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The following research sources are specific to the Oppland region of Norway.

Bygdeboker for Oppland Fylke.  List of bygdeboks available from the University of North Dakota-Grand Forks. This is one of the largest collections in the U.S.

Digitalarkivet - A searchable database of citizenship, emigration, census, church registers, military information from the National Archives of Norway. Select from items on the left side of this page.

Census: Searching the 1865, 1875 and 1900 census. Census database from the Norwegian Historical Data Centre. Search by year on partial names and by province. The 1865 and 1900 censuses are complete here.

Digitalarkivet: Emigrants from Trondheim 1867-1930. A searchable database of the emigrant records of those who emigrated from Norway by leaving from Trondheim, beginning with 1867 records. Emigrants from this port came from many areas north and south of Trondheim so not all were necessarily from Trøndelag. This free database comes from the Archives of Norway.

Digitized Parish Records for Oppland.  This is a growing database of records from the National Archives of Norway. Selected desired database from the left side of the screen that appears when clicking on the link.

DIS-Oppland. Genealogical society in Norway specifically for Oppland research. In Norwegian only.

Gausdal Historielag - Local historical society in Gausdal (in Norwegian only).

Genealogy in Fåberg and Lillehammer - a genealogy resource created by Richard Fauskrud.

Gjøvik og Toten slektshistorielag - the genealogical society for the municipals Gjøvik, Vestre Toten and Østre Toten in Oppland county.

Gudbrandsdalslaget - an organization of emigrant descendants from the Gudbrandsdal Valley in Norway. The Gudbrandsdal Lag was formed in 1909 to maintain their ties to the homeland and provide a place for those emigrants to assemble. A yearly stevne is held.

Hadeland Lag of America - an organization of descendants of immigrants from the Hadeland area of Oppland County, Norway in the United States and Canada.  The Lag provides genealogical assistance and research support to its members, seeks to preserve the historical traditions of its immigrant ancestors, and strengthen bonds with its ancestral home in Norway. 

Landingslaget in America - a Norwegian-American bygdelag for descendants of emigrants from the Land area of Oppland.

Oppland map with links to the kommuner (municipalities).

Oppland Mailing List - A Rootsweb mailing list for anyone with a genealogical interest in the county of Oppland, Norway.

Oppland Message Board - A Rootsweb/Ancestry message board for posting queries in search of information about Oppland ancestors.

Ringebu database by Tor Onshus is very useful. The main page is at http://onshus.no/, while the search format is found at http://onshus.no/TNG/searchform.php.

Statsarkivet i Hamar - The regional state archives contains records regarding most matters registered or processed by a governmental authority at the local or central level (church records, census, maps, heritage). You can visit the archives to use the materials yourself or you can write to ask for assistance. Please note that they are understaffed and requests for the archives to do your research may take a long time to get a response.

Statsarkivet i Hamar (Records from Hedmark, Oppland)
Gateadresse: Lille Strandgt. 3
Postadresse: Postboks 533,
N-2304 Hamar
Telephone: + 47 62 52 36 42
Fax: + 47 62 52 94 48
E-mail: statsarkivet.hamar@arkivverket.no

Toten Lag - an organization of descendants of immigrants from Toten, organized in 1910.

Valdres Samband - an organization of emigrant descendants from the Valdres Valley of Norway. Valdres is approximately 100 miles northwest of Oslo. The Valdres Samband is the oldest 'bygdelag' in America having been organized in 1899.

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