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Germany Reference Book Lookups
Lookup Volunteers, If you own any books about Germany and will do look-ups, please let me know. As you can see, volunteers are needed. Examples of the lookups needed are:

Feel free to request a lookup from the following books.
If you request a lookup, please thank your volunteer for his/her time.

Here are some suggestions from a former lookup volunteer:

"You have to find the name of the town in Germany before you can do German research. Study the census where your ancestor is listed after arriving in America. Copy three pages before and after your ancestor. The people living near him are probably friends and relatives. People usually emigrated in groups. Relatives don't always have the same name. Perhaps your ancestor's sister and her husband and children came at the same time and on the same boat and live in the same area. The 1900 census will tell you when your ancestor emigrated and if and when he was naturalized. You can go to the county courthouse where he applied or you can order films from the Mormon church of the naturalization papers. Order the Declaration of Intent as it has more information than the others.

"Write the county historian or genealogical society in the county where your ancestor lived when he first came to America. Look for county, church and family histories. Remember that relatives don't always have the same name so look at all the family histories for the area where your ancestor lived. Once you have the name of the town in Germany, then you can order films of the parish records, etc. from the Mormon church, or better yet, take a trip to Germany!"
Remember, asking for a lookup does not substitute for doing your own research! To find where your German ancestors' town is today, try GEOserv.

Reference Book Lookup Volunteer E-mail
I have a copy of the "Bethany Cemetery Inscriptions - Charleston, So. Car...It covers Germans that migrated to Charleston and are buried there. This reflects burials records from 1841 thru 1995. I would be more than willing to do lookups, however the requests must be in English since I do not read German. M. Ricker
[email protected]
Church records for several small parishes in the Saar (Neunkirchen, Sotern-Schwarzenbach, Bosen, Selbach, Eckelhausen, Eiweiler, Gonnesweiler, and Nohfelden); many records going back to the late 1600s. Note: does not have Prussian information. Frederic Vallowe
Family Listings of Lambsheim, Rheinpfalz, Germany, written by Heinrich Rembe.
Vol. 1 Titled: LAMBSHEIM, Die Familien von 1547 bis 1800 (published 1971)
Vol. 2 Titled: LAMBSHEIM, Die Familien mit Heiratsdaten von ca. 1800 - ca. 1830. (published 1983) Lists all individuals by family with cross-references, who lived in Lambsheim during listed periods (1547-1830) along with all the vital statistics, from all available records.
Doris Feldman
Churchbooks (reprints) covering the German areas of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Pommern, Schleswig-Holsteinand a little Berlin. dating from 1600 to 1850.
Mostly marriage records. Please visit Karin's
Home Page first, for more detailed information and instructions.
Her site is in German and English. READ HER INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY. If you decide to request information from Karin, tell her you found her site on the Germany GenWeb Lookup Volunteers
Page, please. Be specific about your request
(i.e., which book, for which name, with a date range, etc.).
Karin Schoepke
German Telephone CD-ROM
Surname in one area of Germany per request.
Daryl Ann Tesar
The "Silver Book", which contains the genealogical data of known ancestors of the progenitor down to living descendants of George Sack who belong to the Foundation Family. Lavonne Arburn
German Cemetery in Lisbon, Portugal, opened around 1800.
Will look up names.
Jose Diniz Faria e Maia
Deutsches Geschlechter Buch Band 29 Ostfriesland - Band 6 of 1928
Ortsfamilienbuch Engerhafe, Ostfriesland

Ortsfamilienbuch Loppersum, Ostfriesland
Poltical History of Ostfriesland, written by a historian SCHMIDT Ubbo Emmius
East Frisian History (rerum frisicarum) in German

Quellen und Forschungen der Upstaalsboom Gesellschaft 1996 + 1997 a periodical of the East Frisian Society for Genealogy and Heraldics.And would do look ups for
a) locations Engerhafe and Loppersum

AGENA - family from Ostfriesland (East Frisia), not Agena from Okinawa!
[email protected]
Leerhafe parish Ortsippenbuch
The parish is located south of Wittmund in Ostfriesland. Will look up one complete name per request.
Nancy Stensland
Ortsippenbuch of Schweigern, Baden Karen L. Kolb
Marriage Index for Insel Rugen, Vorpommern
1. VORPOMMERN I. Trauregister aus den ältesten Kirchenbücher von 1705 bis 1750 for Insel Rugen only.
2.VORPOMMERN I Trauregister aus den ältesten Kirchenbüchern von den Anfagen bis zum Jahre 1704. for Insel Rugen only
Donna Kjendlie
Atlas of Germany 1:300,000
Look-ups of hard to find German towns and their postal codes
Sue Delaney
"Familie Bauer 1700-1931"
I have the book listed in the subject and will be very glad to do "look-ups" for people. It is completely in German with many, many names and dates, etc. that will be great for anyone seeking the following names: ABELIN, ABELE, BAUER, BAREISS, BAR, ENGEL, FRANK, GAUGEL, GRAU, HESSLER, JOOS, KAISER, KOHLER, KONGERTER, RONMULLER, KRUMM, MERZ, MUNZ, PFITZER, REMBOLD, RUCKER, WEIGLE.
Susan Nielsen
Surname Meanings/Origins
What is in a surname? Where does it originate? What does it mean? Knowing this information broadens the researcher's methods of locating their ancestors. A number of books are in my possession, which are difficult to locate or order through inter library loan. These represent the meanings/origins of surnames for all nationalities. Upon request, I would provide information (including the source) regarding your surnames. A small fee will be charged per surname. If I have nothing on your surname I will advise and there would be no charge. If interested please refer to my home page for more details.
Joanne Richter
[email protected]
Joann Richter
Look up requests for the ECKOLDT,family from Arnstadt/Thuringia from 1500 - today plus associated family names out of the Rudolstadt, Arnstadt, Erfurt, Muehlhausen Region.In total I have some 1500 names. Roger M. Eckoldt
557 Portland Street
Dartmouth,Nova Scotia
Canada B2Y 1H1
[email protected]
Suche in Arnstadt, Muehlhausen, Crawinkel, Ohrdruf, Roda, Rudolstadt, Irgendwelche Hinweise auf Archivmaterial, dass per Internet erreichbar ist, werden dankbar entgegengenommen.Plane ein Studienreise nach Muehlhausen im April 99, wobei ich auch Oberwiederstedt besuchen moechte. Im voraus herzlichen Dank Roger M. Eckoldt
57 Portland Street
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
[email protected]


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