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Norwegian Research Sources 

Norwegian Family Web Sites    

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Agnar Merkesnes - Hemneslekt (mostly Sør-Trøndelag)

Alm Family Website

Ancestors from Øyer from Nanna Egidius 

Ancestral Families of Ted Marmo (includes Anshus of Sør-Trøndelag)

Ancestors from Norway - John Follesdal  

Ancestors and Relatives of Ken Larson - Vest-Agder, Aust-Agder, Telemark, and Oppland 

Ancestors of Bill Petterson/Cdn Viking - Busknes/Bergen

Ancestors of Daniel and Lalou Rostrup Holdt - Lade, Trondheim

The Andersen Family Homepage -- from Lofoten and Vesterålen 

Jan Eri's Genealogy Site (includes wonderful colorful maps)

Arne Moen's Genealogical Page

ÅRDAL - The Fyord Heritage Club (Neil A. Hofland's Page) **

Å r h u n d r e t s    f a m i l i e

The Berg, Selsbak, Winnem and Ravn lineages of Norway by Carsten Berg Høgenhoff, Oslo, Norway

Bjørne's Genealogy - from Bjørn Arne Skinnerup  

Bolstad/Bolster Family (includes Ahnentafel and Pedigree charts)

Building our Family Tree (Jim & Joyce Johnson)

Carol Sevold Kowaniuk family page 

Dagfinn Refseth's Slektssider (Støren, Budal, Soknedal, Horg, Singsås og Strinda i Sør-Trøndelag, Hegra i Nord-Trøndelag og Tynset (Tylldalen) i Hedmark)

Dag Kvammen Home Page (Støren, Bergen and Lenvik)  

Descendants of Anders Johassen Kjølstad 1768-1834 - Buskerud

The Descendants of Johannes Mikkelson, compiled By Karen Thompson Miller

Dypevåg Family History  

Erdahl and Hammer Genealogy by Monica Erdahl Drake

The Erland Family - Tysvær, Rogaland County

Esten Olsen Bordal Midtlyng Descendants

Evjen & Osterkil Genealogy from Dan Evjen. Ancestors from Horg (Sør-Trøndelag) and relatives in Surnadal

The Evanson Saga

Familien Bratberg - Nord-Trøndelag and Sogn og Fjordane

The Family History of Terry and Val Hvidston (includes Aamtveit/Omtveit, Brauti, Fjeldskaal, Flekstveit/Flextveit, Hvidston/Hvidsten, Hytta, Levorson/Levorsen and Skarpaas)

Frank Robert Asphaug's Family Tree Index (Trøndelag)

Frode Holthe Genealogy web site

The Future Genealogy Site of the Petterson Family - from Alf Petterson

Gary Hubert's Viking Home Site

Gary and Liz (Eldridge) Christopher Family History  

Genealogical history of the families Holm Johnsen, Rehn, Høgset & Pedersen  of Telemark, Norway

Genealogy in Fåberg and Lillehammer from Richard Fauskrud

Genealogy Pages of Christian F. Scheel  

Genealogy / Slekt in Finmark Norway

Genealogy /Slekt in Troms Norway (From Tami Jenson)

Gjervalvatn - Gjerval, Rødøy, Nordland (in English)

Gisle Olstads Telemarkings

Gjenvick-Gjønvik Archives - Documents (1850-1970) related to the emigration from Norway and Immigration to the U.S. in the early 20th century in addition to information on steamships, W.W.I, various ports where immigrants traveled through, Minnesota, W.W.II, the occupation of Norway by Germany, etc. From Paul K. Gjenvick.  The site also contains the 1888 Trondhjem City Directory (searchable database is about 15% completed).  People are welcome to view the actual pages.  This directory will help bridge the gap between the 1875 and 1900 census for the city of Trondhjem.

