History of the Norwegian branch of the Mylius zu Schleiz Family Rune Nedrud
[email protected]
  I have a LUND FAMILY From Holand book I received from one of my relatives during my trip to Norway this summer. Although I speak and understand very little Norwegian I would be happy to do lookups for anyone who inquires. The time frame for these families is from 1640 to 1980. The information was compiled by Leif Bjarne Lund who is no longer living. There is some history of the Lund farm as well as data on many, many people. Marilyn Casler Riesbol
[email protected]
  I have a canadian book called "FROM FJORD to FRONTIER", a History of the Norwegians in Canada, by Gulbrand Loken. From this one I will give names etc.- no photo copies. Mable McRae
[email protected]
  I have the following books and research magazines:
Norwegian Parish register
Norway Atlas
Lake Alma, Sask, Canada (Settlers of the Hills)
Grand Prairie, Alta, Canada (Pioneers of Peace)
Lisbon, ND
Wyndmere, Richland CO., ND
I have Paint Creek, Allamakee Co. Iowa. index
I have Douglas Co. Minn History
I have four volumes Walsh Co. ND
Roosevelt Co.Montana
Bakken History Hills of Home By Professor Henry Bakken of Madison ,Wisc
Richland Co, ND
[email protected]


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