Gjervalvatn - Gjerval, Rødøy, Nordland (in English)

Glassblowers in Norway and emigration to America by Inger Marie Hanssen

The Goplin Family Homepage - Descendants of Arne Henriksen Goplen /
covers the descendants from one farm in Torpa, both in Norway and in the US. The farmer and his wife emigrated to Minnesota in 1869 with 7 children, and all of them grew up and started families. One daughter stayed behind in Norway, and my wife descends from her. A very large family, especially in the US.

The Green Family from Nes på Romerike from Jo Johnson


Half Norwegian (on the Mother's Side)

Halset(h) Emigrants from Norway to U.S.

Hammer Family in USA ... A link to Norwegian Roots from Knut Brauteset, Trondheim, Norway

Haugesund Today  

Heglands on the Web - from Telemark

Heidi's Slektslink from Heidi Tofterå Slettemoen / Hordaland, mainly the western islands, and Hallingdal in Buskerud, Norway

Heimeside for Familien Bergene

History of our Family Tree - Colbert's from Steven R. Colbert

History of the Ravn, Winnem, and Burchard Families - Steinar Winnem and Carsten Berg Høgenhoff

Hoelslekt - Homepage from Ola Ø. Hoel in Oppdal, Sør-Trøndelag. Includes farm and family history and other data sources from Oppdal

Holm & Lauritsen Family Tree - from Diane Dube

Homepage of Jan Kåre Larsen from Fredrik Nygaard

Iowa Family Stories - Radcliffe, Iowa area families from Norway: Hinderaker, Britson, Peterson, Skartvedt and others

James Thompson's Genealogy Homepage

The Jan Mayen Special Pages

Janna Bennington Larson's Ahnentafel (with connections to Sør-Trøndelag)

The Jarnberg Jernberg Genealogy Site

J.G.Ryther: Um emigrante norueguês em 1850  

Johan Ingvald Borgos Slekt & Historie

Johan Johansen's Family - from M.P. Hubert

John Ludvigsens home page (some in English)  Links to Øyer and Tretten historical society

Johnson Family Tree - Descendants of Christoffer Bjørnson (Darre)

Jon Raymond's Genealogy HomePage

J.P. Fagerback's Genealogy Research - Nordland, Vestfold, Akershus

Jukka-Pekka Mattjus: Searching for Ancestors

Kaldor Farm Homepages - The Kaldor Farm is in Oppland County in the Oyer Parish region, near Lillehammer.

Keeping Memories Alive by Val Hvidston researches the Norwegian families of Aamtveit, Brauti, Feldskaal, Haukom, Hvidsten, Hytta, Levorsen, Skarpaas 

Kelly Pettit's Database - Info from Samnanger, Skånevik, Bømlo and other places in Sunnhorland and also Gulen in Sogn & Fjordane

Ketil Ken Nygaard's Genealogy - The story is primarily centered in Norway, but has deep roots. Branches have extended all over Europe and have transplanted in North America as well. There are over 31,000 leaves currently on the tree.

Lailas Hjørne from Laila Normann

The Larson Family Tree - genealogy and history of the Larsen/Larson family of the farm Haga near Sola, Norway from Neill Larsen 

Leif's Hjemmeside - from Leif Torbjørn Restad, Lillehammer

Leif Knutsen Genealogy Website - includes Hedemarken, Trondelag, Gudbrandsdalen ancestors

Lillian Jean Svendsen's Home Page

Lineset - Lines, en fraflyttet gård i Rødøy kommune. Bebodd ca 1650-1960 - web site dedicated to the Lundy's-Lunde's who have immigrated to the USA from Norway

Marilyn and Cliff Moen's Family Trees

Marta Sandal

Martin's Magazine from Martin Eidhammer in Molde, Norway 

Maxvold [Myksvold] Home Site

Medieval Royal Ancestry (Tungland)  

Medieval Scandinavia - online genealogy database by Stine and Tom Bjørnstad

Meg's Genealogy from Meg Lamblot

The Melted Pot - from Bernie Shellum and Lake Hanska, MN

Michael VanBaaren's Genealogy Page, includes Aust Agder & Rogaland ancestors

Michael Willig og Anne Mo

Midtlyng Genealogy Home Page

My Ancestors From Sor Trondelag - Descendants of Iver Joensen Halguten

My Ancestors from Telemark - Descendants of Syvert Olsen Berge Trisett

My Ancestors From Vest Agder - Descendants of Peder Olsen Vatne

My Norwegian or Paternal Ancestors (Tungland)

My Norwegian Family -Syverson

Names from My Family Tree from Odd Braathun

The Nelson and McRae Genealogy Page

Nils Johan's slektside (Troms fylke)

NOKL-A FAMILY ORGANIZATION by Jerry Berge. Families from Rogaland named Norstad, Osland, Osterhus, Kallem, Lonning, and Loyning.

Norway Calling - Rigmor Lie Haaland

Norway Roots

Norwegian Ancestry Page by Karen Evon Schau-Stein

Norwegian-Americana Homepage from Roger M. Grace

Norwegian Heritage in Story County and Central Iowa from Mark Christian

Norwegian Roots - Hostager, Hauståker and Høstaker family history and genealogy

Nysetvold in Minnesota from Margit Bakke

Olaf Bærufson Vrålstad Family History, written by Gerhard Naeseth in 1978, updated Nov. 2000 - 197 pages in pdf format

Olav Langeland - Totenslekt

Odd Karsten Pettersens slektsside - Trøndelag

Our Family Forest - Telemark, Luster and Sauk Co, Wis, Minnesota and elsewhere - From Bonnie Gruber

Our Family Heritage - Norwegians in Dakota Territory from Kathy Stoneberg

Our Family History from Dianne Luman

The Øyangen Home Page from Egil Øyangen / Lensvik in Sør-Trøndelag

Øystein Kåsa Genealogy page - 15300 people in my database  (Telemark & Buskerud)  2nd homepage:

Per Nermo's Surnames from Gudbrandsdalen and Central Norway 

Per Overreins Homepage

Pers Hjemmesider - Mainly genealogy & history related to US relations in More & Romsdal. A mixture of Norwegian and US material from Per Gjendem

Plain View Farm - The Stadem Family Genealogy

Poland - Norway Genealogy Research (Slominski-Bakken family tree)

Ragnar Olsen's Family Research [Meråker in Nord-Trøndelag, Singsås and Ålen in Sør-Trøndelag, and Mo i Rana in Nordland]

Relatives of Herbjørn Andresen, Norway - of Oslo

Ringereide farm in Lavik, Sogn, Norway from Karl-Ludvig Grønhaug (in English)

Roger's Slektsforskning - from Roger Fossum (in Norwegian and English) 

Rolf Steinar Bergli's Slektstavle Vestoppland.  Snertingdal, Land, Biri, Vardal.  Mange foto fra Snertingdal.

Genealogy in Romsdal from Glenn Murray   Annotated census data, church records, family database and the Romsdal picture request page. All in English.

The Rønneberg Family tree  

The Scandinavian, Swedish, Norwegian - American page of Genealogy by Nina Møller Nordby in Strømstad, Sweden 

Scheel Norwegian Genealogy Page  

The Search for Enoch Olsen, b. 27 July 1848,  Orkdal, Sør Trøndelag by his great-granddaughter

Seeking My Norwegian Roots - Dave Johnson (Vest-Agder)

Skellevold Vestfold Roots - Vestfold/Skallevold/Bjerke

Skien Genealogical Page (including Solum & Gjerpen)

Siri Holm Lawson - includes a genealogy database for Hetland in Rogaland county and Hembre and Holm in N. Trøndelag county

Slekt and Historie by Johan Borgos

Slektsforskning fra Trondelag by Thor Erik Johansen (large database from Frosta, Stjørdal, Skatval and others)

Slektsforskningslinker by Ketil Firing Hanssen (links to many family pages in Norway) 

Slekstgransking - Genealogy - Western Norway, from Lillian Koehler

Sogge - Danielson - Erickson/Klungtveit (Twait) - Eide - Kolve - from Don Sogge

Solumslekt - Telemark from Leif Biberg Kristensen who is researching the parish of Solum, Telemark, during the period 1664-1814 (in Norwegian)

Sømna gard og slekt

Sør-Trøndelag to America: My Norwegian Ancestors  Sør-Trøndelag Surnames included in this web site: Skårvold, Skaarvold, Rogneslien, Rognes, Gunhildsøien, Refset, Refsetås, Storrø, Bones, Bonesvold, Røttum, Folstad, Kjelstad, Rambrudt, Rambraut, Staverløkken, Heggvoll, Vagnildaune, Aune, Aasenhus, Løkken, Haanshus, Voll, Bordal, Sætereng, Soknes, Haugen, Indset, Øyan, Øyen, Øien, Røsbjørgen, Kirkvold, Enodd, Bogen, Buset, Aarhaug, Nyhus and others.

Stadsbygd and Its People - rural community in Sør-Trøndelag county, Norway, comprising about 1,500 people on the Fosen peninsula on the northern side of Trondheimsfjorden (from Dennis Haarsager)

Stein Norem Wisted's Genealogy pages  

Stein Norem Wisteds Ættesoge for Sokndal  


Stoermann-Næss Holum's Family Page   

Strøm Genealogy   

Sundenes from Norway  - Vestfold from Dawn Sundene Johnson

Susan Helgeson's Genealgy Page 

Svare Genealogy - Slekten Svare from Jeff Svare

Svein Aandalens aner, slekt fra områdene Vardal (nåværende Gjøvik kommune), Toten (nåværende Østre og Vestre Toten kommuner), Årdal og Leikanger i Sogn og Fjordane og Sunnhordaland

Svein Ulvund's Homepage (includes Voss information)

Sverre Geir Ludwigsens home page

Targe Grover Family Web Site (Telemark)

Terri Phelan's family tree and album (Nord Trondelag, Ostfold,
and Sogn og Fjordane)

"They Came From Kviteseid" - a collection of stories, letters and news articles about Houkom and Kirkebø families from Kviteseid, Norway between 1850 and 1911

Thor Warberg Genealogy - Hallingdal

Terje Erik Garberg Homepage (with Selbu information)

Terje Pettersen Vaagan-site

"They Came From Kviteseid" from Val Hvidson - a collection of stories, letters and news articles about Houkom and Kirkebø families from Kviteseid, Norway between 1850 and 1911

TINJUM Ancestry Website!  (Eri, Wold, Grøttebø, Skjaer, Moen)

Tore Nygaard's Genealogy Home Page (ancestors from Østfold, Akershus, Trøndelag, Troms & Denmark) 

Tors side - Home page  (Sogn og Fjordane)

The Ullstad - Ullestad - Ulstad genealogy pages - from Voss outside Bergen

Velkommen to the Bjerke Homepage

Velkommen til familien Tjelle Bjørnestad!

Velkommen to Inger's Hjemmeside - Østfold, Vestfold and Oppland

Velkommen To MY NORWEGIAN ANCESTORS - Tilley family

Vensland Family History from Kent Vensland

Vetle Olstads familie/ancestors from Gisle Olstad

About 5000 different names. Mainly from Telemark. From year 2000 back to the century.

Vidar Øverlie Slektsgranskning

Viggo Fosse Family History

Viset Family Tree - More Og Romsdal origins

Welcome to My Genealogy Pages - C.F. Scheel

Welcome to my Grandfather, Hans Johan Rutledal's Family Page  

Welcome to the Larsen's Place - Includes ancestors and descendants of Lars Hansen ancestors and descendants of Lars Hansen and Eli Torkildsdatter of Sør Odal, Hedmark and immigration to Mauriceville, New Zealand

Welcome to the Melted Pot - from Bernie Shellum/ Lake Hanska in Brown County, MN

The Wilsgaard and Johannessen Families

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